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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 8 reviewers.

  • Great seafood blend
    I can offer a grilled Winnie no go. I offer Purina one and a litter tiger papers!♥♡ Great pet and human relation ship builder. The best it can get. by on 07/07/2016
  • Picky cat with urinary problems
    My cat developed urinary and weight issues but I could not afford the prescription food so my vet went through a timely search of what over the counter food I could use for urinary/weight health. She was very specific that the best food for my cat is the Purina one smart blend premium pate beef flavor. It is still pretty expensive at .95 per can and she gets four cans a day so her food now cost me over a hundred dollars a month. I continue using it because my cat has lost 4 pounds in 3 months and is more active than I have ever seen her. She is super picky and will only eat the beef flavor foods so it worked out well. My only problem is that most store do NOT carry the beef flavor. My vet told me that all cats should eat the pate wet food as the main part of their diet but wow it is soooo expensive. Also a little FYI: My vet told me that wet food in GRAVY is the worst wet food you can give a cat and dry food is not good because cats needs lots of water and the dry food does not provide that. She also told me that people usually think their cats are drinking more than they really are so I monitored my cat and she was right my cat was not drinking anything close to what I thought she was. by on 05/15/2016
  • The Flavor all our Cats Love.........
    The beef /gravy is one of their favorites, never seem to tire of it. They all prefer pate foods mostly because all the different types the pieces are too large for a cat's little mouth. We don't understand why pet food companies make such large size pieces in some of the wet foods. Anything with gravy our three little girls love............... by on 06/15/2014
  • High quality food without carbs that my cats love!!
    There are several varieties of Purina One canned food that I buy for may cats. I love knowing that basically the formulas are meat, vitamins and other essential nutrients. It's an added bonus that my cats absolutely LOVE the taste. Thanks Purina One...I know I can trust Purina. Purina is one of the top companies doing nutrition research and also cares about palatability! by on 12/05/2013
  • Nutritional food that helped save my cat's life.
    Our kitten was diagnosed with an unknown illness that left her severely anemic. Our veterinarian went above and beyond in providing her medical care; however, given her health was in such grave condition, we were encouraged to prepare for the worst. Deeply saddened and not willing to give up, we turned to a holistic route, which included a strict beef diet. Today, our kitten is vibrant and full of life. Not only is Purina's Classic Beef Recipe the only wet food she enjoys eating, but it has also helped in giving her another chance at living the life she deserves. Thank you, Purina. Our sweet Punky will be a Smart Blend kitty for life. by on 09/20/2013
  • Good food
    The can food looked great. Only problem is my cats are fussy eaters and only like ceratin brands of food. Im sure this product is great. I just started my cats on Purina One dry food and they love it. Thanks by on 07/23/2013
  • cat with chicken allergy
    my cat loves this. she is allergic to chicken and wheat gluten, and does not like dry cat foods. I was searching for an economical way to feed her and one that she will actually eat. so glad we found this by on 07/20/2013
  • I hope this variety is nutritional and of good, safe quality.
    I, like many, have a finicky 7 year old male cat. I want to feed him a quality food, but he does not care for the "premium"cat food on the market. I have always trusted Purina, and tried the different flavors of Purina One SmartBlend. Mr. Daisy really likes the beef variety, but it is very hard to find. Most stores carry the other flavors, but not the beef. Why is this? by on 06/23/2013
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