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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Fussy Cat
    My cat turned her nose up at the product at first and then ate it. She is very fussy and can't really base a review off of that. by on 07/01/2016
  • Awesome!
    I tried it and my cats absoulutly love it. Will buy it and will reccoment it by on 07/01/2016
  • Picky cat loved it
    My cat could not eat this fast enough. He loved it and wanted more. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cat liked it
    Car seemed to enjoy this cat food but I usually just stick with his usual brand by on 07/01/2016
  • Purina One Tender Chicken selects
    My cat loved it soo much, first time she ever ate her dry food right away by on 07/01/2016
  • Cat loved it!
    I felt like I was giving my cat a better quality food, and they loved it! by on 07/01/2016
  • They loved it!
    My two three year old cats plowed through this like it was kitty crack!! by on 07/01/2016
  • Great product my cats loved this food
    It is great. Love that the ingredients are better for my pets and that they love the food. I love that they can be healthy and thrive eating this cat food. by on 07/01/2016
  • Amazing
    I love how the ingredients are all natural and the price is not that . Ad either! by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats loved!
    My kitties found this to be a very tasty treat. They are use to store brand foods, so I think they were happy to have a change. Small pieces and easy for them to chew. They seemed to.enjoy. by on 07/01/2016
  • good food
    The cat loved it that is all that I can ask for in a cat food. It did not smell too bad. I would have to get a bag to see if it affected my cat long term since she is older and some foods are too rich for her. by on 07/01/2016
  • Good Basic Choice
    This was a good alternative to the food I typically use for my cat. I would recommend to anyone who might ask me about it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats new favorite
    My cat loved this. I poured just a little in her bowl to see if she would eat it and she devoured it!! I put more in and she gobbled it up and kept meowing for more. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cat food delight.
    I received a sample. I was glad my cat ate the food without hesitation. by on 07/01/2016
  • Yummy cat food
    Yummy cat food my cats enjoy! Ive used this product for at least six months. by on 07/01/2016
  • They Liked It
    I typically feed my cats Purina One Urinary Tract or Hairball, so they liked this version too. by on 07/01/2016
  • My cats are in love
    I think this is a really good Mike has really liked this food meow every time they want to eat by on 07/01/2016
  • My cat loved it
    my cat is a very picky eater and normally only likes a few brands but this he demolished instantly will be buying this for sure by on 07/01/2016
  • My cats adore it.
    My cat loves to eat this cat food loves it more than meow mix. by on 07/01/2016
  • Good food for price.
    My cats liked this good, but they also like everything! I liked the smell and shape and sizes . when I run out of cat food I will be buying some. by on 07/01/2016
  • Pretty Good
    I was pleased with this protect. My cat seemed indifferent as to if she liked her original food more or this one. by on 07/01/2016
  • Wouldn't actually purchase the product
    My cat liked the food but wasn't too crazy about it. by on 07/01/2016
  • LOVE IT!!
    My cat loved it. He couldn't get enough of it. I will be making the switch!! Happy baby, happy momma!! by on 07/01/2016
  • They Love It!
    I only used this as a treat because I have 5 cats and wanted to get opinions from my picky eaters as well as from my "if it's edible I'll eat it" eaters. Everyone loves it! Two of my cats will come to me and "ask" for it. I will definitely consider purchasing this in the future, even if only to be used as a healthy treat. by on 07/01/2016
  • Wonderful product!
    Our cats were pawing out the Purina food in their feeding dish, they wanted the good stuff! by on 07/01/2016
  • Great for the low price
    While I don't use tender selects, I have switched from my very expensive cat food to purina one sensitive systems. So far, my cats are doing great on it! by on 07/01/2016
  • My cats are meowing about this!
    My cats usually do not eat all of their food, regardless of how much or how little I give them, but since I started giving them Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken they are cleaning their dish every time! They even come to me wanting more! This cat food even smells nice, unlike some other brands out there. This is going to be my cats new go to food! by on 07/01/2016
  • Kitty loved it
    My kitty really really enjoyed this treat and I enjoyed feeding him healthy snacks by on 07/01/2016
  • They loved it !!
    My cats really loved it and just knowing it has healthy nutrition and also taste good is what I want for them by on 07/01/2016
  • great product and cats loved
    My cats really enjoyed this food. I started off giving it to them as treats but they loved it so much I bought a bag for everyday feeding. by on 07/01/2016
  • Purina One Tender Select
    My cats loved it! Ill will be purchasing some as soon as they finish their last bag . by on 07/01/2016
  • Poor Ingredients
    The top ingredients are chicken, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, poultry by-product meal, wheat flour, soybean meal. These are horrible ingredients: "No corn, wheat or soy as carbohydrate sources. If you do choose a cat food with grain, steer clear of corn, wheat and soy, which can all trigger allergies in cats, say veterinarians at WebMD." These ingredients are only included to make the food cheaply and have no benefit to cats. by on 07/01/2016
  • Fantastic
    My kitties loved this food! I love it to feed them good healthy food by on 07/01/2016
  • Good Product
    Good product, cats seemed to like it. It's healthier than what I normally feed my cats by on 07/01/2016
  • lovely
    my cats really enjoyed it and so ill be purchasing it by on 07/01/2016
  • Allergy
    My cat ate the product just fine. Even seemed to enjoy it, however he then regurgitated it all back up. I believe he had an allergic reaction by on 07/01/2016
  • Not for my cat
    My cat had a reaction to this product and we could not continue giving it to her. However, my cat happens to be especially sensitive to foods so this does not mean the product would be bad for all cats. by on 07/01/2016
  • Happy felines
    I let the cats smell the package, and they were waiting at their bowls before I could get there. They loved it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats love this.
    My cat simply loves this food. He loves it so much that he tells me when it is dinner time. by on 07/01/2016
  • Great product
    My cat really liked this.. I mixed it in with her current brand. by on 07/01/2016
    My cats loved this food! I will continue to use it and purchase it, as a treat to supplement their current food. Food they think is a treat is a winner! by on 07/01/2016
  • Just cat food
    I didnt notice any negative reaction from my cat eating this food and she did eat it but she doesn't seem to be to picky about her food. by on 07/01/2016
  • Great cat loves it
    Cat goes crazy for this stuff! His current food is a chicken flavor too, I haven't done an ingredient comparison yet but plan to to see what the difference is. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cat enjoyed the food
    My cat only eats dry food. I usually stick to 9 Lives but don't mind trying others. And neither does my cat! He went right to the dish when I put it down and came purring after he was done. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats!
    My cat ate it all up. She really enjoyed it. Thanks for the sample by on 07/01/2016
  • My fuzzy baby
    My cat is so picky.we never know what to feed her. She swallowed this bag whole. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats enjoyed it
    I gave this sample to the cats a couple mornings in a row to see how they would like it as I have a couple picky cats. All 3 of them, including Miss Picky, really liked it and gobbled it up. I'd say it was thumbs up in this house. by on 07/01/2016
  • My cat loved this!
    My cat loved this new food. It is visually appealing and has a great mixture of healthy mix of nutrients. by on 07/01/2016
  • Loved
    She loved this stufff! She gobbled it down so I say she liked it. by on 07/01/2016
  • My cat liked it!!
    Overall my cat ate the food all up. She didnt notice a change in the food I gave her by on 07/01/2016
  • It might have been treats!
    From the minute we opened the package, our cats went nuts for PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN. It had all the flavor they want and nutrition we are looking for in a daily dry cat food. by on 07/01/2016
  • Good, Very Good
    I loved that the fist and main ingredient was MEAT! It made me feel good giving it to my cat and I will strongly consider it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats really liked it!
    My cats really liked this food. They are somewhat picky so it's always nice to find different types of food they like so I can switch it up between the different kinds. Will definitely add this into the rotation! by on 07/01/2016
  • Great cat food, my cat loved it
    I would buy this item as my cat did like the taste and that is important to me. by on 07/01/2016
  • Good kitty food
    The only reason this product didn't get 5 stars from me was because my cat was picky at first. Ignored it to begin with but then begin to eat. by on 07/01/2016
  • My cat loves it
    My cat loves this food. He would only nibble at his old food. by on 07/01/2016
  • my thoughts
    my cats loved this but it is too expensive for what i can afford by on 07/01/2016
  • Nice treat
    I added this to their regular food as they're on a diet and they loved it! by on 07/01/2016
  • My cats really likes this
    Both of my cats really enjoyed this food. I like that it has natural ingredients and has actually pieces of fries chicken in it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Purina tender selects
    I recieved this cat food as a sample through pinch me dot com . My cats loved it . It smelled pretty good , better then the current food I give them . They ate up their servings quickly . I may buy this product in the future by on 07/01/2016
  • Love it
    My cat loves this food. It has a perfect blend of ingredients to keep my cat at her best. Definitely switching and will continue to recommend. by on 07/01/2016
  • My cat absolutely loves it!!!!
    I have already recommended this to friend and family. My cat loved it. I am absolutely switching to this product and will continue to spread the word. It has a blend of ingredients that provides a well balanced diet for my cat. by on 07/01/2016
  • Picky eaters
    My outside cat is a very picky eater when it comes to dry cat food. I have tried so many different brands but he still doesn't eat like I want him too. But as soon as I received my free sample I tried it out and was surprised how quickly he took to eating it. He loved it. I recommend this cat food to all the picky eaters who need a new great tasting food! by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats go crazy over it!
    Just opening up the package had my 2 cats running to see what I had for them. I guess they could smell how delicious it was! They devoured it in seconds, as in you had best step out of the way quickly when putting it in the bowl! Will be using my coupon to go buy this as their main meal source from how on. LOVE Purina's quality and their commitment to their product line. by on 07/01/2016
  • Picky Cats
    Was hoping to switch to something better or fresher for my two cats, but they seem to only like the dry stuff. by on 07/01/2016
  • Distraction success
    I have just adopted a new cat and the older cats are not happy to have him around. I gave some of this food to the older cats when I let the new cat out and they were so interested in this food that they forgot to hiss at him. by on 07/01/2016
  • Healthy Ingredients
    Both cats in my house were strays, and we have a dog, so I normally don't splurge on cat food. However, I really liked this food because it seemed healthier. My cats definitely enjoyed it also. I will look into purchasing it again! by on 07/01/2016
  • Made my cat happy
    My picky cat didn't hesitate when I placed a bowl of this in front of her. by on 07/01/2016
  • A winner!
    My cat seemed to enjoy it. He is old and doesn't have a full set of teeth anymore so this was nice for him to eat. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats loved it.
    The cats seemed to enjoy this food very much and they are picky eaters. by on 07/01/2016
  • Delicious
    My somewhat finicky cat absolutely loved this food! by on 07/01/2016
  • Wonderful
    My cat loves it. So much so I already went to buy more by on 07/01/2016
  • Loves it!!!!
    My cat really loved this food. He kept wanting more. I think I will start buying it for him now by on 07/01/2016
  • cat approved!
    This food is definitely cat approved. She ate it heartily and liked it as much as her regular more expensive food. I received a free sample from PinchMe. by on 07/01/2016
  • cats like it
    The cats seemed to really like it. Ate it all up! by on 07/01/2016
  • Laney loves it
    My cat loves this product, the first time we gave it to her she gobbled it up, bonus she didn't get sick from eating it as she sometimes does with a new food. by on 07/01/2016
  • Happy Cat
    We had a very positive reaction from the cat with the Tender Selects. This is a cat food that will be on his menu for a long time. by on 07/01/2016
  • Angry Cat
    I recieved this product as a free sample from Pinchme.com and my cat loved it! She is so mad that the sample ran out, and now we have to switch her over to it completely. Highly recommend! by on 07/01/2016
  • Purrfect
    My cat loves it. Gobbles it right up. I like the small kibble sizes, seems better for my cat. by on 07/01/2016
  • Healthy for my cats
    My cats love this food. Since I received a small bag for free as a sample from Pinchme, I currently use it as a treat selection which my cats love. Since they have sampled this great food, they now do not want the other cat food that they have been eating. I now have to go buy them Purina One with real chicken because once they have sampled such a great tasting food, they only want it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats enjoyed
    Our cats enjoyed this very much. They didn't want to share with each other. by on 07/01/2016
  • A total hit
    This cat food was definitely a total hit all of my cats! by on 07/01/2016
  • Somewhat positive
    My cat seemed to like this food but didn't finish the whole thing. That is why I am thinking about purchasing it and try it again. by on 07/01/2016
  • Two Paws Up
    My cats loved the PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN. They currently eat Purina One Hairball formula. Love this brand. Will definitely be purchasing for my furr babies. by on 07/01/2016
  • Kitties liked
    My two kitties really enjoyed this particular cat food. by on 07/01/2016
  • My Cat's Love Purina One
    My Cat's Loved This Cat Food Sample They were looking for more when this one was gone,I would say it's a home run. by on 07/01/2016
  • Loved it!
    The quality was great and my cat really loved everything about it! by on 07/01/2016
  • Kitty love
    My cats split this sample and they both loved it. It was gone quickly. by on 07/01/2016
  • she loves it
    Oreo loves this cat food. As soon as i opened it she came running down the hall. I knew she would love it so i went and bought her 5 more. I knew she would never eat her former food again by on 07/01/2016
  • Spoiled Cats
    I spoil my cats, I have 2 indoor cats, Ren she is the lady of the house and Loki, who lives up to his name. They are very pick about what they eat, Ren more than Loki. Ren definitely likes this product. Her nose runs wild when I open the bag. Both Ren and Loki leave no crumbs behind. So if they like it that much, of course, Mom-ma, has to buy it for them. by on 07/01/2016
  • Purina Selects
    For some reason my poor mainecoon just could not keep this food down. by on 07/01/2016
  • Small bites my cats seemed to enjoy!
    My cat has a sensitive mouth and usually needs soft or small kernels to eat. She ate about half of this at one sitting with ease! by on 07/01/2016
  • Yummy!
    My cat loves this cat food! She ate it so quickly that I had to take it away from her! by on 07/01/2016
  • Cats love it.
    The first time I feed it to my cats. They love it and only want to eat this wet food. I am so happy. My cats are so picky when it comes to food but this is thumbs up for them. by on 07/01/2016
  • My Cat Inhales It
    My cat is 9 years old and very scrawny so I've been trying to track down a decent cat food. He's very picky and even tries to bury most wet food. When I first brought the bag home he was already begging at my feet. I gave him a small portion to try and before I could put the bag away he already had ate it all. I think it's safe to assume that he loves it. Every serving I give him is ate in one sitting and he's always looking for more. While he's still a scrawny cat his energy is always high and he acts like a kitten again. by on 07/01/2016
  • I nice cat food
    My cat is picky about what she eats and she actually really like this cat food and I like that I have real chicken in it by on 07/01/2016
  • Picky Kitties Love Purina One!
    Our kitties moved their old brand out of the bowl to get to the Purina One! They love it! The combo of the crunchies and the softer nibbles made them think they were getting treats! by on 07/01/2016
  • It's okay
    It is what it is. all claims aside, its another wet cat food. my cats didn't seem to like it. by on 07/01/2016
  • Poop smells great
    I gave this to my house cat and he loves it very much. His poop doesn't small as bad which is great! by on 07/01/2016