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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • Awesome product
    My cat really lives this product. He can't get enough of it. I already reckoned it to a friend by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat enjoyed it - maybe a little too much
    My cat really liked this food. As soon as I opened it, she was meowing and begging for food. Unfortunately, the first time I fed her, she ate so much of it she threw up a little. After that first day, however, she really enjoyed it. I'd definitely get it again for her. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat likes it.
    My cat is very fussy but he ate this with no problems. by on 07/07/2016
  • My kitty loved it
    I could tell that my cat prefers this food to others because as soon as I put it in her bowl she devoured it and asked for more! Very easy to chew for her. by on 07/07/2016
  • Multiple Cats
    3 out of 4 cats loved this brand. Had no tummy problems or gastro problems. The one Cat literally sniffed it, stuck her nose up and walked away. 3 out of 4 isnt bad! by on 07/07/2016
  • Better Than I Thought
    I was surprised to find my picky cats really seemed to enjoy this food! by on 07/07/2016
  • My Cat Loved this!!
    My cat is a picky eater and when I gave him this PURINA ONE TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL he devoured it! He absolutely loved it! by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat is happy
    My cat really liked this sample! She really enjoyed the little "meaty" pieces! by on 07/07/2016
  • ok as a treat
    my cats like the taste, but I prefer to feed them a higher quality natural food. i will give this as an occasional treat in place of unhealthy packaged treats! by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat liked it and she is snoopy
    Good ingredients, small bites, easy for her to eat and she likes it. by on 07/07/2016
  • Great for Treats!
    I used this product as cat treats instead of food as not to disturb their digestive systems. They eat Merrick Before Grain formula. At first they could not get enough of your product as a treat, then it dwindled down. I would purchase it again as use it as treats. by on 07/07/2016
  • Fussy Eater
    My cat went crazy for this. She is a fussy eater so was surprised how fast she went into her bow. by on 07/07/2016
  • perfect for picky cats
    My picky cat will turn up her nose at most new food I give her. But she was very interested in this food and loved it! by on 07/07/2016
  • Cats Chowed
    I have 4 typically polite cats, who wait turns at the bowl of dry food. Not when I put this free sample in their bowl, there was pushing, shouldering and even a hiss from the matriarch. Food disappeared in minutes! by on 07/07/2016
  • Finicky? Not no more
    Our cat snubs his nose to a lot of foods. Wet or Dry, if he don't like it he is not eating it. He does love his Friskies so this was I thought going to be another challenge. . After a few bites his nose was glued to his bowl. He not only finished what I gave him but was looking for more. When I went to the store to go buy a large bag I have to say I was turned off by the high price. I just cannot afford 23 dollars for a large bag that he will go through in a months time. But should my finances ever change, he will be getting a bag of this even if it is for an occasional treat. What more can I say except I am very pleased and happy with this product by on 07/07/2016
  • Texture issues
    I don't think my cat like the texture of it. The cat food was sort of soft. by on 07/07/2016
  • awesome cat food
    we received this sample and started feeding our cat the next day he really really enjoyed it within three days we had finished the bag and had to buy more by on 07/07/2016
  • Great experience with Purina ONE® Tender Selects
    My cat really enjoyed the sample of Purina ONE® Tender Selects. It seemed like real food as opposed to the processed and molded food you sometimes get. by on 07/07/2016
  • Not sure about this one
    I received Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken as a free sample from pinchme.com and my cats wouldn't eat it. Not sure if they didn't like the smell or what the issue was. I couldn't even give them it as a treat. by on 07/07/2016
  • Very nice
    This is very nice for the cats. Um glad to have a chance for them to sample by on 07/07/2016
  • Our cat enjoyed it but...
    Our cat ate up the whole bowl, and although not a very picky eater, he enjoyed it. About twenty minutes after eating, he threw it up. Not sure if it was a one time thing or maybe for another reason, but I wnt be trying this again. by on 07/07/2016
  • Good Product, High Price
    My cats ate the food fine but weren't any more excited about it than the cheaper food they usually get. by on 07/07/2016
  • My cats enjoy the flavor
    My cats live the flavor and I loved that it is made of natural ingredients by on 07/07/2016
  • Our Cats Loved It!
    Both of our cats ate it right up! Nice crunchy texture, had a good aroma, they liked eating it. by on 07/07/2016
  • The boys gobbled it up
    my two kitties gobbled it right up... almost to fast but they liked it a lot by on 07/07/2016
  • My senior cat loves it!
    My elderly cat is a woofer of food, so sometimes he gets an upset tummy, but this food went down smoothly and stayed down. He had plenty of energy and pep. by on 07/07/2016
  • Use caution when you open the bag
    Step back when you open the bag cause your gonna get mobbed. My guys climb the counter just to get a taste. Their heads are in the dish as the food is coming out. I have never had such a great, enthusiastic approval of any dry cat food before. Never had to do the slow switch over. From the first bit to the bottom of the bag it was" love this kind". by on 07/07/2016
  • Lip Smacking Good
    I have a cat named Jade and she really liked the soft food with the tender bits of real chicken. She is a very picky cat but she enjoyed every bite. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cắt loved it
    Mỹ cắt loved this food. The taste and size of food was perfect by on 07/07/2016
  • Same as others
    Good product but not really any better than other brands by on 07/07/2016
  • A cat food like none other!
    When I first opened the bag, the aroma of the food was my first indicator to the quality. Once I actually looked at it, there was no denying this food was unlike any dry food my cats had ever had. To say they loved it was an understatement. Not only did they have no tummy issues with the food, but the next day they were sitting waiting at the bag to be fed, rather than at their food bowls. I do not think I will ever buy them the plain dry food I sadly fed them until this product, I now know better!! by on 07/07/2016
  • Like a Treat!
    Jynks just gobbled this food right up. It seems more of a treat to her than dinner. by on 07/07/2016
  • Good Cat Fod
    My cat enjoyed this food very much! I also liked that it had good ingredients in it for her! by on 07/07/2016
  • cats enjoyed it
    my cats liked it.. I looked up prices and seems a little pricey for a big bag by on 07/07/2016
  • My Cat Loved Her Food
    I like that you were able to see real pieces of meat, my cat liked it very much. by on 07/07/2016
  • Neutral
    My mother's cat liked it very much.. mine didn't seem too intersted.. by on 07/07/2016
  • Pretty good cat food
    The cats liked this product but I don't know that I would purchase it on my own as it's more expensive than the brands I usually buy. It was a nice treat. by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat loved this food
    My cat currently has an overactive thyroid, so we are trying to make sure that she eats enough. This food was irresistable. by on 07/07/2016
  • They ate it... because they were hungry.
    My cats had run out of their usual dry food so we threw this in their bowls while I went to the store. They ate it, but it didn't seem to be any different than their usual food. No reason to switch. by on 07/07/2016
  • good but not better
    I really like the food i already use, so it had a high bar, but I wouldn't trade mine for this, though it was good. by on 07/07/2016
  • Purina One Review
    Our cat really loved the Purina One Tender Selects Blend cat food. She ate the bowl empty every time, we even used it as a kitty treat successfully! by on 07/07/2016
  • Tory liked this.
    I have been buying Nutrish since Tory has less allergy problems with that. She didn't have trouble from this sample, though. by on 07/07/2016
  • The Cats Meow
    While my cat always meows to tell me when she is hungry, she didnt when I was feeding her this. However my cat is a very picky eater. by on 07/07/2016
  • Mm,mm good
    My cat absolutely loved the sample of purina one tenders select. I've already bought a bag so she's not without it ever again! by on 07/07/2016
  • Great choice
    My cat enjoys his Purina cat food I'm going to purchase it. by on 07/07/2016
  • Finicky Cat Agrees
    One of my cats is incredibly finicky, and it's a struggle to find a food that he'll eat. He gobbled this one right up. by on 07/07/2016
  • Purina 1, tender selects blend with real chicken
    My cats are very picky with cat food! there are only some kinds of dry food that they like. When we got this in the mail from pinch me.com for reviewing other products, the cats went straight to the bowl! by on 07/07/2016
  • Yum!
    My cats love this cat food! They are always eager to eat and love it! I will definitely be buying more of this cat food! by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat loves this
    My cat loves purina one food she has been on purina one for sensitive systems for about two years now she done fine with this as well, we will never switch to another brand. by on 07/07/2016
  • Phineas didn't care for it
    My cat Phineas didn't care for this dry cat food. He usually eats the 9 lives (I believe) surf and turf dry food along with a can of wet food daily. At first he did eat the product over his usual dry food but after a few days he did not want it anymore and I resumed giving him his surf and turf dry food. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat didn't like
    My cat totally rejected this food. She just didn't like it at all. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat Disinterested
    My cat is pretty picky about what he eats and he was not interested at all in this cat food. Yours might like it. by on 07/07/2016
  • It was ok
    This cat food seemed like the average cat food . My cat didn't act any different toward it compare to her normal brand. by on 07/07/2016
  • Catastic
    My cat just ate it all up as soon as I poured it into his bowl. He had no side effects from trying it which was good. He seemed to enjoy it very much. by on 07/07/2016
  • Great for my cat!
    My cat loved this as if it was a treat! I am definitely going to look into getting some from the store for her. by on 07/07/2016
  • Satisfying the cats
    My cats love this food. Begged for more when the bowl was empty by on 07/07/2016
  • Purrfect!
    My cats have agreed that this kitty food is absolutely purrfect for them. The loved every single kibble! by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat likes this
    My cat likes this catfood very much, and he is very finicky. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat seems to love it
    My cat appeared to love his sample of this cat food. He did not hesitate to eat it all at once. by on 07/07/2016
  • Solid Cat Food
    The cat food was enjoyable to my cats and they ate it but there was nothing special about it. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cats like it
    I have 4 cats. three liked it, one did not. I asked but he wouldn't give me a straight answer as to why he did not like it. I would purchase as the other three did eat it. by on 07/07/2016
  • Descent
    Cat ate it but wasn't thrilled about it she likes her current cat food more and it's less expensive by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat enjoyed every bite
  • She ate it up!
    My cat liked the sample of Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken I got from PinchMe. She ate every scrap and looked for more. by on 07/07/2016
  • 4 stars
    It was a great cat food and my cats loved it! They ate it better than my other kind. by on 07/07/2016
  • Kitty Likes!
    I'm always a little hesitant on changing out my furry babies food. But kitty has been acting like a drama queen lately and hasn't been eating her normal food, so this sample came at the right time! .... I had her tried it, and she ate the whole bowl--meowed at me to give her more too LOL.... Looks like we found the drama queens new food! by on 07/07/2016
  • Purina cat chow
    My cat really liked this cat food. He ate the cat food I gave him. Once he was finished he wanted more. My cat loved the taste. I would definitely recommend. by on 07/07/2016
  • Nutritious cat food
    My cat enjoyed the food and I like the healthy ingredients by on 07/07/2016
  • cat food my cat tried and liked
    my cat really liked the food,he is a very picky eater by on 07/07/2016
  • Kitty approved!!
    My cats are actually quite picky when it comes to their food. I was a little nervous giving them something different in their dishes, figuring it'd get thrown out like so many other foods we've tried! I was so pleasantly surprised when they eat every single bit of this food and it seemed like they licked their bowl clean! I have now switched over to this and my kitties couldn't be happier! by on 07/07/2016
  • Surprised Cat liked this product
    My cat prefers fish flavored food and snacks over chicken flavor. Although this product is chicken flavored, the cat did eat the food. by on 07/07/2016
  • Kitty likes it
    Our cat gives it two paws up!!! We will be purchasing. by on 07/07/2016
  • Sassy loves Purina One tender selects
    I loved the ingredients and nutrition. My cat sassy loved the taste. I am planning on making this a regular in my cats diet! by on 07/07/2016
  • ok food
    this food is ok - I don't usually do purina as I prefer grain free by on 07/07/2016
  • The cat did not like it
    My cat didn't want to eat it when I mixed a small amount in with his regular food and then threw it up. by on 07/07/2016
  • My cats did not like this food at all.
    There is nothing wrong with this product other than the fact that my cats apparently didn't like the texture or the taste. by on 07/07/2016
  • he actually at it
    he actually ate it and he's very picky. I'll definitely buy this product by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat loved it.
    Luna, my black cat, loved this food. She ate it quickly and was mad I didnt have more to give her. by on 07/07/2016
  • Dry cat food
    My cat seened to like this cat food very much, and she's a very picky eater. And its reasonably priced. by on 07/07/2016
  • Good cat food!
    My cats really liked this food. They would often be out there waiting to eat this delicious product! by on 07/07/2016
  • My fur babies like this
    My fur babies really did like it. I only gave them a small amount to start and they wanted more by on 07/07/2016
  • Seemed Good
    Well my cat tried it and liked it so much he tore open the bag him self while i was at work. by on 07/07/2016
  • Too strong of smell
    Not only would my cat not come near the food but once I got her to it she refused to eat it. The smell was very strong and the texture was odd. I wouldn't buy this for my cat. by on 07/07/2016
  • LOVED IT!!!!
    They LOVED it!!! Would highly recommend this cat food to anyone! by on 07/07/2016
  • Little Bit Loved It!!
    Normally our kitty is pretty finicky about what he eats, but he took to this right away. I filled his bowl in the morning as usual, and he had totally emptied it by the end of the day. Usually, he doesn't clean his bowl, so I would say he definitely approved!! by on 07/07/2016
  • It's good
    My cat loved the flavor! But I'm just not sure that nutritonally I should change her food. by on 07/07/2016
  • Ottis enjoyed this food
    I gave this cat chow to my Kitty, Ottis and he really seemed to enjoy the taste of it. He is an occasionally picky eater, but he ate the whole bowl in one sitting and even gave an appreciative meow. by on 07/07/2016
  • Must Taste Good!
    My cat has been eating the Friskies Surf n Turf for a long time. A bowl usually lasts 2-3 days. I put 1/2 a cup in and she ate it all right there! by on 07/07/2016
  • Good as a topper
    I use this cat food as a little treat over the healthier cat food I feed my cats. by on 07/07/2016
  • My Cat loved this!
    My cat ate this up! Lots of good nutrients in ingredients. by on 07/07/2016
  • Cats love this stuff
    My cats gobbled all of the sample right up. I was surprised how fast the pickier one ate it! I will be buying them this next time I need cat food. by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat is old and picky
    My cat wasn't really thrilled with this food but he is 16 years old. Other cats might like it, by on 07/07/2016
  • Lip smacking good!
    My cats loved the Purina One tender bites, they gobbled it up and were looking for more, they were smacking their lips and mouths, with delight! Thank you for the fantastic sample, I have already purchased more ! by on 07/07/2016
  • Cat was impartial
    The cat seemed to like it but it smells awful! He ate about 1/2 of the sample and then I had to toss the rest. It stunk up the whole room! by on 07/07/2016
  • My cats tore into bag to eat some..
    Angel and Sugar Bear got excited they tore into the bag as soon as I came through door. Meow!! by on 07/07/2016
  • 2 out of 3 loved it.
    My 2 younger cats loved this food. My 15 year old cat had a sensitive stomach and didn't enjoy it at all. I will purchase for the younger 2. by on 07/07/2016
  • Chowed down!
    Our cat, Big Boy, so enjoyed this sample!! I will be putting this on his rota of dry foods to eat He acted as if this was a treat, rather than kibbles! Thank you for the sample, and Big Boy thanks you so much! by on 07/07/2016
  • My cat goes crazy for this food
    When I opened the bag for the first time she practically stuck her entire face in the bag! by on 07/07/2016
  • CATS enjoyed it!
    My five cats ate picky with dry food. I mixed it with their current food and they didn't even notice! by on 07/07/2016
  • My two cats liked it!
    My cats has been eating a particular brand but I may switch it sometime. by on 07/07/2016