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  • Clean plate!
    My finicky senior cat has been through multiple brands of cat food, never finishing her meal. I saw the chicken recipe and she is a chicken lover, so we tried it. She cleaned her plate each of the meals that I gave her. I have not been able to find a chicken only cat food, so this is terrific. by on 08/16/2015
  • Best Out There!
    My mother worked for a veterinary practice my entire childhood and one of my best friends is a Vet, so I am very discerning and educated about what I feed my fur babies. I like for them to be healthy as well as happy. I have tried my finicky senior with a sensitive stomach on a number of prescription diet foods, but we were not nearly as successful as when we switched her to this brand and flavor. She would previously take an entire day to eat a whole can of food, but now that we have switched her foods, her appetite is up, she is no longer vomiting in my bed, and we can not enter the kitchen without her asking for another helping! I am ecstatic to have a happy, healthy, hearty eater again! Thank you! by on 03/10/2015
  • My cats will only eat Purina pate cat food
    I have 2 cats, a Siamese named MyTy and a Tortise Shell named Laven. Both cats love to lay either by our pool or on a raft in the pool . But when they hear the can top pop even in a sound sleep they come running. One day when it was time for dinner they were on the raft in the pool sleeping when they heard the can opening they forgot where they were and ended up swimming to their supper. They will only eat Purina Brand pate cat food. Have tried others but they know the difference in the sound the cans make and won't even come. After their swim my princess MyTy will not go near the water but Lavern loves to get wet and still goes in the pool. If it was not for Purina I do not know what they would eat. by on 11/08/2013
  • Ms. Picky loved it!!!!!
    I could not find my usual brand of wet cat food and needed something to get me through for a few days and spotted this. What grabbed my attention was that it contained omega (my male suffers from dry skin) and decided to give it a try. My EXTREMELY picky 6 year old female who doesn't like much inhaled this the minute I set it down. My poor male cat didn't even get to taste it. Will definitely purchase again and try other flavors as well. by on 07/12/2013
  • Excellent!!!!!!!
    my 13 Year old tuxeedo boy started losing wt despite extra feedings. Vet: no masses, not thyroid but liver enzymes high. Would sniff food (multiple types and grain free/high protein) and run away. He now loves this food!!!! Started him on Pepcid (cat dosage from Vet) and he is now eating great and loves the chicken pate and ocean whitefish pate. We don't know what caused the liver enzymes to go up ( we think he caught a 'sick' mouse in the house) liver has to clean toxins in the body.....he is back to running& playing inside his big paper bag and running up & down the stairs..YAY by on 12/04/2012
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