Pig Ears are a treat that will put a "smile" on your dog's tail. Tasty, juicy pig ears are guaranteed to be one of your pet's favorites as well as being good for them.


Rated 5 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.

  • Tasty to Pup
    She loved the pig ears! Kept her busy for a while.... by on 02/18/2019
  • fresh product
    This was enjoyed by my dog. No musky smell, totally fresh. Thanks Pet Rx btw for the gift you gave me! by on 12/29/2015
  • oink, oink!
    My corgi is in love with pig ears and Bully sticks, she can't get enough! She has the cleaniest teeth of any dog I have ever seen, it's the chewing. Her favorite human question is " Do you want a treat?" by on 02/25/2011
  • Bulldogs will swallow them whole
    My English Bulldog loves pig ears but he will swallow them in a matter of minutes and then go around making noises like he is going to regurgitate it. And then he does...and then he starts chewing again. If you have a larger breed dog invest in some good rawhides unless you want a good laugh. by on 09/30/2009
  • pigs ears
    my dog jake loved the pig ears i ordered through your site!! Good price also. by on 05/25/2008
  • Dog can't eat rawhides
    I have a Britney Spaniel and she can't handle rawhide chews. For some reason they upset her stomach and it then enduces vomiting. She has no trouble with pig ears. by on 05/13/2008
  • Mmmm Pig Ears
    I have a Jack-Rat & a Rat Terrier. My little 4 pound Jack-Rat would not stop chewing this until it was gone. He is an aggressive chewer and finished it w/in a few hours. I would recommend these natural chews. by on 04/03/2008
  • pig ears
    They were wonderful. My dogs loved them. They would not leave them alone until they were gone. by on 11/17/2005
  • the best for dogs
    my boxer loves pig ears and they keep him occupied for awhile. he stays out of trouble that way. by on 03/14/2005
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