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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Cat liked this food!
    Cat seemed to like product very much. Will definitely try this product. by on 07/06/2016
  • Stormy
    My cat loved this cat food....need to come out with one lower fat! by on 07/06/2016
  • Great sample
    This sample was a great size to be able to truly tell if my cat loves the product. My cat Jack loves the taste of the cat food and it looks more similar to human food. by on 07/06/2016
  • good to the last bite
    my cat couldn't get enough! as soon as she smelt it she never walked away until the bowl was empty. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat Liked It
    This is a good quality dry cat food. Good amount of protein without so many fillers. Cat liked it too. by on 07/06/2016
  • All 3 cats loved it!
    They ate it up in no time. I know right away when they like something because they try to shove each other out of the way to get at the stuff! They loved it. I was worried about price, but the price is not bad! by on 07/06/2016
  • Tasty Food For Picky Cats
    I have two cats who are extremely picky eaters. They ran right to the bowl for this stuff and finished it up quick! It seems that this food has variety in texture and seems to be appetizing to them! by on 07/06/2016
  • Excellent product!
    My four cats just LOVED this cat food! They would paw at the bag between feedings begging for a little snack of it. They seem healthier and happier after just one bag. Buy this for your kitties! by on 07/06/2016
  • Meow-nifigant
    I poured this onto my kitties bowl and he couldn't resist himself. You would have thought he was starved lol ate all in his small bowl in just few minutes. Great ingredients and my Mr meow-gi loves it so it's a win win by on 07/06/2016
  • Our cats loved this!
    As soon as I put the food in the cat's dish he gobbled it right up. He doesn't usually do that with his regular food, so I think he liked the taste of it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats enjoyed it!
    We usually let our barn cats sample the food because our indoor cats are such picky eaters, but I ended up giving this to the indoor gang and they went gaga for it! Clearly a big hit flavor-wise! by on 07/06/2016
  • Mmmmmm good
    My cats all nine of them loved this product. I couldn't put it down fast enough. by on 07/06/2016
  • The one!!
    Loved it, my cat loved this food. It was easy to feed her and for her to chew it. She's 15 yrs old so teeth are not that good... by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty Approved
    My cat loved it very much! He even chewed a hole in the bag to get more. Haha by on 07/06/2016
  • will not buy
    my cats hate this food they picked at it until I gave them there old food back by on 07/06/2016
  • only the best
    my cat absolutely loved this, every time she heard the package she'd come running by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat hated it
    This is a terrible product. My cat hated it. He refused to eat it, and screamed and screamed until I gave him something else to eat. I had to throw it out uneaten. I will not buy this product. by on 07/06/2016
  • We liked it!
    The cats definitely ate this, but not all at once like they normally do. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat would not eat, but she is picky
    My cat did try and eat this food but it did not agree with her and I think it upset her stomach because she would throw it up after eating. I tried a couple of times, but she eventually would not eat the food. She is picky and has a sensitive stomach. Would not purchase this but glad we got a chance to try it by on 07/06/2016
  • Both cats were happy
    Normally, when introducing a new cat food brand to my cats, my more finicky girl, Jynx, will hesitantly sniff at it and complain to me for awhile before giving in and tasting it. Not this time! She dove right in wholeheartedly and wouldn't allow her sister, Eevee, even a taste until she'd had her fill! Success!! by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty approved...
    when I got my free sample, my cat loved this food. she really loved the taste and smell because when I opened it she was dancing around my feet. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purine One tender chicken
    Great sample! Our cat loved this flavor! Great nutrition and she loved it! by on 07/06/2016
  • Picky no more
    My car is very picky, she doesn't like foods with beef or she won't eat salmon but will eat whitefish. She loved it!!!! by on 07/06/2016
  • very yummy
    my cat jin loved this product . It was about gone as soon as I put it in her dish. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats went wild for this cat food
    My 2 cats loved the sample of cat food. They liked it much better than the food they are currently eating. by on 07/06/2016
  • Very recommended
    I would highly recommend this product to others. It's a very good product. Very good quality. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats loved it!
    My cats loved this food. Quality ingredients. Will buy in the future by on 07/06/2016
  • Yummy!
    Gave to my cats as a treat. They loved it and I would consider purchasing on a regular basis if the price is right. by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty Really Enjoyed.
    Both my cats really liked the cat food that was sent. They're somewhat picky but not this time, are it all. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats loved it!!
    Great...my cats both enjoyed eating this product. They would look forward to getting the dry food every morning. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina One Cats Like
    The cats appeared to like the food although it is difficult to switch cats food. They did eat it normally when mixed with the original food which is how to get them used to a new food. by on 07/06/2016
  • The cat liked it
    The cat liked the food. It was not like they went crazy, but they ate it well enough. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat was in love
    I have never seen my cat eat all of his food in one sitting, he normally eats it over the day. With this product, he say there and ate it all at once and than proceeded to whine for more. In 8 years he has NEVER done that! I have recommended this food to all of my friends! by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats were huge fans
    Both of my cats were huge fans of this food. I usually use a mixture of weight loss and regular cat food for them and this is certainly going to be a frequent part of that mix. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat loves it and definitely will get it for them
    I have tried several brands and many my cats don't like, but this was one of the ones that they extremely like. by on 07/06/2016
  • Pretty good
    Was a good product but my cat wasn't 100% into it I think because he's used to his own food by on 07/06/2016
  • Mitten's review
    Mittens really seemed to like this dry food. He tends to prefer wet food, but he really seemed to like this dry food. I am always happy to find something different that he likes! by on 07/06/2016
  • Great!
    My cat loves this and I love that this is a great and healthy product. by on 07/06/2016
  • excited for it to come out on shelves
    i thought my cats really liked it, pretty neat it features real chicken, hopefully no by-product meal, prefer grain free, but it's better that it may have real chicken in it. interested in seeing a list of ingredients, i would like to buy it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Looked good but Mr. Picky wouldn't try it
    I thought the product looked like something my cat would enjoy but Mr. Picky wouldn't even try it. He gave me "the look" and pouted for me daring to upset his routine. Cats are so arrogant! by on 07/06/2016
  • Tender selects
    My cat absolutively loved the tender juicy pieces of meat! He could not get enough! by on 07/06/2016
  • Meow
    My cats truly loved it. They were licking their lips. by on 07/06/2016
  • my cat cat loves it
    my cat alex loved this food so much I had to purchase it for him.he eats it all the time now. by on 07/06/2016
  • The furbabies loved it !!!
    As soon as I crinkeled the package my girls were on me...The wanted to know what I had...I opened the package and they about knocked me down trying to get to it...Once I poured it into their bowls they ate it like it was the best thing they ever tasted! They give it all paws up ! If my babies love it then im definately gonna keep buying it !!! by on 07/06/2016
  • cat tender selects blend
    I have four cats, and they all seemed to enjoy it, but one did not. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats loved this!
    I honestly usually buy generic or store brand cat foods. My cats couldn't get enough of this! Will definitely be purchasing this in the near future! by on 07/06/2016
  • A O K
    It was alright. My cat didn't seem to have any problems. She'll eat just about any food. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loved it!
    My cat Earl loved this product and seemed very excited to try it once he smelled it. He dug right in and didn't stop until his bowl was empty! by on 07/06/2016
  • dry cat food
    Cats enjoyed this food. I like to feed our cats nutritious foods. by on 07/06/2016
  • my cat loved this!!
    If cats had to grocery shop this would be steak to mine .. He couldn't get enoug!!! by on 07/06/2016
  • Comparable
    I felt this cat food was pretty comparable to other premium brands. by on 07/06/2016
  • Picky Cat
    My cat is 16 years old and is very picky about her food .She prefers wet cat food which I give her some each day but she must eat some dry each day.She did seem to like the Purina One..Tender select blends with chicken so I will be buying that soon by on 07/06/2016
  • I love this food
    My cats arn't that picky when it comes to food but they can tell the cheep food from the good ones and they loved this. by on 07/06/2016
  • Fat and happy cat
    My cat isn't picky but seemed to love this food just as much if not more than what I fed him before. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat devoured this
    I buy grain free food for my cat. But occasionally try samples of other foods. My cat went nuts for this stuff. Definitely kitty approved by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat couldn't get enough!
    I have a very picky cat, she barely likes dry food and refuses to eat most brands of cat food. The second I opened the bag my cat came jumping to me from across the room. She loved it! The texture is amazing, it didn't make her gassy, and for the first time she finished an entire serving of food. Once she finishes her current bag of food I'm definitely buying a bag for her. What makes it even better is that it's the Purina brand and I try to feed her solely Purina products. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat likes it
    We had previously been purchasing Meow Mix for ou cat, but she seems to like this one much better by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat liked these
    My cat is a picky eater so it's hard to find things she'll eat. She seemed to like this food. She gives it two paws up. by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty delicious
    My three cats liked it, they didn't even noticed the switch from their regular brand of food. If it's good for them it's good enough for me. by on 07/06/2016
  • Delish
    I poured the sample in the dish & my cat came running& devoured it up by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat seemed to love it
    I admit I snuck the free samples of these treats onto my cats treat shelf. And she didn't seem to mind or even know the difference between this food and treats. I may purchase this in the future for my cat as regular food. by on 07/06/2016
  • The cats loved it
    My cats loved it! They ate the whole sample. I thought they wouldnt be a fan of chicken but turned out they are. by on 07/06/2016
  • Good Size Sample
    Very surprised to see the sample was so large! I mixed it in with my other cat food and the cats had no problems eating it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Ummm well good enough
    The cat food is good and my cats ate it up quickly but purina in general doesnt seem to have very nutricious foods. I will continue to purchase royal canine or science diet foods for my pets because all of their ingredients sound nutritious. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina one tender cats
    My cats loved this was her first time trying this cat food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina ONE® Tender Selects
    Honestly, my three cats hated it. They did try to eat some, but left the bowl pretty full. That doesn't happen with their current dry food. by on 07/06/2016
  • tasty meal
    my cat greatly enjoyed the product. although it is much like other brands it does have a distinct difference that makes it tasty to my cat by on 07/06/2016
  • 3
    My cat seemed to like it very much. He ate it all right away. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats love it!
    I was afraid to switch my cats food over since the one sometimes has issues with chicken, so we decided to give them this food as a pre-dinner treat. They absolutely love it! I love that it's made with quality ingredients, the meat is actually at the top of the list. I will definitely continue using this as a snack and will consider switching down the road. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purine one dry cat food
    My kitty loved it. I will purchase this the next time I shop for kitty food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Awesome food for my cats
    My cats really enjoyed eating this awesome food. They liked the flavor better then others they have had. When feeding 5 cats they need the best for them and to keep them healthy. by on 07/06/2016
  • They liked it
    They liked it well enough. Something good to keep in mind when they run out. by on 07/06/2016
  • She loves it
    My cat loved this food. She stuck her nose up at her regular food by on 07/06/2016
  • Good for your cat
    My cat is picky about what she likes and she loved this. She would gooble it up. by on 07/06/2016
  • My poor cats
    My cats ate the food with hesitation. They were so sick for a few days during and after eating it. Definitely not a good fit for them. by on 07/06/2016
  • Happy healthy kitty
    My car is s picky eater and sometimes it's challenging finding her a good she likes. With this food, she didn't hesitate to eat it after smelling ur just once....impressive. by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty Liked It!
    Our Lucky Penny really seemed to like her new food. She is usually somewhat hesitant about new dry foods, but it didn't take her long to empty her bowl! by on 07/06/2016
  • purina one tender select blends with real chicken
    our cats really enjoyed this cat food....i would recommend it by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat loves if
    My cat ran to this food like I was giving him treats! by on 07/06/2016
  • My Cat...
    I use the sample bags as 'treats' that I give my cat when she's good (yes, I know, it's a bribe for her to behave) and she's taken to trying to steal the bag of cat food 'treats' just so she can break it open and gobble it down. So she really enjoys it, even does the head shake -gotta kill it- thing with it which is a clear sign she's happy and loving it...and if she's happy (and behaved) than I'm happy...though if I'm behaved then...there's ice in the hottest place in fiction :P by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats loved this food
    My cats loved were so excited to try it that they stole the sample bag off the kitchen counter and rooted it open to get the food even though their dish was already full. by on 07/06/2016
  • Must have been delicious
    The cats loved it. Unfortunately they have some food sensitivities, so this wasn't a winner a winner for us. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina tender selects
    My cat really loved this cat food I will be buying this food for sure. by on 07/06/2016
  • Super product
    Meowmeow absolutely loves this and wants it all the time. She is a funny eater, but this is really doing the job for her. I thank you so much!!!!!! by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty really liked it
    My kitty seemed to like this food. We mixed it in with her existing food, and she happily ate it. In the past she's eaten around kibble she doesn't like. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purine one
    My cat just really didn't want it. I don't know why. by on 07/06/2016
  • All good, but my cat cant eat it
    I had this product but realized my cat's diet is very particular so i couldnt just feed him something new. My mom has a cat eatting similar products of this brand so he tried it. It went well for him~ by on 07/06/2016
  • MEOW!!!!
    Meow is all I hear now that my cat has tried this food. She sits at her bowl and cries until I feed her now. She calls for this food night and day. A must try if you ask my cat. by on 07/06/2016
  • What a treat
    My cat really enjoyed this cat food. I feel like it was a treat compared to his average store brand food. I will buy it again in the future to give him a little variety by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats loved this food!
    My cats would wait for me in the morning for this food. I would give it to them as treats and they loved them. by on 07/06/2016
  • Good food, hard to tell
    My two cats seem to like almost anything you put in front of them! This sample was no different. They ate it and had no complaints! by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty really liked
    My cat went crazy for this food, so crazy that she tore the bag open! by on 07/06/2016
  • Delicious.
    My cat seemed to just gobble this food right up! It was a nice texture and seems like the right choice! by on 07/06/2016
  • Good
    Overall was a really great product. Recommended for all cat owners by on 07/06/2016
  • My 'quiet' cat MEOWS to be fed!
    My cat is usually a very quiet timid cat. He pretty stays to himself. He meows very loudly for his food when he is hungry now. He really enjoys PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats seemed to enjoy
    I have 1 large cat with no teeth and one 1 year old who has decided to start to become a picky eater and both cats finished their bowls of this dry right away. Moses (no teeth) had no trouble with eating the kibbles with his gums by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats delight
    Our 8 cats are very fussy but they all loved this even better than what we have been buying them for years by on 07/06/2016
  • Great food!
    I have four cats, and one of my cats (the newest addition!) came to us a very picky eater. We had given up on her eating dry food until we tried this food! She scarfed it down. Now she is eating like a champ and has put on a few pounds! We are very pleased. by on 07/06/2016
  • Fit for a Prince
    Our Cat Prince Nick found Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken to most appealing and even asks for it in the mornings. Prince Nick has been known to be a bit picky so this is a pleasant twist for us all. by on 07/06/2016