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Revolution is so easy to use and prevents many pests.

Revolution is just what the name says. It is effective by covering the whole body of the pet and prevents a multitude of possible pests. I feel I am giving the best when I treat my animal with Revolution. by on 12/21/2013
Works as advertised

Have been using this product for years to control fleas and heartworm in my Lhasa. by on 12/19/2013

Very effective!

I have been using Revolution for my pomeranian for 6 years. I tried other flea medications when her prescription ran out and they did not work at all. She has a dense undercoat and she would be covered in fleas within a few days with the other medications. Since she has been on Revolution she doesn't have a single flea. It works really well for us. by on 12/10/2013
Great product that really works

I have used Revolution on several cats over the years. They were inside/outside cats so I kept them on Revolution year round. Never had problems with fleas by on 12/02/2013

Revolution works as well as it is expected!! It does the job!! by on 11/23/2013
Perfect for Special Needs Dog

Having a dog with extreme food allergies makes it impossible to give any kind of ingestable heart worm prevention. As it is not made from any animal by-products, it is safe to use on dogs that would normally have an allergic reaction to anything beef/chicken. Revolution is my only option as heart worm prevention for my dog, but it is worth every penny. by on 11/23/2013

I first got this from my vet. He only recommends Revolution now . My indoor only cat somehow got infested with fleas. He was in terrible shape. The vet applied Revolution and within 2 days, all the fleas seemed to have disappeared - the eggs didn't hatch either. His coat is now back in good shape and he's not scratching. Even though I washed all his bedding just before the treatment, the day following the treatment, dead fleas were everywhere. I never had a flea problem like this before and Revolution worked fast and completely to my satisfaction. Also he didn't seem to have any side effects like he did with other brands. by on 11/21/2013
Revolution is an all in one med

Revolution can highly recommended from our vet for our then a few weeks old puppy. We have been using Revolution since then, 4+ years!! by on 11/15/2013
may not control ticks

I was confused as to this products effectiveness in controlling ticks in cats & still am. In requesting a refund, my case was very well handled w/ customer service agent, Amber Manning, who understood my situation, processed my refund & prevented me from becoming a former customer. Because of her, I will continue to get my supplies from PetCare RX. by on 11/13/2013
Product seems good and does not burn cat like other products

Pet RX was fantastic to work with. With Vet would not Ok script because had wrong cat's name they immediately called me. Also the pharmacist called to let me know the script was sent. by on 11/12/2013
easy to use and protects from various parasites

I use this product because it was the one they were using on her at the adoption center, but it is a really great product because it is not much more expensive than plain flea protection except it protects against a lot more and is just as easy to use. The only thing I wonder about sometimes is that near the end of the month, my cat seems to have itchy ears... This product should be preventing and treating any ear mite infestations and the vet and I don't see anything in there, but then I put the next dose on and she is fine again. by on 10/27/2013
Very good product.

We only started using Revolution when we got our new dog in June but it has worked well and is easier than using separate products for heartworm and for fleas...this is all-in-one! by on 10/19/2013
seems to be working

haven't had a flea problem with in over 23 years. my cats have always been indoors. not sure if they got in through the screens in old windows or when i was dog sitting a lot in july & dogs brought them in - but my vet discovered fleas on 2 of my cats at their office visits. she treated one of them there & i ordered enough to treat the rest at home. i took another one in last week for his office visit & she didn't see any on him. i will treat for the next 2 months as prescribed to assure adequate follow through. by on 10/13/2013
Excellent product at an excellent price!

Easy to use and it repels ticks and fleas, and prevents heartworms. Excellent price as well! by on 10/10/2013
Great Product!!! Super effective!!

I have used "Revolution" for my little boy (a 10 year old chihuahua) since I brought him home at 8 weeks old!! On two occasions I ran out of the meds and "borrowed" another brand for short term. On both occasions we had 2 fleas appear on him!! I have made sure I never ran out again.The product for me has been 100% effective and I am willing to pay the extra amount it costs from other products for that very reason!! However a discount would be great!! I only wish I could get my pet Doctor to give me a prescription for Revolution as she sells it to me only if I get his visits and shots from her. Any suggestions? by on 10/10/2013
Works Great

My cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, so flea/tick medication is a must. I have never had a problem, so the medicine works great! by on 10/06/2013
It works as advertised, period.

I have Brittany Spaniels, both getting old like me. They'd been using it for 3 years plus with no problems. I believe if there is a down side, it may not be effective against all varieties of ticks. Occasionally I have found a tick on one or the other. by on 10/06/2013

My cats have been using this product for 10 years and they have had absolutely no problems what-so-ever using Revolution. I highly recommend this product for all cat owners. This is a worry free product and I feel completely safe with them using this. by on 10/01/2013
Expensive but works well

I wish the price of this product would go down a bit... That is my only complaint. It is easy to use- just snap off the top and apply to the pets skin. I put most between shoulder blades and a little bit on back at top of tail. When using this I have never had a flea tick or heart worm problem but when I changed to flea collars they got fleas. So, manufacturer and supplier have some mercy on the price please and you would have one very happy customer. by on 09/29/2013
Great multi-use product

I have been using Revolution for my German Shepherd dogs ever since it came onto the market. It was recommended by my vet and it truly is a great product. I use the product for 6 months of every year and I apply it on the 1st of those months so it is quite easy for me to remember. Long gone are those arduous days of donning latex gloves and spraying flea spray all over their bodies and having to pay for a mandatory heartworm test prior to getting that preventative medicine. With Revolution, it is all wrapped up into one nice little squeeze application that takes seconds to apply. And the product seems to do its job as none of my dogs ever got fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, scabies, ticks, heartworm, roundworm, OR hookworm! by on 09/24/2013
Overpriced and no better than Frontline Advantage.

My vet started my cat on this, why I don't know. Suspecthe wanted to sell me the highest priced product. Youneed a prescription and it's overpriced in my opinion. Iordered it twice and both times the order was messed up,therefore I won't be ordering it again. All of my othercats did fine on Frontline Advantage as all are indooranimals. No need for this overpriced product. by on 09/23/2013
This product is easy,and reasonable to use,and works.

Thanks to your site,this product is reasonable..and I like it has both products for fleas,and heartworm together,and I will continue to order it from you..too bad my vet has to give you a prescription for it though,doesn't seem right..C.Musgrave by on 09/21/2013
This Product does everything i need it to do.

I have several rescue animals, all with some different issues, and this products so far as i can see really helps take care of those problems. Thankyou for making the price a bit more to handle. DSMarsh by on 09/21/2013
Love Revolution

Our female Jack Russell is almost 13 years old and has used Revolution for 8 + years. When we lived in the rural area I occasionally saw a tick crawling on her when she came in from a run in the woods but never an attached one. She is healthy and happy and never do we see fleas. by on 09/19/2013
all in one

this product has flea and heartworm control all in one tube. it works great, I've been using this for several years now on my two dogs and I have never seen a flea or tick on the dogs or in the house. it's cheaper than buying flea and tick and heartworm meds separately and one application and done for a month. by on 09/09/2013
Made a real difference for our cats comfort.

This year the fleas seemed worse than usual. We continued using our usual treatment for the cats, but noticed increased itching/scratching and eventually found fleas in the house. After a visit to the vet, he recommended using Revolution. We were so pleased with the results! A good product! by on 09/05/2013
Good pricing

Revolution does the job. I have never seen a flea on my cats with this product. by on 08/31/2013
Great, but smelly!

Good product, but it is VERY potent and smells AWFUL! by on 08/29/2013
Revolution works fast!

I have always used Revolution on my dogs. I just rescued another one and although they had just put another topical flea prevention on him, he was loaded with fleas. The doctor told me I didn't have to wait a month to put Revolution on because the other product just stays on top of the skin. As soon as I put the Revolution on, the fleas disappeared right away. by on 08/26/2013
this product has been a incredible for the well being of my dog

the product was recommended by my vet. Awesome product and really made a difference for my dog. My dog was diagnosed with mites even though she had many skin scrapes with no findings of the mites. Vet was 99% sure that it was mites and the Revolution would take care of things. Her coat is back to beautiful with no itching. We had decided to use this product all year around on a monthly basis to fight off other things that can be bother some for dogs by on 08/19/2013
Veterinarian recommended.

I've used Revolution for the past 4 yrs. ever since our vet recomended it over several other products. We haven't had any fleas issues in that time. Our cats are indoor/outdoor and we live in the country, so they roam the orchards. by on 08/15/2013
Love the combination.

I like that all the medications are together in one dosage. It was more time consuming giving a heartworm pull then flea medications all together, but this medication combines it all and makes it easier for everyone. by on 08/07/2013
Excellent for ear mites

This product has helped my cat tremendously with his ear mite problem. Frontline is great for fleas and ticks, but does not help with the ear mites. I highly recommend it. by on 07/30/2013
Effective but cumbersome

I live in an area by water which has a big mosquito problem, hence a lot of heartworm occurrences in area pets. Using Revolution has kept my cats heartworm-free for almost seven years, but it can be difficult to place where my cats can't lick it off each other. They also found it very irritating when I placed it on one spot, so now I apply the medication on two or three different areas of the back of the neck. Since the prescription needs to be kept somewhat cool, I've had issues with someone having to be at home to accept delivery of the mail-order of the product so it doesn't sit outside in the sun. by on 07/29/2013
Excellent product for extra-sensitive cat

Recommend this product when OTC products won't do! by on 07/24/2013
Easy to use and effective

My dog has never had fleas or ticks. We apply each month. He does get a bit hyper and paces about for 20 minutes after application. I take him for a walk immediately after applying the drops. Prevents heartworms, ticks, fleas , ear mites and eggs. by on 07/21/2013
All in One Flea & Tick, Heartworm medicine

Revolution is easy to use. It is only applied once a month by squeezing the convenient tube around your pet's neck by on 07/18/2013
easy to use

I like the fact that it I can get it for a small dog.My dog weights 4 lbs and I didn't like the idea of my dog taking heart worm medicine for a dog up to 25 lbs. Plus hse gets flea prevention as a bonus by on 07/18/2013
I've used it for 13 yrs fo my two IG's and never have had a complaint.

I think this product works great and it's easy to put on your pet. by on 07/18/2013
All in One Flea & Tick, Heartworm medicine

Revolution is easy to use. It is only applied once a month by squeezing the convenient tube around your pet's neck by on 07/18/2013
It works.

I've used other flea products in the past, but apparently the fleas on my cats have become resistant to each product in turn. Revolution works - for now. I'm sure the fleas will build up a resistance to it as well. I just wish it were available without a prescription. by on 07/17/2013
Revolution is all we use

This high quality product is worth the price. It cam highly recommended by our vet because it kills a multitude of pet pests. Since we started using it 8 years ago, we have not had any issues with any type of bug on our pet. by on 07/17/2013
Great product

We have always used this product to prevent heart disease and fleas on our cats. One squeeze on the back of the neck in between fur and problems at all. by on 07/17/2013
Product seems to be effective.

I switched from Frontline to Revolution several months ago per advice from my vet. I have 3 cats and it seems to work for them. by on 07/12/2013
Flea Medicine for Cats - Revolution

Product is great and easy to use. We've applied this to our cats for years now and it seems to work very well. by on 07/09/2013
Love this stuff!

I have been in animal rescue for 10+ years. I have indoor and outdoor cats and have used Revolution for more than 20 years. Since I live in the "country" where there are plenty of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, my trust in this product has never be betrayed. I do have one cat that reacts with slight hair loss at the drop site but it heals quickly and is a small price to pay for preventing parasites and feline Heartworm. by on 07/04/2013
Very effective product.

We have used Revolution on our dogs and cats for the past 4 years. We've found it more effective than other similar products, especially for ticks. Recommend it highly. by on 07/02/2013
The most complete protection for your pet!

Revolution was the best thing I could have done for my cats after being a Frontline regular for years. I used to think that Revolution was just an over priced spot-on treatment, however I was not aware that it not only kills fleas, ticks, their eggs, and ends the cycle but it also kills ear mites and protects against heart-worm! You just can't buy a more complete preventative for your pet and get the peace of mind knowing that you've done all you can to keep them safe. Pet Care Rx has the best pricing that I have seen anywhere and quite often have special sales. I have two kitties with ear mites, this is how I got started on it as it was recommended by my vet and we live on a lake so have an abundance of mosquito's which carry the heart-worm larva thus passing it to your beloved pet. Don't think about the price, it's not much more for the added peace of mind knowing they're protected! by on 06/28/2013
vet recommended

My vet recommended this product for my dog who has allergies. She said that is has less side affects than the similar products. I have used it for about 6 months and I have been very satisfied. by on 06/28/2013
Does not work on ticks!

I tried this product because I liked the ease of having heartworm and flea & tick prevention all in one. I have used Revolution on my 3 dogs for the last 3 months. In the last 2 weeks, we have found numerous ticks on each dog (even right after an application). Our dogs NEVER got ticks with Frontline or Advantage and I am very disappointed. I am going back to Advantage. I do not recommend this product at all. by on 05/31/2013
Finally something that KILLS ear mites!

We adopted our cat and although she had an inspection by our Vet he somehow missed that she had ear mites. I had never had a cat with them so I didn't know what they were. After battling them for over 3 years with so-called ear mite medicine one can buy at the Pet store and various oils as suggested by online people I tried Revolution as found on a search for killing ear mites. Within one week they were GONE. Sometimes it takes time for these things but I am so glad this product worked as others said it would. Yeah!!! by on 04/12/2013
The product is good, the holder is poor and access to the item on the outside is impossible as no vet willgive okay to order on outside.

Why do you display such an item being for sale when no vetenarien will endorse sale except by the Vet at HIS price!!! by on 03/19/2013
Great product - so easy to use

My Jack Russell is 12 years old and most people think she is a puppy. She grew up in the country where she ran free and is now a city apartment dog walking only on a leash. She is a happy dog but very calm. We have used Revolution on her as long as we have had her (since she appeared at our home as a puppy). She has never had a flea. She had over the years an occassional tick in the Spring but never anything to worry about. Yeah Revolution ! by on 03/17/2013
The best product!!

I used Advantage for fleas for the past 7 years. I have been using Revolution now for the past 6 months. Even though Revolution is more expensive, it is worth it because Revolution protects against more than just fleas. This product is definitely worth the money!!! by on 01/25/2013
Great Product!

I have been using Revolution for 2 years now and will never use anything else on my GSD. I was using Frontline but my sister told me about Revolution. I liked the fact that it has heartworm preventative too so I don't have to buy Heart Guard anymore! Also, the applicator is much easier to open and apply, it goes on nicely and doesn't leave her coat stiff where I apply it! by on 10/15/2012

I have just gotten a new kitten and she went for her first vet visit and they used Revolution for her fleas and by the time I got home the fleas were dead and I haven't seen any since. I Have used other flea medication before, but this works the best. by on 10/04/2012

I really enjoy using Revolution on my young kitten. The product seems to be safe and I do not have any concerns with using the product. I highly recommend this product to anyone. by on 08/25/2012
REVOLUTION for CATS 22 pounds

The Revouution for cats (I use the one for the Largest Cats - My cat weighs 26 pounds) has protected my cat from the beginning. My cat is one that loves to roam the neighborhood ; therefore, is more exposed to the bad things that are out there. I wish that he would stay home, but he will not. He has not gotten fleas or heartworm... so the Revolution must be doing it job in protecting him. I give him his dose on time every month, I got a good price from PET CARE RX, the Revolution arrived quickly and undamaged. This drug appears to have NO bad effects on my cat. This is a perscription drug, so PET CARE RX contacted my Vet and secured the required perscription for me. Thank you ... by on 07/27/2012
Awful Product Causes Seizures

This product gave my dog his first seizure withing hours of taking the product. Unfortunately, when a brain seizes, it creates or learns the neurological pathways to seize again. I am still dealing with the repercussions of giving this product to my dog years later. BTW, my dog was an 75 lb German Shorthair Pointer, not a small dog! Ask your vet, it is known to cause seizures. by on 05/11/2012
The best thing for your dog

Love, love, love this product. Never a flea or tick on my pup and she has never had any side effects. As for the unseeable parasites I assume it has worked because she is still here and full of kisses. The cost of this is too much for me to afford continually, but no doubt in my mind, it is 100% worth every penny!!! by on 07/18/2011
Love it... never use anything else!!

My poodle is almost 7 and this is the only thing I have ever used. Love it at first since it is for heartworm also. But it has always kept the fleas and ticks away!! by on 07/09/2011
Double-duty and freedom

I love Revolution! It's easy to administer, but what I really love is takes care of heartworm as well as fleas, and my dog Jack can go in his pool just hours later. It's the only product that I know that has it all. Because it takes care of heartworm it saves me $$ by on 06/26/2011
Best dog med for flea worms everything

Been using this product for 9 months on my Lab and no more problems since day one. May be expensive yet worth every dollar and saves you trips and money at the vet. Highly recommended! by on 06/23/2011
very pleased

I have 3 cats, 2 domestic short hair, (sisters Flower & Freckles), and a Manx Rumpy (Snowball). Snowball had a very bad hair loss problem from flea allergy. Frontline Plus was not doing the job. Since putting her on Revlolution, her hair has grown back beautifully and she has stopped her constant constant scratching. Flower & Freckles also have stopped their scratching. No more fleas....Yeah!! I would recommend this to everyone. Just wish the price would come down alittle. by on 06/12/2011

pet owner of 11 yr old cat , hav used revolution for that many yrs , never had serious problem with any blood suckin insect or worm if used regular keeps all pests down except tapes . dont work on those. by on 05/28/2011
*Seriously awesome stuff*

I absolutely love Revolution, will never use anything else ever! Dips, sprays and flea collars are worthless. We adopt strays so they're usually full of fleas, mites and even lice. One of my cats had sensitive skin and it worked instantly w/o any side effects. I love that I can use it on kittens it works so quickly for such a long time. Its suppose to be a monthly dose but I have indoor cats and use it only when I need it. Maybe twice a yr for them and it works in 24-48 hrs w/o having to treat the home and all the fleas are gone. Our outdoor cat gets a treament other month and it still works great. No stress or worry over anything. It doesn't leave a funky residue or give them that silly mohawk look for days like other stuff does. Once I put it on them it dries in hours and by the end of the day their fur is back to normal like they have nothing on. I love not having to quarantine the cats from my daughter when she comes homes from school so thats an even bigger plus in my book. by on 05/25/2011
best ever

Have a Pom. with allergies and sensative skin. Have never been able to control fleas till now. Her coat is healthy and we have not seen one flea at all. works better than anything on the market, including scripts, and we have tried them all. by on 05/20/2011
My three cats

They do very well on this product. One of our cats is an outdoor cat and she is doing much better with it. by on 05/07/2011

Not sure why my prior review wasn't published but I'll leave another much shorter version so as not to waste time on something that isn't going to post. This medicine does not work. I have used Advantage and Frontline and both were effective. Tried this due to heartworm protection, etc. I have been using for five months and still find numerous live fleas on all three cats. Two cats are indoor cats exclusively. The fleas I find are not lethargic, they are very much alive. This NEVER happened with the other meds. I am convinced that Revolution is an overpriced dud. Very disappointed. by on 04/28/2011

I had used Frontline and Advantage over the years for both my cat and dog but was impressed that Advantage offered heartworm protection with flea protection so decided to give it a try. I have found fleas on all three of my cats and two are indoor cats exclusively! So my outdoor cat is bringing them in to my two indoor cats. Today was the last straw. When brushing my cats I found a few fleas on all of them-- alive and kicking. Not even half dead and easy to pick off. I NEVER had this problem with either Frontline or Advantage. And I gave them the medicine about two weeks ago so it should still be fresh. I have used the product now for about 5 months and have noticed that it seems not to work very well. But today was just over the top proof. And for those who say that the fleas need to ingest the medicine in order for it to work, etc. etc. Well, when I was using Frontline and Advantage if I found a flea it was half dead. And that was the rare occasion I actually found one. I have had pets for more than twenty years and I have the experience to know when something works and when it doesn't. This one is an overpriced dud. by on 04/28/2011
No Feas No Ticks No Worms No Heartworms in Texas

Have been using Revolution for years with the best results. No troubles with any parasites and now I moved to Louisiana for a spell but no one and I mean no one sells it here. Another product they sell by scrip only but so many side effects it is not worth the risk. Going to buy on line and not sink my dogs health so they can get money. Revolution maybe a little higher but do not want any problems or to lose my family members. Stick with what I know works and no hassels. by on 04/27/2011
Keep coming back to Revolution

I depend on my Vet's advice for most things regarding my border collie X and cat. Over the years she has recommended most newer flea and tick treatments as they came out. I last tried that big beef flavored pill, that actually does a great job on flea control, but thats all it does, is fleas, and all of the other parasites etc have to treated ala carte, which gets messy and expensive. So, once again, back to the revolution for protection against so much. Pricey, but much cheaper then buying all of the other needed products individually. I'll keep buying. Plus both the cat and dog get treated at the same time, without worry about using a product on the dog that CANNOT come into contact with the cat. by on 04/15/2011
love this stuff

been using it for 4 dogs for over 5 years. these dogs have NO problems and on the first of each month, 5 seconds and I'm done. It's also cheaper than other products. they don't have to eat anything, no combinations of drugs to remember, etc. by on 03/28/2011
Better than Frontline

After using Frontline on my cat, I noticed fleas coming back near the end of the cycle, but not close enough to re-medicate. Ear mites were also a big problem for him. My vet highly recommended Revolution to take care of both problems, and my cat has been bug-free ever since. The vet said most meds only have about a 10-year life span before the bugs develop resistance to them, so will use Revolution till it stops working...a long time, I hope! by on 03/16/2011

My Lab/ Border Collie mix was diagnosed with mange. after showing symptoms but no mites were found in his skin scrapings. He was put on revolution and a steroid because he was symptomatic.... it worked for about 2 months and he is right back where he was despite continuing treatment. Itchy and hair loss, his skin is dry. I dont know if its a misdiagnosis or the treatment but something didnt work. by on 02/15/2011

This is the best stuff.I could not get rid of all that was going on with my puppy dogs.This is well worth it....for YOIUR puppy dog! by on 02/07/2011
Four itchy dogs

We had 4 dogs with skin mites . . . constant scratching!!! $800.00 for dips and meds . . . Still scratching!!! Then the vet suggested Revolution . . PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Three years later we are still using this great ptoduct. by on 02/05/2011

Started using it in March on my bloodhound rescue, we've not had any fleas, ticks or heartworm issues. I started using it on my English Mastiff Puppy as well. TN has tons of what they call seed ticks and I got a few on me in the back yard, but the dogs haven't had one. It's a bit expensive, but if you add up the cost of frontline and heartguard your actually saving a little. by on 11/29/2010
Lack of Tick Control

After using Revolution for over 1 year, I am now finding engorged Ticks on the neck of my cat. by on 11/10/2010
all around best thing out there

The fact is does everything and actually works seems to good to be true! by on 08/20/2010

I have two dogs, who are family. This product is sooo easy to use each month. My boys have been treated with this product for about three years, and no problems. Love it. by on 08/19/2010

LOVE THIS..... had fleas in our house BAD and on all the cats and dogs... vet told me to use this on all.... didn't have to even treat the house at all!!!! Within a week NO FLEAS AT ALL!!! NO FLEAS.... NO WORMS .... EVEN IN THE DOGS... NEVER ANY TICKS!!!! Can not tell you how long Iโ€™ve been using it.... since it came out.... expensive but well worth it... honestly I only use it every 6 weeks now and it works so awesome.... by on 08/05/2010
Revolution works here in Maine real well, no ticks, no flees and mange from our local coyote pack!!!

My Lab Jess picked up sarcoptic mange from the local coyote packs that hang around my farm. Revolution took care of it and it never came back thank goodness . I use it year round. by on 08/01/2010
It's great

We have had our Boston Terrier baby on it and it does what it says. She hasn't had 1 issue with it. We love it and won't do anything else. by on 08/01/2010
Charlie Chaplin, Gracie and Tigger's human

I started using Revolution on Tigger due to his Maine Coon fur. It works well but it runs out just short of 4 weeks and he begins to scratch.. My Charlie, a Manx, does well but his hair is shorter and less dense. My Gracie, Manx, cannot tolerate it at all so I use Advantage on her. Only Charlie is an outdoor cat, around 4 hours a day. I would recommend this product. by on 07/19/2010
This stuff works!

Adopted a kitten who was in four homes within three weeks. All of the them had other animals, most of which were outside pets. Fleas and ear mites were a big, big problem when I finally claimed him. Using the Revolution took care of his bug troubles and love was able to cure the rest. He is healthy and happy, and Revolution is my partner in taking care of my cat. Thank you! by on 07/12/2010
Greatest for fleas and heartworms

I am a proud Weimaraner owner and they are known for very sensitive skin. I use the Revolution and have had no problems, except one. No problem with the dog, it is with the vet. The last time I ordered, she sent me a bill for six dollars for having to verify the prescription. She charges much more and I was somewhat perturbed with her over this. Is this a common practice? If so, why wouldn't the first verification be enough as long as you have the dog? by on 06/28/2010
Advantage for cats

I have used this product (Advantage) every year on my 8 yr. old persian cat. I took him to the vet last week and he has signs of fleas. I have used the advantage every month. I called and your company said to send the med. back that I have left (8 treatments) and they would refund my money. It is too soon to tell if I will get my money refunded. by on 06/21/2010
flea free house

With having 2 dogs and 9 cats in the house, I am completely flea free and I owe it to Revolution. I am grateful for my vet allowing me to purchase through PetCareRx. I can save money and not have to worry about flea bites all summer long! by on 06/15/2010
Love Revolution!

I have 2 Shih Tzus. One is 8 and the other is 6. I have used only Revolution on both dogs and it does exactly what it says: protects from fleas, ticks, heartworms and ear mites. My dogs have never had any of those problems! I wouldn't use anything else on my dogs. Highly recommend Revolution! by on 06/14/2010
Well pleased

I have been using Revolution on my yorkie-poo for about 8 years.She has never had fleas or ticks and tests negitive for heart worms. I will continue to use it. I now use it on my great dane and no problems there. by on 06/01/2010
Only the Best for my Chloe

My 7 month old Pomerarian was rescued from a second chance shelter about 4 months ago and I wanted to protect her against heartworm immediately, out veteranarian strongly recommended REVOLUTION. So far no problem.... by on 05/29/2010

Great for fleas, not so great for ticks

We have been using Revolution for a couple of years now. We love it! My long hair dachshund had a terrible flea issue while she was on Frontline Plus, but after I switched to Revolution, they were gone. It doesn't do well with ticks though. My vet recommended a collar especially for ticks. by on 05/17/2010
Revolution is the best for me

I am owned by two Scottish Terriers. One is very sensitive to oral meds and also annual vaccinations. The product does what it says that it will do and my sensitive Andrew has had no side affects. Please give it a try. by on 04/19/2010
works for me

Have had the girls for almost 3 year on Revolutions, so far no fleas and test are negative for heartworms. We live in an area with lots of trees, grass and wild animals like squirels and racoons. by on 04/18/2010
Great for fleas & heartworm, but not ticks

I have used this product for years on my 3 dogs: 50 lb. border collie/lab mix; 10 lb. terrier mix; 5 lb. chihuahua. It's fantastic at repelling fleas; I have never had a problem with fleas, and my dogs have never tested positive for heartworms; I only treat them for 6 months. Ticks, however, have been a problem. I do live in the Pocono Mountains, in a heavy deer area. I have found several ticks on my border collie/lab & my tiny Chi tested positive for Lyme disease (even though she was also vaccinated against it), although my vet said it is possible she had it before I adopted her. As it seems to work well on my dogs for everything except ticks, maybe I could also try a flea & tick collar, like someone else mentioned. I was actually thinking of switching to Frontline Plus, which I used to use years ago before switching to Revolution, but there seem to be a lot of negative reviews for that. Overall, I would probably recommend Revolution; just not for ticks, at least not if you live in a heavily wooded area. by on 03/11/2010
Killed fleas in 24 hours

I got an 8 week old puppy from some guy trying to be a breeder and not only did she not have shots but she was infested with fleas. My vet used revolution on her and with in 24 hours she was free of fleas and has been ever since. by on 03/11/2010
How this stuff works..

I decided on this product because of it's ability to prevent heartworm, ticks, and fleas (all in one)! I was a little hesitant because I wanted something that my dog could orally take, and not something I would have to put on to his skin. I was surprised to find it how easy it is to apply! I wasn't sure exactly how this stuff worked so I went to their website ( to find out. How it works is that, you put it on a small spot in between your dogs shoulder blades.. "Revolution enters the bloodstream through the skin. Concentrations of Revolution in the blood and tissues prevent heartworm disease. Revolution selectively redistributes from the blood to the skin, where it provides protection against fleas, flea eggs, American dog tick, and mites." You are able to give your dog a bath 2 hours after application. Since it absorbs into the skin you don't have to worry about washing this stuff off! by on 03/11/2010