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  • My Finicky friend Loves Purina One Tender Selects
    My cat is so finicky that he has only eaten the same brand for years because every brand we tried upset his stomach. Then came Purina One Tender Selects with real Chicken, he loved it and better yet no tummy issues for my Mr. Snuggles. by on 07/06/2016
  • Great Cat Food
    My two cats absolutely loved the cat food. The minute they smelled it, they were interested and finished their bowls. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats liked it!
    I have 2 finicky cats, they really enjoyed this sample. by on 07/06/2016
  • Good ingredients
    Good ingredients but when you have a picky cat, there's no changing their minds. by on 07/06/2016
  • Happy cats
    My cats are very picky,but they loved the purine one tender morsels. I think they enjoy having a mix of dry and tender pieces to choose from. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats loved
    My cats loved it! I'll continue to keep buying! Thank you by on 07/06/2016
  • My Cats really like it.
    My fussy cats like this new dry cat food, most of the time they just walk away when I give them something new. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loves it
    My cat absolutely loved this dry food! It's the only food I have given her that she has finished. I'm very comfortable with giving her this food too because I can trust the ingredients that are in it by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat's meow
    My cats seemed to enjoy it. They ate it really fast. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats went crazy over this food
    My cats tend to be fussy but when I out it down they both ate it right up and were very content after they ate it. by on 07/06/2016
  • purina one review
    loved this product my cats loved this product I will buy it again in the future my cats loved the pure flavor of the product I will buy it in the future by on 07/06/2016
  • The Cat's New Meow
    I have three cats who are PICKY eaters. They will only eat what they like and dump what they do't all over the floor. This food -- there was nothing left, anywhere. My cats really loved this free sample from PinchMe.com and can't wait until I go to the store for more. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat ate it like it like a treat!
    I have a rescue cat that doesn't usually like expensive good for her food. She actually refuses to eat it. This food however she treated like a kitty treat! by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat food
    Overall good product. My cat isn't extremely picky but seemed to enjoy overall by on 07/06/2016
  • Well liked, other than price
    Expensive but my cat loved it. Just not something I can afford at this time, so I hope the price comes down by on 07/06/2016
  • Great
    My cat is very finicky and she loves Tender Select Blend! by on 07/06/2016
  • Chicken Cat Chow
    This was actually a little surprising since my cats love fish foods and they enjoyed this food very much. They ate it and not one of them turned away from this dish. I'm happy to say it is kitty approved. by on 07/06/2016
  • Super tasty cat food - According to Skittles
    My cat loved this cat food, she purred the entire time she ate from the bowl and really seemed to enjoy it. She didn't seem to get an upset tummy, which sometimes happens with cheaper cat food brands. This is definitely a product that I will be purchasing for my kitty in the future. by on 07/06/2016
  • Adventure time
    The kittens Jake and Finn really enjoyed that sample so much I have to go get more by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty
    My cat, Pandora, loved the special surprise I gave her. She gave me kisses all day after I fed it to her! by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats love it
    My two cats loved trying the cat food. They ate it pretty fast. I liked it cause of the ingredients. It's healthy for them by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat lover
    My cats loved this product after just the 1st try... I'm happy they're happy... by on 07/06/2016
  • Great product
    My cats loves this food I've had to change there food due to not being interested in it but so far loving Purina and very beneficial to them. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats love it!
    My cats love it! That is the only thing that matters other than it just being a great product! by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty Loves It
    The Purina One Tender Selects with real chicken was apparently very tasty. My cat ate without hesitation and finished the whole bowl. It looked to be a quality product and if I still had my cat I would definitely purchase it again. by on 07/06/2016
  • Loved
    My cats loved this food and ate it so fast ! I will consider buying this food in the future if the price compares to what I purchase now by on 07/06/2016
  • Liked it
    My cat is very finicky and although she ate it slowly, she ate it. Because if she didn't like it, she wouldn't it at all. by on 07/06/2016
  • He wasn't being patient with me opening the bag!
    When i received the sample he quickly jumped up on my lap and kept rubbing the bag and chewing it to open it quicker. He really enjoyed it more than his normal food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Nice look
    My cat ate the food. He didn't seem real interested in it right away but he may not have been hungry at the time. He did finish the product and seemed to enjoy it. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats seemed to like it
    When I fed this to my cats they seemed to like it and did not refuse to eat it. They did not get sick and had no stomach problems after which is always important to me. Overall I think this cat food was average, my cats didn't go crazy for it but they did seem to enjoy it. by on 07/06/2016
  • awsome product
    PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN was a big hit with my cat.I would definately recommand this product to everyone that has a cat. I will definately be buying this product for my cat. by on 07/06/2016
    My cat loved it, I felt like I had just given her a special treat. She ate ever bit of it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Good need to be uti healthy
    My cat has uti issues so this was bought with her in mind and I gave it to my neighbor whose cat dove into the bag and ate alot so this is a great brand I just need it to be uti healthy by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats love purina
    My cat loved her purina cat food sample. I will definetely purchase this product by on 07/06/2016
  • Delicious!
    I opened this immediately once receiving this product, my cat was instantly interested. Once the bowl was finished I filled it with the currently open bag I had. My cat looked at me very disappointingly, I had to mix it together to keep her from whining. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken
    I am glad that I received this sample. I am too loyal to the brand called Natural Balance. I gave Purina to my cat a few times and he loved it. I will buy this Purina brand for my cat. Love Pinchme because of the great opportunity to try the products that I am not familair with. by on 07/06/2016
  • MEH
    Well, my cat didn't like it and would not even eat a drop. She barely sniffed at it and moved over to her dish of dry food to eat. by on 07/06/2016
  • Gave my cats gas
    Not sure what it was from or just the change in foods, but it gave my cat bad gas, which the normally don't have by on 07/06/2016
  • Nice
    Our cats really enjoy it. It seems like a good product. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina one tender select with chicken
    All of ours cats just loved it,this is definelty worth buying.and I plan to.thanks purine. by on 07/06/2016
  • Enjoyable
    Kitties seemed to really enjoy it. Ate all that they were given by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty approved!
    Our cats enjoyed this food but not as much as a similar kind from a different brand. I think its a nice treat though. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat loves it
    My kitty couldn't get enough of it. He enjoyed it and it did not upset his stomach. Very satisfied. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats
    This is a good product my cat seemed to like it He always ate it by on 07/06/2016
  • Happy kitty
    My cat Sophia really enjoyed the product in addition to the food she currently eats. I didn't have to gradually make her used to it, she ate it without any reservations. It has good ingredients, but I am more satisfied with continuing to use Blue Buffalo dry cat food. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loved it.
    My kitty ate it all up. She loved it. I also shared this sample with a friend. by on 07/06/2016
  • Happy cats !
    My finicky cats all seemed to really like this food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina always makes great cat food!
    My cats liked this cat food, but one of my cats is over-weight and I can't keep him from eating any regular cat food, so I always use Healthy Weight. Otherwise by on 07/06/2016
  • Great Product!
    This is a high quality brand with a high quality taste and it's made with good ingredients that your cats will love! I l know mine did! by on 07/06/2016
  • great purina cat food
    cats love taste, size ,smell, texture. you open the bag and they are up under you wanting the food now by on 07/06/2016
  • Good stuff
    The cat ate all her food. She seemed to like it and ate it all by on 07/06/2016
  • It's ok.
    My cat ate some of the food, but was not really into it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Would recommend
    My cats loved this catfood...was very impressed how much my cats loved this. by on 07/06/2016
  • Picky eater
    My picky eater of a cat seemed to like it. She ate it all and didn't turn up her nose. by on 07/06/2016
  • Amazing
    My cat usually won't just sit there and eat her food at once. She usually just eats a bite or 2 and walks away. She ate A bowl full in one sitting. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina One Cat Food
    My cat is the pickiest cat I have ever seen and when she heard the bag she came running over to her food bowl and started eating it. She never does that!!! She loved it!!! by on 07/06/2016
  • Solid Cat Food
    My cat enjoyed the food overall, but didn't seem to be as excited about it as he has been for new food in the past by on 07/06/2016
  • Went fast
    My animals fought over this food and they ate it faster than I could refill by on 07/06/2016
  • Simply Wonderful
    My frisky cats loved this. The mix between crunchy and meaty is what my cats love! If I don't hide the bag, I see them trying to rip it open. I'm happy and their happy. Win Win by on 07/06/2016
  • excellent
    my cats really enjoyed this product!!!!!! i am going to start buying this brand for my meow-meows more often! by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loved
    My cat loved it. She a very picky eater and she came running when I opened it. I love the fact its good for her. by on 07/06/2016
  • Wonderful feline meal
    Once I poured the contents into my cat's bowl he went crazy. He ate the product off withing 5 minutes . It seemed as if he love the taste and even wanted seconds. by on 07/06/2016
  • Review
    My cat liked food but older cat likes what he likes by on 07/06/2016
  • Loved it
    My kitties loved this and smelled it right from the bag. by on 07/06/2016
  • cats love this
    I fed my cat this new food and I know my cat liked this product very much, I will be adding this to which food I feed my cat and I will recommend this to people by on 07/06/2016
  • My at liked it
    My was a fan right from the start, I may be switching what I feed him by on 07/06/2016
  • Gary likes it!
    Gary seemed to really enjoy this cat food sample. But I still think other brands are better for him and his health. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat's were in heaven!!
    My cat's seemed to really enjoy this product. It was gone in no time. I will be purchasing in the future! by on 07/06/2016
  • 3 paws down
    None of my 3 cats would eat the Purina One but they love the Purina Beyond. I don't know what the difference is but they really like the Purina Beyond. by on 07/06/2016
  • Purina
    One of the best high quality cat foods out there. Cats ate it and had no problems by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat food review
    It's hard to review this sample as I cannot taste it my self. My cat seemed to like it in the small amounts that I gave him periodically. by on 07/06/2016
  • Wonderful cat food
    My cats loved this product. We have now switched brands. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loved this food.
    I tried to mix this sample in with his other food and he picked it out and refused to eat his normal food. He went crazy for it. by on 07/06/2016
  • my cats inhaled this
    My cats totally inhaled this! Wow, it was gone in a matter of no time. Thinking about it, good to use if the cats needs to take medicine or something... by on 07/06/2016
  • Couldn't Get Enough!
    My cat was thrilled and could not get enough of this food! She even picked it over her wet food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Finicky Kitties
    Not one for anything chicken flavored, Alecta didn't enjoy this food. However, Mallory did so half and half. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats thought it was a treat!
    We have been a loyal Purina customers since getting our furbabies three years ago. We have one picky eater and Purina One (Salmon flavor) is the only brand he would eat. I was so glad he loved this variation also! He begs for more. by on 07/06/2016
  • Sweet Eats
    I already love this product but have not tried this particular flavor until now. My cats absolutely love it. It's like an all you can eat buffet at dinner time at my house! by on 07/06/2016
  • My Cat Ate it all up
    My cat really seemed to like this food. She ate it faster than her usual bnd. by on 07/06/2016
  • She liked it!!!
    My cat is pretty picky, but she really enjoyed this Purina One cat food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Very Good Product
    Both of my cats enjoyed this product and I noticed that it did not upset Nova's stomach. She is usually the hardest to shop for due to her sensitivity to certain foods I buy. Spike has skin allergies and this did not appear to upset them. I'm very pleased. by on 07/06/2016
  • Crunchy and tasty for my cat but
    My cats liked the flavor fine but their tummies weren't real excited about the change. The quality was a little too low for what they needed. by on 07/06/2016
  • My furbabies liked the chewy bits.
    Both of my cats seemed to like the softer, chewy bits in the food. I fed it to them twice each, their regular food and the Purina Tender Selects, and both times both of them chose the Tender Selects. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat loved it.
    Well I have a picky cat. He usually sticks his nose up to moat foods. He took a smell and started eating. I really think he liked it. by on 07/06/2016
  • Happy Cat
    My cat is extremely pickie! So I was hesitant about him trying it. But he loved it! by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat loves this stuff!!!
    My older (14 years) cat loves this food. She had been over-weight but I switched her to Purina One SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity about two years ago and she loves the taste. She is down to a normal weight with lots of energy and a healthier, shiny coat. The only thing I have found is that I have to give her fresh food every day - if there is some left in her bowl I have to throw it out and give fresh, or she will vomit. This does not happen when her food is changed daily. So if your cat is vomiting on this food make sure you are serving it fresh every day, and seal the bag tightly for storage. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat loved this
    My cat Nauni was so eager for his food when I poured it into his bowl. He wants more when it empty. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cat who doesn't like dry food loved this
    My cat is not very fond of dry food at all. However, she gobbled up this product by on 07/06/2016
  • She loved it.
    My cat just loved this cat food and she is a picky eater, when she saw the food she was ready to eat and she chowed it all down. I will be buying this for my cat since its hard to find food she will eat. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat's favorite meal...
    MY cats devoured the entire bowl, and when they hear the bag crinkle they run to the kitchen, they never did that with other food. by on 07/06/2016
  • Cats loves it
    My kitties absolutely chowed down on this cat food! by on 07/06/2016
  • My cat liked it
    My picky cat really liked this food but since he is 17 I would like to feed him food that has even better ingredients. If he was younger I would definitely consider buying it for him since he really liked it. by on 07/06/2016
  • The one and only!
    Purina One Tender Selects Blend made with real chicken is the tastiest cat food around. If you have a finicky cat then this is the one for you. by on 07/06/2016
  • Kitty thought this food was purrfect
    The whole bowl was empty! Our kitty ate the entire bowl! She never finishes her food until now! I think we have a new fave! by on 07/06/2016
  • Loved It!
    I have one of the most finicky felines & she loved it! I will buy this product. by on 07/06/2016
  • Healthy cat food
    My cat really enjoyed this cat food. I was really happy to see the package and look at the ingredients. by on 07/06/2016
  • My cats loved it!!!
    My cats really do not like dry food but as soon as I poured some out for them they gobbled it up!!! by on 07/06/2016
  • Gatita loves it
    Gatita is m elder cat and she is a picky eater but from day 1 she loved her new food!! by on 07/06/2016
  • They said it's yummy
    I used my sample of this cat food as a treat for my cats so they wouldn't get an upset stomach from getting too much of a new food at one time. They are really enjoying getting this food as a "snack". I already use Purina One, so I don't know if I will switch to this flavor, but the cats definitely approve. by on 07/06/2016