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Ear mites are one of the most common ear related pet problems, especially in cats. R-7M Ear Mite Treatment is intended to kill and flush out mites from the infested ears of dogs and cats. If your pet exhibits discomfort, and begins excessively scratching or rubbing at their ears, have a peek inside. Ears may be red or inflamed. If you notice large amounts of a crumby brown-black substance, it's likely that mites are present. R-7M Ear Mite Treatment kills mites and their eggs making your pet ... Read More



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I did the 3 cleanings as recommended however my kitten still shakes his head and still has those little black dots in his ears. I dont want to chance doing them again as I don't want to make his ears sore. I called the number on the box left a message and never heard back. So I don't know what to do.Product works a lot of junk came out of his ears but I'd like to know if its safe to use it again or what?? by on 07/17/2009
This stuff works good cleared my pet in 5 days all gone

No vet needed saved me Bigg time worked great A++++++ Product by on 08/20/2007
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