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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

  • the kitty's loved it
    all my cats loved the sample, especially the older the cats by on 07/10/2016
  • Purina tenders catfood
    She absolutely positively loved this Purina dry cat food! by on 07/10/2016
  • Perrrrfect
    My cat absolutely loved this food, which really surprised me considering he's such a picky eater! by on 07/10/2016
  • My cats love it!!!
    As soon as I put the cat food down my cats were all over it! by on 07/10/2016
  • My cat Loves it!
    My cat can be pretty finicky when it comes to dry cat food, but Autumn ate everything in her bowl of the Purina One Tender Selects. Hopefully I'll find a good deal on this one, because my cat really enjoyed this. by on 07/10/2016
  • tender selects
    my cat seemed to like it. she ate most of it the first time and at subsequent feedings she ate it all. i found the texture to be great and the smell good by on 07/10/2016
  • love
    my cats loved cats loved this cat food and kept wanting more . by on 07/10/2016
  • not bad
    I think it is a little pricey when my cat will eat cheaper alternatives.... he did enjoy it though. by on 07/10/2016
  • Purina one tender selects blend
    I gave my kitty Purina One Tender Selects Brand with Real Chicken and she seemed to like it. It was new to her, but she finished her little bowl. by on 07/10/2016
  • Nom nom kitty
    Reasonably priced, but the cat loved it! He performed circles for more. by on 07/10/2016
  • Cats liked it.
    My cats liked the flavor of this food and ate it well. by on 07/10/2016
  • how I liked this product
    My cats really liked the cat food. I will buy it once in while. by on 07/10/2016
  • Wow
    My cat went nuts for this. She is very picky and hard to please. by on 07/10/2016
  • Purina One user now...
    Hello, how are you? I thought the Purina One was a awesome product as my cat (Mischief) is pretty picky about her foods and she absolutely Love this food. So all from a sample I will be a new user of this cat food from now on, see samples really do help....Thank-You so much. by on 07/10/2016
  • kitty cats
    my cats love this food. It was eaten up so fast I could hardly pull my hand away. by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat loves this!
    My cat loves this food! I have checked the prices in stores and it seemed reasonably priced for the quality, as well. by on 07/09/2016
    Cat devoured this food sample, he just loved it!!! by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina One Tender Selects
    My cat loved this food & it is so healthy & full of nutrients. by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina One
    My cat loved this food. We have a fantastic old cat. He appears to having some difficulty eating food, probably teeth problems. He has been showing less interest in the food we are giving him. When we gave him this sample. He ate fast and has begun to meow and look more excited about eating again. We had to go buy some when he finished the sample. by on 07/09/2016
  • Perfect
    My cat was so excited after I opened the bag,that few days later I had to stop at Target and get it for him. Love the ingredients, size,and main thing my old cat was happy. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cheryl
    My cat Fluffy really seemed to love the Purina One Tender Selects Blend with real chicken. by on 07/09/2016
  • change
    my cats eat simply nurish and at first turned their noses up at the sample, because i blended it with their normal food i found they were eating around it but after a few time in their dish they warmed up to it and now it it first. So when we are out of their food i will most likely make the switch by on 07/09/2016
  • It's okay
    I'm not sure if my cat absolutely loved it but she didn't refuse it by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken
    Our cat really enjoyed this product. She seemed to really enjoy the flavor and acted like it tasted similar to a treat. I thought the cat food was good quality and didn't have the bad cat food smell. I was very satisfied with the product and look forward to buying it in the future. by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat loved it!
    My cat is not very particular about his food, but he doesn't like change. He ate this food just fine and seemed to enjoy it. by on 07/09/2016
  • Great product
    Our cat loved this food. I will definitely be buying this by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat Loved It
    My cat really enjoyed trying the Purina One Tender Selects. She ate every bit of it so I would say that is a great review! by on 07/09/2016
  • Picky cat didn't approve
    My cat only likes a few kinds of food. She wasn't into this one at all. I gave it to my friend, and he said his cat loved it! by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat liked it
    My cat seem to enjoy this food, she it very quickly and seem satisfied after it by on 07/09/2016
  • I'm sorry to say
    That this product make my cat sick within a few hours of eating. Can't possibly recommend after getting up in the middle of the night with a sick kitty. by on 07/09/2016
  • Dogs love it too!
    My dog came right over when I opened the bag and he loved this food. Kitty Man really liked it as well. by on 07/09/2016
  • Not for my Cat
    Unfortunately, my cat did not like this food. He only eats dry food but for some reason would not eat this one. by on 07/09/2016
  • Very enjoyable!
    My cat could not resist the smell of it! I think she loved me more for it! by on 07/09/2016
  • My kitty loves this!
    My cats liked the product very much. I alternate different foods for them and this 1 will definatley be put in th lineup npw. by on 07/09/2016
  • Decent
    Decent cat food product. My cat seemed to like it but it didn't seem like there was more interest than in her current cat food. by on 07/09/2016
  • Great
    My cat couldn't get enough. After she finished eating she came to me wanting more! by on 07/09/2016
  • Kitty food
    Although my cat is on a specific diet, we occasionally let him cheat and he seemed to enjoy this food. by on 07/09/2016
  • Still not sure
    I am still trying to get my picky cat to try this and so far it is not working very well. by on 07/09/2016
  • Amaze
    Amazing. That's all I can say about this cat food. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat lover
    My cat loved this food. I have decided to buy it for him all the time now. by on 07/09/2016
  • Yummy
    Cat lovesit very much. Would purchase again and again! by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina one dry cat food rocks!
    Thank you for my free purina one dry cat food chicken flavor my cat is an adult male and is very picky, thanks so much! by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat loves it
    My cat seemed to enjoy it very much. He even wanted more after one serving! by on 07/09/2016
  • crunchy bits and tender bits
    My cats didn't act any different when I offered them this food, so they must like it just as well. The little piggies would eat the whole bag if I let them, lol. by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat loved it
    My cat really seemed to enjoy this cat food. I would purchase this cat food. by on 07/09/2016
  • It was ok
    The cat liked it ok but didn't seem to be a favorite. by on 07/09/2016
    I got a sample to try and was actually surprised that my cats ate it. Both of my cats are very finicky picky eaters, but they actually like this and ate it all without any problems or issues. When I say problems or issues I mean, usually I have to not give them any other kind of food at all and let them get really hungry before they'll even taste a different brand of food, but that didn't happen with this one. by on 07/09/2016
  • good
    this was a very good brand of cat food. my cat seemed to enjoy it. by on 07/09/2016
  • good product
    this is a quality cat food and will buy for our cats by on 07/09/2016
  • Great cat food
    My cat is typically very very picky and does not usually do well with other brands of cat food but she absolutely enjoyed this cat food and she didn't get sick. by on 07/09/2016
  • Excellent
    My cat is already on the same brand of products and he does well on them. However, he seemed to like this one a lot, so we might switch to it. by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat is definitely a satisfied customer!
    The sample bag was actually pretty big! Gave my cat 2 full meals, and he was meowing like crazy when I was getting his 2nd meal ready.. he definitely liked it! by on 07/09/2016
  • Loves it
    Artie loved thia cat food, she usually doesn't like any other brands but took to this one. by on 07/09/2016
  • They loved it
    They love it have on who is very picky and has a sensitive stomach by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat loved it.
    My cat is very picky, and she loved this brand!! Her new favorite!! by on 07/09/2016
    Both my cats went after this dry food like it was candy. I gave them a little bit each time with their normal dry food. This is a keeper for sure. by on 07/09/2016
  • Happy Old Cat
    I have a male 12 year old cat. He is getting fussy as he ages. I was amazed how he really enjoyed the Purina one tender selects. Loves them. We also are using the Pro Plan wet cat food . He loves it. No more hassles for us to feed this cat. Thank you Purina! by on 07/09/2016
  • Purine one
    My cat enjoy her food. I recommend you this product for your cat. by on 07/09/2016
  • Little Bit loved this food
    Our cat has gotten pretty picky about food lately but really liked this. by on 07/09/2016
  • Happy baby Cat
    I have a one year old cat that is very picky about his food And he's just Loves this by on 07/09/2016
  • gret taste!
    my three cats love it, they hear the bag and they are a runnin! by on 07/09/2016
  • awesome
    My cat devours this food. She loves the taste of it so much. by on 07/09/2016
  • Not bad
    The cat liked it! And that is what I mostly use to determine what to buy for him. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat food
    Great cat food, just a bit more than I would like to pay. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat is obsessed!
    Well I'm now stuck buying this kind! I gave my cat the sample and she absolutely loved it, she didn't want her normal food I was feeding her, would look at the bowl and then run over and start meowing at me. I went to 5 stores today to buy her a bag and not one of them had it, one store says coming soon so I hope it comes out soon! by on 07/09/2016
  • My usually picky cats loved this
    Cats avidly ate this product quickly. Depending on how well it suits them (if it makes coats soft, more active, cough up less hair balls, etc) over time, I might consider switching my cat's regular food over. by on 07/09/2016
  • My cats love this food!
    It's healthy and all 3 of my cats seemed to love it. by on 07/09/2016
  • This stuff is awesome!
    My cat absolutely loved this stuff! I thought I was gonna have to fight her to see who could open the bag the quickest...me or her? Lol by on 07/09/2016
  • My cats loved this food.
    My cat normally prefer the Purina Cat Chow. They liked it a little less when the formula changed. After trying this, I was amazed at how quickly they ate it. by on 07/09/2016
  • Great food
    My very picky cat really enjoyed this brand. I will be buying this for her in the future. by on 07/09/2016
  • Kitty kitty
    I really liked this new soft idea for cat food, now I can spoil my baby and make her healthy by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat approved
    My cat loved it so much that when we are near the bag, we turn around and he is waitig for us to give it to him. by on 07/09/2016
  • excellent choice for your feline companion
    I think that is very fresh, the cat loves it. I have already put it on my grocery list to buy this product very soon. by on 07/09/2016
  • Amazing! My cat LOVED IT!
    My cat normally eats her dry food slowly throughout the day. Not with this stuff. She gobbled it up like treats! Highly recommend! by on 07/09/2016
  • Love the tender chicken
    I love the purina brand! It's a brand that you can trust my cats really love it too by on 07/09/2016
  • Amazing
    My cat is a VERY picky eater and went crazy for this stuff! When I first opened the bag she nearly knocked it out of my hand because she wanted it so bad! Definitely buying soon! by on 07/09/2016
  • Happy Cat
    Our cat liked this product a lot, but sometimes she's just excited about trying something new. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cat won't touch it
    cat wasn't a fan.. she wounldnt eat it. My cat is picky though so no surprise there by on 07/09/2016
  • My cats ate it up!!!
    I love ❤ the food I buy, but this is less money and they seem to love ❤ much more. .. .… by on 07/09/2016
  • My cat loved Purina One
    My cat loved Purina One TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN. As soon as I opened the bag my cat was ready to eat and wanting some food. by on 07/09/2016
  • It's good
    My cat really took to this cat food. I introduced it into her diet slowly. So far so good. It doesn't have that fake processed smell like a lot of dry pet foods do. It doesn't have a lot of dust or crumbs in the bottom of the bag. by on 07/09/2016
  • healthy cat food
  • Was sorta good
    I fed it to a stray cat who ate it, so I cant say much about it. by on 07/09/2016
  • happy with
    not a bad product cat ate it no problems was happy in general with over all product. by on 07/09/2016
  • Very Good
    My cat loves this food. Right now I am in the process of switching her over to it. The pieces of dried chicken appear real. It has good ingredients and not a bunch of fillers. Since my cat is in her senior years I like to provide her with what she likes and she really likes this food. by on 07/09/2016
  • He loves it.
    My cat is one of the most picky eaters and normally only eats 9 lives cat food. When I got the sample in the mail and gave him a small amount to try he fell in love with it. He would go so far as to pester me most of the day till I would give him another helping of the cat food so highly recommend it to those with picky cats like mine. by on 07/09/2016
  • Great new cat food
    My cat loved this new cat food. This is the first time in a while that he finished his bowl this fast! by on 07/09/2016
  • My cats loved this
    My cats loved this.They won't go back to there old brand anymore by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina one cat food
    My cat absolutely loved this cat food. He is somewhat picky so seeing how much he loved a product that I felt confident giving him was such a relief. by on 07/09/2016
  • Yumm
    My cats seemed to really enjoy the cat food even my picky eater by on 07/09/2016
  • Shadow Kitty loves it!
    Shadow loves this food. He is really finicky too. Got this free sample and he actually loves it. by on 07/09/2016
  • Treat
    Used as "treats" for cat. If I needed him to go somewhere, I shook the bag and he came running. Cat really liked treats. by on 07/09/2016
  • great cat food!
    My cat Iris is getting older and sometimes is picky about her food. She love the Purina one tender selects with chicken! I will only buy this for her now. by on 07/09/2016
  • Cats love it
    We have 4 barn cats and they all loved this food very much, I would recommend it. by on 07/09/2016
  • Purina
    My cat couldn't get enough of this stuff. He loved it. He would have made himself sick if I didn't take it away. by on 07/09/2016
  • Picky Kitty Likes Real Chicken
    Our very picky eater really loved this food. Usually she'll turn her nose up at new food but she really did like this brand, Which is great because what she was used to eating is no longer being sold here. The Purina brand is much more easily available and priced better for the product. Thank you for the free sample! by on 07/09/2016
  • My cats loved it
    Usually when I put food in my cats dish they don't really give me a second look but when I put PURINA ONE® TENDER SELECTS BLEND WITH REAL CHICKEN they come running from across the room. by on 07/09/2016
  • Loved it
    My Sammy Boy just loved it! He begged for more--but didn't get it--fat boys don't get the girls! by on 07/09/2016
  • Cats loved it
    I have finicky cats and they both devoured this. The ingredients are better than many foods out there for the same value. by on 07/09/2016