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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Dry Food. Calcium, phosphorus and other minerals help build strong teeth and bones. Rich in antioxidants to help support a puppy's developing immune system.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 123 reviewers.

My Puppy Loved this

I will continue to buy, my puppy loved this food. Bigger bag and more reasonably priced.ร‚ย  by on 03/26/2014
Wouldn't Buy Anything Else!

I've been buying this dog food ever since I got Cooper a year ago. by on 03/21/2014

I purchased this using a coupon the first time not knowing if my puppy would like it and when I first gave it to her she ate the whole serving at once. She never does that. Sunny would look forward to meal time and she seemed less hyper while eating this food as well. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good puppy food! by on 03/18/2014
Great Puppy Food!

The breeder we purchased our Yellow Lab from recommended this so we decided to keep her on it...SO GLAD WE DID! She's growing nicely, has a great coat and loves the food. At her 12 week check up, she'd put on 10 lbs and the vet says she's in perfect shape! Definitely think this is a great product and will keep her on Pro Plan always. (Oh...and I mix some of the canned food with kibble for her Kong...way better than any of the other 'goop' you can put in there & it doesn't upset her tummy.) by on 02/26/2014
Excellent Nutrition!

The worlds TOP show dogs are fed this food and they do phenomenal on this - that is fact. I don't understand how anyone who hasn't at least tried the product can give it any rating, many people are so ignorant about animal health and nutrition and believe anything on the internet. By-products are nutritious and important for the proper cell function of canines; dogs love eating heart, liver, spleen, etc (which are all by-products). This is where the nutrition is, not in a low calorie chicken breast. I love Proplan products and will continue to feed them to my dogs. by on 02/15/2014
Best Puppy Food EVER!!!

Late December 2013 we added a new Black Lab to our family after putting down our Yellow Lab of 13 years in July 2013. ร‚ย We tried many different puppy foods with our first Lab and always struggled with her liking the food. ร‚ย The breeder STRONGLY recommended Pro Plan Focus for Puppies. ร‚ย We have kept her on this since we got her and she LOVES it! ร‚ย Compliments come left and right about her shiny and soft coat. ร‚ย I wish I would have discovered this years ago, but I am so happy and proud to use this product. ร‚ย Our Vet stands by this product as well and encouraged us to keep her on it as well. ร‚ย  THANKS PURINA!!!! by on 01/25/2014
Dogs full of life

I bought this for my puppies and they are looking great by on 01/23/2014
German Shorthaired Pointer Approved!

I have a 9 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. He absolutely loves Purina Pro Plan puppy food! It was recommend to me from the time we got him. I cannot get his dog dish on the ground fast enough for him, he digs right in! Our vet is very happy with him and how well he is growing. His coat is nice and shiny and he is full of energy. I am very pleased with Purina Pro Plan Large Breed. by on 01/18/2014
Absolutely great dog food

I have a great dane and a boxer who cant get enough of this food. My great dane is growing at an unbelievable rate and my vet couldn't be any happier. Our boxer is more energetic then ever before. We tried to feed them on the so called healthier food like blue, nutro etc. But one thing was for sure they didn't sit well with our dogs, their dirty business was irregular and started to make me worry. But once we switched to this product our dogs became so much more happier and healthier. the price is fantastic and our dogs love it. by on 12/26/2013
Poor source of meat

The main source of protein in this product is from grains which are not a natural part of a dog's diet. ร‚ย The #1 ingredient once dehydrated will be reduced to 20% of it's volume sliding much farther down the list of ingredients. ร‚ย Brewers rice is a low quality by-product and is essentially the #1 ingredient in this food. ร‚ย Is it as bad as others, no but for the money it should be better. by on 12/04/2013

My breeder reccomended we put our German Shepherd on this for a weight-gain helper, however....there are by-products in this food. I am shocked. By-products technically aren't even "meat"...they're considered "not fit for human consumption" by many, including our vet, not to mention the chemicals and overall filth contained within by-products, especially chicken. I'm not sure how this is a healthy diet....? by on 09/19/2013

My german shephard is 6 months old and she loves this product. She is always wanting more. Her coat look beautiful and her skin is amazing. It is really good for german shephards because its strengthens there hip bones because as everyone knows german shepahrd are prone to hip disease. GO PRO PLAN! by on 08/13/2013
I Trust It

Both of my dogs started on Nutro and both had terrible diarrhea; all that cleared up when I switched them over to Pro Plan. ร‚ย I trust Purina! ร‚ย All my animals for decades have done very well on Pro Plan, and I wouldn't even consider using anything else. by on 07/25/2013
Loves It!

my 5 month old Doberman loves this food and has a great build and beautiful muscle tone, Coat is smooth and silky!!! by on 07/07/2013

i bought this a month ago and am so happy that i did by on 06/04/2013
Great Food

I have raised 3 dogs now from 6-8 weeks old, and now have my 4th dog Dozer, a lab, that we just got 2 months ago. He is almost 4 months old now. This is the first time I have tried Pro Plan for my dogs. Out of all the puppy food we have tried over the past 9 years, having to work through some different foods to get the puppies to want to eat good, this one by far has exceeded any expectation I had. Dozer LOVES this food. Never once have I had to try to coax him to eat it. On top of that, the last vet checkup was great. The vet said he was developing extremely well, his coat looked great, and his energy level was tremendous... even for a puppy. I have since switched my other dogs to other Pro Plan products as well now since we have had such great results with the puppy food. by on 05/16/2013
Great for GSP Pup!

Upon breeder's recommendation, we have used this food for our German Shorthair Pointer pup. ร‚ย She is 6 mos old now and growing, healthy, and loves the food! ร‚ย People are constantly commenting on how shiny and healthy her all-liver coat looks! by on 05/06/2013
Great results for my German shepherd

My 9 month German Shepherd puppy has perfect structure and beautiful coat, with a healthy weight. Got top marks from the vet. Definitely recommend by on 03/18/2013
Pup loves the stuff

Good product for the money. My pup was on blue buffalo before and it gave him the runs. That cleared up once I switched him to pro plan. by on 02/28/2013
My chocolate lab looks great

My 6 month old lab looks and feels great on this food. ร‚ย A few years ago I would have never fed this food because the ingredients don't look good, but results speak for themselves. ร‚ย He's gorgeous - nice shiny coat, clean ears, great energy, small stool. ร‚ย He loves the food. by on 02/17/2013
Another beutiful Lab

Jaeger was a rescue dog with the nastiest coat I ever saw on a lab. After a few months on Pro-plan his coat is as beutiful as our other labs. by on 02/15/2013
Great results!

My 4 month old German Shepherd's skin and coat look amazing on this food. Keep up the great work Purina! by on 01/08/2013
too much corn

for the price of this product, i would think you could get rid of the corn filler by on 01/06/2013