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O.N.E. Sensitive Systems Dry Food for Cats. At Purina ONE, we believe that by discovering a cat's true nature, we can gain a better understanding of their needs. Nature shines through in our science when it comes to making Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Sensitive Systems. The blending of both nature and science allows us to discover key ingredient and nutrient combinations, like real turkey and egg, plus rice, oat meal and other high-quality ingredients. Together, they work to nourish sensitive skin and ... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 133 reviewers.

All my kitties have sensitive tummies

All three of my kitties ate Purina's Sensitive Systems for several years and seemed to enjoy it - particularly the small pieces (which all Purina One dry formulas have now#. For years, all dry cat foods had huge, dog-sized pieces that our feline babies had to knaw on with their very small teeth; to combat this, I had to mix the dry w/their wet foods to make the pieces easier to chew, swallow and digest quicker. This formula seemed to be less harsh on their digestive systems and we had fewer and fewer "throw-up" episodes over time. I am still using Sensitive Systems, mixing 1:1 with Purina NF dry renal food - since they became 15 this year and require kidney health monitoring - mixing the 2 products makes the dry food more attractive to their palates and gives them a familiar taste instead of an entire change from one they love to the not-so-tasty kidney product #which by necessity is blander). Purina has been the mainstay of all of my many kitties' lives for over 40 years, so you can count on its quality and healthy outcome for your felines!! by on 06/13/2014
Quality food takes care of our cat's needs

Not only have I switched my cats to this food with excellent results (2 of the 3 were having stomach problems and couldn't keep other foods down), but I volunteer at a small humane society and we also use it with excellent results. So many animals today are having trouble digesting foods made with dyes and who knows what else, but after we switch them to Purina One products, they do remarkably well. We recommend it to our adopters and friends alike. by on 06/13/2014
It works

Raphie was having trouble with diarrhea and throwing up. Vet recommended I try a cat food for sensitive stomachs. I tried this product and stuck with it. Problems have resolved and Raphie loves it. by on 06/13/2014
Great for Cats with Sensitive Digestive Systems

I have four cats, and two of them have had problems with digestion at times, sometimes having loose bowels or regurgitating. Also, a couple have been overweight. Once I started feeding Purina One Sensitive Systems to them, all of the digestive issues cleared up, and quickly. Also, one cat lost all of the weight she needed to be within a healthy range. This product is also delicious, as they seem to really enjoy eating it. I am very happy with this food. It is not very expensive either, much less than some of the other brands that offer products for digestive issues. I will continue to buy this cat food. by on 06/13/2014
cat food product that is good for my cats

I have 5 cats and they are very picky with their food. Some of my cats, no matter what food they would eat, it would cause problems. From loose stools, to skin allergies, and gas. When I gave it a try to this product, I noticed a huge difference in my cats health. I don't see them with gas problems, they are not having problems with loose stools anymore. by on 06/10/2014
Really helped my 15 year old cat

I started feeding Purina sensitive systems to my 15 year old cat Peaches about a year ago. She started to experience problems keeping her food down. It seemed everything we tried irritated her stomach. We picked up a bag of Sensitive systems and immediately noticed her problem went away. Now it is very rare for her to have any stomach problems, which make her happy, and us very happy. by on 06/05/2014
Went from expensive premium dry cat food to this, with GREAT results!

My indoor-only short-haired cat just turned 3 and started throwing up his food each time he ate, immediately after eating. I took him to the vet, who ran tests and found nothing wrong. The vet prescribed a VERY expensive food that the cat tried to cover up (yep, it was THAT bad!!). I tumbled to the fact that my cat might be sensitive to chicken, his main previous diet and preferred protein source. So, I tried four other sensitive stomach non-prescription brands (many had chicken ingredients buried in them), stopping with this one. He loves this food and has only thrown up once since on it, producing two large hairballs...and very little food, at that. What a change! The very positive results: no more nighttime kitty vomiting (which woke me up) and a much happier cat who eagerly chomps away on his Purina One dry cat food for sensitive stomach. Since the turkey agrees with him, I have also been supplementing with Purina One turkey (with gravy) wet cat food. My budget loves this Purina One, too! [It helps me afford the expensive Maine Coon food for my 20-pound Maine Coon! ;-) ] by on 04/26/2014

My furbies are very happy

I have four cats, ranging from a kitten to six years old. We adopted them from a cat rescue. This was the product that the rescue center recommended. Our third cat was abandoned and left outside before being rescued. She did not like anything. We tried a more expensive brand, which she refused to eat. We went back to purina one and she loves it. It is the only dry food we feed our kitties. All of our kitties are happy and healthy. by on 02/15/2014
Happy Cats

I bought this for one of my older cats. However, I feed it to all four of my cats and they all like it. My older cat does not throw up after eating like he used to do with other foods, including the expensive brands. I have been very pleased. by on 12/29/2013
Good for delicate stomache

I started feeding this to my two-year old male cat who has started throwing up. He is still throwing up, but not as often. I like that it is poultry based which is what I try to feed my cats. by on 12/05/2013

I have 2 cats that have issues with being able to keep food down so since I've been using this they haven't any trouble and the cost is great by on 09/05/2013
Close the bag??

Annoying to see a rather expensive dry cat food bag that has no way to reseal! Apparently though the bag is good to chew on. No problems with digestion of the smart one sensitive blend, so that's a plus. by on 09/02/2013
Vrey good cat food!!

One of my cats has food allergies that make him very itchy. I tried a lot of the very expensive dry foods, and all they did was upset his stomach. I decide to try Purina One for sensitive systems and I'm very glad that I did. He loves the food, his stomach is happy, and his itchy skin is much better. Thank you for making a good quality cat food that I can afford. by on 07/28/2013
Lewis and his very bad tummy

My older boy Lewis has stomach issues. When he went to the bathroom it was just awful. I tried other foods with ok results, but the prices were out of control. The last time I bought food I bought a large back of Purina One sensitive and boy what great results we have had. Both of my cats love it and his bathroom trips are totally better. He is one happy old man. by on 07/27/2013
Great for my senior cat

We had a senior cat who was having stomach problems. I switched her to this food and she quit vomiting her food and loved the taste. It made her last few years with us much more comfortable and the price was not unreasonable like so many specialty foods. by on 07/17/2013
Don't buy

Made my cat violently throw up! I would NOT buy this cat food. by on 07/16/2013
Only dry food my diva kitty can tolerate.

When my cat was a baby, she kept throwing up. I was afraid she had eaten something she shouldn't have and took her to the vet a couple of times. Finally my vet told me some cats just puke alot and to try a food with no colorants in them. She still hacks up a hairball now and then, but does so much better on this product! by on 06/08/2013
Great for cats with allergies such as fish.

I have an elderly cat that has a sensitive tummy and is allergic to fish. Yes, I said fish. And if you have ever read the ingredients of all the cat foods available then you know that most are made with fish even if the flavor is beef or chicken, etc. Most foods that are made without fish are on the expensive end of the spectrum. But Prurina SmartBlend is a great choice because it is easy on the wallet and my sweet baby's sensitive tummy. So for a cat with allergies or even completely healthy cat then I would highly recommend this brand to everyone. by on 06/01/2013
My cats love this stuff and they don't get sick. only hair ball once in a while, great food for them though

my one cat has a sensitive stomach, they recommended the Well ness brand, but she was sick on that, no grains is what they said, any way I tried the Purina one, for sensitive stomach and she loves it, and she doesn't have the bloody spit up. Great product. and lower in cost too. by on 05/13/2013
Small bites and great for cat with allergies

Ive only used Purina products my entire life its what my parent and grandparent have always used with thier pets. I have a cat with mutliple allergies and this food has been great in findin something he can eat that wont cause a allergic reaction. I hope it continues to help us. Ive tried mutliple products gettin the same results allergies so far all my cats and I own 5 ages very all are adult cats. Ranges from domestic short medium and one long hair its doin a great job with coats and digestive systems like I said it has small pieces which are great for my two year old he has a hard time pickin his food from the allergies but this one has none of that. by on 05/06/2013
Teenee's tummy

I had tried numerous dry food but this is the only one that my cat will not throw up. I do not give my cat lots of dry. I use all Purina wet food for my cats. by on 04/27/2013
Worked for my sensitive stomach cats

After trying 5 different foods (prescription & non-prescription), I finally discovered Purina One Sensitive Systems. I have 4 cats, all love the taste and the two with sensitive stomachs are doing great with no more symptoms. This is an excellent food. by on 04/09/2013
average quality

the food has an average quality.Ashannie likes it. by on 04/02/2013

I have four cats, ranging from two to eight! So I needed something good for all of them, but the main reason I switched to this is because I had a puker. He puked everytime he ate. I've only been using this for about a week or so, and he hasn't puked yet! It is so good. More expensive than what we normally buy, but if he is just throwing the other up anyway it is a waste of money. They all love it, and suprisingly my 13 pound two year old doesnt need to eat all day long. He seems more staisfied! by on 03/01/2013
What a difference this made...

All 5 of our cats are aging and we needed to find a brand of food that they would eat (Very Picky), was dry, and that was easy on their digestive systems. After trying many brands we stumbled apon Purena One Sensitive Systems Adult cat food. They love it (eat it right up). They use the toilet less because their body uses all the nutrients and with less filler there is less waste, stoped vomiting from irritable stomachs, and the price is reasonable.....Highly Recomend.... by on 02/02/2013
Purina One/Sensitive systems

Having 2 cats w/different eating habits, I started using Purina One Sensitive systems near a year ago. I slowly transitioned Precious from a higher cost product <<EVO>> to this brand & found that -well- her belly felt better, or even soothed! NOW, I wish that Purina w/come up w/a type that is similar & less expensive diabetic dry cat food that I am feeding Skippy, my elder cat, 15+yrs. Our other cat used to love Purina foods, & lived til she was 20 & she mainly ate Purina products!! So, I can truly say that Purina does it's best to MAKE the best! thank you so very much! by on 01/24/2013
Made all three of my cats throw up incessantly.

I will never buy this food again. I have three cats, one of which has been suffering diarrhea for a few months now. I've spent hundreds of dollars at the veterinarian's, and we still can't figure out why he's having these problems. I decided to try Purina One Sensitive Systems, thinking it could help his sensitive belly. My three cats have been eating this food for about three weeks now, and unfortunately, my one cat still has diarrhea and all three of my cats are now vomiting daily. I am throwing away about ten pounds of this food today. I thought about donating it to a shelter but I don't want to make those poor kitties sick, too. Honestly, I'm amazed this food has any good reviews, based on my experience with my three cats. by on 01/21/2013
My Persian Cat can finally enjoy food!

He literally throws everything else up. This is the one tried and true food. I'm so glad I found it. The only negative is it doesn't come in big bags in the store I buy it from and runs a little on the expensive side. But it's worth it since Ringo doesn't throw up anymore. If you cat is on the sensitive side I highly suggest this food! All the protein in it compared to other cat foods really does make a difference. by on 01/16/2013
Finally found the solution!

My 13 y.o. calico, "Taffy," was regularly vomiting almost immediately after eating - I tried multiple different foods for more than a year as well as following special (expensive) diets suggested by our vet after complete blood work & x-rays. Then I came upon the Sensitive Systems formula and now the only thing that comes back up is an occasional hairball - thank you for a wonderful product! by on 12/04/2012
Happy cats mean happy pet owners

Our little new baby girl had the most horrendous case of farting and diarrhea, we tried an special diet recommended by the vet but didn't work. Before spending another pay check on her vet visit we switched both cats to Sensitive systems....boy the change was within days... she is a happy 1 year old now with no farting issues by on 12/03/2012
Great Product!

Our old Tom cat started having awful stomach problems when he turned 9, so we changed his diet (as suggested by our vet) to sensitive systems. He hasnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt had any more stomach problems and he is back to a healthy weight thanks to the new diet. I would defiantly recommend this product! by on 11/13/2012
My cats love this

One of my cats is a shelter cat. He came to me with some stomach problems. We tried special blends, supplements, etc and the poor guy was still having serious issues. Once we switched him to purina one sensitive stomach formula, his stomach issues stopped within 3 days. He's much happier and healthier thanks to this food. by on 11/11/2012
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