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  • My cat is suspicious
    While I know it's healthy, I suppose my cat smells that it's healthy. She didn't seem too thrilled with this cat food. by on 07/04/2016
  • awesome
    i have 1 momma kitty, 9 kittens. They loved this food! I went out and bought more! by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat
    Really liked this product. Will tell friends and family about this. by on 07/04/2016
  • Pearl gives it 5
    My cat has a thing about trying a cat food, walking away and never returning. She liked this so much she tore the sample bag open! by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat was happy
    My lcat really enjoyed this food. It was like I was giving him a bowl of treats. I immediately went out and bought some more. by on 07/04/2016
  • My cat loved this!
    My cat really enjoyed this treat. It was like I was giving him wet cat food. I immediately went out and bought some more. by on 07/04/2016
  • My cat loved this food
    My cats really enjoyed this cat food. You can tell it tasted like real meat in there. It's good for them too which I love. by on 07/04/2016
  • kitty loved this
    always unsure when switching foods, kitties are so picky.... they loved this food. Ate it almost like when i give them treats! will definitely be switching over. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat seemed to like it
    Sometimes I try new foods with our cat, and sometimes she just walks by and doesn't touch the food, but she finished the bag and seemed to like it. I would certainly consider a future purchase. Thanks for the great sample. by on 07/04/2016
  • Pretty Good
    My cat enjoyed this, but didn't enjoy it anymore than our normal food we buy for her. It is good for her though. by on 07/04/2016
  • My kitty
    Our cat zippy loved it very much I feel good about feeding it to her too by on 07/04/2016
  • Its ok
    I have a very finicky cat and he was not very interested in eating this. I think the various textures were too much for him. by on 07/04/2016
  • My catwin loved it
    My cat thought this wass actually a treat instead being food. by on 07/04/2016
  • They loved this!
    I have three cats and they all gobbled this up the moment it hit the food bowl! by on 07/04/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    All 3 of our cats gobbled this up! I especially liked the small easy to chew size of the pieces. by on 07/04/2016
  • Like cat nip
    My cat enjoyed the food so much. I was please that she took to it so fast. She is so used to what I always get her and as a hard time switching food. But this was different and great. by on 07/04/2016
  • So good my dog stole it
    My cat is so picky about his food but he loved this one. Turned my back for a second and my dog stole the bag LOL my dog isnt that picky. by on 07/04/2016
  • our cat loved it
    it was a hit she gobbled it up and loved it had it for couple meals being that she can only have 1/8 of cup per meal . it was mm good, by on 07/04/2016
  • Louder Purrers.
    We have 2 new kittens that appeared one morning recently. Because they're so much younger than our cats, I was hesitant to feed them what we had. So I ran and grabbed a small bag of store brand kitten until I shopped. They apparently did not like it but did eat it. Their 3rd day with us, the sample of Muse came in. They now meow when their bowl is empty. And have been named. She is ' Musing' and her brother ' Muster'. Thank you.!! by on 07/04/2016
  • Choosy Cat Moms Choose Select Blends
    Purina One Tender Selects Blend is just what the name implies. It contains select, all-natural ingredients, and the combination of crunchy and tender textures made it easy for my older cat to eat. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat was Indifferent
    My cat didn't seem to even notice a difference in his food. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cats gone wild!
    I like that this food doesn't feature a strong aroma like so many competing wet foods. My cats finished every morsel. by on 07/04/2016
  • Not for my cat
    I felt good feeding this to my cat but she is very picky and would not eat it. by on 07/04/2016
  • Picky cats
    Cats really loved it.Would definitely buy again.Have recommended product to all my friends with cats. by on 07/04/2016
  • Great Cat Food Sample
    thankful for the free sample of this amazing product. My cat is extremely fussy when it comes to dry cat food, and I've been wanting to try this brand, but didn't want to have to buy a whole bag. My absolutely loves this food. No more worrying about if she is eating and going to be ok. She has to get weight checks because of her thyroid. Vet said they just want her eating. thanks again! by on 07/04/2016
  • Clean plate club
    My cat is normally a finicky eater, but he cleaned the plate when I set this in front of him. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat enjoyed
    My cat seemed to enjoy this a little more than her regular food by on 07/04/2016
  • Cheaper than Iams
    This is much cheaper than Iams Cat Food. We have two cats whixh means a lot.of.food. by on 07/04/2016
  • Happy cat
    My cat absolutely loved the sample of Purina One tender selects blend very much. She actually wanted only that after two days, so I had to go buy it for her. by on 07/04/2016
  • Very good quality
    I have a very picky cat and she loved this. She actually tore the bag open. And had it all over the floor before i could even give it to her. by on 07/04/2016
  • Just ok
    Smelled good looked appetizing but the cat took awhile to eat. by on 07/04/2016
  • Pitons One
    My cats loved the taste of it. Even my particular one and she doesn't usually like anything for more than a week. by on 07/04/2016
  • Phew -- No Icky Smell
    My cat and i were pleased with the texture and smell of the Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken cat food by on 07/04/2016
  • Great product
    Great food, my kitties liked it however they had to share the sample, I don't think they liked that lol thanks for allowing us to sample your product by on 07/04/2016
  • My Cat Didn't Eat Much of It
    I started my cat on a small portion of this cat food mixed in with her current dry food. I did this for a number of days and she really didn't eat as much of her dry food as usual. So, I eventually gave her he Purina One Tender Blend by itself and she barely ate it. So, I went back to her current dry cat food and she began to eat again like her normal rate. by on 07/04/2016
  • Purina One dry cat food
    As soon as I opened the Purina One cat food my cat was interested in what I had. She could not wait for me to give it to her and demolished it in record time. I have since purchased Purina one chicken and she loves it. Thank you Purina! by on 07/04/2016
  • Kitty Love
    My cats loved this dry cat food. I used it as treats just so I wouldn't run out too quickly. And so they wouldn't get upset tummies. But they both loved the food. I just had to keep it away from my dog. by on 07/04/2016
  • My cats liked it
    My cats liked these treats! I probably will not be buying since i'm happy with the current food we buy for our cats. Grain free foods from Wellness by on 07/04/2016
  • Did not work out.
    Unfortunately, my cats got really sick after trying this cat food. At first, they seemed to like the flavor. But, after just a meal setting, they wouldn't go near it. Cinderfella started vomiting shortly after. Luckily, the purge seemed to correct a lot of the ailing. He's still a bit sluggish, but both are feeling enough better to evade the vet for now. I guess their systems are just too delicate for this one. by on 07/04/2016
  • purina
    i used this as a great as a mixer to his usual food and as a treat. yummy for his tummy. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat chow
    My cat loved this product I would recommend this cat chow to anyone that has a cat they will love you for it! by on 07/04/2016
  • Watch Out You Might Have A New Family Member
    So my son helps me feed two cats and he saw a stray kitten and decided to make a pile of this food for it outside and I can assure you that all three cats loved this sample of food and we might have just gotten a new addition to our family. It was soft enough for the small kitten to eat, it's high in vitamin A and has the maximum amount of fiber for cats and the ingredient list is great the first ingredient is chicken followed with rice then by barley. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. by on 07/04/2016
  • Cat loved
    My cat loved this, but I don't like some of the ingredients. I also didn't like the price by on 07/04/2016
  • Kitty Delight
    The cats really liked this. Though, for them, any change of brand is like a little treat! However, this seemed like they liked it and it was healthier for them. A pretty good cat food. by on 07/04/2016
  • Devoured it !
    My car devoured this sample, in less then 5 minutes or was gone! by on 07/03/2016
  • Good product
    This is a very good product and my very picky cat liked it! That's saying a lot lol I will buy again ! by on 07/03/2016
  • Cats are Fickle
    We use a Purina brand with our cat and use the ONE brand with our dogs. Cats are fickle, they don't like change- they go on a hunger strike. I'm sure it is wonderful. by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat couldn't get enough
    From the moment we had put it in her bowl, she had been meowing throughout the day wanting more. I've never seen her run to the food bowl before and with such excitement! We definitely had to go buy a bag for her as soon as the sample was gone. by on 07/03/2016
  • Great
    Cat loved this product. He is very picky and loved this food more than his normal one. Will definatly purchase thisnproduct in the future by on 07/03/2016
  • Good
    This is a good product my cat did like it and I will probably but it in the future by on 07/03/2016
  • Love it
    My cat loved it ! I will definitely be buying it in the future by on 07/03/2016
  • Purina one
    Good product, good quality. It got eaten so I'm assuming it was a hit (: by on 07/03/2016
  • Okay for dry food
    I usually on feed my cats wet food but had run out so I threw this in their bowls. One likes it, I think. She eats everything though so that doesn't mean a while lot I mean she eats Cheerios. The other was super picky and ate the chicken pieces but left everything else. So probably wouldn't buy. by on 07/03/2016
  • Real Chicken
    My cats loved this. It was filled with real chicken bit, and lots of juices.They couldn't eat it fast enough. by on 07/03/2016
  • Amazing
    My cat loved it he ate it in like 2 seconds ,I do like that it has natural ingredient's overall it was a great product highly recommended. by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat was very happy!
    My cat seemed quite happy with this sample, and I must say it was a large sample Thanks! by on 07/03/2016
  • Already a huge fan
    Before I received this sample for testing I was a huge fan! I have been buying the Purina pro for awhile now. I will definitely be repurchasing in the near future by on 07/03/2016
  • cat loved it!
    I opened up the bag and my cat came running. He sniffed around as if he knew something was different. He ate the whole serving immediately. He usually only eats half but this time, he ate it all. by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat and I both love this product!
    When I say my cat is stingy and picky, she is so much to the point of sniffing her cat food and just walking away like "hmph, you expect ME to eat THAT?!" She is so prissy it drives me nuts, haha! I have tried so many well-known brand names, and must say when she smelled this she devoured it, ran right up to it and started licking away. I definitely will be buying again! by on 07/03/2016
  • She loved it
    My cat tried to take my hand off when feeding her thats how Mucb she liked it by on 07/03/2016
  • Really Liked!
    My cat's are very particular about what food they eat, but they seemed to really like this one quite a bit. Which suprised me! by on 07/03/2016
  • The Elderly Approves!
    My 13 year old cat loves this food! She is a bit picky and tends to toss whatever flavor the (usually) light brown pieces of cat food are across the room and eats the rest. She had no problem with this one and ate every little bit. by on 07/03/2016
  • Picky eater
    My cat is an extremely Picky eater along with having a few allergies. She loved it and I will be buying it as soon as the sample runs out. by on 07/03/2016
  • Noel Loved
    My cat found my sample of this food and not only nosed at the food but meowed and stared at me while nosing it. Loved it! by on 07/03/2016
  • Purina One Cat Food
    Purina One Cat Food! Cat's loved it and really enjoyed the flavor. A brand you can trust! by on 07/03/2016
  • Loved it!
    I got 2 very picky cats.. They won't eat anything and yet they liked this brand. by on 07/03/2016
  • Happy Cats!
    They loved it.. As soon as they heard the bag shaking they knew it was for them, they tried it and they liked it! by on 07/03/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    My two cats loved this product but I won't be switching over since i already use Blue Buffalo. by on 07/03/2016
  • Great!
    I can tell when my cats loved their food and when they're not.. I can honestly say they Loved it!!! by on 07/03/2016
  • Bad
    my cat went to eat it and almost immediately threw it up and and wouldn't finish it by on 07/03/2016
  • Amazingly Good
    My cats love Purinas Brand and I haven't change it. by on 07/03/2016
  • Awesome
    My cat loved this product very much. I will buy it from now on. by on 07/03/2016
    Simply a great product! Was feeding Purina Cat chow and felt it was time to give my cats a change that would be better for them. Wanted to stay with Purina and I'm very pleased to say that the cats love this product and will continue to buy. by on 07/03/2016
  • Good food
    Cat ate these very very quickly! He loves it. Want more like this for my cat! by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat loves it!!!
    My cat loves the food, he really enjoys it. I would really recommend this product. by on 07/03/2016
  • Smokie joe approved
    My two kitties went nuts for this product wow. The only other item they go crazy for is temptation treats they can be picky so I went right out and got this cat food. Thank you so much for the samp,e by on 07/03/2016
  • My cats love it!
    The sample size was awesome! My cats, who are very picky, love this food. They normally only like fish-flavored food and they love the chicken flavor. by on 07/03/2016
  • Good stuff
    My cats had no problem whatsoever eating this cat food. We feed them Purina cat chow. They really like it because of the chicken chunks. I will be buying this for them! by on 07/03/2016
  • Very Pleased
    Cali my kitty enjoyed this new food. I plan to purchase! by on 07/03/2016
  • Cat
    My cat liked it a lot, will be buying this in the near future by on 07/03/2016
  • Cat seemed to like it
    The moment I put my cat's bowl down, she was there and ready to eat. She ate the entire sample bag, so I assume she really likes it. by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat loves this
    My little kitty loves Purina One Tenders she doesn't usually like new things but she loved this. by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat enjoyed
    My cat seemed to enjoy the taste of this dry cat food. by on 07/03/2016
  • Cat food
    I have a very picky and spoiled cat. He prefers moist food so it is hard to tell if he liked it or not. I had to mix it with the moist food. by on 07/03/2016
  • Excellent
    Our cat loved the soft bites mixed in. He will enjoy getting this dry food daily instead of the old one. by on 07/03/2016
  • Cat ate it quick
    My cat loved this food very much. He devoured it in a matter of minutes. When i am finished with the food that i got now, i will definetly buy this by on 07/03/2016
  • My cat absolutely loved this!
    My cat loved this cat food but, she still likes her other cat food too. To her she doesn't care if it tastes good or anything it is just something to eat. The smell was defiantly better than the other store brand ones. by on 07/03/2016
  • Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken
    My cats really enjoyed the Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken, they ate everything and it was great that the cat chow was very small pieces and easy to digest! by on 07/03/2016
  • Good and hearty
    My cat just loved this food, to the point she tore through the bag....we will def be switching over! by on 07/03/2016
  • purina one tender selects
    my cat loved this, she just had kittens 4 weeks age, she ate all of her food each time i feed her by on 07/03/2016
  • Tasty
    My cats really enjoyed this food!!!! They ate faster than any other food! by on 07/03/2016
  • Best Cat Food Ever
    My cat loves this dry food. She loves it so much that when it was dinner time she went right for this bag and started biting it. She basically telling me she wants this food lol. She went right passed her usual dry food. Everytime I give her a serving of this dry food she always leaves her bowl clean. That's how I know she finds this dry food very tasty. by on 07/03/2016
  • Wonderful product
    My cat absolutely loved this brand if cat food. We have already switched to this brand. by on 07/03/2016
  • Cat liked it
    My cat seemed to enjoy this cat food but I think she would have liked it better in a different flavor. I'm hoping to find more flavors at my local store. by on 07/03/2016
  • Out little kitten couldn't get enough.
    I fed this to our cat and she absolutely loved it. I have ever seen her eat so fast. As soon as I got another can of it, I mixed it 50/50 with her normal dry food and she ate all of it. No more wasting dry food because it isn't fresh enough for her. I just mix the old dry and this stuff, and she eats it all. by on 07/03/2016
  • Otis love it !
    My furbaby was waiting patiently to be fed. So i made up a bowl of his usual and a bowl of purinaone tender selects brand because i was curious to see which he would choose. He went straight to this brand and cleaned the bowl..that makes me very happy..i think we will be buying this in the future by on 07/03/2016
  • Decent product
    This is a good cat food for a cheaper variety which is somewhat less healthy for cats. The company is at least trying to make a nutritious food, and my cats enjoyed the taste. by on 07/03/2016
  • Cats liked better
    I tested it by putting two bowls out with one the usual cat food we buy and the other Purina ONe. They ate the Purina One first. by on 07/03/2016
  • The Cat's New Favorite
    I have a very picky cat. He tends to only like certain foods and once we find one he likes we stick to it. As soon as I gave him Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken he chowed down! He loved it! I'll be buying more on my next shopping trip. by on 07/03/2016
  • Cats loved it
    Cats ate this so fast and they loved every bite. Highly recommended! by on 07/03/2016