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PetArmor for Cats is a quick acting, long lasting, flea and tick medication. Protecting your cat for 30 days, arm your pet against these pesky critters today with PetArmor.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.

Simparica and Pet Armor

The products are wonderful. Shipping is always timely. by on 08/16/2021
does not kill fleas

The petarmor doesnt work at all. And there is only one drop in the tube. The others that i used you could put a couple of drops in different places on the neck. Its not worth it. The advantage seems to work best. He still had fleas even after two doses. by on 08/06/2016

I have only been using this product for a month. So far it seems to working great on my cats. For the price I'mGetting what I got from Advantage II. by on 08/09/2015
The product works well

The only problem I have is that sometimes the tubes are not filled all the way. Twice there has ben an empty tube in the package. I have three cats so I buy it a lot. It works well if the tubes are completely filled. It is a good value for the money. by on 04/01/2015
Excellent product for price

We have been suing PetArmor for our cat since she was a kitten. We are very satisfied with the product! by on 03/17/2014
Less expensive; equally good

This product is just as good as its' more expensive competitors! I have been using this on both the dog and cats for a couple of years now. by on 02/19/2014
The price is right.!

I haven't been using this product long enough to really be sure of its merits. As a seeming equivalent to the more expensive "Front line" I certainly am willing to give this a try. I have a private cat shelter for 50-plus creatures and need to consider costs always. by on 11/23/2013
Doesn't last a month

I bought this product for a year for my cats and dogs. My one dog was scratching and chewing on herself horribly. I got out my flea comb as was surprised how many fleas were on her. I then combed my 8 year old cat and she was infested as well. I went to my vet the next day and got Frontline Plus, which I was using before Pet Armour, and within one day the fleas were practically gone. I am going back to Frontline Plus. by on 10/20/2013
Great Product!

The packaging is similar to Frontline Plus but is a little more difficult to open. The price is excellent. Frontline Plus quality at a much lower price. by on 07/18/2013
Works for Our Household

My wife and I share our home with three lovely feline ladies, of which two are "indoor / outdoor" cats. We've been using Pet Armor for Cats for more than a year - in the Louisiana heat, no less - and I'm happy to say our kitties (and home) are flea & tick free. This is a good product for our limited budget, and our cats are healthy and happy. by on 03/25/2013
lousy product!

I was so excited when the flea "generics'' came out. I tried this product for months on our indoor Maine Coon cat, Kismet. What was really bad was she ate a lily petal or lily leaf from birthday flowers (June 2012) and had nearly died. Getting her to emergency E/R in Jacksonville saved her life. Her regular vet, also, did 2 treatments to counteract poisoning to her, also, upon release from E/R hospital. Even though her monthly flea treatment was due and she was scratching horribly and full of flea "dirt," our wonderful vet said to hold off on any additional chemicals (for about 7 days) since she had been through so much. She had to be miserable for another week simply because this product DID NOT WORK, and it was used for several months. Our vet recommended ASSURITY to use only after the one week upon her release from the poisoning treatments / cure. We used the product when it was safe for her and are very pleased. She has had 5 treatments and rarely scratches. I will never use PET ARMOR or ever have any type of live flowers in my home again! by on 01/23/2013
Didnt work

Didnt do anything for my cats, got terrible infestation... Then tried Front Line, its better, but still have fleas. by on 07/01/2012

I just bought the PetArmor for cats last night. Within 5 minutes of putting it on my cat she was running around all crazy, choking, drooling and foaming at the mouth. I freaked out and immediately googled it. I was shocked. So many people have had the same problem. I immediately washed it off of her (that was awful all by itself) and rubbed her down with a cloth. So, in my attempt to be cheap, I almost killed my cat. She's doing fine today. I'm just glad it didn't take longer for her to by on 05/25/2012

well, I thought at first that this worked well as my cats seemed to get rid of their fleas. But, they've only been on this for about 2 weeks and I have found eggs as well as some itching on both kitties. Plus, after I gave the treatment, the cats were both lethargic for the whole day...not as good as Frontline. by on 05/13/2012