Pro Plan ExtraCare Hairball Management Chicken/Rice for Cats
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At a Glance
Made with Real Chicken as #1 ingredient
Formulated with natural fiber to help control hairballs
Antioxidants for immune system health
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    O.N.E. Chicken & Rice Dry Food
    • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, blended with other high-quality protein sources, to help support strong muscles, including a healthy heart.
    • Omega-6 helps give your cat a radiant coat and healthy skin.
    • Highly digestible so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat.
    O.N.E. Tender Selects with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food
    • Real salmon is the #1 ingredient, blended with other high-quality protein sources, to help support strong muscles and a healthy heart.
    • Enriched with vitamins and minerals for strong bones and joints.
    • Highly digestible so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat.
    • Fun-shaped kibble has a crunchy texture that helps scrub tartar with every bite to keep teeth clean and healthy.
    • Proudly made in Purina-owned facilities in the USA with no fillers so each ingredient has a purpose.
    Pro Plan Total Care Dry Chicken Rice Cat Food
    • Real Chicken is the #1 ingredient
    • Antioxidants for immune system health
    • Rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and radiant coat

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 41 reviewers.

  • Is works great!
    I bought the formula for hair balls since my older cat seems to be having more problems with them lately. Not only does he love this food, it has helped tremendously with his hairball problem. I would highly recommend this product! by on 07/09/2016
  • They will eat it!
    Decided to try something new, the kitties seem to like it. Due to price will probably be a treat rather than a regular diet by on 07/06/2016
  • good product
    My cats loved this product. I like the different sizes and flavors in the bag by on 07/05/2016
  • my cat loves it!
    Great food for finicky kitties! Our Dilly loves the Adult Hairball Management. by on 03/14/2016
  • 19 Years strong this summer
    My two feral rescues started on pro plan 19 years ago this summer. They came to me as sick and sorry little things around 8 weeks old. Half starved, my vet recommended to try pro plan kitten formula, since my other one year old (passed at 18 years) cat was already on pro plan (at the time it was just chicken and rice). So, all three started eating pro plan kitten. It wasn't long before the youngsters were happy shiny healthy cats! Fast forward to yesterday, my SingSing's dental appointment - they run a senior lab profile just to make sure he's good. My vet calls today. She is amazed at how healthy this guy is. All his labs and bloodwork come back right in healthy ranges. We switched to the lower protein formula about three years ago, and they are doing fine on it. I told the vet, I have to credit the food (as well as annual vet checkups) with their health. 19 is a long life for a cat who has been indoor - outdoor since their rescue! My two new rescues (one year) are guessed it. A pro plan diet! I tell everyone to try it. its worth the extra couple bucks - they eat less because its good food, and you'll have a long healthy life cat! by on 02/05/2016
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