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  • small breed
    i've been buying for over 10 years & lmy dogs love it by on 02/06/2014
  • Dogs love it !
    I have been purchasing this dog food for the past year and it is one that my dogs actually like. Other foods they push around in their bowls. Not with Pedigree they eat it all at one time. by on 02/06/2014
  • dog loves
    I buy this for my small mix dog and he loves it. I would recomend by on 02/06/2014
  • Good Dog food for little Dogs to eat.
    Pedigree makes good food for Dogs to eat and it has good nutrition fro them. by on 02/06/2014
  • Great size kibbles
    I use the Pedigree for small breeds because of the size. My dogs love the taste and it is the perfect size for their little mouths! by on 02/06/2014
  • to the point
    bought this from my brother-in-law's suggestion.My schnauzer likes it by on 02/05/2014
  • puppy love
    the pellets are small enough for little dogs.  reasonable price. by on 02/05/2014
  • Great Dog Food
    I bought a large bag of this dog food and my little poms love it and, their for I love it . They like to eat a little at a time but, when they do my male pom just go's at it II leave the food in the dish and, I know they love because they keep coming back for more. by on 02/03/2014
  • Ginger dog seems to like it!
    Is what I always feed my dog.  This is the second dog that I've fed Petigree small dog food to.   by on 02/02/2014
  • Good name
    My Boston Terriers have been eating this for several years and love it. by on 02/01/2014
  • Top Grade
    My Dog Loves the Pedigree brand.  Other brands I've tried just sits in his bowl. It keeps him healthy, happy, and I get  a thank you with his paw..shake and  a smile..every time.  Thanks for such a good product. by on 01/31/2014
  • a chihuahua, a maltese, and a schnauzer
    the girls love it and Chances R, the maltese has grown from four pounds to seven pounds on his food. when he came to live with us, he was lethargic and just laid around. after a couple of weeks on Pedigree, he began to run and play with the others and now weighs in at nearly seven pounds by on 01/30/2014
  • My girls love it !
    I have been feeding this to my 2 Chihuahua's for several years. I have tried a couple other brands, but this is all that they will eat by on 01/30/2014
  • Our Dog LOVES It!
    Our Yorkshire Terrier loves Small Breed nutrition food. Is there a small breed food for the older dog, that will help her stay trim? by on 01/30/2014
  • Great for my small dogs.
    I am glad I tried it. They seem to enjoy it very much. by on 01/29/2014
  • Just the right size
    I have had my Miniature Poodle on predigree since she was old enough to eat dog food and she is now 2 years old and still on it.  I had Greman Shepherds for 14 years and Pedigree is all they ate, it is the only brand I trust. by on 01/28/2014
  • it helps
    I have a 13" lemon drop beagle, who has a problem chewing and the Small Breed formula helps. by on 01/28/2014
  • Small breed bites
    Love the small breed size for my small Westie.  She loves to nibble and I mix  it with a little bit of your canned food once a day. by on 01/27/2014
  • Small Dog and she needs small bites.
    I have been feeding it to my dogs for over 20 years. by on 01/27/2014
  • My dog enjoys the yellow crunchy ones
    I have bought this brand since we brought our puppy home and she is a JRT too. My boyfriend refused to switch her to something else. by on 01/27/2014
  • Medium Dog who likes small bites
    This food is great for my medium dog because he can't chew the larger bites.   by on 01/27/2014
  • Great Hit for All my Dogs!
    Started my pups on puppy and then changed to small breed. All five of my dogs love it and can't wait until breakfast and dinner time! by on 01/27/2014
  • Good size for smaller dogs
    I uh this as donation food for my shelter and they prefer it to others  by on 01/27/2014
  • Mine love it!
    Both of my dogs love it. The morsels are a good size for them. by on 01/27/2014
  • perfect size for my dog
    My dog Abbey loves this food ,she had trouble chewing other brands but not the pedigree small bites by on 01/26/2014
  • tiny for small mouths
    we have gotten pedigree small breed food for out dogs and they love it, its easier for them to chew and the love the flavor. would recommend to others highly thank you pedigree for caring about the furbabies by on 01/26/2014
  • My poodle loves it
    I've  used it for a year and we have been quite happy by on 01/26/2014
  • javascript:void(0)
    My dog love the taste of it and I love how small the pieces are for small breed. That way she doesn't choke on it. by on 01/26/2014
  • pedigree
    The bits are too hard and dogs have a hard time chewing them. by on 01/26/2014
  • Small Breed
    My dogs (3 Chihuahuas) love Pedigree by far better than any other dog food on the market. I wish we could buy it every time, but due to a tight budget, we usually only get it 2 weeks out of the month. We tell everyone about Pedigree, and we've personally switched 3 families from Alpo and Iams to Pedigree. We have tried the snacks, and they LOVE them, but again, it's very tough to afford them, even though they are very reasonably priced. The other day, my wife had to buy some dog food in the middle of the week, and so she bought some Alpo dry food because it was cheaper. We still had a day or two's feeding left in the Pedigree bag. We put some Alpo in their bowl, and after they tasted it, my dog went from the bowl and jumped up on the Pedigree bag and looked at me like, "Daddy, please put this in my bowl!". Thank you for a great product, and could you possibly tell me where I could find a coupon? by on 01/26/2014
  • Andy Boston terrirr
    My dog loves your dog food. But whenever he is sick I have a hard time cleaning the carpet. by on 01/26/2014
  • great
    Great product for my animals have used for 5 years by on 01/25/2014
  • Love it.
    I have always been hesitant about dog foods because it seems like there is always a recall on a popular brand. BUT! I my parents have been using Pedigree since before I can remember and when I adopted my own doggie it didn't take long to find the small breed dry food. It is affordable and my baby loves it. Also, it doesn't give him as much gas as other foods. (And he is a gassy boy)  by on 01/25/2014
  • Just right for my havanese
    After trying a few more expensive dog food brands, I tried this and my dog loves it.  The other brands gave her GI problems.  No more.  She has been eating Pedigree Small Breed for 8 years. by on 01/25/2014
  • My dog loves this brand so much
    My dog loves this brand so much she refuses to eat any other brand of Dry dog food. by on 01/25/2014
  • Pedigree
    I have been buying pedigree for years. I also like the dentistix. by on 01/25/2014
  • great food for my doggies
    I have 3 doggies...my chihuahua's...and they are a feisty bunch...with their old dog food I noticed their bowl almost always had food in it...like they would pick and choose which pieces they ate...they didn't like a bunch of the nuggets...so we switched to Pedigree and what a change...besides their bowl being gobbled up as soon as it is filled...their energy level is better..they look fuller and healthier and its all because we switched...thank you Pedigree  by on 01/25/2014
  • a nice package
    I've been buying this for a while my hunting dogs(beagles) like it best over other leading brands. by on 01/25/2014
  • My Dog not real happy
    I tried feeding Pedigree but my dog gets tired of it quickly. It also seems to dry their coat out - or not have enough vitamins to keep the coats healthy. They just need something more, and something they will not get tired of before a 8# bag is used. They do like your treats.  by on 01/25/2014
  • my dogs love this product
    This is the only food my dogs have actually liked. I've bought other brands and other flavors but this is the only product all 3 of my dogs will eat consistently. by on 01/25/2014
  • Pieces too big
    My dog does like this food I only wish the pieces were a little smaller for my mini Dachshund. I had to change to a smaller piece brand. by on 01/25/2014
  • Good food for a great price!
    My 23 pnd dog eats it and likes it a lot. Good product. Good price. I know there's better food out there but some people can't afford it. I like this food and so does my dog. Will be retiring to y'all's senior food soon. Thanks pedigree! by on 01/25/2014
  • the dogs like the food
    bought 2 weeks ago and it seems they like is so we have to buy dog food every 2 weeks by on 01/25/2014
  • Medium Dog little bites
    My dog is not a small breed but he just likes the little bits in his dry food. I don't know why but he likes this the best. by on 01/25/2014
  • Perfect
    I like it because my dogs have a hard time eating big kibble. by on 01/25/2014
  • Good Mouthfull for even little mouths :)
    Our little boys (Chester and Muffin)  L O V E this!!!  Full tummies + Happy heart = Wagging tails (dog math)  :0 by on 01/25/2014
  • Sorta moist and chewy
    I mix 1/2 cup Dry Pedigree with 1/2 can of wet pedigree and my dogs both love it! by on 01/25/2014
  • cost effective with coupons
    my dog loves pedigree, its the only thing he likes by on 01/25/2014
  • Great Taste
    I was using another name brand but my dog got to the place he wouldn't eat it and every time we went over my sister's house he would eat her dogs food...Pedigree ..so started getting it and he loves it...I get it all the time now!!! by on 01/25/2014
  • Bag size
    I've been feeding my dogs Pedigree for years. My only complaint is that the Small Breed doesn't come in 40 pound bags. I have 7 dogs- 2 Mini Pin/Chihuahuas, 2 Dachshunds, 1 Yorkie/Chihuahua, a Rottie/Lab, and what I call a St John Terrier. While the Rottie/Lab is 100 lbs and the St John is 40, we still go through dog food at an alarming rate. I'd rater feed the small breed because most of mine are, but buy the regular adult just because I can't get to the store often enough due to work. by on 01/25/2014
  • love a food directed towards small adult breeds
    I bought this on a whim because the store I was at didnt have our dogs brand. I noticed the small breed libe amd snatched it right up. My fingers eere crossed tge entire time that our tiny dog would ot only love this food, but itf be small enough for her mouth. Turns out she more than loved it. She's always asking for more which was a huge suprise! We just thought she wasn't a big eater.... guess she just wanted Pedigree! by on 01/25/2014
  • easy to chew
    They seem to like the small breed better, no food is ever left and they always search for more.  All are small dogs and I guess it is just easier for them to chew by on 01/25/2014
  • small bits
    my dogs are black labs but they like small bits I also buy a can to mix in from time yo time. by on 01/25/2014
  • digestion
    my 2 little dogs do great on this product. They do not do well on high-end products. by on 01/25/2014
  • reliable brand, good price
    i wanted the weight control formula but it was not available in the three stores i went. i got this instead and hairry smelt it through the bag as i walked in the door and demanded a taste. i wish i could afford the natural brands but for my price range pedigree has a reliable reputation and hairry likes it. by on 01/25/2014
  • my sheltie loves it and her hair is so shiny!!
    love it my sheltie loves it smallbites for smaller breeds, itswonderful, i finally found a dog food she loves by on 01/25/2014
  • they are easy for my older,smaller dog to chew
    I would buy this again because my dogs love it!!!!! by on 01/24/2014
  • perfect for small breed dogs
    I wanted a good healthy dog food for my Yorkshire terrier. he loves his pedigree food. he gets everything he needs in this food. by on 01/24/2014
  • Pedigree has always been a safe dog food.
    I have fed my dogs Pedigree for 20 years. Pedigree has consistently been a safe and reliable dog food. Over the years there have been recalls on most brands of dog food. A few years ago most of the top brands were recalled because of poison from China. Pedigree was not on that list or any other list. I would like to see a combination small breed, joint formula and senior care all in one and less corn meal as the first ingredient. But, if you mess with the formula, you may run into problems. Stick with a good product. by on 01/24/2014
  • The best food for our little dogs( vet recommend )
    I've been buying pedigree for 14 yrs now and our dogs are so healthy on it by on 01/24/2014
  • Excellent dog food
    Our dogs love this dog food. They always clean their bowls quickly when fed this brand. In addition, our veterinarian recommends this brand.  by on 01/24/2014
  • Great Product
    been using this brand for years...dog loves it.... by on 01/24/2014
  • Great for my Shih Tzus
    After having tried many dog foods expensive ones at that we came across the Pedigree for small breed they just love it. Seems to work great they are 13 years old and have never had any health issues which says a lot. by on 01/24/2014
  • My dog loves it!
    I buy this product every month for my dog. I have a rescue german shepard/collie. I have always fed Pedigree to my dogs as I trust their products. Just like my family I set a high standard to what my dog eats. I'd rather pay a higher price to know shes getting the nutrition that she needs. by on 01/24/2014
  • THE oNLY oNE
  • happy pugs
    We have two pugs that we recently rescued and they just love the food. It agrees with their stomachs and does not cause any skin issues. by on 01/24/2014
  • Wonderful Taste!!
    I have been using this dog food for years and it is the only kind my 4 dogs will eat. by on 01/24/2014
  • Great for our Shihtzu
    Abbi is almost 11 years old and Pedigree is all she has ever eaten. She loves it!!  Thanks Pedigree.  by on 01/24/2014
  • small enough for my chihuahua and he loves it
    these bites are perfect for my small dog he loves the taste  by on 01/24/2014
  • Nice design
    I started my four dogs on Pedigree in October of 2013 and in January of 2013 switched to the small breed dry dog food. My dogs have never been so healthy and happy with their dog food as they are now. by on 01/24/2014
  • Happy Dog
    I've always fed my dogs Pedigree. My newly rescused Pom. is a very happy doggie now. :-) by on 01/24/2014
  • right size
    they enjoy eating when i give them pedigree dry dog food by on 01/24/2014
  • My dogs love this!!
    Both my Yorkie and Pomeranian seem to absolutely love how this tastes! Since they are small dogs, I keep dry food down for them at all times to make sure they have adequate nutrients. This is small for their small mouths, crunchy to help keep teeth clean and has just the right amount of what a small dog needs to be healthy! by on 01/24/2014
  • My Boston Terrier & French Bull dog LOVE IT!!!
    It's hard to find the Small Breed formula in my area. I had to change over to adult formula. The dogs like it, but not as much as the small breed. by on 01/24/2014
  • This is the only dry food they know
    We've had Poms for almost 30 years and this is the only food we've ever feed our pets. by on 01/24/2014
  • My dogs love it
    One of the dogs is a finicky eater. But he loves this dog food by on 01/24/2014
  • Title is fine.
    My chihuahuas have been eating it for year. The oldest one is now 12. by on 01/24/2014
  • Goos
    Works well for my toy poodles. They have no trouble eating the small bites. by on 01/24/2014
  • very good
    julie is my very happy. after starting the feeding pedigree his coat grew shiny and she is more playful. by on 01/24/2014
  • Excellent brand
    I have been buying pedigree since My 7yr old Doxie was a pup. She loves it because it fits her mouth Just right and she loves the taste. by on 01/24/2014
  • dogs
    my gsd have been eating this food all their life, one is 13 the other is 7 by on 01/24/2014
  • Happy dogs...
    I been feeding my dogs pedigree since they were puppies and they are now about 10yr old and I have never had a problem with this brand at all..i will continue to buy for my pups... by on 01/24/2014
  • easy to find
    the bright yellow bag is very easy to find at the store less time trying to find it by on 01/24/2014
  • my dog like it very much
    I bought and they ate it all gone they love it very much by on 01/23/2014
  • Small breed dry food or Beneful dry
    My jack Russell, beagle, corgi mixed breed rescue dog liked this food and it was easier for him to chew as he 12 years old now.   by on 01/23/2014
  • Teddy and Pandy favorite
    Very good dog food. I like the price and the quality of the food. by on 01/23/2014
  • Great for Pomeranian & Boston Terrier
    I buy only this food for my pets at least once a month - The large b by on 01/23/2014
  • dogs love it
    bought it with a coupon that I had and my dogs ate in all up in one sitting... by on 01/23/2014
  • My dogs like it
    My dogs eat it but I think if it was a little softer, a little chewier, not as hard, they would gobble it down. by on 01/23/2014
  • Great size
    My small breed dogs love the flavor, size and crunch. by on 01/23/2014
  • Nutritious and Delicious.
    My dog usually eats another brand of dog food, but I decided to try Pedigree Small Breed dog food for him and was happy to see that he not only enjoyed it, but that it was nutritious for him also. In the future we will be purchasing this brand of food for my dog, Barkley. by on 01/23/2014
  • He Loves It
    My Rat Terrier loves this food & it keeps him slim & trim. by on 01/23/2014
  • Pedigree small breed
    I have been buying pedigree for as long as I have had dogs. by on 01/23/2014
  • My dog lovesd it!!
    I started buying Pedigree Small Breed about a month ago, and my little coc-a-poo loves it! I am glad that she loves it because Pedigree is such a healthy option for dog food! by on 01/23/2014
  • My dog seems to enjoy his pedigree
    I have been using pedigree for years, I had a Pekingese dog for 15 years and he only ate pedigree. I now have a beagle that I started on a nutro, but decided to introduce him to pedigree as well and he likes it. by on 01/23/2014
  • Smallsofter bits for our Shih Tsu
    She enjoys her mealtime..and its healthy for her.. by on 01/23/2014
  • Let's give em something to bark about!
    My dog loves loves loves this food!  Any visiting doggy friends that visit gobble it up too and dont want anything to do with their own food!  I have very healthy dogs and all I feed them is this small breed formula! by on 01/23/2014
  • The right size
    My adult dog can't eat large chunks of dry food because she won't chew them up and they causing bleeding when they hang up in her stomach. I've used Pedigree for years. They donate a portions to animal shelters by on 01/23/2014
  • easy to digest and they seem to love the taste.
    As long as I can tell that feeding time is A-O-K with my little ankle biters, then I am so happy. I love when I say "wanna EAT! and I am met with jumping, happy, leaping puppies that want that food, I'm pleased." by on 01/23/2014
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