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PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs has been formulated to give mature dogs all the energy and nourishment they need to continue living life to its fullest. It's packed with vitamins, zinc and Omega 6 to help keep adult dogs looking like best-in-show winners, and has leading levels of antioxidant vitamin E to keep their immune systems young at heart. Plus, our special blend of fiber helps support or promote healthy digestion to keep yard patrol in control, and our oral care kibble helps k... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 655 reviewers.

what my dog likes

I have tried others and my dog really don't eat the way he normally does. by on 02/10/2014
My Beagle Loves it

My beagle loves it. The only thing that concerns me a little is the size of the kibbles for a dog this size. Maybe a little large. by on 02/10/2014
Easily Digested

I use Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs because of its easy digestibility. I've tried cheaper brands to save money, but, unfortunately for my animals, it comes at a miserable price, upset stomach. They love the taste, I love that it's good for them and good to them. by on 02/10/2014
My dogs LOVE this food!

All of my dogs that I've ever had have eaten this dog food and LOVE it!! by on 02/09/2014
Happy Dance

My dog, Petey, does his happy dance for lunch and supper every day. He loves the taste of Pedigree, and I love the fact that he's getting complete nutrition. by on 02/09/2014
Good for my best friends

We have 6 dogs ages 4 to 11 and they all love this food. We've been feeding it to them all their lives and they've always been healthy. With 6 dogs we go thru 50 pounds in less than 2 weeks and really appreciate the low price without having to sacrifice quality. Thanks Pedigree. by on 02/09/2014
Good for Dogs

I like feeding something healthy to my dogs. ร‚ย Also like that Pedigree sponsors adoption events, etc. by on 02/09/2014
Good dog food, good quality ingredients.

My dog Keira has been eating Pedigree her entire life, with this brand I never worried about a recall. by on 02/09/2014
Great taste & nutrition!

Our dogs love the taste, we love the nutrition and value in Pedigree Adult. by on 02/08/2014
great product

Great product definitely recommend :) Everyone should definitely try this product verses the expensive versions by on 02/08/2014
Good title. Answers all questions

Have continually used for years. My dog prefers it by on 02/08/2014
Healthy dog and good clean teeth

I have used pedigree both dry, wet and treets for years and had healthy dogs who reached the grand old age of 14 years. by on 02/08/2014
All my dogs love this brand!

I give all my dogs the adult formula they love it and are always full of energy I will never switch brands. by on 02/08/2014
Long time fan

We have always feed our dogs Pedigree! They love it! by on 02/08/2014
great balance of nutrients

I have been buying this dog food for over 7 years. My Great Danes love it. by on 02/08/2014
love the zip lock bag

Our dog is doing great with this food. ร‚ย Love the zip lock bag by on 02/08/2014
Our doggies loves it!

Our doggies look so healthy and active after feeding them with Pedigree. We have use this food since they were puppies and we have no regrets! =0) by on 02/07/2014
great dog food

i have used this for years for my labs. they love this dog food by on 02/07/2014
Pedigree Dog Food

Great price, great for my dogs. ร‚ย They LOVE it!!! ร‚ย I will keep buying by on 02/07/2014
My Dogs Never Snuff Pedigree!

My male dog is picking about his dry food. When I bought Pedigree he ate it right away and wagged his tail while doing so. I'm glad I bought the product because it keeps my dogs happy! by on 02/07/2014
Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs

We have been using this for many years. Our dogs love it. We combine it with the Pedigree canned food. Our vet has recommended that we do this for him. by on 02/07/2014
picture looks just like my dog

I have been feeding all my dogs (8yr old golden ret, 6yr old springer spaniel and 15yr old cocker spaniel) pedigree dry since they were puppies, I also feed some canned pedigree in each meal too. All my dogs are happy, healthy and active! by on 02/07/2014
happy dogs

all our dogs always have shiny coats, great health, loads of energy by on 02/07/2014

Our dogs are 58lbs each and we needed a crunchy food that wasn't too big or too small. They love this Pedigree dry food and anixously wait while it's poured into their SLOW FEED dish so they don't eat too fast; they LOVE this food! by on 02/07/2014
shows exactly what you are buying

I adopted 2 Large dogs from North Carolina 4 years ago and they love Pedigree! They have it almost everynight for their dinner mixed with a little wet food and I have nothing but 2 empty bowls when they are done! That certainly speaks for the taste and goodness of the product! by on 02/07/2014
Great advertising colors & dog on pkg is adorable!

My Rescue Dog loves Pedigree, and I'm so happy that every Pedigree purchase I make helps other shelter/rescue dogs. Thanks! Keep up the great work! by on 02/07/2014
Good for all adult dogs!

I have four adult dogs from ages 3yrs to 10yrs. I am able to feed all with this product. All are healthy, happy and well-nourished and very playful. by on 02/07/2014
Great value for the money. Four dogs love it.

Been feeding it to dogs for years. Occasionalyy swap size..go to small bites. by on 02/07/2014

great food, have always used this for all of my sheppards by on 02/07/2014
A good food

My adopted dog was being fed this food and was doing well on it, when I took him to the vet for his check up he said that this is a good food too. by on 02/07/2014
great food

I've been feeding Pedigree ever since 2000. Its the only food I'll feed my dogs. ร‚ย Their coats are shiny, they have lots of energy, and they are a great weight for their sizes.ร‚ย  by on 02/07/2014

I have used this Brand and kind for the past 7 years faithfully. My dogs have thrived and are just as healthy as could be. It is a remarkable product. Remember, nothing is too good for your dog! Thank you Pedigree... by on 02/07/2014
My dogs like it.

I have been feeding my dogs Pedigree wet and dry for over 10 years. I don't worry about the quality or nutrition because I know it's good. by on 02/07/2014
Healthy digestion

I have tried other dry foods and this is the only one that seems to keep all 4 of my dogs digestion normal. Won't buy any other. by on 02/07/2014
Pedigree Adult

We have a 12 year old boxer, pedigree is the only food he is fed. by on 02/07/2014
My dogs love it !!!

I feed it to my Dalmatians as they need a lower protein food and they do good on it. Sometimes the pieces are mostly all the dark brown and not many of the lighter ones that clean the teeth better. But all in all it does a good job and keeps them healthy. by on 02/07/2014

Both my dogs, ages 8 and 9 have eaten nothing but Pedigree their whole lives. Both are healthy and happy! by on 02/07/2014
My Dog loves this!!

I always buy this for my dog and he really seems to love it. He is a large mixed breed black lab, but he lays on his tummy with his paws around his food bowel and eats one piece at a time. by on 02/07/2014
Good dog food

My dog is happy, I'm happy. Food is good for them. by on 02/07/2014
great wording

the only dog food my dogs eat. ร‚ย they walk away from other brands by on 02/06/2014
Been Feeding for yeARS

I have been feeding this food to my English Mastiffs for many years. The expensive fancy foods did not agree with my older dogs, pedigree has kept them in good condition. by on 02/06/2014
have fed this to my dogs for years

My cockers are all rescues, many of them have been allergic to soy. Thanks for not putting soy in Pedigree. by on 02/06/2014
My dogs love it

I've always had really good results with Pedigree I've used it for my puppies and adult dogs by on 02/06/2014
Greatt tast

My dogs love the taste of Pedigree. I also buy the soft canned dog food.ร‚ย  by on 02/06/2014

I have been using Pedigree for years for all my dogs. Will not change brands, Pedigree has kept my pets healthy and happy. My shepherd is 15, she went thru a bad experience with another brand, I switched her to pedigree and she does great. by on 02/06/2014
Jack's in love

My dog jack loves you food. We have tried other brand but he will only eat Pedigree. Keep up the great work by on 02/06/2014
Pups love it !!!

10 yr old dachund 3 yr old lab both love it !!! Would buy for all ... by on 02/06/2014
Great product

Great product, have been using it for years. Good enough for AKC, good enough for mine. by on 02/06/2014
My dogs like this food.

This is the only dog food I buy my two border collies. by on 02/06/2014
My Springers and Pugs do very well on this food!!

I have been using Pedigree for many years now and I can say that my dogs have never had any adverse reactions to your products. One of my Springers is now going to be 14 yrs in May and she still manages to beg for her dinner every day! by on 02/06/2014
Happy eating

I bought this food and my "girl" loves it. ร‚ย I feel good that this is American made and safe"...... by on 02/06/2014
good food low price

i have four dogs and it lasts a long time and they enjoy it by on 02/06/2014

try it

My dog , Rocket, has been on this food for the last two years. He is very healthy, happy and active. thank you!ร‚ย  by on 02/06/2014
The Perfect Food

My dogs eat this food all the time. I have some picky eaters and they all enjoy this food. I began feeding this food several years ago as recommended by my vet. I will continue using this product. by on 02/06/2014
my dog loves it

My dog will loves this product. I feel it is nutrionally good for him, its a reasonable cost and he likes it by on 02/06/2014
great value

have used pedigree adult dry food for dogs for the past 12 years. it is a great product and excellent value by on 02/06/2014
all my dogs like it

I have 8 dogs,all different sizes,from dachshunds to a lab mix,and each has no problem eating this,I have also purchased the small breed formula,and like both. by on 02/06/2014
jay & bandit

I have been buying pedigree for 12 years I would like to know if you will ever come out with gluten free dog food I have 2 dogs 1 of them is very fussy with what he will eat. by on 02/06/2014
My chocolate lab loves your dog food.

My good boy, Buddy, has been eating the "Complete" Pedigree dog food for like 7 years now. He is 9 years old, and still plays like a puppy!! He loves breakfast and dinner!! Thank you for providing such a great product for my good boy!! by on 02/06/2014
Pedigree Adult Complete

I've bought Pedigree for years. It's a dog food that all of my dogs love. by on 02/06/2014
Great food

I have used this product for over 20 years ร‚ย & will continue to by on 02/06/2014
Dog loves it!!

I feed this to my 1 year old dog and she absolutely loves it!! I have an older dog also but she eats the healthy weight one but tries to eat the Adult Nutrition any chance she gets. by on 02/06/2014
Free Gifts

I've been buying Pedigree brands for twenty years. From Puppy to Adult foods, as they grow. Pedigree has served me well and my different breeds, Poodle to Doberman, they have all preferred Pedigree over several assortment of other brands. Not to say the names of the other brands, I will just say from premium to cheap, my dogs have always preferred Pedigree, to the point where I have had to give away the other brands and go get them Pedigree. Pedigree is not only the choice for them, they have made Pedigree the choice for this house. God Bless. by on 02/06/2014
My dogs love it!

I started buying this because it was affordable, but my dogs have great coats and are very healthy. They love it too. by on 02/06/2014
Love the extra large bags.

My dog will only eat Pedigree.He loves it.He has tried other brands but prefers Pedigree. by on 02/06/2014
My dogs do well on Pedigree dry food

I have been using pedigree dry food for about 25 years & I breed toy & mini shar pei. Shar Pei are known for skin allergies, but mine do not get skin problems of any kind. ร‚ย They have good firm stools which makes clean up easier. ร‚ย Keep a nice healthy weight even though we free feed & they can eat as much as they want. I am a happy customer. by on 02/06/2014
A very good food

I have purchased several bags of yur product in the past 12 months. by on 02/06/2014
very nice

bought this a week ago very convenient for my house by on 02/06/2014
Best Dog Food Ever

We have 4 dogs and they love this food. We have given it to them most of their lives. They are age three to five years old and from 15lbs. to 95lbs. When we take them to the veteran every year he says how healthy they are. Am very happy with Pedigree. by on 02/06/2014
best for my dogs

I have used other brands and come back to Pedigree every time by on 02/06/2014
Great food at a reasonable price

My dog loves this food and has been eating it ร‚ย well by on 02/06/2014
Dog love it.

I have used pedigree dog food for over 20 years and I admit I have tried a few of the other brands but I always come back to Pedigree. by on 02/06/2014

PEDIGREE is a superb dog food producer. The food has made my dogs strong, healthy and glossy. I add just a tablespoon of canned PEDIGREE to dry dog food which for many years was exclusively PEDIGREE, and then make a gravy by stirring with warm water. My dogs are very excited about mealtime and they are exceptionally healthy for their ages. THANK YOU PEDIGREE for MAINTAINING EXCELLENT QUALITY AND REASONABLE PRICES by on 02/06/2014
My 2 pit bulls love the food

I bought the food at the end of last month & it last me about a month & a half between my 2 dogs by on 02/06/2014
Dogs Love This Food

I have 3 dogs and they love this food.. I have been feeding this food to my dogs for 8 yrs now and I will not change... I use to feed my dogs alpo and that's when the dog food recall came out and it killed my dog..... Pedigree is the BEST!!!!!! My current dogs have never had a problem on this food.... by on 02/06/2014
Good Food for my dog, Medgar

I have been a fan of Pedigree for years because of the way my various dogs have eaten your food, the vitality of my dogs and the shiny coats. by on 02/06/2014
good for my dog and healthy

i have been buying this for a while an my dog likes it by on 02/06/2014
good nutrition

my dogs love it and I know it is good for them. Good nutrition. by on 02/06/2014

Too low in protein and not a good source. Very palatable. by on 02/06/2014
I would use it but ....

I have used Pedigree in the past until I had a lab that had allergies. The artificial color that is used in Pedigree seemed to be at least part of her problem. We switched to Nutro Natural Choice years ago to avoid the unnecessary colorants and my labs have been happy and healthy ever since. I am going to answer NO to the question of "recommend to a friend" but I only do that because of the colors you put in the food. Other than that, I think Pedigree is a decent food at a very reasonable price. Mars Pet is a great company that truly cares about animals and I only purchase products made by them. by on 02/06/2014
great dry food

my dog loves the pedigree dry dog food, it is one of his favorites by on 02/06/2014
Great Features

I have been feeding this for over 10 yrs. The dogs love it Price is right also by on 02/06/2014
Good food

The price is right! I have four dogs and I buy the 40 pound bag. They love the food. by on 02/06/2014
Good Product!

Good value and I have been using this for over 10 years.ร‚ย  by on 02/06/2014
Great brand

I have been using Pedigree dry dog food for over 15 years & all my dogs have thrived by on 02/06/2014
Pedigree Adult

This The kind of dog food my dog Mutt eats He has eat it all his life! by on 02/06/2014
My dogs are happy

I've been feeding my dobs Pedigree for 12 years and they love it. I've tried other dog foods, both more expensive and cheaper, but they prefer Pedigree. I know this because one spits out the dog food and the other one won't even look at his bowl. by on 02/06/2014

I've been using all the Pedigree dry products for years. Puppy through old age. My dogs are happy and healthy. by on 02/06/2014
Great Price

My dogs love the food, but once every two weeks they will get a upset tummy by on 02/06/2014
Great nutrition

I've been feeding my 4 dogs Pedigree Adult Complete for several years now. They are healthy and my vet approves. by on 02/06/2014
Good food Good Price

My dogs love it! Have been on all the high priced foods and my dogs do great on pedigree! by on 02/06/2014
Says what it is.

I have been using this products for years and years. It doesn't seem to be as good as it use to be. The sizes vary. I have one dog that has a problem with digesting it. It could be just a little smaller, I feed it to small dogs and very large dogs. More consistency would be good. by on 02/06/2014
my dog throws up on it!1

I have bought the adult complete nutrition several time before i decided to take my dog off it, it has made her sick numerous times!!!! by on 02/06/2014
Great product!

My llaso-poo loves Pedigree dry dogfood and it doesnt make her poop stink. I love that about Pedigree dogfood. by on 02/06/2014
Great product and great value!

My dogs have eaten this product for years and love it! by on 02/06/2014
Very Good

Our dog loves the larger size pieces of dog food shaped like an X - we give some of them to her as a treat! by on 02/06/2014
adult dry dog food.

I have been feeding this to my dogs for 17 years. I also mix some of the Pedigree wet can food in. My dogs love it and never any problems. by on 02/06/2014
recommended by my vet

The only food my dog will tolerate--she had trouble with other brands. ร‚ย She loves it. by on 02/06/2014
Happy Dogs!

My Dogs past and present have always loved Pedigree Adult complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food.. by on 02/06/2014