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  • Active dogs
    My fosters love this food for some of our active Foster dogs. They say it gives them energy and replenishes the nutrients the dogs need to stay active. by on 12/19/2014
  • Wonderful for our Puppies
    We rescued 2 litters of very active puppies and wanted to feed them the best. This is high quality and the puppies love it. The kbble is samll enough for 6 wee old rat terriers and yummy enough for very active lab babies. Thanks Pro Plan. These pups will go home with some of this and instructions to feed for all life stages. No more switching out puppy for adult and hoping they like the change. by on 12/17/2014
  • Great Performance
    This is actually great for rescues that need to put a little weight on. We take in some emaciated dogs from shelters and this product is great for the weight gain by on 12/11/2014
  • Great for high energy dogs
    After about four weeks, we definitely noticed a difference in activity levels. by on 12/09/2014
  • Awesome Food!
    This is a great food! I love feeding this to my dogs! by on 12/09/2014
  • Great Product
    I have highly active Springer Spaniels in the field and it keeps them that way. They love it and so do I after I switched from another brand I noticed the difference. by on 12/03/2014
  • Tested Performance
    I own and operate an upland pheasant hunting lodge in Plankinton South Dakota going on 16 years. We having been using Pro Plan Sport for all of our Labrador Retrievers since we opened the lodge. We work our Labs 4-5 hours a day during the hunting season and we are very pleased with health and performance of our dogs. They are able to keep their energy, strength and endurance at a high level for the entire day of hunting and their coats look great. For those whom kennel a lot of dogs, we have outdoor runs and never pick up the dog's waste because it breaks down very well with minimal odor and minimal fly attraction. There is no doubt in my mind that Purina products are superior to anything else on the market. by on 12/01/2014
  • 30 20 performance
    This is how much Sailor loves this food. He has been eating it for almost 8 years and has never missed a meal. One night, a few months back I put his food down and he did not eat. Immediately I knew that something was wrong. If Sailor did not eat his beloved pro plan 30/20 he had to be sick. First thing in the morning off to the vet. Xrays showed he had a blockage of some kind. The good DR prescribed some medicine and it helped the blockage work its way through ( magnolia Seed Pod ). Two days later he was back to eating his pro plan a happy Bull Terrier. by on 11/26/2014
  • Pro Plan Sport!
    Pro Plan Sport is a wonderful product. We feed Sport to our higher energy breeds! Love it! I feel that they are getting the proper food for the energy of the dog. by on 11/23/2014
  • The bags are wonderfully sturdy!
    I have fed Purina ProPlan for approximately 11 years and couldn't be happier. My dogs love the taste, my show dogs are in great shape with wonderful muscle tone, and my puppies are fat and sturdy. by on 10/12/2014
  • good flavor my rescue coon houseds and beagles lv
    good flavor that the hunting rescue dogs we get love by on 10/10/2014
  • Great for hard keepers!
    My dogs had a hard time keeping weight on multiple other kibbles, we were recommended to try pro plan sport and it was the perfect fit. Now my dogs are at a perfect weight and healthy. by on 10/08/2014
  • Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performence 30/20
    Here, at Baby Dog Rescue, we deal with a lot of Hunting Breeds. This product has taken exhausted, emaciated, sad cases of "lost" or "dumped" hunter's, to a healthy, happy, vibrant dog, ready to go home and be family pets for years to come! by on 10/07/2014
  • focus
    great food and few health issues feeding oer 25 + years by on 10/07/2014
  • Great for dogs competing in sporting events
    Although our Lhasa Apsos are not normally the most active dogs, we often receive questions at pet supply store events on the best Pro Plan food available to dogs competing in sporting events. Pro Plan has one of the best foods available on the Market...Sport All Live Stages Performance 30/20. We have had great feedback from owners that have started using the formula. by on 10/03/2014
  • So far, so good!
    We've started our GSP and Springer on this stuff about two months ago, and the increase in energy is noticeable! The GSP (14 months) has put on a couple of needed pounds, and can hunt all day long. Our Springer (7 years) all of a sudden has a little more pep in his step. Their stools are much smaller, which makes yard duty much easier! Great food, and the dogs love it. by on 10/01/2014
  • Great for an active dog
    I bought this for one of my dogs that is more active than the others. He loves it!!! by on 09/30/2014
  • great performance food.
    i won a bag of this food as a group prize at a dog show. i tried it out on my moms performance dog and although he is very picky about what food he eats, he loved it. it restored the shine back to his coat. great product by on 09/30/2014
  • For the active dog
    My high energy, very active dog burns alot of calories in her activities, Pro Plan Sport offers great nutrition. by on 09/29/2014
  • Awesome Results
    We have a couple pups on this type and they LOVE it. by on 09/27/2014
  • Perfect high protein food for an active dog!
    This product has the perfect formula for active sporting dogs and pets! by on 09/25/2014
  • Great food!
    I have been using pro plan sport 30/20 on my Am Staff I show for 3 years. He is happy, HEALTHY and I would not change to any other food. by on 09/22/2014
  • Now this is a GREAT FOOD!
    I purchased the Performance 30/20 for a little pup that had rickets from malnutrition. He was not able to even walk but a few steps and would have to rest. Little Ernie, Jr. has done very well on this food to beef up his system and get some great nutrition for him to recover. He was also on a calcium supplement to boost his bone growth. Little Ernie, Jr has recovered nicely thanks to the wonderful Pro Plan diet. He is currently on the Pro Plan Puppy Shredded Blend formula and loving it! We proudly feed all our rescues Pro Plan and my own personal pets (dogs & cats) love their Pro Plan! by on 09/19/2014
  • Lean and easily received
    Two dogs, both working class, love this food and gives them the energy to run and wrestle all day while lean enough the keep them healthy and fit for strenuous outdoor activities. by on 09/17/2014
  • NAVHDA Invitational
    Pro Plan Sport gives my dogs the energy they need to train and complete the NAVHDA Invitational. by on 09/17/2014
  • Excellent food
    Excellent food . My 2 dogs like it are in great health both have ate it there whole 7&4 years. by on 09/14/2014
  • Wonderful product
    I've been feeding my English Setter Performance 30/20 since he was 4 months old and now he's 10 1/2 years old. His coat and health has been great over the years. Great product. by on 09/14/2014
  • Great Products
    I have been using Pro Plan for over 8months now.All my dogs love it. by on 09/14/2014
  • Good food
    I have switched to this food 4 months ago,previously my dogs were eating chicken and rice shredded. Not a big fan of the shredded food for my puppies by on 09/13/2014
  • Great Product
    Our dog Duke loves this food with 2 tablespoon of yogurt. by on 09/13/2014
  • Good ingredients
    I self feed my GSP. After using another brand and putting the performance on top of it in the feeder. Scout scratched out the brand name to get to the performance. by on 09/13/2014
  • Field trial dogs
    Like the dog food wish it was better priced. My dog's perform better on this dog food than others. by on 09/12/2014
  • Excellent results
    All my dogs will eat this without coaxing and maintain weight and coat without any trouble. They are healthy and energetic. by on 09/12/2014
  • My Brittanys Love Pro Plan Focus
    I show my Brittanys and need to keep them in good weight and coat. I have always fed Pro Plan Focus 30/20 for shiney coats . Focus also provides energy and my dogs are able to maintain a good weight. by on 09/12/2014
  • It works
    I have always recommended Pro Plan to family and friends. That is what my whole family uses for their dogs. We changed to sport for our current dog and she enjoys it immensely. by on 09/12/2014
  • Pro Plan Sport 30/20
    Excellant food for my very active show dogs. They maintain great weight and have healthy shiny coats. by on 09/12/2014
  • Right size pieces for all breeds
    We show Tibetan Spaniels and Weimeraner, I would not trust our dogs nutrition to any other brand. by on 09/12/2014
  • love the food
    I am very Happy with the food, I have been feeding it for over 15 years by on 09/12/2014
  • Awesome results!
    I have 3 highly active, high metabolism, thin dogs. I have tried numerous natural foods with varying protein levels and finally Proplan's 30/20 formula seems to be a perfect fit. All three of my dogs have a great muscular physique, their energy levels are sustained after eating and high levels of activity. Their skin and coats look shiny and we are not experiencing shedding. The price per pound is spot on and my dogs love the food. by on 09/12/2014
  • Quality dog food for hunting dogs
    Rennie is a 12 year 50 pound field bread female Gordon Setter. She is very active and I still hunt over her. We have had very little health issues with here over the past years. I would have to believe that feeding Rennie Purina Pro Plan has had something to do with this....Thanks by on 09/12/2014
  • Well received by dogs and good nutrition
    My German Shepherd Dogs actually "fight and protect" their food dishes from each other. by on 09/12/2014
  • good nutrition
    ?Have been using 30/20 then switched to 26/16. Would like this in the smaller pellet size like the 30/20. by on 09/12/2014
  • Best dog food for working dogs
    This is the best dog food we have ever used for our hunting/working dogs. Hands down beats the competitors for recovery time for the dogs. by on 09/12/2014
  • A must for Serious Working Dogs
    ProPlan Sport is a must for any serious working dog. I switch my dog, Josie from ProPlan Savor to Sport just prior to a tough upland and waterfowl season here in Upstate NY. It provides her the extra nutrition and energy she needs for long days covering fields or swimming thru the ice water of Lake Ontario in January. Great product! by on 09/12/2014
  • just did not work for my dogs
    after feeding this product for my dogs the last three bags did not agree with them by on 09/11/2014
  • Phenomenal!
    Using this for years, my dogs are healthy, athletic, and live long happy lives! by on 09/11/2014
  • Energy
    My dog was on a grain free diet, but needed Pro Plan Sport, to give him energy for bird hunting. by on 09/11/2014
  • Good Coat, Good Muscle, Good Food!
    My goldens have been on this food for quite awhile, my puppy has always been on it, and have never had any problems. Their coat looks healthy, shiny and grows out nicely. Unlike the 30/20 performance, they stay nice and muscled without gaining extra weight. They arent hunting or extremely athletic dogs but being shown in conformation, and obedience gives them all they need. I use it for All Life stages, including when my girl was pregnant, weaning the pups and of course all the time! by on 09/11/2014
  • great food
    solid stools, dogs love it. Great coats and keeps them in great condition by on 09/11/2014
  • Why Ruger likes his pro plan
    We'll lets see by the way there's another Panzer the tank and Ruger the pistol They booth seem to love this stuff Ruger should have been called dyson cause If you drop some on the floor he turns into a vacuum his an English bulldog . Very funny when he does that anyway there are both super strong lots of muscle and healthy . Thank You by on 09/11/2014
  • Great product
    I have been feeding this to my 3 year old German Shorthair pointer since he was young, and he loves it. by on 09/11/2014
  • good kipple size and dog loves it
    My Black Lab has been on it since he was a puppy and I have no digestive issues with him. by on 09/11/2014
  • Purina Pro Plan
    I have been feeding Purina products for over 40 years. We have never been disappointed by on 09/11/2014
  • Pro Plan Performance
    Love this food - my show dogs do very well on it! Keeps them in great coat. by on 09/11/2014
  • Better energy
    Bruno is a very athletic dog. Pro plan is excellent fuel for his high energy days. by on 09/11/2014
  • We only feed Pro Plan
    I am a K9 Deputy. Great recovery time and performance by on 09/11/2014
  • Awesome
    I have used pro plan after figuring out how aweful my black lab reacted to Diamond's products. She digest the formula so much better and when it's time to hit the Dakota plains in duck season she has all the energy she needs. Excellent product. Also love the Salmon formula. by on 09/11/2014
  • My dogs love the taste
    My one dog is a fussy eater but, she eats this food with gusto! by on 09/11/2014
  • The Best You Can Get. Its what works.
    I use to feed all the top notch premium foods. I practically tried them all. I use to send my dog a bag for the handler when they went on circuits. He ran out of my "old" brand and used his. What a difference. Seeing is believing. by on 09/11/2014
  • Pro Plan Pets.
    My vet recommended Pro Plan when we got our Black Lab, Abby. Her coat shines and glistens which shows she is a healthy dog. She is a happy Pro Plan dog. Our other two dogs Lucky & Mandi eat Pro Plan also. They are smaller dogs and have healthy coats too. by on 09/11/2014
  • Sport
    Great Food for active dogs. We have several labs we feed the sport to. by on 09/11/2014
  • Awesome Product
    I breed and show miniature dachshunds and basenjis, my dogs' love their food and are always more than willing to devour it, people always comment on how shiny my dogs' coats are and how healthy they look! by on 09/11/2014
  • pro plan
    love this product I have feed this product for around 7 or 8 years by on 09/11/2014
  • Greyt food!!
    I'm a retired racing greyhound, and I've been eating Pro Plan Sport since my family adopted me over two years ago. Your food is greyt, I never have tummy problems (lots of greys do), and I'm aways told how handsome I am because I have a shiny, thick coat. Pro Plan is one of the recommended foods from my adoption group, Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, and we collect our weight circles for them, too. Thanks, Pro Plan, for helping the retired greyhounds. We are a greyt bunch of dogs!!! by on 09/11/2014
  • Best Dog Food Ever!
    I would not feed anything else!! I have shown dogs for over 40 yrs and my dogs have always performed well in the ring. Coats are beautiful, muscle tone is great. Beautiful clear eyes. Great great product. I always recommend this food. by on 09/11/2014
  • pro plan stages
    I've been with Pro Plan for many years and always enjoy the value and my animals seem to thrive on it. by on 09/11/2014
  • Happy Tails!
    Our dogs coat, activity levels and tail wagging has all been exceptional since getting on this product! by on 09/11/2014
  • Excellent....
    All the dogs love the Pro Plan Sport, and I love that it's for All Life Stages. by on 09/11/2014
  • Consistency
    I have been feeding Performance for over 10 years and three generations of German Shorthaired Pointers. I have had consistent body weight, coat shine and stability throughout field trials, hunt tests and upland hunting. My dogs love it! by on 09/11/2014
  • Best sporting dog mix available!
    My dog is a young golden retriever/chesapeake mix and I had the hardest time keeping weight on him until I started him on this food. He has such a high energy level and metabolism that he burns an exceedingly high number of calories per day, even if he's just lying around (which rarely happens!). So far, this is the only food that works for him and it makes his skin and coat look amazing! by on 09/11/2014
  • Also good for sick dogs
    We normally do not need to feed a high protein diet, but found this formula useful for dogs that have bad cases of hookworms. The added protein helps them recover. by on 09/11/2014
  • Great for a young gal's figure
    My 18 month old rottie girl was switched from puppy food to this formula when she turned 12 months old. She loves this food and looks fantastic on it. I can control her weight by managing the amount I feed her very easily. by on 09/10/2014
  • All life stages formula
    Our rescue loves this product due to its concentrated nutrition that helps optimize oxygen metabolism (VO2 MAX) for increased endurance. Amino acids help nourish muscles, including the crucial time immediately following exercise. by on 09/08/2014
  • Great for active dogs.
    The larger dogs love this food. They need the extra protein for their activity level. It supplies all the nutrients they require. by on 09/08/2014
  • Sport
    The animals respond well to proplan food and we often use this at the shelter. by on 09/07/2014
  • Great food for the Active Labrador Retriever
    This dry food is very appealing to the labs and has great ingredients for a shiny coat and healthy dog. The blend is great for the active retriever who loves to run and swim. by on 09/07/2014
  • Great for field work!
    My friend has hunting dogs, I recommend this formula to him and he now swears by it. Over the years he has fed a lot of dog food to his dogs. He always complained that about half way through the day his dogs were getting tired. Now his dogs could run and hunt all day without needing a break. by on 09/07/2014
  • Great food for working dogs
    We have been buying the Sport pro plan for a few months now for our agility dogs. This food gives them great energy to keep going at training. They have been able to go longer then the other dogs in class. Our Aussie seems to be able to jump higher now then before using the food. by on 09/06/2014
  • Trying this new formula for the first time.
    Using this formula for the first time with a 7 mo old pup new to the rescue. So far so good! She gobbles the kibble up without hesitation. She is full of energy! by on 09/05/2014
  • all inclusive
    I switched to Performance from another highly rated holistic food and the difference is amazing by on 09/05/2014
  • Brittany's love it
    Love it and feed it often!! This is perfect for active dogs by on 09/05/2014
  • Tastes great
    We have a few sporting dogs and they just thrive on this food. On top of that they love the taste and the muscle that it helps build is dynamic. by on 09/05/2014
  • great product!
    I like the 30/20 balance of protein and fats. I have Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and they are highly active. This food provides great nutrition for my dogs. Also, I like that it's small kibble so my puppies can eat it, too. by on 09/03/2014
  • Purina Sport is the BEST!
    We love feeding Purina to our adult dogs and puppies! I would love to be able to send puppy packs home with their new owners.... If this is possible please advise me so their new families can feed them the best. by on 08/25/2014
  • Switched to Pro Plan Sport Advanced
    I switched my working GSDs to Pro Plan Sport Advanced  from Natural Balance and have found them to require less food to maintain weight and energy levels. The stools are much more firm and smaller than before. Its only been a few months but overall Im very happy with the results and its less expensive than the other brand I was using. by on 06/26/2014
  • ProPlan has converted me! My dog loves it
    We adopted a Jack Russell mix a few years ago. The first year or so I fed her Authority (not a bad food, but not nearly as good as ProPlan). Her coat was rather wiry, which I just assumed was because of her breed. A month after putting her on ProPlan Sport 26/16, her coat was noticeably smoother, and now it is even smoother yet. She loves this food, and I do, too. by on 06/15/2014
  • Pro Plan Sport
    Great Dog Food Especially for hard working Field Trial Dogs! Tried many different brands and hands down this is one of best. by on 03/19/2014
  • Sport
    My dogs love it. Both of my picky eaters readily ate it! by on 03/18/2014
  • I've really like this product.
    My dogs love it! They have beautiful coats. I also use on my puppies as well. Very Pleased with this product! by on 03/18/2014
  • Great food!
    My dog loves this food and it is helping them pick up weight with being so active. This is a wonderful product. by on 03/18/2014
  • Love this food for my very active herding dogs
    I have been feeding this food for at least 15 years now to my Belgian Tervuren and my Belgian Groenendael (Belgian Sheepdog). Since I started feeding it only to my dogs I have generally better health on all my dogs. I have a whole lot less in vet bills and my litters are healthier and larger and the puppies do great on this as well. I will never feed my dogs anything else other then Purina Proplan products. M.A.J.I.C. Belgian Tervuren and Groenendael. by on 03/17/2014
  • Lets them do there job!!!
    Can't express how many times I've tried different foods only to end up disappointed.... Pro Plan Sport is second to none, it keeps the weight on them gives them energy all day long to there job. I have two Dobermans' and there true working dogs, they work with me On a horse farm all day long then come home to play with my son and all the while protecting this family 24/7. I would spare no expense to keep these dogs healthy and they are! Their shiny, happy, special members of this family.  :) by on 03/12/2014
  • Junk-too much corn this and that
    Too much corn, poultry by-product meal. I don't want to feed my Goldens chicken beaks, feet and scraps!!! Can't you use chicken meal as your protein source ??? by on 03/01/2014
  • High Energy Pointer
    I have a young male Pointer and he wasn't doing well with any other dog food until I put him on Pro Plan sport. He is at his proper weight and is very happy with his food! Now he has the energy and endurance to be my jogging partner! by on 01/30/2014
  • Great Dry Feed
    I have two English Black Labs. During duck season I like to put on some extra weight to help with the cold. The feed, I use to feed was not doing the job so I switch to Purina Pro Plan Sport in the 26/16 Mix and can say within a month my labs have gained a good healthy bodyweight but still have a healthy look and muscle tone to them. There stool is much harder than it used to be and their coats are soft and shiny. From A die hard water fowler in Missouri, I would recommend this feed to anyone with Labs or sporting dogs. by on 01/21/2014
  • bad
    not good food to feed dogs. It has too much bad products in it. by on 01/08/2014
  • Thank You
    my dogs love this food, I have and older boxer that refused to eat dry food but loves this formula, I hope they plan to make a gluten free formula, the price is a little more than some other brands but it is HIGHER QUALITY thank you proplan by on 12/07/2013
  • dogs love it and maintain weight very well
    I have a bluetick coonhound and a running walker coyote hound and they both love this food. I feed the performance 30/20 formula and they are maintaining weight very well and have excellent coats. Both dogs are used for field trials and hunting. by on 12/03/2013
  • Babies Love it
    I have boxers and a shih tzu. They range from age 3 months to 6 years old. Each one of them love pro plan. Since switching them over to Pro-Plan they have not left an empty bowel.  by on 11/25/2013
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