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Rated 5 out of 5 by 140 reviewers.

  • Purina Pro Plan Savor is Great!
    I feed my beagle, Teddy, Purina Pro Plan Savor as his dry kibble. He loves it, his coat is shiny and at our recent physical, the vet said that he is beautiful inside and out. by on 07/06/2016
  • Dogs love this!
    With rescue, we often have a dog that can't chew hard foods or maybe we need to "hide" medicine for these fur babies we are saving. I've not had a one turn their nose up to the Pro Plan Savor Chicken & Rice Entree. We had a case of this product donated to us and were pleased to receive it. by on 06/23/2016
  • No Foster can resist this!
    We often get Boston's into our rescue program who are so upset that they will not eat. They never resist eating the Chicken and Rice Entree! Our dogs love it! by on 06/20/2016
  • Nursing momma dogs love it!
    We use this and mix it into the Pro Plan kibble to encourage our rescue moms to eat all of their food. They love the taste and it gives them the extra calories and nourishment they need to help feed their babies. by on 06/08/2016
  • Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken and Rice canned
    We use this product to supplement Pro Plan dry Chicken and Rice when one of the rescues needs soft food as a result of dental work and/or in teh transition from the food the dog was being fed to Pro Plan Chicken and Rice dry when the dog is finicky about eating the new food. by on 06/06/2016
  • Very tasty! - dogs love it.
    Purchased product for a very sick doggie, he really enjoyed it. by on 05/24/2016
  • Excellent for hiding medications in!
    Our rescue dogs love this can food so much, that they don't waste any time and scarf it right down! This is a good way for us to hide their medications and dewormers so that we don't have to struggle to medicate them. by on 05/21/2016
  • Mix it in!
    We mix it in with the dogs dry food for picky eaters! by on 05/16/2016
    When it comes to feeding time here at my rescue i have to say i learned how to feed my guys from caesar milan I take big bowls and fill with dry chix and rice and mix can food with it and make it moist when this chix and rice canned came out i was excited i could use it for this purpose and my dogs love it they lick their bowls clean and have bright eyes and shiny coats and happy and play thanks again for another great product by on 05/12/2016
  • Great product!
    I bought this for my dog who had an upset stomach. He loved it and it didn't hurt his stomach. by on 05/11/2016
  • Dogs love it
    The dogs love this wet food mixed in with their dry food! by on 05/10/2016
  • Foster dogs say yum!
    Often dogs that are new to foster care don't have much of an appetite. But just add this to their diet and they can't resist eating! by on 05/10/2016
  • Yummy Delicious
    My dog really enjoyed this. I think not only for the taste but the texture as well. he does well with chicken and rice in other brands but when I switched this is now his favorite. So I guess that means it's my favorite too! by on 05/10/2016
  • Good for all
    Good choice for a variety of breeds and appetites. by on 05/10/2016
  • very enticing
    we had a dog that was a very picky eater and this brand was the only one she would eat.:) by on 04/28/2016
  • Great food!
    We bought this for a dog who wouldn't eat dry food. She loved this, ate well, and her coat looks beautiful! by on 04/25/2016
  • Great for hard to feed dogs.
    Great for hard to feed dogs. Get them started ..then you can transition to dry. by on 04/23/2016
  • Delicious canned food!
    I mix this in with my picky eaters' dry food and they scarf it up. Looks good enough to eat myself! by on 04/11/2016
  • Happy Rescue Dogs!
    We purchased this for our senior rescue dogs who need canned food to supplement their dry kibble. Out of all the brands/types we tried this was preferred by the dog. by on 03/22/2016
  • Good Quality Food for Dogs
    We bought the Savor line of ProPlan last month for the first time and are really liking the results we've seen in our two dogs. They love the taste and we love the energy levels they have and knowing the food is good for them. by on 03/12/2016
  • Gravy or savory
    When feeding 50+ dogs it's great to have them all of pretty much the same diet... We have the ones who love the chunk and the gravy lovers... But when mixing can with dry there is one sure fire way to ensure every more of dry food gets some can food mixed in with it.... This has just the right level of moisture... dogs love the smell... and their coats look great.... and no more playing the guessing game to find a food a picky dog will eat.... We all win! by on 03/10/2016
  • Sherbert favorite!!!
    Sherbert, my poodle terrier mix is a very, very picky eater. Not only is he picky about his food, he also has a sensitive stomach. As a practice manager at a veterinary hospital, I know how important nutrition is for all of us, especially our furry family members. I've found that he loves Purina Pro-Plan, in fact it's all he'll eat. His tummy is happy, his skin and coat have never looked better and I don't have to worry about his lack of appetite....ever! Thank you, Purina!!!!! by on 03/08/2016
  • Great for stomach sensitivity
    We choose this brand as an alternative to a blander diet of chicken and rice. All our rescues we will supplement this when tummy issues are high. Great digestion benefits. by on 03/06/2016
  • My dog loved it!
    My dog underwent a medical procedure that left her with little or no appetite. I purchased a few cans of this food and she immediately accepted it when nothing else would get her to eat! by on 03/05/2016
  • Love it; looks yummy
    I bought this for my dog who had a dental and needed soft food during recovery. He loved it. by on 03/04/2016
  • Dogs Like It
    Dogs like the taste. I mix a bit in with their dry food. by on 03/04/2016
  • Gentle yet Yummy.
    I run a dog rescue and when we get a sick or skinny dog I mix this in with their foon and it helps them get better without causing intestinal upset. by on 03/03/2016
  • Just what she needed!
    We currently have a dog with a broken pelvis, and this purina product was just what she needed, since she cannot eat dry food right now! by on 03/03/2016
  • Great Product
    When we get a new rescue pet in, sometimes they can be picky eaters. This product tastes great to them and we know they are eating quality. We love feeding them this! by on 03/03/2016
  • ProPlan Savor Adult Chicken & Rice Entree
    A little goes a long way. We use a large spoon of the Entree a little water and 2 cups of ProPlan Sport and our Greyhounds love it and do very well on it as their everyday breakfast. by on 03/02/2016
  • Dogs love it!
    Our large crew of foster dogs absolutely love the Pro Plan Savor line! It is by far their favorite! by on 02/19/2016
  • Savor Canned Adult Canned
    We purchased Savor Adult canned chicken and rice to go with the Savor Beef and Rice dry bag (our store didn't have chicken and rice in dry bags). We have a picky eater who we always add table scraps for, but fear we are not feeding her a nutritionally-sound diet because we supplement. We didn't need the canned to make her eat the dry Savor, but the other dogs enjoyed sharing the canned food that normally only our picky gal gets! by on 02/08/2016
  • Great soft food
    I had to buy some soft food because my dog had some teeth removed. He liked this and it didn't give him any digestive problems, which is what I was afraid would happen. by on 02/04/2016
  • yummy to the tummy
    Baxter much prefers this wet food to any of the other wet foods that I have tried. by on 02/03/2016
  • My dogs love it!
    I bought this to make giving medicine easier. Wow. My dogs love it. I'm not cleaning up pills all over the floor anymore. They eat everything. by on 02/02/2016
  • Good format for old dog with no teeth
    She loves this since it is so easy to eat. Within 2 days of an etxensive dental procedure she w chowing down on this readily. by on 02/01/2016
  • My dog loved it!
    Have a cocker who is a really picky eater. She loved it. by on 02/01/2016
  • Tastes Great....says my dog!
    She recently had a dental and so we fed her canned food for about a week and this was by far her fave!!! by on 01/29/2016
  • Good for Finicky New Rescues
    We have been using this for dogs newly rescued out of the shelter as they can be finicky. It appears to have a high taste value as a number of the dogs will eat it well. We only wish Purina would develop more of their foods with less of the unnecessary chemicals and additives. by on 01/28/2016
  • Love the even Texture!
    I keep this in stock because we take in young pups that need extra nutrition and it's easy to get the little ones eating this tasty blend. It also makes pill time easy with some of the larger dogs too! by on 01/21/2016
  • Happy neurologist!
    My canine is a happy lady - especially when she gets her ProPlan diet! It is palatable and she would tell you just plain yummy! by on 01/17/2016
  • Gobbles it UP!!!
    Sometimes my dog Biscuit gets little picky so I add in some of this and he gobbles it up!!!! Love the Pro Plan line! by on 01/14/2016
  • My Dogs LOVE it!
    I got it for a foster I have that has to take a pill and refuses. I have tried hiding it in cheese, peanut butter, a slice of ham, everything to no avail. I tried a can of this and she absolutely loved it and snarfed it up, pill and all. She sits by the cabinet at meal time and barks till I get the can out by on 01/11/2016
  • Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken & Rice Entree
    My maddie goes through streaks where she does not eat, we use a spoon at each meal in her dry food and after a a couple of days she is back to her normal eating by on 12/30/2015
  • Love this food!
    I bought some of this food for my rescues that were from a hoarding case to help boost them back up! It was incredible! They loved it! by on 12/30/2015
  • Finicky eater loves it!
    Our vet recommended we put Zoey on a better quality food and suggested we try Pro Plan Savor. Our picky eater loves it! by on 12/28/2015
  • They liked it!
    Dogs were very anxious to get this in their bowls. by on 12/04/2015
  • The best part of my dog's day :)
    I bought this for my senior guy - he has bad teeth and congestive heart failure and needs something palatable and digestible for taking his medicine and supplementing his small portion of dry kibble. He loves the chicken and rice formula! by on 12/02/2015
  • A Favorite at our Rescue
    We purchased several cans of the Savor Chicken and Rice for a few of our more finicky dogs - it only took one meal to win them over!!! Of course now, its the only thing they want to eat! by on 12/02/2015
  • Love the Can food for my Greyhounds a Senior
    This food my Senior Greyhound eats because she has unfortunately lost most of her teeth and she loves it and she seems to be more alert. by on 12/01/2015
  • Special needs dogs love it!
    I bought this about six weeks ago because we have a finicky eater who is diabetic. She has to eat to get her insulin. This did the trick. She gobbled it down like she had just been waiting for it to come into her life! Would recommend it! by on 12/01/2015
  • Great to hide medicine it, too!
    We use this food to hide medicines for our fosters. Works great and they love the taste :) by on 11/30/2015
  • Great Taste
    Purchased this to help emaciated dog pulled from the shelter. It was the only thing she would eat. It helped her gain weight. by on 11/29/2015
  • Great for senior dogs with teeth issues
    We recently had in our rescue a dog that had dental issues. The vet performed surgery and recommended using a soft pate food for the dog while his gums healed. This was by far his favorite food!!! by on 10/29/2015
  • Doggie under the weather
    great for the fur babies feeling under the weather,not hard on the stomach by on 10/26/2015
  • Dogs gobble it up!
    We love the caned to mix in with kibble for picky eaters and dogs we are trying to put weight on. by on 10/09/2015
  • Chow Down
    Ihave an older dog that had to have two teeth pulled. The Vet had her on a soft diet for a couple of weeks. I bought the Pro Plan Savor chicken and rice. I have NEVER, EVER seen this dog so excited about her food, not even raw hamburger!!! Now she likes her dry Pro Plan, but goes absolutely crazy over the canned version. by on 09/22/2015
  • Dogs love the taste!
    My dogs come running when they see me hold up the can! by on 09/14/2015
  • Great food for wonderful fostered dogs.
    I give this to my fostered rescue dogs and they love it and it's good for them. by on 09/13/2015
  • Dogs love it!
    When giving meds to our dog it is always tough to find a food that they will eat up and love. Our dogs LOVE it! You can tell it is healthy from the smell when you open the can. by on 09/03/2015
  • Great Product!
    I bought this for a foster dog who had a picky appetite. He loved this brand and flavor! by on 09/02/2015
  • Great flavor
    Our rescue uses this to supplement the dry variety for those picky eaters coming out of the shelter, or those that need to put on weight. We haven't had a dog that wouldn't eat their food with this mixed in. We also use it to hide medications in and they always get eaten! by on 09/01/2015
  • Our rescue dogs love this
    This is a great canned food and all of our rescue dogs love it. by on 08/21/2015
  • Great Taste and price
    Dogs love this food! Most of the time dogs aren't picky anyway but they do love this stuff! by on 08/14/2015
  • Love It!
    I used this when my 16 1/2 year old mix had complications from pain medication and didn't want to eat. The chicken and rice canned formula appealed to her appetite and did not further complicate her intestinal system. by on 08/06/2015
  • Same great product, now has a moist version
    Great for older dogs or picky eaters, the same great taste as the dry food, in a moist and easier to eat form. by on 08/05/2015
  • Our dogs just love it.
    Our rescue has been sucessful bring shy dogs out with this product. We put the food in our hand so the dogs are rewarded for allowing us to get close. We have tried many things to entice them to get close and it is product that the dogs seem to like most. It is nice to be giving them something so good for themm by on 07/31/2015
  • dog love it
    We buy canned food to put into bones and freeze for when they are kenneled. by on 07/19/2015
  • Pro Plan Savor Chicken&Rice Entree Canned Food
    Dogs love it. Great formula and affordable enough to give to dogs waiting for homes. A steady diet helps with the digestive tract and contributes to great behavior. by on 07/12/2015
  • Pepper says "Delicious"
    I bought this for my dog Pepper who is a very finicky eater. I am happy to say that she loves it. by on 06/25/2015
  • great for stubborn dogs
    We purchased this particular food due to our pugs love the dry version but our 14+ husky was being stubborn and wanted a wet food so we knew how well the dry was so got the can for him and he ate it all right up. by on 06/22/2015
  • Almost like real chicken-says the dog
    Replaced our pedigree cans with pro plan and our dog seems to enjoy meal time more by on 06/16/2015
  • Dogs love it!
    We received this as a donation and our rescue dogs love it. Makes it easy to give medications because they love the taste! by on 06/01/2015
  • Dogs Loved It!
    Great starter food if you have had a pet that has not been feeling well. by on 06/01/2015
  • Great food!
    My vet recommended this food since I have some finicky dogs. It did the trick! by on 05/29/2015
  • Dogs Love It!
    We use this when we have to combine wet food with dry for some of our dogs. They eat every last bite. People at our adoption events always comment on how soft and shiny our dogs look. by on 05/22/2015
  • The dogs cannot get enough of it! :)
    Our rescue dogs love the Pro Plan Savor canned food! They like it much better than other canned foods they have tried in the past and readly eat it the minute it goes into their dishes! by on 05/19/2015
  • Great treat!
    I bought this as a treat for my dogs every once in a while. They go crazy when they hear the can open! by on 05/12/2015
  • Dogs like it, we like it!
    A lot of our rescues arrive to us emaciated and overall undernourished. Mixing in some canned food make them look forward to meal time even more. :) by on 05/11/2015
  • Great features
    I fed this to my dogs over the weekend and they loved it. by on 05/11/2015
  • Easy to Digest
    We used this with some of our shelter dogs who were having some difficulty with kibble and they loved it. by on 05/06/2015
  • Chicken & Rice for surgery recovery
    One of our little rescue dogs (Ranger) had to have extensive surgery on his left hind leg. He was not eating and giving him his meds was a problem. Our local pet food store suggested that we try the chicken and rice ProPlan savor canned food. It did the trick. He is eating and we just put his meds in his food and he eats it right up.. no more trouble to give him his meds.. thanks to purina.. problem solved by on 05/02/2015
  • CHOWIN' DOWN with the Chicken & Rice Entree
    For some of Baby Dog Rescues "picky pups," we mix Pro Plans Adult Chicken & Rice Entree with their Pro Plan "dry" food, step back, and watch the "Chow Hounds" CHOW DOWN! They LOVE it! Thanks Purina! For ALL your wonderful foods and treats for our babies! by on 04/30/2015
  • pro Plan Wet food
    We use this on all of our underweight rescue dogs. We also use dry but this helps put the weight on them. Since they were previously abandoned it also is a welcoming food for them. by on 04/17/2015
  • Easy to eat for my senior dogs
    I buy this canned food for a senior Chihuahua who has no teeth. A lot of canned foods can be very gummy and this one is a lot easier for him to eat without teeth and doesn't get caked to the plate. by on 04/16/2015
  • Great taste, great quality
    Several cases of Chicken & Rice Entrée were donated to our rescue group so we started mixing it with Chicken & Rice dry food to encourage picky eaters, and add weight to malnourished rescues. They loved it so much, they looked dismayed when we ran out and offered only dry food. by on 04/10/2015
  • They love it!
    I had some of this donated to our rescue at a PetSmart event. I am so glad for it as I have a few elderly furries with few teeth and they LOVE this stuff. by on 04/03/2015
  • Dogs Love It!
    We started buying this product a few months ago. While we mainly feed dry food we have special needs dogs requiring medicine. Running a rescue it is easiest if you can hide the medications in their food so we started using this canned food to cover it up and the dogs love it! It has helped tremendously. by on 03/31/2015
  • My dog loves it!!
    I bought this a few weeks ago when an older dog we have wasn't eating as well. He is now eating great! And I've talked with my vet and researched it and it's very healthy and good for the dog, too! Great food! by on 03/30/2015
  • Great canned food
    We use this canned food for our rescue when we need to entice dogs to eat. The great flavor gets them eating and the wonderful nutrition gets them on the road to being healthy. by on 03/25/2015
  • Pro Plan Canned Chicken & Rice
    We use just a dab of the canned to get the dogs from the shelter interested in a better food. by on 03/23/2015
  • Great taste
    My dogs love the Pro Plan canned food. It is added protein and they think it is a treat...Anything that makes them happy works for me. Thanks Pro Plan. by on 03/23/2015
  • Cats favorite
    I think this is my cat's favorite of thePro Plan foods She starts talking when I open the can by on 03/07/2015
  • a favorite
    If dogs could talk they would request this every meal. This is the only food i can get the two older chihuahuas to eat. by on 03/07/2015
  • My Seniors love it!!
    My senior dogs with no teeth or dental problems love this food. by on 02/03/2015
  • dogs love it
    Got this for our labs and they ate it and wanted more by on 01/30/2015
  • my dog likes it
    I bought this to add a few calories to my dogs food and she loved it. by on 01/27/2015
  • Savor this one!!!
    Wow my pets love this and they are the most finicky eaters. by on 01/17/2015
  • very flavorful
    it seems like my dog likes this wet food more than any other brand even though chicken is not her favorite flavor by on 01/12/2015
  • Labs love it!
    My senior lab loves this food. Looked great and helped her with her appetite. by on 01/07/2015
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