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  • Spoke for itself
    My friends watched my cat enjoy his food so much they asked for a recommendation. by on 06/24/2016
  • Great!
    My cat loved it! She ate it up right away. Highly recommend to go buy it! by on 06/24/2016
  • They like this better.
    I gave my cats thus food along side their usual brand. They are this one first and ignore their other food until they were sure the Purina was gone. by on 06/24/2016
  • soft for my doll
    is awesome the softness of the cat food my cat love it she just enjoy eating this sample, she don't have any problem eating the soft food I think this is a wonderful idea by on 06/24/2016
  • My Cat's loved Purina!!!
    My cats waned more, they absolutely loved Purina tender selects with real chicken!!! I am telling all get your Kitty's a great meal, they'll be "purring"over it!! :) by on 06/24/2016
  • It was okay.
    Our cat Smoky is very particular and we could tell he was not sure about this yet. by on 06/24/2016
  • Kitty's Favorite
    As soon as I poured this chow in her bowl, she stared eating right away and didn't lift her head out of her food for a while. She really likes this food. She's usually a little picky but I'm glad to have found something she really likes! :) by on 06/24/2016
  • My cat loved the rich chow!
    This chow was multi colored but more natural looking and smelling and my cat ate the sample right up! by on 06/24/2016
  • My cat enjoyed it
    My cat is about 2 years old and seemed to enjoy this food as much as her usual by on 06/24/2016
  • Very good
    My cat immediately ate all of it. I was so shocked because my cat can sometimes be a picky eater. by on 06/24/2016
  • Loves it
    My cat absolutely loved this food, she inhaled it the moment I poured it in her bowl . I will definitely be purchasing this. by on 06/24/2016
  • Alright but it's not just chicken
    The cats I fed this to liked it and ate it with fervor. It's a pretty good food as far as ingredients go. I like that the first ingredient is chicken and I don't mind the poultry by-product meal as the fourth ingredient. What makes this a no-go for me is the fish meal further down on the list. One of my cats is allergic to fish so I can only buy foods without fish meal or oils. by on 06/24/2016
  • Good
    My cats liked it and enjoyed it alot. Ill probably buy it by on 06/23/2016
  • My cats real likref this .like to change theirfood
    Loved it to.. I really likte to change there food frequently. by on 06/23/2016
  • Great product
    This is a great product and allv3 of my cats seemed to enjoy it very much. by on 06/23/2016
  • Very Pleased
    My cat loved this. I will buy again and highly recommend it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Good.
    My older cat has some issues with this food. She has stopped and went back to her original brand although my younger cats love it and do well by on 06/23/2016
  • My cats liked it.
    I've been trying to find a food that both of my cats enjoy. They seem to both really like this. by on 06/23/2016
  • Finicky cat, absolutely loved it.
    My indoor cat is so finicky about food out as soon as This came she wanted to try it. To my surprise she loved it. She ate a couple handfuls before she was done. Now I'm using it as a healthy treat and she begs and stands for it. So happy about her enjoying it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat fell in love.
    My cat fell in love with this food. He would actually come and sit by the door and meow for me to bring him some food. And he would put his head in the bowl before I could actually get the bowl full. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat loved it
    Cat ate the entire portion in one sitting which is rare for him by on 06/23/2016
  • Happy cat
    My cat loves this stuff. The crunchy outside with the chewy middle is perfect for my 2 year old male cat. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat loves it, but I'm not feeling the ingregients
    Positive part is that my cat LOVED this product, and it's probably because it is like McDonalds compared to her current brand. This is a great choice for pet parents that want better quality ingredients that isn't too expensive, but there are other brands with better ingredients. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat loves it.
    My cat is very picky and sensitive to foods, but he loved this and hasn't had problems yet! by on 06/23/2016
  • Purina One
    This product is truly good food. Sadly my cat is already hooked to natural balance. He loves it so I'm not going to switch him to purina but purina will be my second choice. by on 06/23/2016
    My cat loved Purina one tender selects blend with real chicken. Was a good sized sample, very pleased. by on 06/23/2016
  • Love it!
    My cats loved this product! As soon as I put their food bowls down they went straight for it and ate it all up. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat went Right for It
    The moment I put the Purina food in my cat's bowl he went right for it. Dove in and didn't leave until it was gone. I've also noticed he's been having a much easier time going to the bathroom than with his old food (and it doesn't smell as much!). Will more than likely switch to using this brand. by on 06/23/2016
  • Thank you
    I'm so happy that I was able to try these my pet loves these and I will buy once agin by on 06/23/2016
  • Excellent
    My cats loved this food. I will definitely buy it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Nice change
    Tom likes his cat food and this made him very happy. The smell isn't overwhelming so that's nice. It isn't a soft cat food but it isn't hard hard, if that makes sense. Tom is getting older and this is a nice replacement. It is a healthy option and I'm excited about it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat Food
    My cat liked the Purina one tender selects blends. by on 06/23/2016
  • Love it
    My cat loved it and she ate it all. Fresh real chicken. by on 06/23/2016
  • Amazing quality
    Idreally feel like my cat enjoyed the food more because it had real chicken in it and I could tell It. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats liked it
    The cats seemed to enjoy the new flavor of cat food. I liked that it has real Chicken in the food. by on 06/23/2016
  • pretty good catfood
    my little kitty seemed to enjoy it, will be buying it by on 06/23/2016
  • Betty Boop cat loves it!
    Girl kitty is very athletic and particular about her food. She will try to bury it if not up to her standards. I let her try some as a snack to see her reaction and IT PASSED. She loves it and I like the look of the morsels of chicken and that chicken is the first ingredient. Definitely will buy Purina One Tender Selects Blend for her once she finishes this sample. Thank you Purina One. by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat enjoyed it
    My cat enjoyed this food. I usually have trouble getting him to eat dry food, but he immediately went over to it and started eating. by on 06/23/2016
  • my fur babies loved it
    my three cats just loved this new food. they ran right to the bowl and gobbled it down by on 06/23/2016
  • Purina One Tender Select Blend
    My cat just loved my free sample of Purina One Tender Select Blend with Real Chicken. She loved the taste of the cat food because of the ingredients. by on 06/23/2016
  • It was awesome
    Loved that it was real chicken I have three cats and they loved it will definitely purchase soon! by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat approved
    my cat loves the Purina one tender selects with chicken. She is always asking for me and this doesn't happen with other cat food that she has eaten. I love seeing her so happy. Very impressed with the cat food and the real chicken in it. Thank you for such a quality product by on 06/23/2016
  • Great
    My cats loved this food so much. Three cats loved it by on 06/23/2016
  • great!
    My cat loved it from his expressions and the way he would go back to it. Recommended to my cousin for her cat. by on 06/23/2016
  • Nice cat food
    My cat just had kittens and its hard to find something she really likes to eat that fills her up and this was something she enjoyed and it filled her up, started repurchasing it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Kitty liked it
    Our cat is very finicky but she liked it. Smell wasn't too bad and didn't seem to upset her stomach. by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat liked it
    My cat enjoyed this food very much . She does like the chicken flavor . . by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat loved it!
    My cat loved this! I liked the ingredients and obviously my cat did also. by on 06/23/2016
  • Happy kitties
    Both my cats loved this new food. No upset tummies after feeding as well, so a double bonus. by on 06/23/2016
  • Love At First Bite
    My cat is a very picky eater so I just gave her a little bit to see how she liked it. She was not happy until I poured the rest of it in her bowl. Looks like I know what I'm buying on the next food run. by on 06/23/2016
    My cats enjoyed this food, but I'm going the all natural route & there's are ingredients in here that I choose not to feed my cats by on 06/23/2016
  • Umm umm good
    My cat loved this semi soft dry cat food and meowed he wanted more. by on 06/23/2016
  • Great stuff!
    This came at the perfect time! I needed to start transitioning my newly year old kitty to adult food. I started with just a pinch and he was instantly in approval. I really like thst it has real chicken in it too. This is Vaders new adult dry cat foid. Thank you! You a new customer for this product! by on 06/23/2016
  • Awesome
    The best dry cat food invented yet, it h as pieces of chicken that are kind of soft so it's like 2 in 1 by on 06/23/2016
  • My two cats wouldn't eat it
    My cats did not seem to like this product. My cats are very very picky though. It sat in their bowl for a few days and they wouldn't touch it. by on 06/23/2016
  • my cat loves it
    it's great my cat devoured it and was waiting for more. by on 06/23/2016
  • Meow
    My cat loves this platform food and it's not terrible expensive by on 06/23/2016
  • Couldn't Ask for a better product!
    I have six cats and I divided the food among them and it was great seeing them eat it...Some are older so I had to literally put them in another room to separate them from the younger ones and each and every cat enjoyed it. I will definitely be using this product again! by on 06/23/2016
  • Purina One Cat Food
    My cat was so happy to finally get his own Purina One blend food with the meaty chunks. He has been so jealous of the dogs food. He steals the chicken chunks out of their food every chance he gets. Now he has his own. The best thing about it is it doesn't have all the color dyes in it that will stain my carpet with every hairball yak. by on 06/23/2016
  • Purina Cat Food
    I think you cat really enjoyed the food. It was actually in a bigger package than I thought. by on 06/23/2016
  • loved by 3 cats
    I have picky cats, they really took to this cat food by on 06/23/2016
  • Hey, he likes it!
    Having a fussy cat is no fun. You never know what he wants on a particular day because he can't tell you what is the "flavor of the day". I gave the sample of Purina Tender Selects a try and there was no hesitation, my cat loved it. The scent isn't bad; it smelled fresh; it was a selection crispy pieces that weren't too hard or too big. My cat finished off what I gave him and looked for more. by on 06/23/2016
  • I am totally sold!
    My cat love the real chicken chunks in it. I was going to wait to buy this food but now my cat wan't touch her old food. Lol by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats loved the food!
    Great dry food, i read all the ingredients before feeding to my pets and i was impressed. the cats ate a few kibble bits as treats and then i gave them a bowl full and they ate the whole thing. by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat loves it!
    My cat loves this brand. I went out and bought more and I can tell she was happy. by on 06/23/2016
  • Pretty good
    He ate it all, so I'm sure that's a good thing. I'll buy some. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cant complain
    I can't really make a good review as my cat is not a picky eater. He ate it all and did not complain so I guess that means he liked it. by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat loved it!!
    My cat Gigi and i love this cat food. I liked how healthy and fulling the ingredients were and shw loved the taste, wapecially the soft bits. I will definitely be purchasing this by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats Love The Taste
    My cats at first were shy to try something new, but once they tasted it, it was gobbled down. by on 06/23/2016
  • Happy kitties!!
    When I poured the sample into the cat food dish, all the of my cats came running and we're sharing the bowl! They loved it! by on 06/23/2016
  • Wonderful!
    As soon as i put the sample in the bowl, my cat was munching it down. She was very excited about it! Must taste great! by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat approved, for a price
    This stuff is high quality, but very expensive. if you can afford it, i recommend. by on 06/23/2016
  • They love it!
    Bonnie begged for us to open the bag for her. When we did, she and Clyde loved it. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats seem to enjoy it
    My cat seemed to enjoy this food. Would purchase if the price was right. by on 06/23/2016
  • Senior cat loves it
    My 17 year old cat dove into it and the Doxie grabbed a bit also ! by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat loves
    My cat really loves he hardly eats dry food but he eat this all up so I know I need to buy this. by on 06/23/2016
  • Its great however not very "find-able"
    It good however i couldn't find it at any local store that is within my area. by on 06/23/2016
  • Keeps Coming Back For More!
    To begin with, I was very interested that the brand was veterinarian approved! My cat, Spice loves Purina One Tender-Selects with real chicken! He keeps running and meowing everytime I run into the kitchen. This is one of the best cat food products I have come across that is made with real chicken, no fillers, all the nutrients my cat needs, crunchy and tender, protein rich, and vet approved! Plus, my cat is begging fir another bowl;) I would definitely recommend trying this dry cat food to anyone who has a cat that is being switched from wet to dry cat food. My cat is very picky about food but he loves PurinaONE Tender-Selects made with real chicken! I will be buying a few bags this week! by on 06/23/2016
  • Not sure..
    I think my cat liked it but after eating it for 2 days she couldn't go to the bathroom..not sure if it was from the food by on 06/23/2016
  • Yummy
    My picky baby at 11 years old knows what she likes & has no problem telling me! She gobbled it right up! by on 06/23/2016
  • not for us
    i was really excited for this sample. after i got it a put it in my babies dish they all went up and sniffed it but not one of them would even try it. so this product just was not a good fit for our. but we thank you for the sample. by on 06/23/2016
  • Helps my cat eat
    I gave this to my cat since he would not eat for a ling time and to my surprise he finally ate. by on 06/23/2016
  • I have picky Cats
    I thought it smelled good and looked good. My cats turned their noses up they are picky. by on 06/23/2016
  • Finally An Affordable Healthy Choice!
    My cat loved this food so much that we switched to it because of this sample... And because we were so pleased with the natural and healthy ingredients. by on 06/23/2016
  • Amazing cat food
    My cat truly enjoyed this food. I am so happy that it is healthy by on 06/23/2016
  • Adore this product!!
    I have an extremely picky cat that will usually only eat specific cat food. With that being said I was Leary she wouldn't touch it. It was actually the opposite!! She absolutely loved it and went back for more after she finished the first sample I gave her!! I'm happy to add this product to the few brands that she will eat! by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat loved it
    My cat really liked this, usually he takes his time eating but it was like he inhaled this all at once. So without him taking I would say he really enjoyed it by on 06/23/2016
  • My cats love purina one
    As soon as I got purina one I put it in a bowl for my cats. Both of them immediately ran to it and started eating. They both seemed to really enjoy the taste. And I like that it has real chicken that I can see. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    My cats absolutely loved it! Seems like more of a for that yhe food I used previously. Definitely will purchase it again! by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat literally ripped the bag
    My cat loved it off the bat! Which made me super happy he's kinda sensitive trying out new dry food, treats, and wet foods. But he literally ripped the bag open to eat the this food! I'm going to buy this for him real soon! by on 06/23/2016
  • Purina Tender Select Blend.
    I almost believed that my cat was enjoying wet cat food as she seemed to effortlessly eat this dry food. by on 06/23/2016
  • my cats loved it
    My cats loved this product, they totally ate every single piece of kibble offered to them! I treated this sample size as a treat bag and so offered it to them as treats. by on 06/23/2016
  • They loved it
    My cats loved this brand. They are mad at me because we ran out and they have to eat there old food. by on 06/23/2016
  • My cat likes it
    My cat seems to like this very much so no complaints here it's got real meat in it so that's a plus. by on 06/23/2016
  • Picky Cats Love This
    My cat that prefers wet food absolutely loved this dry product. Most dry foods get overlooked and not even tasted by my picky cat, but this one was a hit. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cat ate it all!
    My cat ate it all with out leaving the bowl. She usually doesn't do this. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats love and enjoy it
    Once i put in Bowsers (cat name) bowl he ran towards it. I try giving him iams cat food didnt eat it the same. So i saw the difference. He enjoy it i highly recommend the product. by on 06/23/2016
  • Meow Meow
    Dezra gobbled it down when I gave her some in her cat bowl. when she sees me refilling it with Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken Dezra Comes Running to her bowl. by on 06/23/2016
  • Cats loved it
    My cats really liked this food. They ate it very quickly. by on 06/23/2016