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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 564 reviewers.

  • Great features
    I bought Beneful dry dog food. And our Bubba loves it. by on 01/15/2016
  • Good taste
    My dog loves it and she is picky. I'd recommend it to friends and family. by on 01/14/2016
  • Greaaaaat
    My dog loves this. He's so healthy. Wouldn't try any other food. Not fatty just healthy. Awesome product honestly by on 01/13/2016
  • Great food
    Great food my dog loves it and it smells better that other dog food by on 01/12/2016
  • Good food
    My Dog is happy with this food mixed with Caesar wet food by on 01/12/2016
  • My dog loves all Beneful food wet and dry
    He was eating puppy chow and my sister bought a container of the wet and my dog loves it by on 01/11/2016
  • Started on beneful a week ago
    I bought a week ago today.. Pet throws fits now when I come holding bowl in hand. Eats like its steak and potatoes.. lol gotta love him. would like to receive free samples. by on 01/11/2016
  • Beneful
    My dog usually eats beneful. It's one of his favorites...whether it's wet or dry....my nine month old pup loves it and it seems to keep his coat shiny by on 01/10/2016
  • Dogs love it
    Glad I got this for my dogs... They really enjoy it by on 01/09/2016
  • Gracie loves it
    Tried other dog foods but Gracie want eat anything but this benefit dry food by on 01/09/2016
  • great blend
    I received a free sample of Beneful and my dog was very happy. by on 01/08/2016
  • great meals
    never gotten beneful before .i want to try to see how a older dog will do. by on 01/08/2016
  • Great nutrition
    My dog tried and ate every last bite we switched to Beneful full time! by on 01/08/2016
  • Great Dog Food
    I've been buying this dog food for my sons dog and that dog loves it by on 01/08/2016
  • Dog with digestive issues
    We got our two dogs at two months old from the shelter. I wanted to give them the best possible start to life, so I went with the veterinarian's recommendation of Blue Buffalo brand dog food. One of our pups started having dietary issues, as in he wasn't forming solid stool, and the vet said that was normal for some dogs, but to try another brand dog food, just in case. We did, and most of the time, he would just wait until he was starving, possibly because he didn't like the taste, and we still had the issue with the poop. This went on for 1 & 1/2 years, until we went to my brother's house, and my dog was practically inhaling their dog food! Turns out, they fed their dog Beneful, and ever since we made the switch, he hasn't had any dietary issues and is having normal, solid stool. by on 01/08/2016
  • Incredibites they were incredible
    BOY gobbled this new Beneful Incredibites for small dogs faster than I have ever seen him eat any kind of food. HE LOVED it and wanted more........one satisfied dog here! by on 01/07/2016
  • Being a mosit dry food
    My 2 fur senior dogs just love it they can not wait for me to fill their empty bowls up. by on 01/07/2016
  • Loved it
    Usually my dog is a VERY fussy eater. When my sample arrived I put a handful in her food bowl and she gobbled it up! Much to my surprise she wanted more so Abby ended up eating the entire sample box. Normally I have to beg her to eat her dinner but not with Beneful! by on 01/07/2016
  • my dog loves bebeful
    Bubba was on Benefit since the day we brought him home. by on 01/07/2016
  • Looks presentable
    I gave the sample to my dog Stella and she just absolutely loved this. This is my new purchase. by on 01/07/2016
  • Surprise All Gone
    After receiving the Beneful sample I wasn't sure my pit bull Baby would like. She normally eats soft food. Boy was I shocked she gobbled it up with a quickness. Baby is extremely finicky. So i was pretty shocked but very happy! Great food from a reputable company equals a happy pooch! I received a sample for free in return I give a review. by on 01/07/2016
  • In Love
    The free sample that i received from Beneful was great. Our dog loved it. He ate it so fast that i forgot i even put it in his bowl. Thank you for letting us try this. We will be buying this product. by on 01/07/2016
  • Great food but
    I have been buying your products for Mollie & Sam for a loooong time, they love any of them that I give them, they are healthy and energetic rescue dogs........So imagine my delight when I see that your Beef originals advertised $5.00 savings inside.......but there was nothing in it...hmmmmm I did get 2 $1.00 in the chicken flavor, so I thought that perhaps the savings had missed my bag entirely and perhaps some lucky person had received $10.00 in savings. Not deterred I purchased the beef flavor again which also stated there would be a $5.00 savings inside, yippee! but no again......disappointment reigns in my purse oh dear, did I misunderstand the stated savings? by on 01/06/2016
  • Yummy for my tummy
    I quit feeding my dog Beneful about a year ago because of the vet recommending their dry food but my dog never did like it so I switched back to Beneful and am so glad I did. He can hardly wait to eat and jumps around all excited when it's time to eat. Thank you Beneful and I am so glad to be back and so is Snoopy by on 01/05/2016
  • Beneful Salmon flavor
    She loves eating it, keeps her coat soft, and silky, she got so plump, I had to cut her back, on amount at each feeding, Thank you!! by on 01/01/2016
  • not recommended
    Your beef flavor lists beef as the 6th ingredient, behind corn (#1) and chicken by products??? Would not recommend this unhealthy food. by on 12/27/2015
  • Love this food for Suki
    Suki absolutely loves this food the most......she would like some free samples please..... by on 12/27/2015
  • I think it's great
    I buy this product every 2 weeks. My dogs like it more than other brands. by on 12/23/2015
  • G
    I bought this a month ago and I'm very happy with it and my dog loves it, so I am going to recommend to other pet owners that I know. by on 12/22/2015
  • good
    I got some about 2 week ago and it was good my dog love ir by on 12/22/2015
  • Great dog food
    I have fed my dog this since I got him at 9 weeks old. My dog loves Beneful. by on 12/21/2015
  • good food
    It was a couple days who I bout it for my boxer an they enjoyed it by on 12/17/2015
  • my dog loves it
    It's the only dog food for my dog I would not buy anything else keeps him healthy and his coat shinny he's 14 year's old in human life you do the math he's over a hundred in dog year's and still moves like a puppy by on 12/17/2015
  • Good dog food
    My dog like s the food he eats three times a day it's a good dog food by on 12/17/2015
  • Great news
    Duke love's it I just grab the bag and he goes crazy. by on 12/16/2015
  • many
    Good food good value good tastw all in all would reccomend foid for all breeds of dogs by on 12/16/2015
  • Dog Food
    My dog refused to eat this dog food. After two day of sitting in the bowl I went back to my old food. by on 12/16/2015
  • Real Beef Flavor
    We have four little dogs and one large dog, this is by far their favorite and has been for years. You can't trick them with some off brand, they are sold on the beef flavor.. by on 12/16/2015
  • great stuff
    My dog loves it. Only thing he eats. Waits everymorning for his meal.he cant get enough. I recomend everyone trying it by on 12/13/2015
  • Great features
    Bought a month ago so happy. With everything haa thanks(" cant wait to buy more dogg food for my little dogs by on 12/12/2015
  • Good peaks
    My dog refuses to eat another brand he always turns it away. by on 12/08/2015
  • Dogs love it
    I received a free sample of the IncrediBites. My 2 dogs think they are treats!! by on 12/05/2015
  • Great source of veggies
    Bought the puppy food and my dog loves it I will buy it for her agian by on 12/04/2015
  • Great food
    I just received my free sample, my dog just loves it,I would buy it for her to mix in with wet food. A great product! by on 12/02/2015
  • Good for even picky eaters
    Bruiser loved it! And he can be a picky eater. His regular food is Purina One with beef. I probably won't change, because he is very regular, and satisfied with the Purina One, but if he should ever want a change, I will definitely give Beneful a try. Thanks for the sample. by on 12/01/2015
  • Our dogs loved it
    I received a sample. All 6 of our dogs loved it. The small pieces were just right for our elderly Chihuahua. I just bought 16 lb bag of the chicken flavor. by on 12/01/2015
  • My Fur babies loved their Free Sample
    I received a free sample from Beneful, & to say the least My fur babies went crazy for it. So now they only eat Beneful. Thanks Beneful by on 12/01/2015
  • Beneful Dry Dog food
    My dogs really enjoy the flavors. They always clean their plates and look for more. I enjoy swapping between the different flavors to give them variety. I like the convenience of bag size. I feel I get a good value when I buy the larger bags. I have tried other brands, but find Beneful to be the most healthy for the money. I have been feeding this food for over 2 years and have never felt the urge to try something new. It gives my dogs and I great satisfaction. I always feel confident that I am feeding my dogs a quality diet. by on 11/30/2015
  • Always fed to my dogs for years
    I have been feeding beneful to my dogs for years, it's the only dry they eat and they never got sick from it! They alternate the favors! by on 11/28/2015
  • 11 years old and 7 year old
    My 2 fur babies love this food. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Come 5o'clock my 11 year old Schnauzer demands his dinner. by on 11/28/2015
  • Great features
    I bought this awhile ago and am so happy that I did by on 11/27/2015
  • great tasting to my dog
    I have used purina baneful for 10 years with no harmful effects to by dog. by on 11/25/2015
  • Good choices
    My dog loves Beneful never can not get enough of it. The treats make my dog go bonkers just waiting for the bag to open. by on 11/24/2015
  • Great flavor
    Great varieties. My dog enyoy it better than other brands. Apeals well. Looks good. by on 11/22/2015
  • great
    i have been buying the one with the fish for sophie she loves it. by on 11/17/2015
  • They like it
    Dogs love it! They are picky eaters but eat this stuff up! by on 11/15/2015
  • Great
    Dog lived it and craves tg ed taste. He always wants more. I do wish it was on sale more. by on 11/15/2015
  • great food that my dogs love
    just so happy my dogs like it! they are kind of picky eaters, so fiding a food that they will eat and enjoy has been somewhat of a challenge.. And the weight management food is a huge bonus for them. by on 11/11/2015
  • IncrediBites
    I am on my second bag. MooMoo loves it she has not gotten sick since switching to Beneful. by on 11/08/2015
  • My dog loves this food
    We buy this food for our dog and when our sons dogs come here they all have to eat it. Ours sons have dog food at their houses but the dogs eat our dog food like they haven't eaten in days. They all love it. by on 11/08/2015
  • beneful dog food
    This is one of the best bags of dog food I have every given to my dog. This bag of dog food was pleasing because of the positive reaction my dog had by on 11/07/2015
  • Excellent
    I tried many brand's for my Husky and she snubbed them, barely eating them, she looked good but felt boney when I'd pet her especially in her hips, I just thought it was the breed then I tried Beneful, she loved it, she started eating more and after a couple months she started filling out really good by on 11/04/2015
  • Old min pin and 2 puppies
    All our dogs love the healthy puppy dry food. They had a different brand of food when men sled and they all didn't eat much until they got home and took awhile to get them full by on 11/01/2015
    Received a sample and Patch gobbled it down at meal time. He really seemed to enjoy it. Patch likes cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, green peppers and melons. Patch also picks his own blueberries and blackberries and he only picks the ripe ones. by on 10/30/2015
  • Great
    I bought awesome product love it my dog loves this food by on 10/29/2015
  • Great food and great benefits
    We stocked up on a bunch of bags of this food not too long ago after realizing that our dog absolutely LOVED it and seemed much happier and more energetic! She's generally picky when it comes to dog food, so when she ate her entire bowl right after I scooped the food into it, I knew that this brand was going to be a keeper. by on 10/22/2015
  • Great food
    My dog love the food. It satisfies him. Very pleased with the food. by on 10/21/2015
  • Great Food
    I've tried several brands and my three girls like this best!!! by on 10/20/2015
  • 2006 Pointer
    I just started buying Beneful Dry Dog Food for Petey and he loves it. Keep the generous coupons coming, so I can continue to make Petey "Beneful-Happy"! by on 10/20/2015
  • beneful benefits
    Ive bought this food once and mixed it with their current food and with having picky eaters they ate it all. by on 10/18/2015
  • My dog loves it Beneful beef
    My dog really loves the beneful beef! The moisture really makes a difference. by on 10/14/2015
  • Great Taste
    Has been using for 18 months and loves all the flavors. She's just 2 now. by on 10/13/2015
  • benfeful dog food
    I bout beenful dog and can goodbye,she likes it. I only feed her twice a day by on 10/11/2015
  • great
    I would live to try it for my dogs, I have three, please send me some! I would appreciate it! by on 10/10/2015
  • Pricey
    I like Beneful just the cost is a little higher than I like by on 10/10/2015
  • Good deal
    Mitzy loves it she eats it up always, our other dog liked it also, we lost her last March do to old age. Sure do miss her( Rosie) by on 10/09/2015
  • Great features
    I bought this a month ago and I'm so happy that I did... by on 10/08/2015
  • Great food
    I bought a bag a month ago Dog loved it! It was also a great balue by on 10/07/2015
  • Grrrreat
    My dogs uses this and is always happy! I love This product! by on 10/07/2015
  • i love the brand for my dogs
    Bought it a month ago my dog love the beneful!!!!! by on 10/07/2015
  • good food
    My mom has used for yrs great food has enough protein for shiny coats formula made for all dogs gives your dog daily balances of vitamins and nutrition you will see a difference in your dog in 7 days this is a recommended food for me and my family by on 10/04/2015
  • Great product my dog loves it
    I bought this two months ago and see the difference already by on 10/04/2015
  • Great
    My dogs love it and can digest a lot easier than other branda by on 10/03/2015
  • Great fook
    I bouthg a mon ago am happy whit the product my dog is real healty by on 10/02/2015
  • Our dogs lover Benfield
    Our dogs love beneful. Usually picky..very satisfied. They look and feel better now by on 10/01/2015
  • looks like real food
    My dogs enjoy it. They jump around until their bowl is filled. by on 10/01/2015
  • My dogs love it because it is always soft food.
    I've been buying Beneful Dog food since 2013 & my dogs love it. I buy them a different flavor every month so they don't get bored with their food. I am so glad Beneful comes in so many different flavors for my two beautiful pups. They are 10 yrs. old & 8 yrs old. They deserve the best so this is why I buy them Beneful. by on 09/30/2015
  • try it
    Great for your dog my dog loved it and majes his fur beatiful by on 09/30/2015
  • good food for my dog
    Love this for my dog she really love's the food and it does not cost to bmuch by on 09/29/2015
  • Great Dog Food
    My dog eats beneful like it is candy. He puts away bowl full per day. by on 09/28/2015
  • Dog lover it
    My dogs love it and they look healthier, even there coats are more shiny wouldn't change nothing!! by on 09/27/2015
  • Benefit dry food
    My 8 year old husky shepherd mix eats this food twice a day. She has Ben healthy all her life. by on 09/27/2015
  • Scoski picky
    Just got a Corgi and lady said purina. Bought some won't touch. Went to Petco and bought 2 expensive dry food...won't touch either one. OK then went for Beneful and she loved it. Now there will be no other dog food. You won my Corgi over. TY by on 09/26/2015
  • good for dogs
    I bought one last week. Its awsome my dog love it. He always beg me for more so i buy a new one and he ate it. My dog really like it. Thank you Beneful! by on 09/26/2015
  • didn't go well
    I bought this and spent the extra money thinking my dog would love it. I left it for her for two days she would not touch it. So much for the guarantee on the back of the bag saying my dog would love it. Waste of money. Very disappointed. by on 09/25/2015
  • My dog loves this food
    I have try other foods he loves Beneful the best he may eat other food he doesn't like the other food the next day. He also likes the can foods of this type. by on 09/25/2015
  • my cheeweenie loves the little bites
    thank you beneful my doggie loves your doggie bites also by on 09/25/2015
  • Picky Eater
    Bella has always been a picky but when it comes to anything Beneful, she'll eat it all. I am a customer for life. by on 09/24/2015
  • Energy
    I started feeding my pitbull this last week and she has been picking up her weight and has more energy now it usually took her a day and a half to two days to eat a bowl of food now she eats a bowl in one day ! by on 09/23/2015
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