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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Awesome
    I have 4 cats and they all lived the taste I had one cat who finished his all up and tried to get in every one else bowl lol will be switching my cats to this brand. by on 06/27/2016
  • Purina cat blend
    My cat loves the sample food. He ate it right away. by on 06/27/2016
  • Excellent
    My cats enjoyed this product. They especially enjoyed the tender bites. by on 06/27/2016
  • Pigeon the cat LOVED it!
    My cat is an extremely picky eater. She is like a 2-year-old when it comes to food, to my surprise she didn't even think twice when I served her this. I definitely do recommend it to cat parents out there ! by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat enjoyed!
    My cat is extremely picky and actually really liked the sample. The pieces were smaller and softer than our normal brand. by on 06/27/2016
  • Love it!
    My cat loves this food! Will be buying it soon for her! by on 06/27/2016
  • #One
    I was happy to get another sample of cat food for my cat Charlie. He really loved the taste of chicken. I was impress of the shape of the crunchy tender which seemed to make it easier for my cat to eat. PURINA One Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken is a nutrition for the whole body's health. It is made by PURINA, a brand I trust. I recommend this product for other cat owners to try. by on 06/27/2016
  • kitty food
    this food was good. cat was a little hesitant at first and with time eased his way to eat it by on 06/27/2016
  • Yummy for my Kitty's tummy
    My cats were a little hesitate on trying it at first but they really enjoyed it . by on 06/27/2016
  • Catlishious
    My cat really enjoy eating this product I think that i will buy it in the future . by on 06/27/2016
  • my cat loved
    my cat loved this sample. i will be buying this for him! by on 06/27/2016
  • My cats love it.
    I had already fed my cats with their regular food when this package arrived so I decided to put the purina one on top of it and my cat literally came running and started devouring it. by on 06/27/2016
  • Feets is happy
    Feets really liked it he wanted more his breath didn't smell bad nether did his waste it didn't upset his little belly the price is right an I easily found it at my local walmart an I'm glad my Feets like it by on 06/27/2016
  • Purina
    My cat loved it. I will definitely purchase. And I have recommended it too friends and family. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat liked it!
    My cat ate the food and seemed to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend. by on 06/27/2016
  • Loves it!
    Monty and Nala, love this stuff!!! I had two heads in the container before I could pour it our to the bowl!! Awesome by on 06/27/2016
  • good food
    well my cats are supper picky on what they eat, i have to change it every few months or they wont eat anymore, but they loved this! ate every bite and wanted more it seemed like they thought it was a treat not food by on 06/27/2016
  • Mr Tom's New food
    This cat food was more than we expected for our picky kitty. And the best part is that it doesn't have a offensive smell. by on 06/27/2016
  • My cat loved this cat food!
    My cat loved this Purina One Tender Selects Blend Cat Food, she wouldn't take her face out of the bowl! by on 06/27/2016
  • Perfect for my cat
    This cat food was absolutely loved by cat. He smelled it from the other room and came running like he would for tuna. I feel great knowing I'm giving my cat something that he loves and is healthy for him. The price point is great especially for how much he loved it. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat liked it
    My cat seem to like the taste, but created upset stomach - I do not blame this on the food - just my cats reaction. I tend NOT to switch food very often, so this may have created it! by on 06/27/2016
  • Great product but ...
    I love that product my cat just hated it . I think its due to her old age and loving what she wants ... just set in her ways . But I love the fact that the product was something I would offer her , it had great ingredients and if I ever get another can I would most likely buy this . by on 06/27/2016
  • Cats are crazy for it
    We've been using the sample I received as treats. Our cats love it, they are so excited when the package comes out. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cats liked it
    Among the cats that eat dry food, the cats seemed to like this. by on 06/27/2016
    My kiitys are very picky eaters, but they actually did finish this one.So my take they kind a liked it. Thank you pinch me. by on 06/27/2016
  • My cats loved it.
    I have two cats now. And they both absolutely adored this food. Both had more energy to play and have fun. Definitely buying again. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cats approve!
    Our cats seem to be very picky with their food. They've eaten the same food for over 5 years or so. We received a sample of this food and they absolutely loved it. We will purchase some more soon so they can have a bit of variety from time to time. by on 06/27/2016
  • Good Food, Cats Love
    If you are looking for a healthier alternative to your cats current food PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN is the one for you. Chicken is the #1 ingredient and my cats loved the new food. Real meat is the first ingredient which makes me happy to feed this to my pets, and they seem to agree. by on 06/27/2016
  • My kitty was pleased
    my kitty like this food but didn't come running like she does for her other brand, I will try again to see if she takes to it! by on 06/27/2016
  • Good Kitty Food
    I couldn't keep my cat's face out of the dish when I started pouring it out. He loved this product as soon as I opened the bag. You can tell it's a great product with healthy ingredients and no by-products. You won't be disappointed. by on 06/27/2016
  • Purina One Tender
    Got this as a sample and my cats were going crazy right out of the mailing box. loved loved it? by on 06/27/2016
  • Had real meat!
    I was really suprised to see there was actual chunks of chicken. Our cat seemed to enjoy it better than her regular food. by on 06/27/2016
  • My Kitty loves this stuff.
    I have a 9 year old cat who has sensitive teeth. He needs a cat food that is easy to chew. He seemed to do just fine with this cat food.I put this cat food in one bowl and his regular food in another and this one got gone first. So i think its safe to say he liked it. by on 06/27/2016
  • They seem to enjoy
    Well I can't complain because they seem to really enjoy the food. by on 06/27/2016
  • Pretty good
    My cats were ok with it. I like that its healthier then what they eat now by on 06/27/2016
  • Very pleased
    My cat is very picky and he loved this food and was very happy by on 06/27/2016
  • Cool
    This product is awesome my cats loved them very much and I will highly recommend by on 06/27/2016
  • My cat is neutral
    My cat is already eating Purina dry food, so it wasn't a big change for him. He just went with it. He didn't seem to dislike it or like it more than his normal food. by on 06/27/2016
  • different pieces
    My cat is pickey. she liked the food and was able to play with it too because of the different sizes. some soft and crunchy. by on 06/27/2016
  • Loved it!
    They loved it! I will likely be recommending this cat food to my family and friends!! by on 06/27/2016
  • Purina One Cat Food
    My cat loved this food. Even better than the canned soft food I've been purchasing to try to get him to eat more. He's very picky, but will come whine at me now if I've forgotten to feed him. by on 06/27/2016
  • WOW!
    My very picky cats love this food! Not to mention reading the ingredients opened my eyes to the junk I was feeding them so now I love it too! by on 06/27/2016
  • Yum
    My cat seemed to enjoy it. I'd like to say us because she enjoyed it but really she'll eat anything in front of her. by on 06/27/2016
  • My Cat Love It
    My cat just loved it and she does like everything I give her but after she was done she wanted more by on 06/27/2016
  • Let's you know exactly what it is.
    My cat absolutely loved it. And Chucky is a very picky eater. Since I first opened it he started meowing. Loved it by on 06/27/2016
    My cat is very picky with her food. Once I opened the bag, my cat right away started sniffing it and she ate from my hand. SHE LOVED IT!...great product I recommend it. by on 06/27/2016
  • Great food
    We have an outdoor cat that we have adored that currently has 4 kittens. She is a very picky eater, but when I offered her this cat food she devoured it and stood around begging for more. I highly recommend it. by on 06/27/2016
  • Very happy kitties.
    My kitties love this product they come running when they hear me opening up the bag. Its so much healthier for them then what I was feeding them.They have more energy and are more happy and content eating this product. by on 06/27/2016
  • Kitty loves it
    My cat seems t really like this cat food. I will be buying it in the future. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat ate serving
    My cat gobbled this up like it was nothing. She now begs for lunch time. She was always very whatever about her one cat brand. But this one she loves. by on 06/27/2016
  • Good car food
    The cat loved this food. The dogs even liked it!! I will definitely continue to feed this to my cat by on 06/27/2016
  • Cats loved this!
    My cats went crazy for this food, and they especially loved the chicken pieces! I will definitely be purchasing this food. by on 06/27/2016
  • Purina One Selects
    My male cats absolutely love the taste and got really excited for the smell to something new. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat food comparisons.
    I tried placing our current mix of cat food in a bowl and the new sample in a bowl and my cats chose our current brand 7 out of 10 times. I used our regular bowls and made sure not to completely disrupt their usual routine. Then when you factor in that the sample in 3 x higher in cost than our usual brands. Then I most likely will not purchase Purina one. by on 06/27/2016
  • Healthy, Meaty, and the Kitties Loved It
    I liked that it was soft and meaty and actually good products in their food! by on 06/27/2016
  • Kitties were impressed!
    My cats loved this cat food! As soon as I put it in their bowl, they came running down the stairs and began eating it. I will totally buy this product! by on 06/27/2016
  • Kitty Approved
    My cat absolutely loved this food, and he is normally a picky eater. will definitely be buying in the future! by on 06/27/2016
  • My cats love this catfood
    My cats are picky eaters but they loved this cat food. The food has dried chunks of meat in it and looks so much better than their other more expensive cat food that I have been buying for them. I already purchased a full size bag of this cat food and plan on going back to buy the other flavors of it as well. My cats gobble this cat food right up. by on 06/27/2016
  • My "furbaby" loves his new food~
    I am so glad that I decided to try this food with my very picky and spoiled "furbaby". He loved it so much that I bought a bag the very next day!! by on 06/27/2016
  • Good cat food
    My cat loves this cat food! He really likes crunchy stuff! by on 06/27/2016
  • love it!!!
    my cats loved this food. to me it is more healthier than most cat foods. by on 06/27/2016
  • Gato approved!
    My cat (Pico de Gato) loved this food! Luckily for me, he is not a very picky eater and he was eager to get second helpings of this food. I liked that it had bits of dried chicken in it- and my cat did too. I'll keep this food in mind the next time I'm in the market to stock up on cat food. by on 06/27/2016
  • My cat loves this stuff!!!
    My cat goes crazy when I get this cat food in her dish. She's a hard one to please usually, but loves the taste of this purina cat food. We usually get purina cat chow, but will be be switching to purina one tender selects!! by on 06/27/2016
  • My cats loved this
    My babies devoured this sample. I will be incorporating it into their daily diet now. Thank you for the sample by on 06/27/2016
  • My kittens love it!
    My kittens love this car food . I really think I should start buying this for my cat by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat Loves this product
    My Cat loves this product and our vet highly recommends using all the time. by on 06/27/2016
  • my cat
    my cat didnt eat this food as soon as i gave it to her which was weird but after about 10 mins and she knew i wasnt giving her anything else she started eating the food . with the current food she eats she makes noise and rubs all on my legs to get the food .we will be saying with the brand that we use now by on 06/27/2016
  • Switching to this!!
    My cat was instantly attracted to this dry food. Since she has sensitivity to ingredients I'm very picky! I went out and bought this as soon as her sample ran out! by on 06/27/2016
  • Very good
    My cat liked it and she can be picky. It is hard to tell from such a small sample. She may have liked it because it was different. You can tell a little better if it is more than one serving size. She did seem to enjoy it so I am not say it was bad. by on 06/27/2016
  • Picky Cat
    I think part of the reason the food did not go over well with my cat is because he is very picky about the food he eats. The Purina One food is better for him, but he doesn't always choose healthy foods. by on 06/27/2016
  • My cats found it delicious
    I was very happy when I got the sample because it was around the time I had just ran out of cat food and couldn't run to buy more. Before serving the dry food to my cats , I couldn't serve it to one of them because she was nursing ( the label says to not feed to pregnant or nursing cats) so instead I gave her so cat wet food. My cat that did eat the sample loved it. He ate the whole dish and started scratching the bag for more. I'm happy with the cat food and plan to buy more. by on 06/27/2016
  • Perfect Bite Size Pieces
    I and my cat appreciate the size of this product. She tends to have difficulty with large or chunky pieces of dry cat food, and winds up leaving crunched bits in her bowl, wasting food. This product is perfect in size, texture and consistency. by on 06/27/2016
  • My Kitty Loves It
    My Chester enjoyed this food and the ingredients are high quality, so I am a happy owner. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cats went nuts
    My kitties enjoyed this sample so much that they ate the entire bag! by on 06/27/2016
  • Happy Kitties!
    Ever seen a finicky kitty gobble up crunchies so fast? I certainly was surprised when mine did! They loved the chicken flavor and the perfectly crunchy kibble bites. While it isn't as healthy as the brand I feed now, it can absolutely stimulate a kitty's appetite. by on 06/27/2016
  • So yummy
    My cat need to eat as muchpro plan veey filled up di dnt ne by on 06/27/2016
  • Purinaone tender selects bend with real chicken
    My cat really liked it was looking for more to eat. by on 06/27/2016
  • A Purina One Diet
    A tasty treat for your cat is easily found with Purina One products. Tender Select Blends with Real Chicken will be a cat meal your cat will thank you for over and over. by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat Loves It!
    The cat ate the food and actually went and laid down. Usually he is meowing for more food because his doesn't fill him up. I plan on purchasing this for daily use for him. by on 06/27/2016
  • Okay product
    This product is an okay cat food,but I wouldn't buy it all the time. by on 06/27/2016
  • My cat loves it!
    My cat seemed to really love this brand, it seems like a very good brand. by on 06/27/2016
  • the cats meow
    my cats loved it and i had to go right out and buy my cats some more they couldnt get enough of it by on 06/27/2016
  • Cat loved it!
    My cat loved this food and I will be purchasing this product in the future. by on 06/27/2016
  • Oops!!
    My review is somewhat skewed because I had this on my nightstand after opening the mail. I did some chores and went back for it and it was gone!! I assume that my gluttonous dogs got it amd I will assume they loved it since its nowhere to be found!! by on 06/27/2016
  • Makes my kitty happy!
    My cat went nuts as soon as I opened the bag. As soon as I set his bowl down, he ate like I have never fed him before. by on 06/26/2016
  • Good
    The cats liked it, but I think my science diet is healthier for them by on 06/26/2016
  • Cat devoured
    My cat loved this food. It had a little bit of an overpowering smell but my cat definetely enjoyed it by on 06/26/2016
  • Awesome
    My cats enjoyed it and ate it pretty fast. So I will be buying them some by on 06/26/2016
  • My Cats Loved It!
    My cats loved this food very much. When the bag was empty my cats dug it out of the trash! Plan on.buying soon! by on 06/26/2016
  • Older cat picky about food
    My cat is older and is picky about food. She did eat the product and didn't seem to mind but did stare at her other cat food bag afterwards. by on 06/26/2016
  • amazing
    the sample bag was much bigger than expected. the packaging is great and my cat honestly loves it. i give it 10 out of 10 by on 06/26/2016
  • Awesome!
    My cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and she was put on a special diet, we use this brand as "treats" and my cat absolutely loved it. As soon as we grab the bag she comes running! by on 06/26/2016
  • Cat loves it
    My cats love this product! They ate it without any problems and it did not upset their stomachs like so many other brands of cat food do. by on 06/26/2016
  • Purina one tender selects blend with real chicken
    My cat definitely loves this food, he ate it in just a few minutes! by on 06/26/2016
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    We're switching my brother's cat to dry food since wet food isn't the best for their teeth.. I like that this has real chicken meat in it. The cat seems to know when something is too processed.. She's ridiculously picky. She doesn't prefer it over her salmon wet food, but she did seem to like it better than the other brands we've been trying. by on 06/26/2016
  • really good
    I think my animals would love this agein they couldn't get enough by on 06/26/2016
  • My Cat Approved!
    My finicky cat really liked this so that was a positive. She usually turns her nose up at new food. But she ate this right away. by on 06/26/2016
  • Great and affordable cat food
    Purina One Tender selects is great! My cat loved it and she had no problems with the cat food. Even though I got this as a sample, this is a very affordable product in the store. There was no bad smell, or defect in the products. My cat enjoyed the food and wanted more. by on 06/26/2016
  • Purina ONE tender selects
    My cat seemed to thoroughly enjoy this food. I think she really liked the chicken morsels. I will definitely buy this for her next time I go shopping by on 06/26/2016
  • Review
    Usually my cats are very picky when it comes to food, but we put this in their both and they ate it without any issues. by on 06/26/2016