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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 224 reviewers.

  • says it all
    I have bought pedigree for years now and my st. benards have all loved it. thats all they are fed.they get gravy on it for the holidays. by on 01/23/2014
  • Perfect for my GSD!
    I've been feeding Pedigree foods to my dogs for many years. Never had a dog that didn't like it or couldn't eat it, so, no complaints from this house! by on 01/23/2014
  • my Isabella loves it
    I know I'm giving my Bella good food with good nutrients and vitamins by on 01/23/2014
  • Awesome!
    I was extremely happy with this product. Pedigree has such good ratings already but to actually see the difference in my pet, it was awesome!! by on 01/23/2014
    I have been feeding my (almost 4 year old) Gread Dane your product since I got him at 6 months of age. He is extremely healthy with a beautiful fawn coat! Thanks so much for providing such an awesome product to feed my sweet fur baby! He is part of a "pet therapy" team and gets lots of compliments on how beautiful he is! by on 01/23/2014
  • Petey loves it
    My very particular (and extremely spoiled) Pit Bull loves this stuff. by on 01/23/2014
  • Pedigree Dry Foode
    Gracee (85#) and Georgee (140#) love it. 2 55# mo. by on 01/23/2014
  • Pedigree large dog food
    We have five large dogs. Two walker hounds (45 to 50 pounds), a Belgian Milionis, (about 110 pounds), a lab (60 pounds) and small mix (40 pounds). We had to take them off Pedigree because of their bathroom habits. They went constantly. We now use Natures Choice and a lot less going to the bathroom, We watch the labels and if the first ingredient is corn, we pass on it. Must be chicken or beef to buy it. by on 01/23/2014
  • 5 stars for a product I have used for 20 years.
    My Saint Bernard is a picky eater but never turns down Pedigree. Before her my black labs only ate Pedigree, large animal. by on 01/23/2014
  • Dog's LOVE
    Best thing I can saw is my dogs ate the food and seemed to love it. They are very picky. by on 01/23/2014
  • love it
    my dogs have always loved it, have switched back to it ahen trying anything else by on 01/23/2014
  • Have 2 German Shepherd mix dogs
    This is a standard food for my 2 dogs. I mix in the Healthy weight for 1 and the Longevity for the older one.  My one dog can not handle high protien offd and this is the right levels for her.  by on 01/23/2014
    I have 2 German Shepherds one is 11 years old and this is the only brand of dog food she will eat. Many years ago picked up a different brand because the store was out of Pedigree, she wouldnt touch it. My other German Shepherd is 2 yrs old and this is the only brand I will feed him. They Love it..... by on 01/23/2014
  • My Dog Rex
    This has been a great choice for my lab he has been on it for 4 years by on 01/23/2014
  • It makes him happy!
    As they get older, dogs, like people, change their eating habits. At 11, our dog isn't easy to please - but, he sure does love Pedigree. by on 01/23/2014
  • Red!
    I purchase a 40lb bag every two weeks for our boy! by on 01/23/2014
  • Healthy Diet
    This products is great for large breed dog to maintain an healthy diet. Duke remains fit for his age. by on 01/23/2014
  • My dogs like it
    I have been feeding my two labs Pedigree since they were taken off puppy food. They enjoy it and it is affordable.  by on 01/23/2014
  • Good Product, Good Value
    I own 5 dogs( 2 Great Pyrennes) and they all thrive on the Large Breed formula. Wish it did have a little more Omega-3 as the large breeds often have skin issues. Best food for the price that I have found by on 01/23/2014
  • Pedigree Large Breed for Great Dane Breeder
    This is the food I feed my Great Danes and recommend to all who purchase a puppy from us!!!  We free feed with Pedigree and have no bloat issues.  Food is lower in protein and allows our pups a safe growth speed.  Cost is very reasonable to feed a large breed with.  Wish we could buy direct!!!! Hint Hint by on 01/23/2014
  • pedigree
    I have 3 large dogs and use about 40lbs every 3 weeks by on 01/23/2014
  • dogs like
    Keeps dogs healthy and they like it,cost is reasonable and its good for our pets. by on 01/23/2014
  • pedigree large breed
    dog eats pedigree every day and is good shape for 9 years old  by on 01/23/2014
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