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Rated 5 out of 5 by 38 reviewers.

Didn't seem to have any effect
Did not notice any drop in glass on my 2 dogs after the collars had been on them even after a couple weeks switched back to drops by on 10/30/2021
received with 6 month expiration date
I ordered 6 collars for 2 dogs in February 2016.The collars are supposed to last for 3 months.UNFORTUNATELY PetCareRx sent collars with an expiration date in August 2016.You do the math - WASTE OF MONEY! by on 02/28/2016
Great Price for hard to find product.
I ordered 2 tick collars. I could not find them in the pet stores I could only find flea and tick collars. My vet had same collars that I ordered for twice the price. by on 06/23/2015
Good product
So far first time using this product on my dog and it's working great. He used get a tick on him every time he went outside and since I've pit the collar on him haven't seen any yet. by on 06/21/2015
Great product
This is the only collar I will use of my dog. The vet got me started with this but PetRx is less expensive. by on 10/28/2014
These collars do the trick
I have been using these Preventic collars on my dog for 13 years. I have never found a tick, living or dead, on her. They do the trick. They can be a little pricey, but worth it. by on 04/23/2014
The only product that worked for me
I never knew what a tick was until I moved to Florida. My groomer told me she found 30 on my boy. Mind you he was on Revolution (mainly for heartworm), and after a call to Pfizer who makes Revolution I was told it only helps with one kind of tick and the tick needs to bit him in order to die! Give me a break. Then I tried Advantix as well. Don't waste your money it didn't work, and it doesn't work on fleas either. My vet told me to try this collar, and shortly after my boy was tick free. He hasn''t had one tick since I started using this. He did get fleas, but this collar specifically states it does not work on fleas. by on 01/07/2014
best tick collar
Where we live is surrounded by prairie and wetlands. The ticks are bad from march till dec. This coller works great. Even our vet who is doing tick research here in wisconsin agrees with me fully. by on 12/13/2013
It's what it promised
The preventix collar lived up to what it said. I have a high tick area in my neighborhood. I have two dogs and was noticing ticks on them and in my house. YUCK!! So I got the collars and it took a couple days to start working(which is what it says in the descriptions). I have found a tick here or there but not at all like before. I've checked the dogs and maybe once in awhile I'll have one or two but my house is free of ticks and my dogs. And for the money its the best thing you can get that doesn't cost alot to find out it doesn't work anyway. I have two Siberean Mixes. One has a super thick coat so you have to work alittle harder to get the collar closer to the skin. But the other onehas reg coat and no problem by on 11/13/2013
great product
Just a note to say these collars work really well. After removing more than 60 ticks from my dogs skin and having her treated for lyme disease, my vet recommended this collar. My dog has not had another tick attached to her skin since. Only downfall is they do jump on her fur and quickly back off again looking for another host. by on 08/05/2011
excellent product
These collars really do work. First experience with ticks left me to remove 60 + ticks from my dogs skin. (upstate NY and 1 the lyme disease is rampant. my dog was infected from those first 60 ticks and was treated for lyme disease.) Collars are amazing, I haven't found another tick under my dogs skin since. It does take a day or two for the active chemical to work properly. Beware - ticks will jump on the fur and quickly back off looking for something else to feed on. My vet has better prices than these. by on 07/26/2011
What covers the other 3%?
My Bichon is on Vectra & the Preventic Collar I just got 3 days ago. Still finding live ticks on her. Both products say takes care of 97%. How do you get rid of the other 3%? I have had the house exterminated twice and the yard & wash everything possible in hot water & heat dried everything I couldn't wash. Both me & my poor dog have had it. I hope this collar helps. My Vet's office gave me Trifexis which started all of this telling me it was for heartworms, fleas, ticks & even allergies.. NOT SO! by on 05/29/2011
Did not work for my dogs!
I have two lab mixes, both about 60 pounds, and I got these collars for we would go on hikes in the woods. I put the collars on before we left the house, we were only gone for about 30 minutes hiking, and when we got back I found at least 10 ticks on both dogs!!!! It took us all day to get rid of them and even noticed some the next day. We also use frontline to protect and this was to be added protection. Would have been better with out them. by on 05/25/2011
great product
this really works. I have three labs in az and NOTHING stopped them! I sprayed,I bathed,I used the spot on ,collars,bombed the house ,even used organic products( powders,shampoos and diatimatous earth (sp ?) nothing worked! These collars not only worked but after awile the infestation around my lot went away.One point about the other sites i got 3 collars on another site for a few more bucks then these guys charge for 1 by on 05/10/2011
Really Works
My Yellow Lab would come back from the woods with 2-3 ticks everytime. This collar keeps them from attaching. Thank goodness she yellow or I would never see them!I use to find them attached now I just find them moving slowly. Great product use along with Revolution (another great product). by on 02/04/2011
Works great
We are two 25lb dogs that were getting ticks but once we got these collars we haven't had a problem since. We have used them for two years now by on 03/26/2010
Not Bad, But Not Perfect
These collars work pretty well, however they do not prevent ALL ticks from attaching and finding a nice warm home on our outdoor farm dogs. I recommend this product as it works better than topicals such as Frontline or Revolution (and is much more affordable, even when purchasing heartworm preventative separately) and successfully prevents infestation levels of ticks on the dogs. But don't be surprised to find a few ticks on occasion. by on 03/12/2010
Great for mange control
The vet said to use these collars for our border collie to control her chronic demitic mange. Since collie breeds cannot get injections of Ivermectin we have to use something. The collars work great. We put a new collar on her every 6-8 weeks. Longer than that and she starts having problems with breakouts. It may be different for each dog tho'. It gets pricey, but it's better than her being miserable and going in for medicinal baths. by on 01/28/2010
It Works
We had a major tick problem. Our lab would have as many as 10 ticks a day. We tried every collar, spray, Frontline, Advantix, you name it we tried it. Three days after we used Preventic our lab was tick free and is still tick free. by on 09/21/2009
Stops ticks that Frontline Plus doesn't.
My Scottie has been on Frontline Plus since she was a puppy. She was still regularly getting ticks that attached. My vet said this collar would be a good addition. Since she started wearing it, no more ticks. If they get on her at all(which is rare), they move real slow and don't attach. They last the full 3 months and the buckle is very good -- it doesn't loosen up. I wouldn't be without Preventix during tick season! by on 08/18/2009
Great Product
This collar works great Sandy is a chaser of all critters and ticks in the spring are really a problem, Frontline didn't help at all but with the collar there is a lot fewer ticks. Works Wonderfully by on 08/10/2009
Our vet suggested Preventic 6 months ago. Even with Frontline Jake, our Golden Retriever, would pick up a few ticks. He's been almost totally tick-free since we've started using this collar. by on 07/06/2009
Really works
We live in the middle of the woods and our dog will chase anything that moves. Haven't found a live tick on her since we started using this collar. by on 09/03/2008
The Only Tick Collar for Dugan
I have been purchasing this tick collar for years. It protected my black lab until he passed away and now it is protecting Dugan, my chocolate lab. Having tried less expensive collars, I realize that you "get what you pay for." This is the only collar I will ever use. I order two at the beginning of tick season and don't have to worry about remembering to order another after three months. One thing I do have to check is Dugan's face. The collar provides excellent protection for the body, but when he gets down into the underbrush sniffing around, the ticks are able to jump on. by on 07/05/2008
This collar really works
We took the dogs camping this weekend, and the campground was full of ticks. We found several ticks on us, but there were none on the dogs. The trip would have been a total disaster without these tick collars. The dogs have been wearing the collars for about 30 days, and they are still working. (We were at Wolf Creek on Lake Shelbyville in IL if you are looking for or looking to avoid ticks.) by on 06/30/2008
great collar
This is a great collar.Highly recomend this one.We have been using them about 4 years,and have been pleased with there abillity to do what it says it will.(unlike many of the others) by on 05/05/2008
Great product!
The preventic collar is the ONLY product, along with frontline I use, it works great! We had an infestation a few years ago, my vet recommended it to me, I've used it ever since! by on 05/03/2008
Ticks take a licking!!
I have been using this particular tick collar on my 2 dogs for years and would not be without them. They came highly recommended by the vet. Not really keen on chemicals but even less keener on the thought of them having ticks. Best price is at PetCare Rx. by on 03/20/2008
Good but still needed to be check when you our in the woods by on 09/29/2007
Best Tick Collar Made
We live in a tick infested area and, since using the Preventic collar, we have had NO TICK PROBLEMS....This product is WONDERFUL!! by on 09/03/2007
This is the best Tic collar I've ever used. I Tried all the others and nothing worked. I even used is on my 17 year old dog & he had no adverse reactions. Yea no more walking lima beans. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Results seen within 24 hours. by on 08/16/2007
Great Alternative!
It works great, we're in the woods all the time and no ticks, but it seems to stop working just before the three months is up. Still satisfied and would definitely recommend it! by on 06/24/2007
finally one that works
We live around a lake with lots of follage and tons of ticks. This is the only collar that truly keeps the ticks at bay. by on 06/15/2007
Great Product
Finally something that does what its says it will do. Great product. Our dog had ticks on her face and we didnt take any off in oneday they were all gone....Fantastic and no more ticks on here all season....We will definately buy her another for this summer...................... by on 03/11/2006
Only Sollution to Ticks on Maui
I was very sceptical when my vet said these collars worked well. I have a sheppard/ridge/pit mix (poi dog) she has a very thick coat and Frontline drops never worked due to her dense, quill like coat but after just a few days wearing the collar she was tickfree! FYI~ I use a small peice of duct tape to keep the collar from coming undone as she is an outdoor animal always on the move. by on 01/12/2006
They Should Make These For Humans!!! Works GREAT!!!
I recently moved from the city to the mountains in PA and had gotten overwhelmed with TICKS. UGGG,,, Living with my sister, both our dogs had tick problems aside from using our normal FRONTLINE (which works great as well) - But,the part of the mountains we are in is heavily infested with every type of Tick I think was ever named. I bought 2 collars and within 2-3 days I was vacuuming up ticks off the floor left and right. Every tick that attempted to attack our precious pets couldn't keep ahold of them. By the time the dogs came in, the ticks were falling off. It was unbelieveable, yet fantastic (though disgusting) at the same time. I definitely RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. It does what it says and I will forever use it with my FrontLine product as a super sheild to protect our best friends! :) by on 12/02/2005
It really works
The Preventic dog collar really works. My dog had a tick attached to her face and I wanted to see if the collar actually worked so I left the tick in place and put the Preventic collar on and withing hours the tick was dead and gone. Great product. by on 07/30/2005
Preventic Tick Collar
We live in Connecticut in the woods with lots of ticks and Lymes Disease. This is the only product we found to be truly effective. by on 04/11/2005