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  • Great for hunting dogs
    Great for my coon hound. She gets hunted 4-6 nights a week for over 5 hours a night. She has never been sick and this feed helps her maintain weight. Thanks for a great product.  by on 11/22/2013
  • very good food for performance dogs
    I got this as a sample and the dogs loved it so I bought a bag, After a month on it I could see the dogs have more endurance and energy. My rattie has gotten his fastest times in flyball after being on this food. Even my 14 yr old has more energy. by on 10/30/2013
  • Swear by this!
    i run a rescue from home. Most all of the animals i pull from being euthanized are emaciated and have skin issues. This food has been a great way to have my rescue pups gain weight and muscle. Fast acting & keeps stools nice! I love the results i get !  by on 09/23/2013
  • great for my pit bulls
    I have always fed my dogs whatever food I could grab at the store, but my 3 year old pit Cyrus was having issues with his skin and always chewing on his paws. I asked an employee at my local pet supply store and he recommended the 30/20 as it was wheat free.  I saw a change almost instantly! now my pit bulls are healthy and full of energy and no more wheat allergy reactions!!!  awesome product and they couldnt be happier  :-) by on 09/05/2013
    I feed 30/20 to my 6 working dogs (3 german line German Shepherds, Black Russian Terrier, Belgian Malinois & APBT) All of them perform in a form of sport mainly IPO, PSA, Personal Protection & Shows. I had lots of issues keeping weight on these dogs as they all are intact & intense animals. They all perform better than ever before and keep weight and have wonderful coats and are just stunning. This is the best thing to ever pass through my kennel.  by on 08/31/2013
  • Standard Poodle
    After feeding other more expensive foods to my show Standard Poodles, I have had no luck keeping weight on them until I switched them to the Pro Plan 30/20 formula!  My dogs love it, their stool is nice and solid, no stomach issues and within the first week my 14 month old male gained 5lbs! We wont be switching to anything else again. by on 08/25/2013
  • Awesome product!!!
    I bought this about 6 weeks ago and have really loved the results , great coat quality , small stools and tons of energy! Just what we need running Labradors . by on 08/19/2013
  • Purina dog food user since 1965
    I have raised English Setters for 48 years. I became a pro club member in 1975. Always very pleased with the results of the Purina foods by on 07/31/2013
  • Love Purina Pro Plan
    We have owned several different breeds over the past 12 years, have always fed Purina Pro Plan, dogs love the taste, firm stools... We've tried the more expensive (grain free / natural) kibble and always come back to Pro Plan... by on 07/18/2013
  • Perfect food for the working dog!
    I compete year round with my labs and purina pro sport has kept my boys healthy and going strong from hot summers to cold winters.  I have tried others and this is bar none the best for my guys and I recommend it to everyone who ever asks me. by on 07/10/2013
  • Best results ever..
    After raising Show Horses for 30 years on Purina products, I figured our Choc Lab needed to be feed the best also.. I'm so happy with the "Bloom" I've gotten on our dog.. His hair coat, weight and over all attitude is awesome!! I recommend using this great product!! by on 06/15/2013
  • Best food at any price
    I transitioned to ProPlan about 16 years ago after becoming frustrated with "premium" boutique brands' inconsistency in distribution and ingredient tampering/spoilage. I had heard good things about ProPlan, but I wasn't completely convinced. After 2 months on ProPlan, my dogs never looked better, never performed better, and their overall health and durability rose to a level that I had never considered possible. Not only did I begin to win more with my dogs in the show ring (including National & Regional Specialty wins and all-breed Best in Show wins) but from a very practical standpoint, let me share with you this case in point: Just this past year I lost a beloved girl who was my first cradle-to-grave on ProPlan; When I reviewed and closed her vet records at the clinic, we were all astonished that this girl had NEVER been to the vet for ANY ailment in her ENTIRE life. You read that right: Never a case of upset stomach, never a hot spot, never any G.I. issues, no skin or gland issues. Her entire file was only 2 pages noting routine vaccines and her spay - that.was.it!  I think over the course of nearly 16 years that I never spent an extra nickel at the vet much less the WORRY of an ailment of this girl that I loved so much, and I give much of the credit to ProPlan. My younger dogs continue to be in this league of durability, so I wouldn't dream of changing dog foods; Why would I?  by on 04/30/2013
  • Great food For my service dog!!!!
    Keep's my dog active, and working hard for me, keeps his coat shinny and he loves it. by on 04/18/2013
  • It works
    We feed  70 working foxhounds this feed and are very happy with the results. Having used several lesser quality (and less costly) products there is a real difference in our hounds' coats and stool. We do not have to feed as much of this food as the lesser quality and still have much better results.  by on 03/12/2013
  • Molly GSP
    My German shorthair has been eating this for over 6months now and loves it! Keeps her full of energy and a nice shiny coat. Great food and reasonable price....  by on 03/09/2013
  • Great Product
    We've got very high energy hunting/trialing/testing dogs. When they aren't working they go for a 10 mile run every day, and during hunting season easily run 30-40 miles per day in some tough country. ProPlan Performance is the only food we've found that keeps weight on them during hunting season. It fills them up, and helps maintain great body condition, and shiny, soft, healthy coats. They are full of energy. A must-have for hard-charging hunting dogs. by on 02/20/2013
  • Helped our show dogs gain weight!
    We have fed many higher priced foods that we would have ordered in for us and sometimes they wouldn't get ordered or wouldn not have the food we wanted in stock but that has all changed now! Our show and breeding dogs finally have gained weight and only did so when we tried Pro Plan Sport 30/20, recommended to us by fellow breeders! We have 11 dogs and everyone of them loves it and now have nice firm stool and look great! by on 02/17/2013
    While "Wingmaster01" doesn't recommend this food, I do not agree with his assessment.  "Wingmaster01" may need to try the "Sport All Life Stages Performance" formula.  Based on his review, that is the formula that would appear to best suit his needs/requirements. This food is higher in carbohydrates and is the formula I use most and recommend to anyone feeding a dog needing more carbs in their diet.  No one food formula is correct for every dog; which is why there are multiple formulas to suit most needs.  by on 02/05/2013
  • Pro plan
    I have fed this to my hunting/trail dogs for years with excellent results. It gives them great coats, they love the taste and truly seem to recover quickly after a hard day of training or hunting by on 02/02/2013
  • labrador Retriever gundogs/working dog owners
    This is not the kind of quality dog food I hoped that Pro Plan would provide to those of us who own working gun dogs or Hunt Test Trial dogs. Looking at the ingredients list I see Chicken, then Grain products, then an unknown Poultry by-product meal. If the poultry by-product meal was in the 2nd position prior to the grains I would have at least given this a 3. Bottom line is its another product that his minimal meat protein sources and high carbohydrates. I would not recommend this food to any of my friends who are involved in serious hunting and or dog trial activities.       by on 01/31/2013
  • 30/20 Formula
    two year old black lab eats , High energy dog gets looks great, never turns it down. Have been using over a year now when I could find it. by on 01/26/2013
  • Title matches performance
    Very small firm stools which means maximum amount of food digested compared to Iam having massive amount of soft stools. by on 01/16/2013
  • my 3 dogs love pro plan sport performance
    I have always fed my dogs Purina foods, mostly One lamb and rice. They have alWays gobbled it up and wanted more. When I got my 1 year old HIGH energy Lab/Malamute mix, I thought I may have to change to a higher protein/fat diet because he never got full! But when I saw Pro Plan sport on the shelf at my local dog supply store, I looked it over more closely and literally shouted for joy over the 30/20 formula. I had had such a hard time finding a food over 23-26 protein. I bought the food and that night let my girls (3 year old lab & 11 year lab mix) try it. Maggie, the younger dog is a VERY picky eater, but she gobbled that stuff up! The next day, Angus( the malamute mix), tried it and he loved it as well. I will defiantly be getting this food from now on, eapecially since Maggie and Angus are both champion agility dogs and need the extra protein.  Thanks for making a super HIGH PROTEIN food  by on 01/05/2013
  • I
    This food has given my dog a new outlook he is more energy than I no what to do with  by on 12/17/2012
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