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Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Pack contains 8 cans each of: Beef Feast in Roasted Beef Flavor Gravy, Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy, and Turkey Feast in Roasted Turkey Flavor Gravy. Cats absolutely love the taste of the delicious recipes cooked to perfection and swimming in gravy. It offers pet parents the opportunity to give their cat a complete and balanced nutrition meal enriched with vitamins and minerals.... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 522 reviewers.

My cat loves gravy

My cat Oreo loves this food!! As soon as I walk into the kitchen in the morning, she is waiting for that can to open. by on 11/08/2012
My cats all eat this food.

All of my 5 picky cats eat and love this food. I have a cat who also only eats dry food but he sure enjoyed this one. by on 11/08/2012
A Dozen Cats

There is something about the Gravy Lovers Beef Fancy Feast. We are raising 12 kitties. They all like different Fancy Feast food, but they all love the Beef! They are Bailey, Princess, Scooter, Blackie, Zora, Crybaby, KitKat, Sammy, Emmy, Fancy, Bright Eyes and Mittens. by on 11/08/2012
gray lover

all 5 of my cat love the gravy lovers. when i feed this item to them they always lick all of the gravy off before eating the rest by on 11/08/2012
Gravy Lovers Cats

My cats love the gravy lovers favors. They are always ready for their Fancy Feast food. by on 11/08/2012

I love that my cat licks up all the gravy that he possibly can and will then eat the meat. by on 11/08/2012
Wiggles and me

I have been raising my kitten who is now 2 months old since she was 2 days old. After formula I started her out with fancy feast gravy lovers chicken feast. Since then this has become her most favorite of wet foods. Thanks Fancy Feast. by on 11/08/2012

My cat goes nutty when I pop that top off! She loves it! by on 11/08/2012
My picky kitties

My cats won't eat any other brand or type of canned food. It has to be the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers foods. Period. by on 11/08/2012
great product

i dont even have to pop it open for my kitty alex to know what it is. and until i get it opened and in his bowl her wont stop meowing. i love how happy it makes my kitty by on 11/08/2012
Its the best

My cats found this to be their favorite when they didn't get to beg for reall chicken I'd be having for dinner. I'd give this to them for a weekly treat to spoil them with yummy goodness. As soon as the can pops open they come running and meow at my feet til I put the bowl on the floor. by on 11/08/2012
Best Kitty Food

My little kitty Rosie loves Fancy Feast! She comes running for her Fancy Feast dinners. Her favorites are always the Classic varieties รขโ„ขยฅ! Fancy Feast is the only food all of my cats have always eaten. by on 11/08/2012
Gravy Lovers roasted beef flavor

I've never tasted the Gravy Lovers, but the cats all seem to love it. It smells appetizing even to the human nose!, The poor babies even come to sit with me with gravy on their whiskers. Strongly recommend folks try all flavors. Some cats are picky about their own flavor. All 4 of mine like a different flavor. by on 11/08/2012
chckenn feast gravy lovers

My cat loves gravy the chicken is the best but like them all. by on 11/08/2012
My rescue loves this!

He is a picky eater and is missing some teeth so he loves the gravy lovers, especially the beef. He laps up all the gravy first then eats the meat and goes to take a nap. Beef is his favorite but he likes the others too! by on 11/08/2012
Strays find home in my house

I brought in two neighborhood stray kittens and have fed them this product for a year now. I think it is because of this product I was able to take two skin and bone young kittens and plumped them a healthy size and weight. They always come running when they hear the can and will only eat this brand. by on 11/08/2012
Sophie and Smokie

Sophie laps up the gravy and then Smokie swoops in and gobbles up the rest. Then I let my Shadow and Sassy out to gobble down their bowls. All my babies are happy then. by on 11/08/2012
Definite Gravy Lover

My 17 year old cat absolutely loves these foods, especially this turkey one. He is a true gravy lover and used to lick all the gravy off dog's food and his own food, but now that he has this food he has plenty of gravy for himself! by on 11/08/2012

my cats LOVE this.... They come running when they hear the top pop.... they are 7 very happy kitty!!!!!!!!! by on 11/08/2012
My cat gains a life.

My cat, Grandpa, goes crazy over this grilled chicken gravy. Whenever he smells it, its like he is a kitten all over again. by on 11/08/2012
my cat loves this

it smells good when you open it and the cat loves the gravey by on 11/08/2012
Karma Knows Best

My cat Karma LOVES Gravy Lovers!! She is always excited when I get the can out. She knows she is getting some because of the sound of the glass plate she gets it put on. She always cuddles with me after she eats it, so I know that she loves it!! by on 11/08/2012
My Winnie and Tigger LOVE the Gravy

My Winnie and Tigger love all varieties of Fancy Feast and gravy in particular. They LOVE licking their plates clean. Beef is a favortie as well as Turkey. Keep the gravy flavors coming! by on 11/08/2012
My 3 Persian Sisters love this food... Thats all I feed them is fancy feast wet and dry... They love it! =^..^= MEOW

ITS PURRRRR _FECT Its a GREAT Value for the money and the cats love it.. I use 2 cans per day split between the 3 cats by on 11/08/2012
Mochi's favorite

Mochi my ten year old handsome feline loves beef the most but he chows down on all flavors. He is definitly a FANCY FEAST cat. by on 11/07/2012
Gravy Lovers Beef Feast!

I love to sit and watch my two kitties eat this flavor. It is almost as if they are having a race to see who can finish theirs first. They take a few bites and look up at the other one, then get right back at eating again till it's all gone. Then they lay around like two beached whales for a nap. LOL!!! by on 11/07/2012
Kitty can't wait!

Both of my cats push one another out of way to get to their gravy lovers! by on 11/07/2012

My cats can not get enough FF food. If they are outside & I want themin now I just tap on the can & they come running! by on 11/07/2012
One licks up all the gravy and the other one eats the food

LittleFart will lick up all the gravy, then Troubles will eat the food. They also go crazy for the Appetizers, especially the Tongol Tuna flavor. The only Fancy Feast they won't eat is the new Mornings one. For some reason, they just won't eat it, they try to bury it. I have tried all the different flavors of them and it is the same thing. by on 11/07/2012
gravy lovers

cat is crazy over the gravy....licks bowl thru the house! she does not want to leave a drop! by on 11/07/2012
Gravy Lovers Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

My two little furry people love this product, they lick their bowls clean. I feel good feeding them this because it is Fancy Feast!! by on 11/07/2012
Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers

This is truly the only food my cat, Samantha Jane, will eat. She loves to lap up the gravy first then finishes the rest in about 2-3 sittings. She loves the sound of the can being popped open - sets her to running every time!! by on 11/07/2012
My "Fancy Feast Fanatic" LOVES Gravy-Lovers!

Jimmy has eaten Fancy Feast food all of his life. When the "Gravy-Lovers" line came out I bought some for him to try. I can tell by how fast he licks and how clean the bowl is after he finishes that he is extremely happy to have food with so much gravy. Thank you Fancy Feast for providing such yummy food for Jimmy! by on 11/07/2012
Time will tell:

They spend more time licking out the can, lid, and spoon than eating the food itself! They love every bit o' gravy. by on 11/07/2012
Gravy Lovers or nothing for my cat!

My cat, Sam, LOVES Gravy Lovers Roasted beef flavor!! by on 11/07/2012
Gravey Lovers Turkey Feast in Roasted turkey flavor Gravy

My cats our very fussy but they really love the Roasted Turkey. by on 11/07/2012
My cat sammy

My cat loves all of these. He comes running when I open the can. I also feed a stray and she loves them. by on 11/07/2012
Chicken Flavor Gravy Lover's by Fancy Feast

Cats absolutely love it! It's a great value for the money, especially when cats are so finicky about what they eat. by on 11/07/2012
Gravy Lovers Turkey Feast

My Gizmo the siames just loves the gravy on his turkey feast by on 11/07/2012
Seymore Approves!!!

my 16 year old Siamese cat thinks he is king of the house and insists on Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. As his loyal subject I make sure he has plenty of it on hand by on 11/07/2012

Loves gravy and licks it all off his whiskers. Charlie loves his little girl too. by on 11/07/2012
Ms Maria~for Bug

This is the best one She (Bug ) Loves this one ,By the time she is done I have to give her a face wash cuz she has it every where on her.. by on 11/07/2012

my cat loves it! one of her favorite wet foods. doesnt smell as bad as most of them lol by on 11/07/2012
Fussy Mimzy finally eats!

My Mimzy is very fussy. She seems to love this flavor though. She has always been a gravy lover so this turned out to be the perfecyt choice! by on 11/07/2012

My cats love the gravy. When they are happy I am happy by on 11/07/2012
my cat simba

just loves fancy feast cat food my cat is a very picky eatter he don,t eat just anything by on 11/07/2012
awesome meal

My cat zoey loves this product eats it every night for dinner and her bowel is licked clean after each meal.. by on 11/07/2012
Show me the gravy!!!

My 3 boys love the gravy! They lick their plates dry!! by on 11/07/2012
Cindy is a Gravy lovers type of girl

A year and a half ago we rescued a little old starving cat. She doesn't have a lot of teeth and has a hard time with some cat food. When we discovered how much she loved Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers food, it made us really happy! She has put on two pounds and is looking so much better. We buy a 24 count box of Gravy Lover's each and every week! It's the one food we can count on her eating! Thank you fancy Feast! by on 11/07/2012
Gravy lovers Chicken feast

My boy Van Gogh loves this !!! He is a gravy lover and this has it all. He loves the tender chunks and the gravy is his favorite. The gravy is long gone before he starts on the rest. What a great product idea!!! by on 11/07/2012

Cee Cee loves this! She devours it and licks her chops and looks up at me for MORE! by on 11/07/2012
Gravy Lovers Extraordinaire!

We have three cats, and they are CRAZY about Gravy Lovers. They hang around the counter hoping for extras everyday. Our older cat, Mama, has been able to get back to a normal weight again. She is acting like a young cat since we switched to Gravy Lovers. Thanks for a fantastic product. by on 11/07/2012

my cat hasnt tried this yet-he is fussy, but seems like he will enjoy it. by on 11/07/2012

My cat loves the gravy lovers in any flavor! He comes running when he hears anyone open the cabinets now! by on 11/07/2012
My cats love the Gravy!

I like that this Gravy Lovers offering has lots of gravy. My cats lick it off first, then nibble on the "leftovers". by on 11/07/2012
Holly Jean

Holly Jean would love to be the winner in the Fancy Feast! She love all of the flavors. Her master things this is a great deal! by on 11/06/2012

My cats like to lick their food, so when it has gravy it's easy for them to eat.... by on 11/06/2012
gravy lovers

my cats love it! they eat it up like its going out of style by on 11/06/2012

My two cats are the picky-est wet food eaters i have ever seen... but when it comes to the gravy lovers from fancy feast they sop it up! They love the chicken, turkey, and salmon flavors but the chicken is def their favorite! by on 11/06/2012
Fancy Feast Lover by Rubie

My name is Rubie, I am a 10 year old female and I absolutely Love your cat food. Any flavor especially the gravy, I hope that you keep on making new flavors, because me and my 2 sisters Love your Fancy Food Cat wet or dry, Thank You by on 11/06/2012
Lulu and Ollie's favorite!

They wake me every morning at 5:30 a.m. If I fall back to sleep, no problem...they tap my face, walk on my pillow and cry, cry, cry into my face, until I'm out of bed, and in the kitchen peeling away the top of a can of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Turkey.....who needs an alarm clock??? by on 11/06/2012
Kitty Food Snob

Our Puffy is very picky...more so with age. He loves gravy and the way he eats his food is lick up all the gravy first save the rest for later. by on 11/06/2012
Peaches Loves Gravy Lovers

My kitty Peaches thinks this is the very best cat food ever! She really doesn't care for any other flavor of Fancy Feast. We buy her cases of Gravy Lovers variety packs - she loves them all. Peaches says, "thank you" Fancy Feast. by on 11/05/2012
What a great idea

My two cats love the gravy...what a great idea! They love the taste and the flavor. They are licking their chops long after the food is over. by on 11/05/2012
Midnight only eats Gravy Lovers

I'm a 14 year old black cat that only eat Gravy Lovers line. Do not like the other cans so Mom buys about 40 cans a month for me . Thanks Fancy Feast for a great product. by on 11/05/2012
Gravy loving cats

one of my cats only licks the gravy, and the other only eats the meat,, so it nice to be able to drain the gravy out for the picky cat!!! although, she would always appreciate more gravy :) by on 10/31/2012
Paw-Cleanin' Good

When he was younger my Punky would eat just about anything except Science Diet-NOW hes' older and more picky-and just certain flavors and cuts of Fancy Feast pass through his mouth-and this is one of them-in fact just about ANY flavor that's heavy on the gravy or sauce is OK with him-then he nibbles on the meat all day-along with any of the three Fancy Feast dry flavors and an occasional Fancy Feast treat-which to HIM is as good as a regular can! by on 10/26/2012
Gravy Lovers is a favorite!

My cats are "gravy heads" from the get-go and this is the best. by on 10/26/2012
Love this food

My oriental shorthair loves this food. Wicket has gotten to the point that this is one of the only foods he will eat. He turns up his nose at most. by on 10/22/2012
Luv that Gravy!

My cat likes to lick all the gravy off of her food so buying this was a no-brainer. I don't have to worry about her wasting most of it (which she has with even some of the no-grain expensive food). So glad I found Gravy Lovers for Miss Tawnya! by on 09/18/2012
Totally a grave lover!

I like feeding my White-Persian 50/50 dry and canned food, but with Gravy it never works! He always wants an extra can to daily died. He just loves it! Eats the gravy first, then makes his way through half of the meat. by on 09/12/2012
Gravy is tops with my cats

My cats lick all the gravy and nibble about half of the meat, then they walk away. I wish there was a way to get more gravy. by on 08/25/2012
Gravy Lovers or Mornings

I have three cats: Gizmo, Merlin, and Boots. Boots will eat just about anything I give him, Merlin just likes to be included, but everything is determined by Gizmo. Gizmo is very picky about his wet food; we have tried many brands but he prefers the Gravy Lovers or Mornings variety-Mornings to him is number one, and Gravy Lovers is number 2. When he gets the Mornings (we split one can between three plates two times a day) and the others are done, he finishes it for them; he leaves NOTHING behind! He leaves some Gravy Lovers behind, but not much. Fancy Feast is the only wet stuff we give them now! by on 07/13/2012
beautiful stuff right here guys .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all of my cats love this ..and every cat is different, I should know believe me...!! and they ALL LOVE IT ..! by on 07/13/2012
Two Tooth Buddy

My best friend was only born with the two lower incisor teeth. He really loves the GRAVY LOVERS series as I can chop them fine and the gravy is a must. He enjoys the chicken best. He is very discerning in his dinner ( I would too is I only had 2 teeth) He also likes the turkey! by on 07/12/2012
Hutch LOVES this!

Our Hutch will only eat Fancy Feast. He loves the grilled ones with cheddar bits as well as the Gravy Lovers. by on 07/12/2012
My Cat Luvs it

My cat ate this like it was going out of style..she really enjoyed it by on 07/12/2012
Nom Nom Nom!!

My kitty LOVES this one!! She barely takes the time to taste it, just gobbles it up in seconds! lol by on 07/11/2012
loving gravy lovers!

My cat used to lick all the gravy off of her regular canned food. She loves it! So this is perfect for her and she eats the bits and pieces as well! We love it! by on 07/11/2012
fancy feast

We love your product.I have a cat that will only eat it. If he does not get it he gets very mad at me. He will not come to me and want to go out in protest. I have 2 cats one is happy with your dry as long it is yours. And the other one wants only your fancy feast.I have tried other brands but he only wants your brand. by on 07/11/2012
The Best of the Best!

My dear old kitty, Crackers, absolutely comes alive when he hears that lid coming off of the can! He runs so fast he appears to fly through the house just to get to his favorite entree! I love the fact that he is more content and active as long as he gets his favorite Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers meal! by on 07/11/2012
Gravy lovers turkey feast

My kitty loves the gravy! Sometimes that's all I he wants and I have to tell him to finish his dinner! =) by on 07/11/2012
My cat loves this!!

I use Gravy Lovers everyday! My Siamese cat Sheeba can't get enough! When she hears me open the can she comes running and she tries knocking the bowl out of my hand just to get it. She licks the whole bowl clean and still wants more! Gravy Lovers is awesome! by on 07/11/2012

I love Fancy Feast and how happy it makes my cats. They cry for it in the morning and will trip you as you walk until you give them their Fancy Feast. Definitely something all cats love! by on 07/11/2012
Poppy adores this food!!!

Poppy sits near the door waiting for me to bring his favorite food home when we run out! by on 07/11/2012
feeding time

I have just introduced this to my 8 week old kitten and she LOVES it,i have always fed my cats fancy feast as it is the best on the market and they have always thrived and thier coats have shined.. by on 07/11/2012
We Want Chicken!

My cats start yelping in unison when they smell Chicken Feast! by on 07/11/2012

I have indoor and outdoor kitties that thrive on Fancy Feast!!! My indoor cats love love love this type of Fancy Feast (Gravy lovers). My feral colony prefers the regular version. Either way, it's a hit in or out of my house. :) by on 07/11/2012
Two paws up!

My cats love this and can't get enough! Trying a new flavor will be something they enjoy. by on 07/11/2012

With other foods, my cats tend to eat all the gravy and leave the big chunks of meat, so they absolutely love Gravy Lovers! by on 07/11/2012
Gravy Lovers

My cats love it, one eats the shreds and the other licks all of the gravy. by on 07/11/2012
Bootzy Loves this kind!!!!

My kitten loves the gravy kind! She has no eyes and everytime she ear the can she comes running. Its too cute!!! by on 07/11/2012
Makes our Kitty go MEEEEEEOW!

As soon as we open the cupboard our kitten is all over us trying to get at her food! She just loves fancy feast! by on 07/11/2012
my cat loves this

our family likes a happy kitty! we buy this all the time. by on 07/11/2012

My cats' prayers were answered when the Gravy Lovers came out. by on 07/11/2012
Gravy Lovers ....

Jules LOVES gravy! All the gravy lovers varieties seem to have been made just for him. This is one of the few he will eat EVERY bite of. Can't wait to try the morning varieties. The "old" egg and cheese recipes were also his favorites and he was sad when these were discontinued. He is almost out of his stock pile. by on 07/11/2012

My Cat loves this!

Lucy loves this. She wants part of a can several times a day -when we eat she wants this too. She also has your dry food out all the time but she will meow until I give her some out of her can. I keep in fridge and she goes through a can a day if I let her. by on 07/11/2012
The Boys

The boys all like Fancy Feast. I am sure they will all love Morning varieties. by on 07/11/2012

my cat Tomie loves to lick up the gravy and leave the rest for her sister Fiona by on 07/11/2012