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  • FINALLY! A pet food that has never been recalled!
    I gave up after all the ongoing pet food recalls. I started making our 3 fur babies food here at home. They absolutely love it, but something kept telling me...keep searching, there's got to be a pet food to supplement that hasn't been recalled. I'm so glad I did that search, to which there are very few. I went to their website at PrecisePet.com - check them out. I'll review after our "fids" (furry kids) receive and try it out! by on 06/05/2012
  • FINALLY, a pet that that's never been recalled!
    After all the ongoing pet food recalls I gave up. I took control and started making my 3 fur babies their own homemade food. I hesitated to do that 100% so I needed a high quality kibble backup, that wasn't linked to any of the scary recalls and this was one of the VERY few I found! It is made here in the USA (here in Texas to be exact) and you can visit their website at PrecisePet.com - I am so glad I am switching over to this food now. Stay tuned for another review! by on 06/05/2012
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