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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 148 reviewers.

  • My cat loves it!
    My cat is a very picky eater and she gobbled this food right up and wanted more! Nice texture and doesn't smell funny like some cat foods. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats Love it
    Have been feeding all our rescue cats this food and have been very happy with it, and the cats love it by on 06/29/2016
  • Great Taste
    My cats love the taste of this food. When I tried to mix it in with other food to make it last longer, they would only eat the ProPlan by on 06/01/2016
  • Very palatable and nutritious
    I have been feeding my own as well as my foster cats ProPlan for the past few months and their coats are shiny, stools are normal and they are happy, healthy cats. by on 05/31/2016
  • Yummy
    We had a client's kitty try this and loves it!! They have not switched to this. by on 05/10/2016
  • Wonderful soft fur
    I actually started my cats on Focus chicken and rice almost a year ago. Their fur is so soft and silky. My 15 year old long haired half Coon cat has not had a mat in her fur in 6 months the litter box is left full and she seems to be much healthier. I love this food. And so do my babies. by on 05/10/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    Purchased this brand and my cats love it.. they come running for the bag by on 05/02/2016
  • Cat loves it
    I received a free sample and my 15 year old just loves it. He has not been eating dry food lately but finishes the bowl when he gets this kind. by on 04/29/2016
  • My cat went nuts for this
    I received a sample of this formula, we normally feed Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health. He gobbled it up in no time and was sniffing around for more. I think I'll mix this in with the other formula from now on! by on 04/23/2016
  • Cats love it
    We bought the chicken and rice instead of the fish. Not knowing how the cats would take the change. They must love the flavor. They gobbled it. by on 04/11/2016
  • My cats think its yummy!
    My cats can smell this food across the house! they love it by on 04/01/2016
  • Fosters love it!
    Purchased this for our foster cats. They loved it. The cats did not at all get sick from their food change. by on 03/11/2016
  • A Cat's Meow!
    Tried this product for my cats, they loved it, now when I open a bag they come running by on 03/04/2016
  • Best Food Ever!!!!!
    We have 7 cats who have been on this food exclusively for 7 years. We used to find vomit piles daily. Now it's maybe weekly. It's the only food we could feed one of our cats that she could digest without vomiting daily. WE LOVE PURINA!!! by on 02/04/2016
  • Cats in love!
    Our finicky cats shocked us when they first tasted Savor Chicken and Rice shredded blend. Not only did they tear into this food with enthusiasm, but they went looking for the package. They have NEVER done this before over any food and chicken has never been a big flavor for them. The food size and taste are perfect for these 16 year old kitties. You got this totally right and I feel good that they are getting high quality food. Easily digestible (this has never happened when introducing new food) and tasty. No more indifference from them because they are totally loving this! Thank you so very much!!! by on 01/26/2016
  • This is the best cat food
    I recently started the Purina for professionals Program by on 01/19/2016
  • My cats love it
    I started feeding Pro Plan 5 years ago. I immediately noticed an improvement in my cat's coat. I now have 3 cats on it, and all are sleek and healthy. Love this diet! by on 01/18/2016
  • Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken & Rice Formula
    We have been feeding this to our cats at the Humane Society.We are very pleased to say that they have really thrived and had less tummy issues, by on 01/15/2016
  • Pro Plan Savor for cats
    This is the favorite brand we use at our rescue for our adult cats. The seem to do really well on it and it is liked. by on 01/07/2016
  • Cats love it !
    I was feeding this to our older finicky eaters and they loved it. by on 12/13/2015
  • Love this!
    Received a free sample from and my kitty Caesar loves it by on 11/30/2015
  • Saved my cat who wouldn't eat
    I received this as a sample. One of my cats became ill and this is the only good I could get her to eat. by on 11/22/2015
  • great taste!
    All the cats love this food! Great taste, good nutrition and good price! by on 11/15/2015
  • ProPlan is great for my kitties!J
    We have four cats we have raised since 3 weeks old, at 6 months we went to Purina Pro Plan. We use the chicken and rice savor and the canned chicken n'rice . Their coats are so soft and smooth, very healthy, litter is not so loaded as with other food. Am I sold on Pro Plan, absolutely , we stay with the same every day to aid in their digestion and health.. by on 11/11/2015
  • ProPlan Savor is A Homerun with my 2 picky cats!
    Received a free sample from Pinchme. My two picky eater cats absolutely loved it! They both come running when they hear it being poured in their bowls and leave nothing behind! This is the new go to dry food! Thanks Purina! by on 10/21/2015
  • My Ctas gobble it up!
    I have two pretty picky cats. I have been feeding them 2 seperate foods for years. Finally, I have found a food they both enjoy with Savor Chicken and Rice Formula! Thanks ProPlan. by on 10/20/2015
  • Not what I expected.
    Smokey has eaten pro plan for 11 years. I bought a bag of the savor and he had an allergic reaction to it. I don't know what is in this that is not in the original pro plan, but he has too eat hypoallergenic now. by on 10/20/2015
  • Tasty furkibbles
    My Sam loves the food. Normally gets science diet but she like this a lot by on 10/20/2015
  • Great look
    This was a sample I received and used to feed one of my new foster cats. She loves it. by on 10/19/2015
  • Cats love this!
    Our dog and cat sanctuary received samples of this food and the cats love it! by on 10/13/2015
  • A must for picky eaters
    Being in rescue...sometimes we come across some very special ...selective eaters. This is a super reliable food to get the pickiest eaters of all to eat! by on 10/13/2015
  • Life Long Rescue - Product Overview
    LLR was given some samples of ProPlan Savor. Our cats love this product. We have cat ranging from 9 weeks to 22 year of age and they all loved the product. by on 10/05/2015
  • Cats really love it!
    Had some of this donate fro some cats we rescued and it was just great. by on 10/02/2015
  • Awesome Food!
    I have fed this to several different cats, including some finicky felines. They all loved it! Very pleasant smell and must have a great taste because they all came running once the bag was opened! Other volunteers in our rescue have fed it with similarly great results. by on 09/30/2015
  • Loved by a picky eater!
    A Sanctuary kitty was not eating her dry food. We switched to Pro Plan Savor and she LOVES IT! Can't get enough. When we transitioned her she picked around the old food to have the yummy new food! by on 09/30/2015
  • Great Food
    Our cats do really great on this food! No tummy troubles and they look fantastic! by on 09/30/2015
  • Sounds healthy
    My 3 cats ripped open the bag before I had a chance to share with them. by on 09/23/2015
  • Great products.
    I have been buying pro plan since the late 80's or early 90's. We lived in Kansas at that time and when we moved back to Alabama it took us a while to find a place that carried the proplan but when we did it has been proplan ever since. Won't change unless the quality gets bad. Thanks for the great product by on 09/19/2015
  • My cat loves it
    I tried a sample of this product first with success. My cat tends to be picky and will often stop eating certain cat foods. I bought a full bag and he continues to eat it and love it. by on 09/11/2015
  • Mittens can eat this w/o getting sick!
    My poor little Mittens is a feral rescue and she has pancreatitis. I have tried other foods, even prescribed vet food but she likes and tolerates the Pro Plan lamb and rice flavor the best. Plus she no longer gets sick from eating anymore. by on 09/01/2015
  • Our cats love this flavor!
    This is one of two flavors our cats will eat. They love it! by on 08/30/2015
  • Perfect for my cats sensitive tummy!
    My cat was having digestive problems with her old food. Her litter box smelled so bad it was unbearable! Within a week of switching ProPlan, all tummy problems and now I never smell her litter box even tho it's right behind the couch in our living room!! Not to mention, Misty loves it. :) by on 08/23/2015
  • Great Food!
    We received this product as a part of our perks, our cats love it and we are now switching them all to it. by on 08/12/2015
  • i recommend this to all of my adopters
    Our charity - 2000 Spays and Neuters.Org has been using Pro Plan dry - either chicken or turkey - since Purina first introduced Pro Plan. We urge all of our adopters to use this food Pro Plan dry in combination with Grain Free canned. by on 08/11/2015
  • Great, reliable food!
    I'm so thankful that Purina offers the Pro a plan line. It has consistently been a great food for all if the cats coming into our rescue. It took a long time to find a food that would be good for all if the different cats in our program and could got all their specific needs, but we found it! by on 08/11/2015
  • Every single one loves it
    I easily keep 20+ cats/kittens at my house at any given time. I have 15 that are my cats (all ex-ferals, but 1) & I foster/socialize cats & kittens that are waiting for their furrever home. This is the only dry that I need buy, except pro plan kitten because not one dislikes it. Penny Poarch, vp. Purrfect Love Cat Rescue by on 08/10/2015
  • They love it
    I started feeding this brand when it came in a seasonal food shipment and they love it. We now recommend this food to all our adopters by on 08/05/2015
  • Cats love it!
    We fees this to our rescue kitties, they love it and they do amazing on it by on 07/29/2015
  • Cats Love it
    Great flavor and all the cats really like this food. It is pricey but cats do like it by on 07/16/2015
  • Great Food ....
    We started with the Pro Plan program with our rescue a few years ago - and this is by far our the favorite food of our rescue cats - the adults go through it quickly, and they are healthy, happy cats ! We even love the size of the bags as they are easy to manage and fill up our food bins ! by on 07/04/2015
  • really SAVORY!!!!!!
    my cats love this product I give this to them in addition to True Nature by on 06/26/2015
  • Cats say Yummy
    This food seems to be popular with almost every cat in our rescue program, something tastes right. by on 05/26/2015
  • Cats love the taste!
    Our rescue cats love this food! We cannot fill their bowls fast enough. They seem to really like the taste. by on 05/19/2015
  • Our cats LOVE this!!
    Our rescue kitties love Purina ProPlan's Chicken & Rice Dry Food. We highly recommend it to everyone we know. by on 05/15/2015
  • Cats love it
    I purchased this variety for my indoor cats recently and they seem to prefer it over other varieties. by on 05/14/2015
  • Great Taste
    We have been feeding our sanctuary cats (over 200) on any given day, Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice. Since we've basically switched over to just using Purina (which we have to purchase outright) if its not donated, we haven't had any issues with diarrhea. by on 05/13/2015
  • Outstanding product which promotes good health
    I use this product for my cat rescue and have achieved great results. by on 05/05/2015
  • Good Basic Food
    Our cats love this! A good introductory food for our foster cats. by on 05/03/2015
  • Cats think this is yummy.
    The cats of Life for Pets truly are enjoying their Savor Chicken and Rice. It was a wonderful Easter gift that couldn't have come at a better time. It is keeping their coats nice and silky smooth, and their tummies happy. We have all seen an improvement in the physical appearance of our cats since feeding this food. by on 04/20/2015
  • They love it!
    We always recommend this food to our adopters. The cats seem to really like it, it's a good price and it helps keep them healthy! by on 04/14/2015
  • Great taste, great quality
    We started feeding this formula to our foster cats after receiving a supply of free bags. They like it so much, we are now feeding this exclusively. by on 04/10/2015
  • Cat Food - Chicken & Rice Savor
    Absolutely a favorite among the cats in our care. Great for those who have sensitive stomachs, too! Very economical with quality ingredients! Highly recommend. by on 04/09/2015
  • Cats go wild!
    When they hear the bag, the cats come running. Our typically finicky cats actually started to clean their bowls when we switched to Pro Plan. by on 04/08/2015
  • Our favorite every time!
    My cats were both feral at one point. They LOVE their chicken and rice and will not eat anything else! We feed all our previous pets Pro Plan. They lived long and happy lives!! by on 04/01/2015
  • Weight gain
    Since we've been feeding our cat Pro Plan Savor Chicken and Rice formula (about 10 months) she has gained nearly 2 pounds. She eats nothing else and has actually been getting more exersize over the past few months. This formula is not like the original.... by on 03/30/2015
  • Cats love it
    Our cats love it. Only feed it to the house cats, but the barns cats want it too! by on 03/19/2015
  • My Foster cats love it
    I feed it to all my foster kitties and they love it. by on 03/12/2015
  • Long Hair Cats Coats love this
    Healthy Coats Happy Cats. Love the Food we use only purina by on 02/25/2015
  • great taste
    All my cats love the taste of this food! It is a healthy food and the cats enjoy it! by on 02/22/2015
  • Our cats love the chicken and rice formula
    Getting the donations to afford the PP cat/kitten is a challenge, but when we do it is an excellent nutritional choice. by on 02/17/2015
  • Pro Plan Adult Savor
    I bought this to feed my cats mixed with other Pro Plans. They truly did not leave a kernel. by on 02/10/2015
  • Our kitties love it!
    Our rescue organization feeds this as the standard diet to all of our resident cats as it provides a great balance of palatability, nutrition, and value. Very digestible and a superior food to the other brands at this price point. by on 01/28/2015
  • One of our main-stay foods
    We have many cats in and out of the welcoming doors of our animal rescue and the Pro Plan Adult Chicken & Rice formula is one of our main-stay foods. It's super popular and we mix it with the other Pro Plan formulas. This food produces wonderfully shiny coats! by on 01/16/2015
  • Cats love it!
    Our rescue cats all love the chicken and rice formula and race to the bowls to devour it when we put it out! by on 01/16/2015
  • 2 yr old rescue cat is healthiest she's ever been
    I've been feeding this food to my adopted 2 year old calico cat ever since I brought her home from the shelter. When she was rescued, she was nursing and underweight and shedding like crazy. A few weeks later, her fur is soft and strong, her mind and body are recovered from her spay surgery, she's putting on healthy muscle weight and her energy is unending. Great nutrition for a recovering rescue baby! by on 01/03/2015
  • Only food my cat will eat!
    My cat has a habit of tricking me. I buy a small sample of a food and feed it to her. If he appears to like it I will get a much larger quantity and it is about then she decides she doesn't like it any longer. But that problem was solved when I tired Pro Plan adult Chicken and Rice Formula. by on 01/01/2015
  • They LOVE the chicken flavor!
    Bought this for the rescue kitties and they love the chicken. It's a crowd favorite. by on 12/10/2014
  • Great food!
    We give samples of this out with every adoption and everyone loves it! by on 12/09/2014
  • Cats Love It! Great Product
    Our rescue cats absolutely love this food. It is a great product and we will always continue to use pro plan for our personal pets and the rescue babies by on 12/08/2014
  • Elvis has Spoken
    Our Savannah Cat Elvis was eating a different food recommended by his breeder. He did fine with it. One day we offered him Pro Plan Chicken and Rice. We had been given a small sample bag. The next day Elvis did not eat. He was pushing his food around and dumping his bowl. We offered him some wet food with the same results. He was meowing and meowing. You know kids say the darnedest things ..well my son said he thought Elvis was still full from the Pro Plan the other day. That's when I got desperate. We drove right to the Pet Store and bought a bag of Savor. Elvis was so happy. He started purring and rubbing up on the bag. Needless to say " all he eats is Pro Plan now." He made the choice and we are happy to provide him with the food he loves. He could have made a TV commercial that day. He was loving it - by on 11/21/2014
  • All our kitties love it!
    We feed all our animals Proplan! They enjoy it and we have noticed a change in their coats! The pets are also less gassy, which we really appreciate! by on 11/10/2014
  • My cats Love this stuff!
    We have 6 cats that can't get enough of this food. It's the only dry cat food they like. by on 11/07/2014
  • The Cats' Meow
    We received samples of the Chicken and Rice Formula and the rescue cats began arguing over the communal food dishes. Fortunately, we bought more and there is plenty for all! by on 10/20/2014
  • Four Happy Cats!!
    Pro Plan Savor Chicken and Rice is the only food that works for all four of my cats. I have two cats with sensitive digestive systems, so to find a food that agrees with all of their needs is tough to find. I've done my fair share of comparison shopping, trying other brands and I always find myself going back to Pro Plan. Thank you Purina! by on 10/19/2014
  • Great food for domestic cat and feral
    I have bought after using as a free sample and used for 3 months on my own pet cat and a feral that I caretake. The feral is in remarkable shape as is my own pet cat. It is amazing to see how their coats shine. by on 10/13/2014
  • Great Maintenance Food!
    The cats in our rescue do very well on this food. All find that it tastes great and keeps them in great condition. by on 10/09/2014
  • wonderful food
    excellent ,very palatable food that appeals to all the cats we fed it to by on 10/07/2014
  • Great nutrition and balance
    Our cats stay healthier when eating Focus adult chix & rice formula. No vomiting or diarrhea! by on 10/05/2014
  • Our cats Love it!
    We have a rescue and our adults love this food. They are healthy & happy by on 10/01/2014
  • Adult chicken and rice
    Our rescue cats only eat the chicken and rice formula by on 09/30/2014
  • Felines of All Ages Like This Formula
    Our adult foster cats eat this on a regular basis and they have good looking coats, good digestion, and are happy and healthy. The kittens occasionally sneak a bit of the food as well, but it isn't a big concern based on the guaranteed analysis. by on 09/30/2014
  • Maggie loves it!
    We just switched our cat to this product and she loves it! by on 09/26/2014
  • Cat-tested and approved!
    Cats love the chiken taste! This was a big hit with them. by on 09/25/2014
  • Cats loved it
    I got a sample of this & my cats loved it, thinking it was just a "new" change they were liking, I went a bought a small bag & yes they still loved it. by on 09/18/2014
  • Pro Plan Savor is well received but...
    Our foster cats and pets loved this Pro Plan cat food, however, I'm not sure how well it agreed with all of them. I cleaned up a lot more puke piles after trying this formula. They seemed to like the taste, but..... I don't think I'll be feeding them much more of this one. by on 09/17/2014
  • Great food!
    I switched my cats over to this formula even though it was a bit more expensive than their previous food. They seem to really like it and it's much healthier for my kitties! by on 09/16/2014
  • Savor Adult Chicken & Rice Excellant food!!!!
    Switch my cat to this flavor & she just loves it!!!!! by on 09/16/2014
  • Only thing my cat will eat
    I've been feeding ProPlan to my cat ever since she turned two, she is now five. This is the only type of food she will eat. She has always been a picky eater and won't even eat people food. The vet and others have commented on her shiny and silky coat, I personally believe it's the food she eats. by on 09/15/2014
  • My Cat Loves it
    He has turned his nose up at just about everything, except this. by on 09/15/2014
  • My cat loves thsi.
    The price is reasonable and my cat loves the taste.. by on 09/15/2014
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