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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Awesome
    My cat loves this food. I will definitely be buying some of this soon from the store! Thanks for the free sample! by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats love it!
    Our two cats love the taste and I am glad it has real meat in it because that is healthier for them! by on 06/28/2016
  • Its okay
    Its about average on the scale of food that i have seen. I'm happy with what we use. by on 06/28/2016
  • Good size sample
    The food seemed decent and my cats really like it. I was nice to try but I still like my current food for them better. by on 06/28/2016
  • Likely to Buy
    We have two cats and only one of them liked it whereas the other only ate it after getting hungry enough. by on 06/28/2016
  • love this
    I have 4 cats love this cat food I will recommend this product to a friend by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina
    My cats love this cat food. I will continue in t buy it for them. And it's sold for a good price. by on 06/28/2016
  • Sammi loved it
    She gobbled this sample all up. She loved it. She also seems more active since trying this product. I will definitely buy this product. by on 06/28/2016
  • goodd
    my Cats loved this food they only get dry food so when they get wet food they love it by on 06/28/2016
  • Sampled
    My kitties enjoyed this product. They gobbled it up as soon as I fed them. I would buy this in the future. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loved!
    I'm always looking for something healthy for my indoor cat that he will eat since he's on the larger side lol and he absolutely loved this! by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina Cat
    Cats loved the sample so much so they didn't want the usual. I had to go buy the sample by on 06/28/2016
  • Good Cat Food
    My cats loved this food and I felt good feeding it to them because it has healthy ingredients. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One Tender Selects
    I have 2 cats with very sensitive stomachs. I have to be careful what I feed them. They really liked this food. They ate it with no problems. by on 06/28/2016
  • Loved it
    My cats loved it that I went and bought more. Excellent by on 06/28/2016
  • loved its!
    I have three cats. and all 3 of them ate this bag right up. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loved it!
    My cat loved it and ate every last bit. I enjoy giving my cat variety so I will feed her this again. by on 06/28/2016
  • Quality pet product
    Cats seemed to enjoy the sample. Would buy it for them :-) by on 06/28/2016
  • !!!
    My kitty loves this food so much! He won't even touch his old food anymore after trying this. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat food delicious
    My cat really seemed to enjoy the taste of this food by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina one tenders
    My cat loves t eat so much. That she goes back for more dry food. by on 06/28/2016
  • My car likes it
    My cat is a picky eater and she gobbled it right up by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loved it
    As soon as I gave it to my cat he scarfed it down! by on 06/28/2016
  • Just ok
    It's a low grade food, I prefer to feed healthier brands but for the low cost it could be worse so if this is all you can afford it's much better choice then other grocery store brands. by on 06/28/2016
  • Delicious Real Chicken Purina Cat Food
    My cats LOVE this food! I think this may be their new favorite type of food. I have since the free sample, bought them a bag of this food and I have noticed that in the mornings they chow down on it. I love how there are natural ingredients in this cat food. It is healthier for my kitties and they love it! I will continue to buy this brand and type of food from now on for them. by on 06/28/2016
  • Good food just can't feed to cat as a meal
    My cat has had medical problems in the past and I have her on a food that gives her everything she needs without the dead animal in my house. I used the sample as treats but she at first will turn her face and walk away but come back later and eat it. With most treats she will eat as soon as they hit her bowl. After the sample is gone I wouldn't buy it for my cat. by on 06/28/2016
  • Loved
    My cat literally broke into the bag, it was sitting on top of my dresser and he ripped into it to get the food out!!! He loved it for sure because he's never done that before by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loves and approves
    I received this as a sample. My cat can't wait to eat this. Great product and great tasting from the way she eats it. by on 06/28/2016
  • They loved it!
    My cats really seemed to enjoy this cat food. They ate every last bit and then didn't act too happy about getting their old cat food again so I will be buying this for sure! by on 06/28/2016
  • Liked the quality of this food
    My 2 cats really enjoyed trying this food I will buy for sure by on 06/28/2016
  • Kitty loved it!
    My cat really enjoyed this! I think the smaller pieces made it much easier for him to eat . by on 06/28/2016
  • Great
    I think this was a great wet food and my car loved it. by on 06/28/2016
  • Kitty Did Not Care For This One
    My cat can be very picky. She would not eat this cat food. She picked around it. by on 06/28/2016
  • Gobbled it up
    I have two cat.. one a calico cat, the other a grey tabby cat.. both are female... When their #purinaone #pinchme sample came in the mail, I sat the bag beside the microwave.. Later that evening before bed I made sure my girls both had plenty of water and their new food sample (Purina One Tender Selects Blend, with Real Chicken). The next morning the remainder of what was left in the resealable bag was lying in the hallway... and the bag had chew marks all over.. which told me they loved their new #pinchme sample... Kitt-tay & O'Pussum #gotitfree from #PurinaOne through #Pinchme by on 06/28/2016
  • Huge hit with my cats!
    Before I had the chance to even open the bag my cats were all over it. It was gone within a few minutes. Def worth buying by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats loves it
    My cats ate it up pretty quickly but then again, they always eat everything fairly fast. by on 06/28/2016
  • Oh so yummy!!!!
    My cats thought it was ok my Dogs absolutely loved it so it was enjoyed by all. by on 06/28/2016
  • Your cat will love this dry food!
    This is some awesome cat food!! My cat tried a sample from Pinch Me and Purina and loved it!! by on 06/28/2016
  • Just PurRRRfect
    My sunshine just loved this he never ever ask for more Thanks you for such a great product by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina Pro Plan
    My cats usually prefer wet cat food and leave the dry cat food for later, but they ate it all in one sitting! by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One is Puuurfect!
    My cat absolutely loved this cat food. It seemed fresher than other dry cat food. I liked the ingredients. by on 06/28/2016
  • yum
    The cats loved this food! They couldn't get enough! by on 06/28/2016
  • My Maxi wouldn't even look at me!
    When I was about to open the bag my cat was in and out of between my legs jumping from table to floor to counter and back again. I couldn't even pour her serving all the way before her head was blocking her bowl. I would say she absolutely loved it and even licked her bowl like a dog afterwards. She seemed excited when I came home with a big bag for her. It was like she new I had switched her food to something she liked better. by on 06/28/2016
  • About the Same
    My cat liked this about the same as the current brand I use. So I would probably buy this occasionally. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loved this
    My cat loved this. Usually she is picky but she ate it right up. I will but again. Thank you for letting us test this. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One
    I gave this dry cat food to my kitties next to their usual food and they are the Purina One first and fastest. They much preferred this and I would definitely buy it in the future. by on 06/28/2016
  • She loved it so much!
    My cat is a very picky eater and usually never likes to try new things. Yet this product she eats up as it is cat treats. She loves it so much I had to go out and buy her more. It is great and the quality of the product makes me feel so much better about feeding it to her too. by on 06/28/2016
  • like
    My cat loved this cat food it was gone from her bowl within seconds. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat liked it
    I have a picky, older cat. He ate this without any problems by on 06/28/2016
  • Tasty and affordable
    For dry cat food this is excellent and a great value. I recommend to others with cats and my cat enjoyed her dinner! by on 06/28/2016
  • So good cats cry for it.
    My furbabll loved this product so much that anytme i sook the bag? he came running as fast as his four paws by on 06/28/2016
  • Healthier cat food
    My cat seemed to really enjoy this food. Plus knowing its good for him made me happy. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat loved it!
    My cat loved this food and he is a very picky eater. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One Tender Selects with Chicken
    I started giving this to my cats first as treats to see how they liked it, then mixed it in with their regular food. They liked it very much and were excited to eat it. by on 06/28/2016
  • Just another cat food
    Merlin is a picky eater and when he picked at this instead of chowing down, I knew that he did not either care for the taste or texture by on 06/28/2016
  • Picky
    My cat is so picky! It depends on the day if he likes certain foods or not. by on 06/28/2016
  • Kitty Approved
    My two cats really enjoyed this cat food. They are use to the Purina One brand, but they have not had this variety yet. They can be picky with cat food, but this one and other Purina products they will eat with no problems. by on 06/28/2016
  • Picky older cat enjoyed
    I have an eleven year old cat that is terribly picky but he seemed to really enjoy this flavor by on 06/28/2016
  • 5Stars cats meow
    The kitty loved it had to hide the bag he kept finding it and trying to break into it lol silly kitty. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats
    I think my cat enjoyed the food. I would buy some soon. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cats loved it
    I used it as treats, because I have 5 cats, well it didn't last long, they loved it! by on 06/28/2016
  • Ok
    Considering how picky my cat is she actually ate it so ikts a win by on 06/28/2016
  • Happy Cat
    My cat thoroughly enjoyed this new food! He usually is good about having the dogs around him when he eats, but with this new food he didnt enjoy if the dogs were too close. He must have not wanted to share! LOL by on 06/28/2016
  • They loved it
    Kitties ate it all up, and even knocked the bag over to eat the rest LOL by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat Loves It
    I really liked the packaging on this because it was really informative. My cat seemed to love it but she's fat, so she pretty much likes any food. My only concern is switching her to a new food because sometime her stomach is a little sensitive. It would also be nice if it were a weight-control food. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat's say YUM
    They loved this food. They couldn't get enough and were meowing for more. It looks like I have to go buy a big bag and this will be their new food! by on 06/28/2016
  • Purrrfect!!
    My goodness, the cats were acting like they were dining at a high end restaurant! They absolutely love this cat food. by on 06/28/2016
  • Kitties had mixed reviews
    Two of my kitties liked the food. One picked out the dry pieces and left the tender pieces. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cats loved this
    So I have four very different very lovable cats! They each have their own likes and dislikes in food but All agreed to loving this particular food. I am definably buying in the future especially considering its great ingredients and great taste, something I can feel confident in giving my cats that is nutrious for them! by on 06/28/2016
  • My Cats Love This
    My cats loved Purina One Tender Selects! They always eat their cat food but not usually with this much vigor. When I run out of the cat food we're using, I will be buying this! And thank you for such a generous sample! by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat enjoyed it
    Our tremendously picky cat really enjoyed this food- he isn't always a fan of non-pate food, but this one he demolished. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats loved it!!
    Like the smaller. Sized pieces of food. Makes it easier for cats to really enjoy eating it. They loved it! by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat PC loves it!
    I have a very picky cat-kitten. He sticks his nose up in the air when I have tried to give him new kinds of food but he loves Purina One Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken. He is almost done with his free sample so I better make sure that I pick some up the next time I go shopping. by on 06/28/2016
  • My cats love this!!!
    Have already purchased this cat food, as my cats really loved it! by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One didn't last long!
    I filled the bowl and my cat chowed down. She must have really liked it. I bough more the next time I was at the store, it's her new favorite! by on 06/28/2016
  • Healthy and Yummy for my cat
    She liked the chicken flavor and was overall happy about trying something new. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purfect
    My cat loved this cat food alot. He wouldnt stop meowing for more :D by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina one tender blends
    My cats loved this. They loved the flavor and the chewy pieces mixed with the crunchy. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    My cats loved this cat food! It was great change to their regular cat food. I will try this again. by on 06/28/2016
  • Awesome food!
    This food didnt upset my cats tummies. They normally get sick with new foods. Not with this one. The cats genuinely seemed to like it. Happy cat happy life! by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One Tender Selects with Real Chicken
    My cats really loved this product and I liked it has more real, fresher ingredients. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina Quality Always
    I like that this has chicken as the first ingredient, I like that this is a healthy choice for my cat and that he really seems to like the way it taste, by on 06/28/2016
  • Good stuff
    My cat loved it but she will eat anything. But I felt like it was better for her than some cat foods by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat didn't like it
    At first I thought it was because it was something different but every bit that he put in his mouth he spit right out! by on 06/28/2016
  • Horrible
    Pet did not like at all definitely would not reccommend by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat Begged for More
    We only want healthy food for our "son" so that he's at his healthiest and happiest and were glad to get this sample. He loved the taste and begged for more. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cats loved it
    They all ran to the bowl to check out the new food and loved it. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat enjoyed
    My cats really enjoyed this and gobbled it right up. by on 06/28/2016
  • Looking forward
    My kitty always looks forward to his packages and this one he scarfed down! seems to be a higher quality and less artificial colors to it. by on 06/28/2016
  • Purina One Cat Food
    I would highly recommend Purina One cat food. My cat loved it and it's a much healthier option than others out there. I can tell that this company truly cats about its animals. by on 06/28/2016
  • Happy Kitty
    My cat loved this! He scarfed it down in minutes! Way more than his original food! by on 06/28/2016
  • My cat loved this product!!
    I have an older cat that I recently adopted and she has some dental problems from not being cared for properly and she loved the Purina Tender selects because she was able to eat it and she loved the taste! She has been pretty picky but when i've offered her the sample she gobbles it up and is content.. by on 06/28/2016
  • Yummy
    They loved it. Ate it and wanted more my cats are picky eaters and it's hard to find good food. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat seems to like it
    My cat seems to like it. It is nice to know it is closer to natural than most cat foods. by on 06/28/2016
  • the cats Meow
    I've got 3 cats and a 2 are very picky.I usually buy cat food or treats and try them and they turn their nose up at it.when I opened the food I didn't expect much but I was shocked that all 3 went to town on it.i liked the appearance of the food and they just loved it.I've already told some of my friends and family about it and they said they wanted to try it too.most cats seem to be kind of picky so everybody is excited to try something that they know their fur babies will enjoy. by on 06/28/2016
  • Enjoy
    My cats enjoyed this cat food very much. After eating the food they were very energetic and happy. Happy cats makes for happy cat parents. by on 06/28/2016
  • Cat loved this food!
    I received this product as a free sample. I replaced my cat's regular food with this. I think she liked the change. The food was eaten quickly once I had put it in the bowl. I looked at it as a little treat for her. May buy in the future depending on the price. by on 06/28/2016
  • Picky Cat
    I would say that this product is a very good product but my cat did not really have interest in it by on 06/28/2016
  • the best
    i love it and my cats eat all of it and want's more by on 06/28/2016