Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind
Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind
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Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind

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Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Chicken and Rice Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula is a special meal that provides your old friend with complete nutrition. With high levels of antioxidants and quality protein, including real chicken, it uses a blend of ingredients chosen for their nutrient value. Let your loved one enjoy a huge bite of great nutrition. Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula Formulated especially for canines aged 7 and above Natural sources of glucosamine for healthy joints and bones High in omega-6 fatty acids to nourish older canine's skin and coat Easy to digest and fortified with extra nutrients A Closer Look: Pro Plan Senior Chicken & Rice Formula is kibble that's designed to be crunchy and promote dental hygiene at the same time for a senior dog. Made specially for: Dogs over 7 years of age. Free of: Chemicals, preservatives, colorings or flavor enhancers. Please Note: All food is shipped via ground delivery, only to the Contiguous (48) States. Please allow 7 to 10 days for your delivery to arrive. (More Info)
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  • Dry Food Food & Nutrition
  • Purina Brand
  • Purina Pro Plan Food Brands
  • Nestle Purina Petcare Manufacturer
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  • Chicken Flavor
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Do Vets Recommend Purina Pro Plan?

Purina is trusted by veterinarians across the world because of the high quality of ingredients that are used for the various formulations that they manufacture. Each and every product of Purina has an immense quality assurance that it brings along with it. Purina has more than 400+ scientists which include veterinarians, behaviorists, nutritionists, dog experts, and dog breeders. Such a team of experts helps to create formulations that are beyond the ordinary and help provide solutions that are second to none. The formulations are each curated to meet the specific needs of the pets that have any nutrient deficiency or need daily support. The idea of using the highest quality of ingredients to provide your pet the nourishment that it needs to lead a healthy and life is the key to the product's high popularity. Pet owners and veterinarians have been using or recommending the product as they have found it to be useful for their various pets under differing conditions. Once you start the administration of such a feed, you can be assured that your pets daily as well as special requirements shall be taken care of by such formulations. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind adult 7 senior dogs food is one such formulation that helps to promote mental sharpness and alertness. The presence of the proprietary blend of EPA and DHA supports brain functions along with vitamin B, antioxidants, and Arginine for cognitive health. The products are also fortified with guaranteed live probiotics that help in the immune health and the maintenance of the supreme digestive system. Second is the chief ingredient of the product. The upkeep of healthy joints and mobility is done by EPA omega-3 fatty acid and glucosamine. The presence of vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids in the nourishment of skin and maintenance of the coat of the pets. The antioxidants especially aid in the healthy immune system of your pets.

How Long Does Purina Pro Plan Take To Work?

Depending on the condition of your pet and ideal body weight conditions, your veterinarian may suggest varying doses of Purina Pro Plan so as to not make them overweight. Feeding the exact amount of food that your dog requires the feed ratio to be adjusted according to your pet's age, levels of activity, body type, body shape, body weight, and health conditions. However, you can start administering the right feed by consulting your pet's veterinarian or referring to the guidelines as mentioned on the back of the pack for an active adult dog. Most of the pet owners are often found to be anxious to start the Pro Plan feed to see a visible difference in their pets. However, you should ensure 7 to 10 days of the transition period to ease the process of shifting from your pet's current food to the new one. This can be done by gradually increasing the feed step by step. With every passing day, you can start to simply add a little extra to the previous Day's Purina Pro Plan feed quantity and decrease the current food of your pet. This process shall continue till the time you are exclusively feeding Purina Pro Plan to your pet. The benefit of adopting a gradual transition is that it helps to avoid any dietary upsets that your pet may have due to any sudden changes in their meal plans. The presence of medium-chain triglycerides in the feed help in supporting brain functions and are sourced from coconut oils and palm kernel. When such an ingredient becomes part of the pet's feed of the facts that are above the age of seven, they show a tendency to promote memory, trainability, and attention within the first 30 days of administration.

What's the Difference Between Pro Plan and Pro Plan Focus?

Purina Pro Plan Focus has a range of products that are manufactured to take care of the various needs of the pet. It helps to take care of the various specific needs during the day, different life stages, breed size, lifestyle, or other unique needs. Purina Pro Plan is the range that includes various products which help provide crunching cable with outstanding taste and texture that the pets love.

Can You Switch Between Flavors of Purina Pro Plan?

Any transition that you undertake between two different foods should take place slowly as abrupt changes can often lead to gastronomical upsets among the pets.

Why Did Purina Pro Plan Change Their Formula?

You can observe a change in the Purina Pro Plan range in terms of its packaging. As per the communication sent out by the team of Purina, the move was undertaken to help the pet owners and the various consumers to identify the right product for them for each pet easily.

Pro Plan is manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare
Option UPC/SKU
Chicken & Rice Dry Adult 7+ Dog Food (16 lb) 038100170859

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