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Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice Puppy Dry Food contains calcium, phosphorus and other minerals help build strong teeth and bones. Vitamin A and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, promote healthy skin and coat.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 238 reviewers.


We love ProPlan!! All of our foster dogs look great after being fed pro plan! by on 09/11/2014
My dogs love it!

Feed it to my 2 dogs and they love it. Both are in great shape and have beautiful coats. by on 09/11/2014
Good health

My springers have been on ProPlan from the beginning. Puppy formula the first year and adult from then on. They keep their ideal weight and believe it or not have never had fleas. I think good health helps prevent flea infestation. by on 09/11/2014
Moth Larva

Found Larva and actual live moths in some bags. Didn't return to store as I thought it was my fault, but after several times and reading other reviews, I realize it's a Purina problem, not mine. Only reason for 2 stars is b/c my dogs actually eat this food (picky eaters), but I'm sure I can find another brand that doesn't have moth larva in the bags of food. by on 09/11/2014
Savor lamb and rice

My two standard poodle sisters are now 11 and have never been fed anything but pro plan lamb bits and rice..Their health is excellent..Noone believes they are their age as they romp and play with each other. by on 09/11/2014
Excellent product for both of my dogs!

Ive been feeding my lab Purina Pro Plan for 8+ years, he's one of the healthiest looking dogs I've seen. I always get compliaments on his coat, weight and disposition. I was feeding him chicken, however he developed an allergy to chicken and switched him to the lamb product which he has enjoyed as well as his allergies clearing up tremendously. When we got our 2nd lab she has also been fed the lamb and rice and also has an incredible coat. My oldest lab who is 9 still acts like a pup other than the white in his muzzle you'd think he was still a pup, I believe strongly in the Purina proplan line of dog food. by on 09/11/2014
contains corn

I would prefer that dog food not contain corn. Take corn from this product ingredients.: by on 09/11/2014

Have purchased Pro Plan for my dog for the last 5 years. by on 09/11/2014
Great food for a great price

Our blue nose pit / lab mix dog loves it and stays very healthy. Our dog that is no longer with us had a very sensitive stomach and this was the only food she could tolerate and keep down without throwing up. Both our dogs are not gassy on this food either like some other brands. by on 09/11/2014
Good alternative

A great change from chicken formula. Dogs seem to love the taste. by on 09/08/2014
Our absolute favorite

We love this formula and often recommend to those who are worried about their pets sensitive stomach by on 09/08/2014
Lamb and Rice

The animals respond well to proplan food and we often use this at the shelter. by on 09/07/2014
Dogs love lamb!

We recently had some of this donated to the rescue and the dogs love it more than the chicken formula they normally get. It would be great if we could get a lamb option in the large breed formula :-) by on 09/07/2014
All Dogs Love Lamb and Rice!

I am so happy that we used this food for our recent foster dog. He was so picky and this food did the trick! by on 09/06/2014
Change of taste for the huskies.

Every so often we'll pick up a bag of Lamb & Rice for a change in the food we feed the huskies! The Lamb & Rice Formula is a favorite! by on 09/05/2014
dogs Love It

This has been great on my dogs stomach and filling them up. They are satisfied and looking good. Good food means a loner life and less vet visits. by on 09/05/2014
My pups love

My pup that's not a chicken fan absolutely loves the lamb flavor. I tried everything to get her to eat other brands and nothing work. Gave her PP lamb and rice and that was it. Now we are all happy :) by on 09/05/2014
Lamb and Rice

I tried this formula recently and the dogs with chicken allergies loved it by on 09/05/2014
Great food

My dogs love this brand and flavor. This is a top notch food and shows in the dogs. by on 09/05/2014
Our dogs LOVE this food! (and it's good for them!)

Great quality dog food and our babies love it! We feed only Purina Pro Plan to our dogs and wouldn't consider anything else. by on 09/05/2014

Good Dog Food

I have had my black lab on this food for almost 2 years now and both of us are quit happy with his health, coat, and energy levels. I have tried to change up the protein source once in awhile, but we always fall back to the lamb because of minor stomach upset or increase in dandruff. I also feed him less than the suggested feeding amounts. He's about a 90lb dog with a body score of a 5.5/9 (just right) and I feed him just under 3 cups a day (which is in the 36-50lb dog range). But, at this amount he maintains his weight very well. Overall I find this to be a great dog food. by on 07/31/2014
My dog loves it!

I have had my dog on this food for about 3 months. She absolutely loves it. Gives her energy & her coat is now so shiny & soft. Overall I'm happy with this dog food! by on 06/02/2014
Doggies loved it

As long as dogs are happy , owners are happy..they ate it very well and they are very picky by on 03/19/2014
Dogs love it!

It actually has big pieces of meat in it. Our dogs just love it! by on 03/18/2014
Happy and Healthy

My German Shepard has never looked so great since I started her on Pro Plan dog food. Her coat is so shiny and full. Her other food left it dull and very thin. by on 03/18/2014
Yummy lol

Loved it! Woof Woof Signed, Hoover American Eskimo by on 03/17/2014
Another great product from Purina

I have been using Purina Product for over 30 years. From our Rabbits to our dog nothing else will cut it. We bought a Lab several years ago and had problems with scratching all the time. He was on Purina One which he loved. We tried everything to stopping the scratching and nothing work. Our Vet suggested that we try another food so we went to the Pro Plan. Within a week the scratching stopped and his coat returned to bright shinny gloss. What a great line of products. Just wish is was cheaper. Thanks Purina. by on 03/17/2014
Dogs love this

My three dogs love this product nene my finicky one! by on 03/17/2014
awesome formula

Have been feeding this to my dachshund since she turned 1 years old! she is now 7 years:) We buy it in bulk; she always finishes her bowl! take note that you should always follow the stipulated amt recommended for your dog's weight. We overfed her without realizing in the past and she got overweight. Now that we adjusted the amount, she is active & as energetic as ever! by on 03/17/2014
great for active dogs

All 3 of my dogs love it! From my indoor lapdog to my two super active hunting dogs. ร‚ย It gives them the right amount of energy and all the proper nutrients. ร‚ย Two of my dogs are super picky and won't eat a lot of dry foods, but they will chow these down in a heartbeat, especially the lamb pieces. They have been eating this for a year and still have not gotten sick and tired of it. They also need eat large quantities as two of my dogs run a minimum of 30 miles a day, 5 days a week. by on 03/06/2014
Real food my dogs love!!!!

I've bought this food for my dogs three times so far and my dogs have not tired of it. The price is excellent for the amount you get. They're really happy about the taste and I'm really happy with the nutrition.ร‚ย  by on 03/03/2014
Really Yummy!

I have a Maltese and a Labrador. Maltese is very picky with food, she usually leaves all the dog food there and my Lab will finish up for her, but she loves this! I'm really happy she is eating all the food herself =) Labrador has skin problem if it eats chicken formulated food. And I'm very happy that this doesn't cause any problem for her! by on 10/25/2013
German shorthaired pointer

It is excellent product provide healthy food for my active dogs participate in NAVHDA and other field trail, I have three dogs age 7 and two age three years. my dog very healthy in all aspects. by on 07/31/2013
Loves the shredded pieces

My 6 year old pomapoo loves Proplan Lamb and Rice. ร‚ย She loves the shredded pieces and picks those out first. ร‚ย  ร‚ย The Proplan Lamb and Rice gives my dog energy and a wonderfully soft coat. ร‚ย She is happy and healthy! by on 06/24/2013
Best EVER!

As a puppy and some into adult life, my now 3-year-old Siberian Husky had horrible digestive issues. We practically lived off prescription GI medications and ammodium. Nothing helped. We tried 5 different foods that A) Didn't throw her digestive issues crazy and B) That she liked enough to eat for an extended period, since she become leery of food because of the effects. Purina ProPlan shredded Lamb and Rice saved my poor dogs health! She is now completely obsessed with it AND she's had no digestive issues contributed from food, with the added bonus of healthy coat, plenty of energy, and keeps her happy. Thank you ProPlan!!!!! by on 03/20/2013
Good quality standard diet

I have been feeding Proplan Lamb & Rice adult for about 7 years now. I am pleased to see that although you changed the packaging recently the diet's ingredients and caloric content have remained the same. As a Veterinary Technician and dog trainer I believe my dog's diet is very important. My Border Collies compete in various sports and they need a quality diet in order to excel. by on 01/10/2013

I own a one year old American Pitbull Bully and he absolutely loves this food. It has been keeping him ideal on his weight and his coat stays healthy and shiny I would strongly recommend this food to all my friends.ร‚ย  by on 12/25/2012
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