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Rated 5 out of 5 by 112 reviewers.

  • My dogs love it
    I feed dog chow for years and then got hooked in to all the so called premium brands Found out that Diamond Pet Foods makes most of those brands and my dogs got very picky about their food. Also my dogs had itchy skin and poor coats Went back to dog chow. My dogs have beautiful coats and no itching . And they love it by on 06/17/2016
  • Excellent food
    I've been buying this food for my dogs! I'm so happy I found a food all four of my dogs love. They are healthy and all a very good weight. We experimented with different foods for awhile and I'm happy we tried this food! We buy a bag a week. We are so happy they love it so much by on 03/02/2016
  • good dog food
    i been buying this dog food for my dog,he was 8weeks old at 20lbs now hes 90 pounds he love the taste of it i mean every day he eats a bowl full until it all gone, thanks PURINA for the good effort u all put in work to make and sponsor this great dog food keep up the good work..... by on 08/16/2015
  • Love this food!
    I fed my dog "Tough" this food for 14 years. Not once did his blood work come back abnormal and he lived a long healthy life. I have my other two pets on this food as well and again no issues. I have worked for a vets office for 9 years now, and I still choose to purchase this food over the ones we sell at work. Love it!! by on 07/22/2015
  • Happy Dogs
    This is one brand that all 6 of my dogs will eat, while other brands atleast one will turn their nose up to. by on 07/09/2015
  • I'll Never Leave Purina Brand Again!
    20 years ago, before all the grain free and holistic dog foods appeared, I had a Great Dane that grew up on Purina Dog Chow. He lived 11 years and never had any health issues. 3 yeas ago I got another Great Dane and was sucked in to all the grain free hype. I fed him what I was convinced was better than Purina. First three ingredients were meat, no corn, no grains, etc.... He never looked as good as my first Dane. His bones and muscle didn't develop right and he was gone before he reached 2 years of age. Today I picked up yet another Great Dane puppy. He's going to definitely be a Purina dog from day one!!! Don't buy into the sales pitch of the new "premium" brands. Stay with the company that has cared for dogs for over 80 years. If sweet potatoes and blackberries were truly essential to your dogs health I'm sure the trusted scientist at Purina would have realized that long ago. by on 06/26/2015
  • Healthy dogs!
    We have been married 49 years and have had dogs all these years. We have always fed the Purina Dog Chow Complete. One of our Labs lived to be 16, another 14, etc. Even our vet has said to stay with Purina. Our dogs are family and it is important to us to keep them healthy and happy! by on 06/16/2015
  • Great for the dogs and great for the owner
    I bought this dog food awhile back and have continued to use it for a couple of major reasons. One the three dogs I have were getting sluggish and not active on another brand. Second The amount of waste and gooey waste was unbelievable with other brands. And third the coats on our dogs were looking dull and dirty all the time .We originally thought maybe it was the wash. But now after feeding our dogs the Purina dog chow all the time the dogs are all back to being lively with Great looking coats. For me the amount of waste I have to pick up is at least half of what it used to be. So Purina Dog Chow is not only Great for my Three dogs it is also Great for me. by on 05/19/2015
  • Great Dog Food
    My dog has done very well since I have switched him to Purina a year ago. He has healthy coat & skin he used to break out and had dry skin. He has done really well with this food & acts different too like he feel better by on 05/16/2015
  • Product Review
    We love this food for our two loved ones & will not change that! by on 05/13/2015
  • Product Review
    My Golden Retriever loves it and it's good for his coat! by on 05/02/2015
  • Product Review
    This is the only food my Furkids get. I have put others in front of them only for them to turn their noses up. They have clean healthy teeth and coats. I will continue using this product. by on 04/09/2015
  • #1 At Our House
    I always thought our Indy would eat about anything. I found out I was i ncorrect. I changed her to another Purina brand that I thought mught be better for her, she will be 9 years old this summer. I kept looking at her bowl, morning and evening, like I do every day. It didn't seem to be going down. So I filled her bowl to the top . . even with the edge of her bowl. I was right . . nothing was gone out of the bowl for the next three days. So a trip to the grocery. I mixed her Dog Chow in with the other kibble . . . she ate the dog chow . . .and REALLY seemed hungry. But when I looked at her bowl later that night, the other kibble was left while the Dog CHow was gone. This momma learned . . . Dog Chow or Nothing for Miss Indy. By the way, all of the dogs I have had, except 1 who had a pproblem and needed a certain food, have eaten Dog Chow and LOVED it! And our cats eat Cat Chow :) by on 04/08/2015
  • Complete & Balanced
    Our chocolate lab, Rusty has eaten Purina Complete and Balanced ever since we got him at 9 months old. He loves it and is healthy and has a beautiful coat at 11 1/2 years old. by on 04/08/2015
  • dog chow
    My dog has been eating this for 15 years which is his age and he loves it i do get different flavors for him..it also make his coat shine. by on 04/08/2015
  • If my dogs could talk!
    I bought this, thinking my dogs probably won't like it, as they have been eating more expensive brands. I put this in their bowls, and at first they sniffed, then tasted, then cleaned their bowls. They absolutely love it, and it's affordable!! by on 04/07/2015
  • perfect
    my dog love this food and the best brand because my cat eat cat chow by on 03/02/2015
  • Love
    My dog loves this food, from the first day she tasted this food she devoured it. by on 02/28/2015
  • My name is Poppy and I'm a Purinaholic
    I'm a Treeing Walker Coonhound queen that got lost while hunting and then adopted a human family. I walk my human subject 4-5 miles daily and then run at full speed to catch the balls he throws. My favorite food is Purina Dog Chow which I always gobble too fast (urrp!), licking the bowl for crumbs...yum! Purina keeps me healthy, my beautiful coat shiny and gives me the boundless energy characteristic of my breed. Thank you Purina! Love, Poppy by on 02/26/2015
  • i have always purchased
    i have owned dogs my whole life and this is the only dog food I use NEVER had any issues with it at all by on 01/17/2015
  • Product Review
    My dog, Katie has eaten this after the puppy chow with mother's milk in it, she loves the taste. by on 12/20/2014
  • Great dog food
    I have used this product for the last 20 years from starting my dogs out with Puppy Chow all the way yo Dog Chow. I have the healthiest dogs ever from using these products and it's not with only 1 breed I have 2 Rottweilers, 2 Dobermans and a Pit-Chow mix. Thank you Purina I will use this dog food forever. by on 12/18/2014
  • Pointer/Labrador Blush
    Blush was eight years in August 2014 and has been fed Purina Puppy Chow and Purina Dog Chow since she has been with us with no health problems. A active dog every day. by on 12/18/2014
  • Purina® Dog Chow® Brand Dog Food
    My Dogs eat it in between other Dog Food, so they do not have to eat the same Food. by on 12/18/2014
  • Product Review
    iv been using dog chow for about 6 years now and my dog will not eat anything but the purina dog chow , thank you so much keep up the good work. by on 11/25/2014
  • dog chow
    i have been giving dog and puppy chow to my dogs for 15 years by on 11/18/2014
  • My dogs love it
    I currently have 8 dogs. All but one eats Purina products. The youngest chihuahua has food allergies so she has to be grain free. Feeding time only lasts a few minutes, as they all gobble this down. by on 11/02/2014
  • This is all I have ever fed my dogs
    I have fed my 13 yr old lab and my 7 year old peek-a-poo purina dog chow all their life. They are healthy and at a healthy weight. Will continue with this food for any future dogs I may get. The price has went up over the years but I guess everything has. by on 10/15/2014
  • Good qaulity for the money
    I buy Purina dog chow for my lab and beagle mix. They always seem to enjoy it and their stomachs handle it well. We started them off on Purina puppy chow when they were puppies and now they use the adult dog chow. . I can honestly say Purina is the best for my dogs and it is what they prefer. by on 10/03/2014
  • Red dye
    I have used this dog food for years for all my dogs. Just wish you could remove the red dye. Dog really don't care about the color. Some dogs just can't tolerate the dye. by on 10/02/2014
  • Great Food
    I have been buying this for many years. At first the puppy chow and now the adult food. Thank You by on 10/02/2014
  • A Great all around dog food
    I have been using purina products for forever. I have to say that the Dog Chow is a great food for dogs about 1-5 years old. It has a great balance of nutrition for a great price For me this is the standard that I compare all other foods to. by on 09/26/2014
  • Reliability and Quality !
    I have used this brand for over 20 years and have had healthy happy dogs ! by on 09/19/2014
  • Our dogs love this food
    Dog chow never disappoints, good price point and dogs love it by on 08/27/2014
  • my dogs love it I just wish there were more coupon
    My dogs never turn away from it. I just wish the company would print more coupons for the consumer. I do not want to switch to a cheaper dog food but your price on that particular brand keeps going up. by on 08/27/2014
  • Product Review
    I buy this brand every 2 weeks to feed 5 dogs. its a great brand for my dogs. by on 08/12/2014
  • Product Review
    I love this dog food. I give it to all my dogs and they stay good and healthy. by on 07/31/2014
  • Purina Dog Chow
    My two dogs Tweetybird and Dannyboy love Purina Dog Chow they won't eat anything else. by on 07/24/2014
    All of my pups have eaten purina products, from puppy chow, little bites , even senior formula! Never an issue and all my pups are healthy! by on 07/17/2014
  • Product Review
    my dogs love purina dog chow, wouldn't feed any other kind of dog food by on 07/13/2014
  • Love Love Love
    It's all I will feed any of my dogs. Right now we have two healthy mixed dogs. One was a rescue. She's up to a healthy weight finally and she's finally got a pretty and shiny coat on her! Thank you! by on 06/13/2014
  • My dog loves this food and its easy to find!
    My dog loves this food and it's very easy to find! by on 05/14/2014
  • Excellent
    We have used Purina for our puppies to adulthood. Nothing seems to be on the market better than the Purina line of pet foods. We also feed Purina cat food. All my critters are smiling at you!! by on 05/12/2014
  • Animals Love This!
    I buy Purina Dog Chow for fox, racoons and crows. They love it and are very healthy... like my dogs!!! by on 05/09/2014
  • Good Stuff!
    Keeps them active & healthy! With 3 adults and 3 puppies we need healthy food that doesn't break the bank! by on 03/23/2014
  • My dogs love Dog Chow!
    I buy this food because it is nutritious, but my dogs love it and won't eat any other brands. by on 02/26/2014
  • Sensitive stomachs
    I have two little dogs shishu and terror mix. They did great for a time then started throwing up after they ate. I really like your dog food, the prices use to be lower than others, but they have increased beyond what I can afford. by on 02/23/2014
  • Finally! One dog food ALL five of My dogs love!
    I have five big dogs. Three are mine, two I foster. Feeding them all can get pretty expensive! I go through almost 200 pounds of dog food a month. After having tried umpteen different brands of dog food, I got the life scared out of me when one of the cheaper brands made two of my dogs VERY sick! And I KNOW for a fact it was the cheap food because just as soon as I switched them to Purina brand - ALL of the illness went away! Now I just take one can of chicken broth and sprinkle all five bowls with it. They scarf it up! I get a LOT of compliments about how "fit" my dogs look! I will NEVER change brands again! by on 02/19/2014
  • All my dogs can eat this food
    All my dogs can eat this food. It doesn't upset tummies and no allergies by on 02/01/2014
  • Great Food
    We rescued our dog Bella as a puppy she had parvo when we got her and it messed up her immune system. We feed her Purina dog chow and ever since she has had a beautiful coat and no more rashes when we feed her just a generic dog food she was always having skin rashes and she would have blisters around her mouth since the dog chow she has flawless skin and no more rashes or blisters around her mouth I highly recommend Purina Dog Chow and she just loves it by on 01/26/2014
  • Extremely Happy Long Term Customer
    We have been feeding our dogs Purina Dog Chow for the past 9 years and they are extremely healthy and they never get tired of it. This is a awesome product and the price is great too. by on 01/20/2014
    Great Dog Food For A Great Price :) I would recommend this for every pet owner :) by on 01/18/2014
  • great product
    I wanted to try this because we recently added another Dog to our already 2 Dogs so now are a Happy 3. I thought they were going to give me a hard time because I had tried another brand and they wouldn't eat it BUT they LOVED Purina Dog Chow and now this is all I buy....Thank you..would love some coupons :) by on 01/14/2014
  • love the food
    My Dogs love Dog Cow. I only feed them Purina brand. by on 12/27/2013
  • will probably buy again
    This brand seemed to have agreed with his digestion better than other brands. He likes the flavor too. by on 12/22/2013
  • Best dog food out there!
    I received my first puppy in december of 2008. From day one she has been on this food. I tried switching once as she eats grass more than any dog I know...atleast I thought. I tried to switch to many other brands to help her and it just went south. She got diarrhea and kept throwing up everything plus she lost her spunk! I went back to this brand and she's back to normal. Her grass eating habit is because she likes it not because of a upset stomach. Weird I know but I would recommend this dog food to everyone! by on 12/16/2013
  • Great Product!
    I recently switched my dog's food brand to dog chow and I am now convinced enough to write a review for on the food. I have had my lab mix on Pedigree diet for two years and I've always noticed that he didn't eat all of this food. The food also had a lot of grease and oil that would seep through its bag. I had been looking for a brand that would be beneficial to his health yet not too expensive. With all that in mind, I picked up Purina Dog chow. It was cheaper than the previous brand I had been using. From the first time my dog had this brand, he has loved it! He eats all of his food now and with our active lifestyle, I couldn't be any happier with the nutrition of this food! I would recommend this product to anyone! I am so happy that I switched to Purina Dog Chow! by on 12/09/2013
  • great food
    i am very happy dog is triming up she is three and this is her first diet by on 12/04/2013
  • Great for my German Shepherd and Black Labrador.
    I have fed my Dogs Dog Chow since around 1985. They love this food and eat it like they love it. I have never had upset stomachs when feeding my dogs this brand. The back yard waste is easy to pick up, no runny doo doo or mud pies. This food is so good that you could feed it to little puppies. Its all life stages. I trust Purina and all the research they put into the foods they make. I know a lot of breeders. They use Purina brands. Dog Chow works great for my dogs they are so active and happy. Purina has to keep up the fight against those FAD grain free brands. They use Potatoes instead of corn. Its just a gimmick to the gullible people that believe anything. The Corn is ground up and cooked just right so the dogs do digest it very well. I am with Purina. I even use Purina Layena for my egg laying hens. by on 12/03/2013
  • Long life
    I have had a couple of dogs in my life and each one has been fed Purina Dog Chow. My Great Dane (Natasha) lived until she was 14, My Siberian Husky (Sarge) reach the age of 15 and I currently have a Chocolate Labrador (C.H.Y.P.) who is 6 and still runs and plays like he is 6 months old. Love your product!!! by on 10/23/2013
  • great products
    we have a pit bull mix female that is 15 years old and still going strong thanks to a lifetime of purina products. by on 10/17/2013
  • Sweet
    My Peewee would not eat anything for a wile and.I just tried this to see if he Would even try it it has been 4 months now and he still loves the taste of it thank you  PURINA  by on 10/09/2013
  • Great Nutrition
    Our Rescue dogs thrive on Purina. They are fat and healthy. Vet recommended. by on 10/07/2013
  • I have bought this for years and love it
    This is a good product for the price as I am in lower income bracket I don't have to worry about getting something that does not met his nututional needs I get a good dog food and a good price. by on 09/25/2013
  • Happy to feed Purina Dog Chow
    I have fed Purina products to my dogs for several years and have had positive results. by on 09/24/2013
  • my happy dog 2013
    my dog is really happy with this food, he likes this food best by on 09/23/2013
  • My 4 Dogs Thank You!
    I changed to Purina Dog Chow and quit adding extras to the dog food. A very large bag of Purina was as cheap as the other dog food I bought to save money and is more nutritious. I found that my dogs love Purina more than the other brand Also, they are not doing their business in the house like they were before. They have more energy now due to the better nutrition that Purina Dog Chow gives them. by on 08/13/2013
  • GREAT!!
  • Finally, Found A Brand, My Dog Loves!!!!
    Me & My husband, have been struggling to find a brand that my dog will eat. And, finally we came across Purina Dog Chow. So, we bought a small bag, to try it out. And, to see if she would eat it. And, she did!!! She loves this stuff!! We're so blessed we found a great brand, that keeps our wallet & our dog happy!!:) by on 07/30/2013
  • great dog food
    all of our dogs love the purina dog food. its only dog food that comes in 50to55lbs . they don't separate they pieces like they do with other brands. we buy a lot . we even started our cats on purina cat food. we our animals just love the purina products by on 07/15/2013
  • great food
    my dog has been on DogChow for years and enjoys it. by on 07/15/2013
  • number one dog food and very good taste.
    i have been using purina dog chow for twenty years and very pleased with it. by on 07/08/2013
  • Great food
    Have been feeding this to my dogs for 45 years.  Great food by on 07/06/2013
  • Great
    my dogs love it! my little 4 month puppy who normally eats eukanuba food, ALWAYS sneaks in & eats my 8 year old dogs food which is the dog chow! love it. by on 07/03/2013
  • My Blue Heeler says, YUM! YUM!
    Daisy really likes her dog chow. She picks out one morsel at a time to eat. Anybody can view that she likes the taste of her Dog Chow. by on 06/23/2013
  • my dog snoopy
    My dog loves your dog food and it's the only dog food i will buy and i have allways stuck with purina dog food and snacks too. by on 06/18/2013
  • Puriena Dog chow
    I have never fed my dogs anything but purina dog chow and puppy chow when they were small.. my vet even says it is good o my dogs are healthy by on 06/17/2013
  • Great product
    My dog is eating this for 4 years, It's the first food I started her on and she still eats it today. She won't eat anything else and always looks for seconds.  by on 06/15/2013
  • My Dogs Do Not Like This
    I bought a large bag last week for my two dogs and they will not eat it. Cannot rate it as my dogs do not like it. Others may. by on 06/02/2013
  • Good Stuff!
    I've been feeding my dogs Purina Dog Chow for more than 10 years. It provides them all the nutrition they need. Great stuff! by on 05/22/2013
  • Great Dog Food
    I have feed my dog Purina Puppy Chow on to Purina Dog Chow. He is now 4.5 yrs old and couldn't be more healthy. I tried other brands a few times and had to force him to eat it. I now buy nothing but Purina Dog Chow and will never change again. I have a Purebred Norweignian Elkhound and get nothing but great comments about how he looks. I contribute this to the Purina Brand Products that I buy for him. by on 05/20/2013
  • We only feed Purina to all our animals...
    We buy 7 - 46 lb bags of Purina Dog Chow and 2 - 32 lb bags of Puppy Chow Healthy Morsels a Week.. by on 05/20/2013
  • good all around dry dog food
    I breed brittanys purina dog chow is there staple diet when the females become pregnant I also feed purina puppy chow which gives added nutrition for the pupps great food and I would never change by on 05/15/2013
  • Purina dog chow
    my dog loves this dog food. he is a wonderful dog that loves to play and has a lot of energy and this dog food lets him do just that. he seems more ready o play than ever! by on 05/15/2013
  • great coat
    My dog don't scratch near as much as when we feed him other dog food brands and his coat just shines. Luke has sensitive skin and hardly ever scratches with Purina Dog Chow, I just wish I could find coupons to buy it. by on 05/09/2013
  • my use of purina dog chow
    I have had up to twenty dogs and i have used mostly  Purina dog chow . Because my labs digest it much easier and it seems to produce healthy results in maintaining there overall muscles , bone and internal needs  as well as their coat needs . I would like very much to receive coupons of purina dog chow to help off set the cost of feeding .my dogs. I have great faith in this product and it has kept my pets very healthy  by on 05/01/2013
  • Comes in 50# bags and last a month.
    I have been buying this for a long time. The Dane loves his food and treats. by on 04/27/2013
  • Dogs love it!
    All of my dogs love it!  The Little Bites are great for the little ones. by on 04/26/2013
  • My Two Dogs Love It!!!
    My two dogs are thriving on Purina Dog Chow!! They love it!!!!! by on 04/25/2013
  • Excellent
    Love this for my Baby :) wouldnt buy anything else by on 04/24/2013
  • My dogs love it
    I have two Dachshunds adopted from the local Humane Society, while they were at the Humane Society, they were on Hills Science Diet, Shelby was on the puppy formula, he didn't seem to care for it too much, I switched him over to Puppy Chow and he loved it, when he became an adult, I switched him over to regular Dog Chow. A year later I adopted another Dachshund that was approximately 4 years old, he too was on Science Diet, since Shelby was on Dog Chow already, I put Maverick on the same thing, he loves it. Back when I started Shelby on Dog Chow, it was because Dog Chow has had a good long lasting reputation, and the vet agreed that Dog Chow was a good dog food for me to feed my dogs with. Both Shelby and Maverick are healthy, energetic and have good coats, there is no other dog food that I will feed my buddies, Dog Chow is the only food for them. by on 04/22/2013
  • Great Features
    I've always bought this brand for my dog and he enjoys it a lot.He is a Black Labordor Retriever by on 04/06/2013
  • Great Taste
    My dogs enjoy the various flavors in 1 bag. Our littlest dog selects out his favorite pieces and leaves the rest for our large dog.  by on 03/23/2013
  • one for all
    I have four totally different kinds of dogs but they are all one when it comes to this dog food-they love it!! I've fed this to them four 6+ years and all of them are healthy and happy-what more would you want? by on 03/15/2013
  • purina dog chow
    I always buy purina dog chow and usually happy.This time it seems like this bag has lots of crumbs and dog food dust it seems like it must have been the end of the food by on 03/06/2013
  • brewzer and purina
    I have been feeding brewzer purina dog chow ever since he got off puppy chow.He's now 3 and half 101 lbs and he is a doberman and all he knows is your dog food. by on 03/06/2013
  • Very Good
    I buy this month age Dog Food. Veru good Buy Dog food. Both Love food. by on 03/04/2013
  • Dog Chow is a well balanced diet for my (3) dogs.
    I buy this product every other week and its getting to expensive for me since I retired. Is there any way I could please get some coupons for Purina Dog Chow. by on 03/03/2013
  • Sam's sell it and Menards so it's convement and go
    I have been using ti for many years. My dogs started on puppy chow by on 03/03/2013
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