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Rated 5 out of 5 by 655 reviewers.

  • great food
    my dog loves this and she is normally picky about what she eats but she loves this food i recommend this to picky dogs ...they make an excellent food by on 01/24/2014
  • Nice looking dog on bags
    Have been buying for years.My dogs have been eating your food for years. by on 01/24/2014
  • My dog likes it.
    It is reasonable priced. My vet feeds it to her dogs. by on 01/24/2014
  • easy to find
    a food both my dogs will eat without getting skin allergies. by on 01/24/2014
  • My dog loves it.
    My 2 year old cockapoo loves his morning breakfast of Adult Complete. As soon as we come back from the morning walk he stands by the bowl waiting. He get impatient if I don't hurry and feed him. He has wet for his midday meal and is very satisfied. by on 01/24/2014
  • Large Bags
    I have bought this brand of dog food the past few times and my dogs seem to like it very much by on 01/24/2014
  • Nutrition I can SEE
    Living on a farm for 12 years, I've had many strays "move in" which has allowed me to nurse many back to health.  Pedigree has been a huge part of that success.  My dogs get both dry Pedigree and canned with each dinner.  In the mornings, I feed only dry, but it gives them all that little boost for the day while keeping their oral health in check. My most recent new family member came as a shadow of a dog who was polluted with fleas and nothing but skin and bones.  WooWoo is now a picture of health and Pedigree and love are what makes it happen each and every time. Currently, I have 3 dogs and they all thrive on Pedigree!  Thank you for a reasonably priced line of products that I can afford that make my dogs thrive. by on 01/24/2014
  • Chunk Size
    I always bought Pedigree Complete, but the size of the chunks changed and now my dogs just don't like it. I have to buy small breed (and they are NOT small) to make them eat it! I'd like to see it go back to the smaller bites. by on 01/24/2014
  • My dogs love it.
    This is the dog food I feed my dogs every day..... by on 01/24/2014
  • Excellent Results
    I have used Pedigree dry for 45 years both with show dogs and our rescued family dogs with excellent results. My dogs have remained healthy from puppies to senior dogs with beautiful shiny coats and longitivity. I would never feed anything else and the ingredients of Pedigree are exactly what dogs need for a long active and healthy life. I also feed Pedigree canned and treats. I depend on Pedigree for the health and happiness of my dogs with 45 years of excellent results. by on 01/24/2014
  • Great on price and nutrition!
    My dog is really sensitive to the type of food he eats. And this has been his favorite and has been doing well with it.  by on 01/24/2014
  • Adult Complete Nutrition
    Our dogs love it. We feel good about it because it's healthy for them. by on 01/24/2014
  • Our 4 dogs all love it!
    We have 2 toy poodles, a 60 lb. mix breed stray (we've had him 4 yrs.) and a 30 lb. mix breed border collie that we share with a neighbor. It was great to find a food they all like that is good for them. by on 01/24/2014
  • great quality for the price
    I have been rescuing dogs for over 20 years now and Pedigree seems to be the best overall food meeting nutritional requirements and the dogs love it.I also appreciate the bonus bags,when you go through a 40lb bag in 5 days like I do you really appreciate those savings. by on 01/24/2014
  • Happy with Product
    Pedigree is a good product.  My dog has been on it since being in the SPCA.  He was adopted at 1yo and now is 13! by on 01/24/2014
  • Good solid dog food
    Both of my dogs seem happy and satisfied when i feed them pedegree dry! by on 01/24/2014
  • good dog food for the price
    vets recommend more expensive food, but my dogs love Pedigree, if they were healthier they would drive me nuts by on 01/24/2014
  • They all love it
    We have four dogs and they all love this food. Our one dog has a delicate stomach and this agrees with him.. by on 01/24/2014
  • Works well with everyone
    We have an abused animal rescue when we had to for $ reasons go down to just our 4 dogs, I needed to find a well rounded food for all. I ACTUALLY CALLED YOUR CUST SERV DEPT and with each ones medical conditions, the lady I spoke to helped me change over to this brand. She even sent me some WELCOMED coupons. Everyone has been on it for about a year now and are doing great from the 3lbs dog to the 50lbs dog! I do recommend it to others often that turn to me for help with their dog's stomach issues. Never heard a complaint yet and the issues seem to stop! by on 01/24/2014
  • Healthy food for our Beagle
    Our Beagle "Brandy" loves it!!! Quality & healthy stuff! by on 01/24/2014
  • Happy Dog!
    Happy dog is a wonderful thing! His coat is shiny. His eyes are bright and shiny! His teeth and gums healthly! by on 01/24/2014
  • Dogs Love it!
    I have been feeding Pedigree to my 4 dogs for years. I have only had 1 bad experience with Pedigree where the food was moldy. by on 01/24/2014
  • love
    My dogs love this food. They have been eating pedigree since the we're puppy's. I have 9 dogs that eat it. I just wish I could fine it in a bigger bag. Also some of the other flavors need to be in bigger bags. by on 01/24/2014
  • As it says
    My dogs have tried loads of diff types of food and love most types but this ticks all the boxes by on 01/23/2014
  • Millie approves!
    Millie, my 7 year old "Goldinger" (mix of Golden and Springer) just can't wait for her daily feeding of Pedigree. She ALWAYS cleans her dish and would take more if offered. Her weight stays under control and energy level is super! by on 01/23/2014
  • Life long user.
    I have used pedigree since my first dog at 16 years old. I am 54 and will not switch. All my dogs have lived long healthy lives. I switched once and will never do it again.I have four beautiful dogs. by on 01/23/2014
  • my dogs love it
    my dogs have been on this for over 2 years and still love it. by on 01/23/2014
  • adult complete
    i have 2 German Shepard and to very small dogs ,so this product fits al 4 dogs and keeps them happy and healthy. by on 01/23/2014
  • Have fed my Golden Retriever this for 14 years
    My Golden is 14.5 yrs old and I have fed him this for his evtire life with me.  He has a lot of allergies and this food does not bother him. It says something about the brand that he has lived a long happy life in my eyes because I chose to feed him Pedigree and because he has done so well with it this is the only thing my Boxer has ever eatten  and she is 6! by on 01/23/2014
  • It is the food my do pefers
    It is the chosen dry dog food over several premium brands. My Akita loves the taste, it has complete nutrition, and never causes him stomach upset. by on 01/23/2014
  • small enough for my dogs to eat
    My dogs seem to like this product with other dog food they wouldn't eat it by on 01/23/2014
  • Dogs love the taste
    Just bought our first bag of Pedigree two weeks ago. We currently have four dogs, two small and two large adults in the house. We were feeding them Purina Dog Chow until one of them developed an allergy of unknown origin. So far they really love the taste of the Pedigree brand. We will see if the allergy problem resolves with a change in diet as well as other treatments. by on 01/23/2014
  • pedigree is good dog food.
    we have been using it for 5 years and our dogs seem to enjoy eating it. by on 01/23/2014
  • Great price
    My dogs do love this great dog food and the price is just right. by on 01/23/2014
  • My boxers just love it.
    I have taken my 2 boxers from Pedigree puppy to Pedigree complete nutrition adult and they have done great, we got our boxers at 6 and 7 weeks old and they have just thrived they are now 2 and a half years old and in perfect health at perfect weight and perfect teeth. Couldn't be happier with your products. Looking for many more happy years with our dogs, will never feed anything else. We also feed the same to my husbands beagles and they are beautiful energetic dogs as well. We buy at least 50 pounds a week and would never consider buying anything else. by on 01/23/2014
  • Great product
    I have used this product for my Lhasa Apso for the past ten years and he seems to like it. It supplies all his nutritional needs and maintains a healthy weight. by on 01/23/2014
  • Four Happy Dogs that Love Pedigree
    My dogs routinely eat Pedigree.....good ole classic Pedigree.  Sometimes, I do buy the small breed because they are getting older and it is easier to chew.   The Peek a Pug likes a smaller piece sometime. by on 01/23/2014
  • Dog likes it
    My dog seems to be a picky eater and he likes Pedigree, and I feel it is good for him. by on 01/23/2014
  • go to
    A standby at an affordable price that our dog enjoys daily by on 01/23/2014
  • Fair
    My two adult, large dogs will eat this food when mixed with chicken or turkey. by on 01/23/2014
  • Looks like a happy, healthy dog
    I feel good about feeding this food to my dogs and they seem to enjoy it too by on 01/23/2014
  • Adult Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites
    I have been feeding my personal dogs and my foster dogs (I have been a foster home for the Humane Society of Terrell County in Dawson, GA since 10/1999) Pedigree Dry food and wet food for several years. They prefer this food over any other brand that I have tried. by on 01/23/2014
  • Dogs love it!
    My dogs love Pedigree. If I ever run out and have to feed them another brand, they give me the "stink eye"! by on 01/23/2014
  • They seem to love it!
    I've fed these dogs Pedigree since they were's really all they've Ever had. We go between large breed and adult... by on 01/23/2014
  • Must be good my dog loves it.
    I having been using this for about 4+ years now for my second dog. by on 01/23/2014
  • Two Happy Dogs
    I've bought this product for my two labs for over three years now. It keeps them happy and healthy and they always look forward to dinner time.  by on 01/23/2014
  • I always buy Pedigree
    I always buy Pedigree because it is great nutrition for my 5 rescued dogs, but you also help shelter dogs find homes. We have 3 dogs that were found through Pedigree website that we made part of our family. I will always support Pedigree because my puppies love it and because of your cause. by on 01/23/2014
  • Crunchy Goodness
    My dog is a Shepherd/Bassett Hound mix and he has been on Pedigree since we rescued him. He seems to enjoy the flavor and always finishes his meal. I also use the wet canned variety to mix in.  by on 01/23/2014
  • Maxx Likes it :)
    I tried a free sample of another type of dog food, and my picky dog ate it. So this time, I decided to buy a large bag of pedigree dog food. Maxx is eating his food, and the bowl has been left empty, so I know he likes it. by on 01/23/2014
  • My 2 Pit Bulls love the dry food every morning
    We buy the dry food once a month for our Pit Bulls. We buy the large bags of it & it last anywhere from a month to a month and a half by on 01/23/2014
  • good
    my dogs love it, I switched to science diet because of a medical problem with one of my danes, but after awhile it was too expensive for 2 danes and a dashound. So we went back to the pedigree! by on 01/23/2014
  • My dogs love this
    When I bring the bag in both my boxers try to get into the bag before I put it in the tote. by on 01/23/2014
  • different sized morsels
    We purchased this for our dogs a few months ago and our dogs really seem to love it. by on 01/23/2014
  • Complete Nutrition
    Great food for my dogs, they always begs for more. by on 01/23/2014
  • My Blackjack
    My dog likes it. It's good for him.  Usually the price isn't too bad. by on 01/23/2014
  • Both of my dogs love it.
    Both of my dogs love this product. I have never had an issue with this product for over 20 years. by on 01/23/2014
  • Explains it all
    My dogs love it. I only wish that all the bags I buy had a recloseable zip top closure. Some I buy have a tear strip that is not recloseable. Why are some bags of the same food different? by on 01/23/2014
  • dogs love it
    My dogs enjoy the food so if there happy then I am happy theres nothing I wouldnt do for my furbabies by on 01/23/2014
  • The dry part
    My dogs has always eaten this and our dogs that passed away always ate this.  They all lived to healthy and ripe old age. by on 01/23/2014
  • Longevity
    I've used Pedigree for more than 25 years for all my dogs. They always live healthy and long lives. by on 01/23/2014
  • My dogs LOVE
    I have bought Pedigree since the first day my dogs came home. [of course starting with the puppy food] It's never made my dogs sick. In fact, every morning at 7 [sometimes earlier if they think it will work] my dogs will jump around and whine letting me know that it's time for breakfast. Same goes for dinner time. by on 01/23/2014
  • great for our 10 yr old lab/shepherd mix
    we buy this for our lab/shepherd. He is 10 and loves it! by on 01/23/2014
  • Great food! My dogs love it!!
    My dogs love this food and look forward to feeding time! by on 01/23/2014
  • corn first ingredient
    Are dogs canines or cows? Low protein. Too many chemicals. I have yet to meet any veterinarian, groomer, or dog professional that feeds pedigree foods- lying comercials. There are higher quality foods with the same price out there. by on 01/23/2014
  • Good for my adult dog.
    Got this big 58# bag 3 weeks ago. Dutch downs it in no time at all. Loves it. by on 01/23/2014
  • My dog loves it
    This is all we buy   Our dog loves it. Great price too by on 01/23/2014
  • very good
    no problems with it dogs always ate it without any difficulty by on 01/23/2014
  • Yummy Pedigree
    We bought a 7 month Anatolian Shepard and have had her for a year now and we started her out on Pedigree. Our other pups eat this as well and all of them just love it and their coats are nice and shiny by on 01/23/2014
  • my dogs love it!!
    I bought a bag to try about 3 weeks ago. my dogs were kind of picky, but not anymore. they love it!! by on 01/23/2014
  • Going Green
    All of my dogs have been raised, and thrived, on a diet of Pedigree dog food. I only have two complaints. 1. Your bags used to be made from paper and now they're being made from some sort of plastic stuff. I don't like it or them! They can't be recycled or burned and must be disposed of in a landfill!!!! GO BACK TO PAPER BAGS! 2. Why can't you make the older adult formula with something for the joints larger bags?? by on 01/23/2014
  • Keeps my dog happy and healthy!
    When I first rescued my Jake he couldn't tolerate any other food. He was getting sick all of the time, but for 6 years now he's been with me we've used Pedigree and it's exactly what he needs! by on 01/23/2014
  • Good value
    Have been using for several years. It is a good value and my dogs have been healthy by on 01/23/2014
  • great food
    It is all my dogs will eat they love it and it is all I will buy by on 01/23/2014
  • OK
    I've been feeding my dogs Pedigree for many years, Price is good and dogs like it. by on 01/23/2014
  • good labels
    I bought this food because my dog is sensitive to other food. She kept loosing hair. This food helps to keep her happy and healthy and that makes me happy. by on 01/23/2014
  • dogs love it!!!!
    been using pedigree for the last 15years, great stuff by on 01/23/2014
  • dogs love!
    We have been feeding this for many years. Our dogs love pedigree. by on 01/23/2014
  • Excellent
    My three dogs really love the Adult Complete Nutrition dog food by on 01/23/2014
  • Wonderful
    I buy multiple bag each month because I am a foster home for Basset Hounds, I love this dog food and was glad when you went back up to the 40lb bags. Thanks, much appreciated. by on 01/23/2014
  • My Boxer love it!
    Having Boxers presents special challenges when choosing a pet food. They do not tolerate soy products of any kind. This ia one of the very few brands that does not contain soy, but that keeps my high energy fur babies going!  by on 01/23/2014
  • takes care of my 4 furbabys
    I feel that Pedigree is the best for my dogs and will continue to use it by on 01/23/2014
  • Smaller particles allow my dogs to chew easier
    Been using this for the past few years and my dogs seem to enjoy their food. by on 01/23/2014
  • Mr
    It's the only food I've been giving my dog for 10 years now. I buy what used to be the 40lb bags that you have unfortunately reduced down to about 30lbs now, & for some reason Petco decided to stop carrying it, along with other with other of your larger size bags. That's the only problems. by on 01/23/2014
  • Always a Pedigree Dog
    All my dogs have ate Pedigree since they were puppies. by on 01/23/2014
  • Good food for dogs!
    I have a fourteen year old Australian Shepherd who has eaten Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs all of her life. She is happy and healthy and can't wait for her Pedigree for breakfast and dinner every day. She has a nearly fifteen year old "brother" who loves to eat his Pedigree every day too! What else do I need to say about how well this product is loved at our house? by on 01/23/2014
  • healthy
    My girls have been eating this brand for a couple of years, they see to enjoy it. My youngest Labrador (6 years) likes to hide a few pieces for later. by on 01/23/2014
  • Awesome dog food.
    When told by a friend to try this food cause I was telling her how pickey my dogs are when it comes to food . So I brought a bag and my boys loved it that was over two years ago and they have been eating it ever since they have more engery they want to eat with out any trouble they just love there food now. by on 01/23/2014
  • Pedigree Adult Dog Food
    I bought this 2 months ago and my dogs look so healthy and beautiful! by on 01/23/2014
  • 6 Rottweillers cant be wrong
    I have tried other dog foods and found that my Rotts preferred Pedigree. They have beautiful coats and teeth. So, I figure 12 Rotties over 20 yrs can not be wrong! by on 01/23/2014
  • Great food for adult dogs!
    Great value and great quality food for adult dogs! by on 01/23/2014
  • Yeah Pedigree!
    My dogs go crazy for Pedigree and I feel good about feeding them Pedigree. by on 01/23/2014
  • great improvement in her 'coat'
    She was on another brand when i switched to Pedigree beautiful 'coat'. WE love it!! by on 01/23/2014
  • Our dogs love it
    We have been feeding our dogs Pedigree for years. They are happy, healthy and look forward to meal time every day. by on 01/23/2014
  • Good food my dogs all like!
    Good food my dogs all like! Good price for the 50lb bags. by on 01/23/2014
    I buy this every month. It's great and there is never any leftovers after meal time. by on 01/23/2014
  • Happy Dogs
    I took care of my son's dog while he was away. I had a lot of trouble keeping them apart at meal times. It seems our quest preferred the Pedigree. Then the two dogs started sitting in front of the pantry when the Pedigree was kept and they wanted no part of the other food. Pretty compelling evidence which food was best. by on 01/23/2014
  • My dogs really like it
    I buy it regularly and am completely satisfied with it for my dogs by on 01/23/2014
  • Great product!
    My dog is 14 and loves the Pedigree Adult Dry Dog food! by on 01/23/2014
  • Good all around food!
    Our dog has eaten this food for 12 years & is still happy to eat her food! by on 01/23/2014
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