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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 213 reviewers.

  • great product
    I received a sample and would recomment this item, it was something that my snoodoodle eat with enjoyment by on 12/02/2015
  • Easy for smaller breeds
    I bought this to try for my Chihuahua because other foods was making her sick and it seemed that this was easy for her to eat and it didnt make her sick. Good brand. by on 12/02/2015
  • My little guy loves it
    I tried the free sample. Fudge loved it. I went out the next day and bought him a bag. I mix it with a little canned food and it is gone in no time. Fudge is a sheet tzu and the little bites are just right for him. Thank you Beneful.. by on 12/01/2015
  • Little mouths love little bites
    Just bought another bag, my boys can't get enough. by on 12/01/2015
  • More please she said to me
    My dog, Little Bit, loved her free sample so much that she put the empty bowl in her mouth and brought it to my feet!! That's all she wants and I have bought it ever since. by on 12/01/2015
  • perfect size
    I have 3 chihuahuas. One who's about 2 pounds. The other two are 5 to 7 lbs. Smaller size and tender pieces. They really enjoy it. by on 11/28/2015
  • Dry but moist and tender
    I brought a small bag of this last week because my dog is so picky when it comes to dry dog food but he absolutely loved this. I will definitely be getting more!! Just wish you had coupons! by on 10/28/2015
  • Great for older dogs missing some teeth!
    I have been buying this product for years now because both of my dogs are old and missing a lot of teeth. What we do, is put the dry food in a bowl and put some hot water in it. Then let it sit there for a couple minutes until I gets moist. Then we drain the water out. Then we use them moist food and put it on top and mix it all together. Then we serve it to them and they don't leave a drop in their bowls. by on 10/06/2015
  • my dog loves it
    A friend recommended it, we tried it and the dog won't eat anything else by on 10/05/2015
  • Small bits for my senior dog with not many teeth
    She absolutely loves it as well as the puppy formula that I needed to buy when I couldn't find the other one. by on 09/29/2015
  • Nice small pieces~
    My shih tzu was just not looking happy with his meals. I would put food down and he would not eat until he was too hungry not to eat. Was feeling he wasnt liking his food anymore. Saw a friend using Incredibites and asked about it and decided to mix this with my pups current diet. He never hesitated to eat when he took a sniff. Hopefully this agrees with him and I will get him fully switched over in the next few weeks. Needless to say I think he loves it! by on 09/20/2015
  • my dogs love it
    All of my dogs love Beneful. I can't switch foods without the dogs refusing to eat it. by on 09/15/2015
  • Penny loved it.
    My little dog penny loved it. I have never seen her so excited about food. by on 09/11/2015
  • looksgood
    still working on the sample and she is loving it . i have never seen a dog put her head in the bag as soon as i take it out by on 09/11/2015
  • Been using for over a year, works for me Bella!
    Started originally working this into our daily regimen of Purina One dry food. Bella the Dog seemed to like it just fine. Now we have switched to exclusive Beneful, wife thinks the dark deposits that always appear under our white cavachon's eyes have minimized due to using Beneful. Dog is fine with effects, likes the food just fine and never looks at her eyes in the mirror, so this was not an issue for her! by on 09/11/2015
  • Easy to chew!
    My yorkie loved this food. Ran from the living room in the kitchen with a big smile on her face when she knew it was time to eat! by on 09/10/2015
  • My furbabies"
    I got the sample in the mail and decided to give my 2 girls the dog food as a treat. They went crazy..thing is I raised my old dog of 16 years on beneful,I changed the food for my female dog. I ended up getting a rescue dog and now they eat this new incredibite ,they empty the bowls. Please continue making the incredibites! by on 09/10/2015
  • wonderful for my Yorkies
    just tried & they eat every delicious bite and don't have to break them into smaller pieces! by on 09/10/2015
  • Excellent Dog Food
    First let me start by saying our dog is real fussy. We gave him the IncrediBites sample when we got it the mail. Our dog loves IncrediBites. He ate from that sample for three days. Great job Beneful and thank you for the sample. We will be buying the IncrediBites regularly now. by on 09/10/2015
  • Very Picky Dog Ate it
    I tried the free sample as a treat to see if my 15 lb Westie who is an extremely fussy eater would eat it. Much to my surprise he did not hesitate to woof it down. I like the size of the kibble since he prefers smaller tid bits and this is the perfect size. Good product would recommend giving it a try. by on 09/10/2015
  • my dog loved it
    i bought this last week and my dog loves it i will tell all my friends to buy it for thier pets by on 09/10/2015
  • My fur babies love this!!
    Ran into some financial issues and the store never had what I wanted. FINALLY they carried it again. Meal time was finally back to normal!!! by on 09/10/2015
  • Love Love Love!
    My Prince would only eat cat food until I bought and tried Beneful, thanks to my vet's recommendation. He LOVES it!!! Actually, both my dogs do. I get the IncrediBites because they're small dogs. Thank you so much for making such a delicious food for them! by on 08/22/2015
  • My fur baby loves it
    I bought all the expensive dog foods when my chihuahua was just a pup for example puppy chow and pedigree but he would not eat it. So I bought the beneiful incredibites in the beef flavor and it's the only one he will eat he loves it but I would love to try the chicken but hate to buy a big bag of it afraid he won't eat it. Can you send me a sample? by on 08/20/2015
  • great smell and colores
    I buy it for my pet dashound brownie he loves it and enjoyed it! by on 08/08/2015
  • Very happy doggie ..
    Sug loves it, he eats the beefy pieces first then everything else! He is as playful as a puppy. by on 07/29/2015
  • my dogs love it
    Never had any issues both my dogs love the food.good price.decent selection of flavors by on 07/23/2015
  • my pugs love them!
    My dogs are picky but love these! They would love a free sample! by on 07/23/2015
  • Purina Dog Foods are the BEST!!!
    Been feeding my dogs Purina Dogs foods for 20 years....will never change! by on 07/23/2015
  • Great size
    Loved it! My girl can it the door without any problems! Enjoyed the size of the food. by on 07/22/2015
  • Great eye catcher
    Received a sample and Princess liked it so well we bought a bigger bag. by on 07/21/2015
  • Loved it!
    Bought this for our little one,she loves the little peices, their easy for her to eat.She's our oldest baby and has trouble with the larger chuncks.Thank you so much for making this great product. by on 07/21/2015
  • Lovely
    I purchase this for my small dog and he loves it. Will buy again by on 07/21/2015
  • 30 years & still using PURINA brand for all my pet
    I bought this a few days ago and again my dog loves it. My cat will at times eat dog food so I like it to be a good brand for both . Ive trusted PURINA 30 years and going . If you love your pet as I do mine PURINA is the first thing that comes to mind when I shop . I hope this helps you decide to try PURINA I wont buy any other..gg by on 07/21/2015
    when my son joined the US NAVY he left us full custody of FREE a 3 year old female Labrador . my son named her FREE because some lady gave the dog because she could not take care of her . therefore she named her FREE . well my son told us not to feed her anything but the BENEFUL HEALTHY WEIGHT . we are really amazed of how full of life she is , FREE likes to play FETCH of anything sticks , ball or any toys outdoor. she is a healthy female lab because of THE BENEFUL HEALTHY WEIGHT again thanks to PURINA for the wonderful blend of healthy dog food. by on 07/21/2015
  • good food
    I have tried this dog food 3 months ago and my dog loves this food. not only does he like it but he is seems healthier and is thriving on it. by on 07/20/2015
  • Its the yummiest
    I have tried other popular brands but have returned time and time again to Beneful. It sometimes a race in my house who will get through first. It has been an excellent choice for generational feeding, I have a 15 yr old Golden Retriever and 4 year old Havanese They love it because it tastes good I love because it has all the right nutrients and vitamins that they need by on 07/20/2015
  • fantastuc for tiny dogs
    ive been buying this oroduct for 8 years and my dogs love them by on 07/20/2015
  • Loves Beneful
    My Shih Tzu and My Husky Both love Beneful. I have a hard time keeping my Husky out of the dog food when I was trying to feed my Shih Tzu. So I just starting feeding him it as well and they both love it. by on 07/16/2015
  • Treats
    Cookie my dog loves this treats its healthy yummy and the perfect size by on 07/16/2015
  • Free sample
    My dogs LOVE beneful. The only eat this food. Love love love this brand of dog food for our family. by on 07/15/2015
  • Beneful IncrediBites
    I bought the chicken IncrediBites for the first time last week. I have been feeding varying flavors of Beneful to my 3 dogs for over a year now but lately they have acted like they were tired of it and they weren't eating very good. I saw the new IncrediBites and wanted to give it a try. So very glad I did! My babies are back to eating their meals like they are suppose to. Would definitely love free samples and coupons. by on 07/15/2015
  • Most healthy meal for my dogs****
    I would like a samples for my dogs ....they love it ..... by on 07/15/2015
  • Awesome beats generic
    ive been buying this for my little boy for almost 1yr and he is so happy and playful we both love it by on 07/15/2015
  • Small dog
    Changed to beniful & Max loves it. It satisfies all his needs. Keeps coming back for more. by on 06/25/2015
  • My Picky Eater Loves Beneful!
    My dog Sailor has been a part of our family for over 7 years. I have had him since he was 10 weeks old and he has always been a picky eater, but he loves Beneful! Sailor lives to play fetch, and even at 7 years old he can still chase a ball for hours! Beneful keeps him healthy and active! by on 06/15/2015
  • Captain Loves Incredibites
    Captain loves Beneful Incredibites. At dinner time, we mix the Incredibility with the Medley. Captain loves it and does not get bored with his food like other foods. Captain and I love to get out for walks up to the park where we can run free and chase other dogs. If we don't go for a walk, we go for a car ride. by on 06/10/2015
  • My dogs LOVE this!
    My dogs have been very picky about big pieces of food, we seen this a d seen it has small pieces so figured we'd give it a try and my dogs LOVE it! I'd never go to another food again. They eat it all everytime and it's a good source of nutrition. My dogs are always happy and full of energy when they have their helping of food! Thanks for a wonderful product! I will always be a beneful fan and so will my dogs! by on 05/26/2015
  • I'm tempted to taste it myself
    My happy, sociable Jack Russel terrier, Rowdy loves his Beneful. He looks longingly at the bag each time he passes it by and IO sometimes think that he loves it more than he loves chasing squirrels. I am content to come in 4th. by on 05/23/2015
  • I've tried the rest, Beneful
    Our Mimi is a chihuahua mix. We rescued her just in time to have a home for Christmas. I would feed her in the morning and she would still have food left in the afternoon. No matter what brand I tried, it was the same. She would eat some pieces and pick other pieces out. From the first feeding of Beneful, I knew we had found the one! She has cleaned her bowl within minutes every feeding. I actually went back to make sure I hadn't misunderstood the suggested serving size. Thanks Beneful! by on 05/13/2015
  • good food he likes
    I brought this product for my dog and he loves it, after trying many different other foods. thank you. by on 05/09/2015
  • beneful incredibites --my dogs love it
    I had my dogs on Beneful Incredibites --they are boston/lhasa/shih tzu/whatever mixes, and they love it. I changed around their food to a mix of other foods six months ago, and my Cosmo started having frequent problems, so I'm back to Beneful all the way. by on 05/08/2015
  • great food
    I bought this a couple weeks ago and its perfect I would recommend this to people with small dogs by on 05/08/2015
  • Benefuls Incredibites
    I have been buying Incredibites for my Yorkies exclusively. They love it and sometimes I mix Benefuls small cans with it. by on 04/22/2015
  • Loved by My doxies!!
    I have tried the expensive brands but my babies love the incredible bites. by on 03/30/2015
  • questionable listed ingredients
    i was told that corn gluten and animal bi products and wheat are not good for your pet and beneful lists as its ingredient by on 03/23/2015
  • This is GREAT!
    This is the ONLY food my Toy poodle (Holly) will eat! Please continue to make this available. Some places do not carry the Incredibites. by on 02/15/2015
  • It's the best
    I have bought Beneful dog food for my Lhasa Apso since she was a pup. She loves the food. If she is happy so am I. I also feed it to my 6 year old pit he also loves his food. by on 01/10/2015
  • satisfaction
    My dog loves this food turns her nose up to any other food by on 12/29/2014
  • Really good
    I have been baying for a couple of years and the dogs like it. by on 12/21/2014
  • My dogs love Beneful
    My dogs love IncrediBites Beneful! Three Aussies and one Collie call this their favorite food. by on 12/09/2014
  • Incredibly delicious
    I've been buying Beneful for years. My dogs love it. They like the IncrediBites brand the most. I have bought Fiesta and one other flavor. I love the large bag with the ziplock closure. by on 12/06/2014
  • It's the only dog food my dog will eat!
    I ran out of dog food one day, Beneful, Incredibites, so I asked a neighbor to borrow a cup of food until I could get to a store. Needless to say, my little boy, Maltese, Wixom would not eat the other food, at all. As soon as I refilled his dish with Incredibites he was one happy dog. He ate the whole bowl! He loves it it makes him happy! by on 12/04/2014
  • Our 2 Maltese LOVE this food!
    For Teddy, Peanut and Levon it was Love at first bite - and now we are starting our recently rescued lab mix puppy on it as well. He loves it too! by on 11/17/2014
  • Best dry food
    I resently switched my dogs food to dry food.. And i was kinda scared i would waist my money but as soon as i got home and gave them so of beneful dry food they loved it.. I'm saving money on the long run by get dry food so im very happy with this product. by on 11/07/2014
  • becketts favorite
    The beneful incredible is the only dog food my lab will eat. She loves it. by on 10/14/2014
  • Dogs love it!
    i have been buying Incredibites for over 3 years, my dogs love! by on 10/08/2014
  • Dogs are crazy for it
    Not sure why but my dogs go crazy for this particular dog food. It's easy on their stomachs and the stand by their bowls waiting for it every morning. by on 10/06/2014
  • Love the small bite size pieces.
    I have been buying the Beneful Incredibites and the Beneful Healthy Weight for my four Precious dogs......they love mealtime and with the smaller dogs the Incredibites are just the right size. by on 09/29/2014
  • amazing for small breeds
    Our dog loves this food when we got him he was very under nourished and his coat was very dry and flakey but since we've had him and feeding him beniful he is at a healthy weight and looks amazing by on 09/20/2014
  • Both of my chihuahuas love it!
    We started with beneful puppy chow. But now that our babies are a little older we switched to the incredibites! They scarf it down, And their coat is very shiny n soft. by on 09/13/2014
  • Great, my puppy loves it.
    I have been feeding her this for about 2 weeks now and my puppy loves it by on 09/11/2014
  • my doggies love it!
    I buy incredibites for my 3 chihuahua's. Its just the perfect size for little bites! They love it!! by on 09/05/2014
  • great product
    I used to buy a different name brand until we switched to beneful. We haven't turned back since and our 3 small dogs love it. by on 08/26/2014
  • Very tasty
    I tried this food after going through several different varieties with my dog, including some MUCH more expensive foods, natural foods, grain free foods, etc. My little guy is very picky, and was barely eating these, but ever since switching to Incredibites, he eats his whole bowl with no problem. He is very happy and healthy now! by on 08/18/2014
  • Best food!
    My rescue dog Max couldn't eat other dog food so when I switched him to vengeful incredibites I went from worried to happy thanks beneful! by on 08/18/2014
  • Purebred Satisfaction
    Penny Loafer is an ivy-league educated, designer-collar-wearing purebred mini-dachshund whose hobbies include being a socialite and cursing. She doesn't settle for anything but the best. And she loves Beneful. She and I are best buds, but she would disown me if I ran out of Incredibites. One time, I ran out of Incredibites and she went on a 2 day hunger strike just to teach me a lesson. If you have read any of her published white papers, you'll see she attributes her glossy coat, lean body and superior cognition all to her diet. Thank you Beneful. Please don't ever stop making Incredibites, because I would have an Incredi-angry dachshund on my hands. by on 08/15/2014
  • Mini Bites are for Seniors
    We adopted several small senior dogs from our local shelter over the years. Most had missing or no teeth at all. We gently wet the dry food and add a can of Beneful wet, mix them together. The dogs have healthy meals which they can chew. by on 08/11/2014
  • Used to Buy, But Don't Anymore
    I have always bought Purina Products and I still do for my cats, but we no longer buy Purina products for my mothers small dogs. My mother's small dogs loved Beneful Incredibites. They have eaten it for years. We have had to switch to an all natural grain free product due to my mother's one dogs health issues. The poor thing is having liver issues. by on 08/06/2014
  • Incredibites!
    Love this product! I have 7 dogs in various sizes and they all love this food! by on 08/06/2014
  • Love it
    My poodle always has been a picky eater. No problems with this. I don't even have to mix our food with it to get him to eat. This is the only brand for our Lincoln! by on 07/12/2014
  • Best dog food!!
    My three pups love this food! It is the only dog food they will eat!! by on 07/07/2014
  • My dog loves it!!!
    My dog's appetite wasn't the greatest. He has regular vet checkups and I knew it wasn't his health. I was shopping for new dog food and happened to meet a breeder in the store who recommended Beneful. I got a small bag and Luke loved it!! He will come get me at dinner time now and he eats it all and wants more. I'm very happy I found this for Luke and we thank you for a great product!!!!! by on 06/18/2014
  • Abby LOVES Incredibites!
    I put my Teddy Bear ( shih tzu/bichon frise) on Incredibites 2 years ago and will not change foods. She loves it and is so full of life I am so glad my vet recommended it! Beneful is wonderful! by on 06/08/2014
  • my baby LOVES Incredibites
    I have a 6 yr old Chi-Pin. She is very picky but loves Beneful. I'm wondering....does the Incredibites have LUP (low indigestible proteins) in it? She has difficulty passing stools. On a positive note, because she is indoors most of the winter I am happy to say with the Incredibites she maintains a healthy weight & doesn't get fat on it. by on 06/04/2014
  • Small bites
    I was given a bag of these when they first came out. My dog has been eating them ever since. She is a 10 lb. toy poodle mix. She is spoiled and likes everything bite size. She has a big appetite though. She also likes the prepared dinners. She likes all the flavors. by on 05/30/2014
  • Great Flavor
    My doggie has been eating incredibites for a while know & she loves it. by on 05/27/2014
  • we're a fan!
    Mocha loves it! Good price, doesn't smell bad like some others. by on 05/27/2014
  • My boy loves it !
    I bought it For my 6 year old pug and he LOVEES IT !! He will not eat anyother food ! by on 05/13/2014
  • The only dog food I buy
    I rescued a dog (40 pounds) that uses a wheelchair to get around. She has not movement in her back legs. She has bowel movements once a day and I can pretty well time them. I have tried other dog food, and always returned to Beneful. I tried less expensive dog food, and even a more natural dog food, but Beneful fits our needs perfect. She has a slightly sensitive stomach, but not with Beneful. The picture shows us at a park where she was enjoying the feel of grass on her tummy by on 05/13/2014
  • Love it!
    I love feeding this Beneful Incredibites to my dogs. ThiIt is easier for my older dogs to eat since they are smaller but still very nutritious for them. Thank you. by on 05/05/2014
  • Love at first bite
    I'm on my second small bag. I wanted my 6 pound Shih Tzu and my eight pound Maltese to try it. They have loved it from the first bite. The other food they had got all over the carpet, but they are so busy eating this, that not even one piece gets on the floor. I would say they like it. However, I would agree with the other reviews, get rid of the coloring. They don't need it. I hope my babies don't eventually become allergic to it. by on 04/22/2014
  • Easy on Old gums
    My Westie is 16 yrs old and has trouble chewing. IncrediBites are small and easy for Molly to eat, and provides her with the balanced diet that her body needs to remain healthy in her golden years. by on 03/27/2014
    I have 2 dogs & 1 is a Yorkie & he is so picky that I can't get him to eat anything but he loves Beneful dry & wet. A lot healthier since I went to Beneful. Great choice. Also my Vet thinks it was a good dog food too. by on 03/04/2014
  • My Maltese love the taste of Beneful!
    My dogs love Beneful. I'm concerned about the sugar,color and gluten that's added in this dog food. I would prefer only natural ingredients. Wish these extra ingredients were removed. I have 3 5 pound Maltese. Want them to stay healthy. by on 02/26/2014
  • Beneful IncrediBites - The Only Dry Food I'll Eat
    The Beneful IncrediBites is the ONLY Dry Dog Food that I will eat! I'm really spoiled! You see the what IncrediBites makes me do each time I eat some! by on 02/22/2014
  • Mmmmmmm... Looks like Cat Food!!
    I'm pretty sure our piggle (half pig, half beagle) Rocky loves it because he thinks he's eating the cat's food!!! by on 02/12/2014
  • My dog's favorite!
    My IG/dachshund mix really enjoys this food! She is high energy and the amount of protein in this Purina product is perfect for her! She really enjoys it more than other types of food we have tried. THANKS PURINA for providing great healthy food for our little girl!  by on 02/09/2014
  • Love This Dog Food!
    I have a Scottish Terrier and a Jack-a-ranian, and they both LOVE this food! My husband and I decided to go with the Incredibites for my Jack-a-ranian since she is a smaller dog, and our Scottie ended up loving the smaller size as well. I have had no problems with the food. My only problem is the price. It's a little expensive to get a 15.5 lb bag. But I will continue to buy the Incredibites because my dogs love it! by on 02/09/2014
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