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Make natural nutrition plus essential vitamins and minerals part of your dog's daily routine when you serve him Purina Beyond Simply 9 Ranch Raised Lamb & Whole Barley Recipe adult dry dog food. Real, ranch-raised lamb is the #1 ingredient, and each serving contains nine real, recognizable ingredients you know and trust, so you can feel good about the foods you put into his dish every day. We formulate this recipe without added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, so he gets the nourishm... Read More



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Clearing up yeast skin infections

This food along with a rinse of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clear-up the reoccurring skin yeast on my ******, Teddy. It was a constant battle with antibiotics and a steroid. The yeast would go away for a week or two but come back. I decided to change Teddy's food and use fish oil and coconut oil in a limited ingredient dog food. I found several vet recommended diets, but they involved cooking his food. So the Purina Simply 9 with Lamb was chosen. It had no grains, meat by products or bone meal. I also found the Purina canned food with no grains or by products. I gave Teddy the hard with a table spoon of the canned food and added the omega3 fish oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding this brand. I hope it is not discontinued. It took several weeks of feeding Teddy the Simply 9 and the topical treatments. I bathed him with Selsen Blue leaving it on him for about 10 mins...massaging it in. Then rinse. I mixed 1\2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1\2 cup of apple cider vinegar and add 1\2 cup of warm water and pored it along the back and making sure it hits all the infected parts of the skin. Surprisingly, the mixture made his fur soft and whitened his white...of course he smelled like salad until he dryed. SIMPLY 9 IS THE KEY TO THIS remarkably CLEARING OF THE YEAST INFECTIONS. I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST OR DEMITOLOGIST. THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERY DOG, BUT THIS LIMITED INGREDIENT SIMPLE FOOD IS A KEY TO TEDDY'S SKIN PROBLEMS WITH YEAST. Yeah Purina Simply 9 by on 11/18/2020
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