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At Purina ONE, we believe that by discovering a cat's true nature, we can gain a better understanding of their needs. Nature shines through in our science when it comes to making Purina ONE SMARTBLEND Chicken & Rice Formula. The blending of both nature and science allows us to discover key ingredient and nutrient combinations. Together, they create an optimal protein level with real chicken as the first ingredient, plus antioxidants and other high-quality ingredients to make a positive differen... Read More



Rated 5 out of 5 by 7974 reviewers.

Pawsitively yummy

My cats are so picky. Other than the one I is on a prescription diet, The others get a specific kind, I was willing to find something more affordable. This worked and they ate their entire bowl. Thank you purina! by on 07/11/2016
really good

my cat is a very picky eater so it takes a long time for us to find good cat food but she was very happy with this food and i would buy it a lot more now by on 07/11/2016

This cat food is amszing, my cat love it so much and I will buy it next time he needs cat food. by on 07/11/2016
Very good

Our kitty enjoyed the taste and wanted more.We will definitely be purchasing this food by on 07/11/2016

Cats think this food is great. They love it. I will be buying by on 07/11/2016
good product

this cat food was liked by all our cats. they liked the taste and seemed to enjoy the flavors by on 07/11/2016
Overall good

This food was ok, my cat loved it, because he just eats absolutely everything. But it made him have gas. by on 07/11/2016
Cat food

My cat enjoyed the food he ate it as soon as I put in his bowl. by on 07/11/2016
Good but not for me

My cats liked it but switching foods on the causing diarrhea and vomiting by on 07/11/2016
One cat loved it

One of my cats loved it and the other did not. Unfortunately I have to go with something they both like. by on 07/11/2016
Meow Munchies

Our cat is very particular about her food but this time she didn't hesitate to eat! by on 07/11/2016
My cat loves this dry food

Gave my cat the sample and he loves it. If he's upstairs and hears my handling the bag he comes running down stairs immediately. I've already purchase a larger bag for him. by on 07/11/2016
Loved it!!

My cats fought over this so much I had to separate it in different bowls. by on 07/11/2016
Awesome Sample

Great source of omega 3, real ingredients will be buying in near future by on 07/11/2016

Cat really liked it intend to buy it as soon as possible by on 07/11/2016

My fur baby loved this! I mixed it with her regular food and then switched it to this product immediately! by on 07/11/2016
Great food

Good food just not for my cats they like their usual cat food by on 07/11/2016
My cats loved it!!

Thanks for the Purina One Tender Selects Blend with real chicken.. My cats love Purina brand products!! I buy the the dry food and wet food for my cats. The tender selects with real chicken was a big hit in my house!! Thanks for the sample!!! by on 07/11/2016
Fur Babies Loved Them.

Our three cats loved this sample so much, definitely going to buy. by on 07/11/2016
Great cat food!

Our cat loves this food. When we got the sample for this food, we started feeding him this food and he pretty much stopped eating his other dry food. by on 07/11/2016
Kitty loves!!

My kitty couldnt get to it fast enough . Seems to love it ! by on 07/11/2016

My cat enjoyed this food rather well. I think he likes his regular food better though. by on 07/11/2016
Cats love this!

This stuff has Real chicken! You can see the chicken pieces and my cats go crazy for this stuff. I could not put the bowl down quick enough. Highly recommended for anyone with by on 07/11/2016
Cat food 5 stars

I would say this has got to be one of the best cat foods for the money and yes I would recommend to family & friends to buy for there pets by on 07/11/2016
loved it

my cat absolutely loved this food! my favorite part was the fact that it had REAL chicken! by on 07/11/2016
Cat likes this food

My cat likes this food. I think it was because of the hard and soft morsels combined. I'll be buying this product from time to time for my cat. by on 07/11/2016
My cat loves it!

I had a great experience with this product! My cat loves it! He is a really picky eater and it's hard to shop for him, but he loved this kind! Even my German shepherd is trying to steal some of the food when my cat is not around. I like the pieces of real chicken! I already bough 2 bags of this food! by on 07/11/2016
my cat loved it

My cat really liked this product but it is a bit too pricey and the quantity is small compared to other brands. by on 07/11/2016
Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken

I have switched to Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken because my cat loves it more than any cat food we have tried.It's very healthy and good for your cat. by on 07/11/2016
Cats dinner

Wow she came right over and started eating it well I was still trying to put it in her bowl and she never has done it before but I think she smelled something she likes by on 07/11/2016
Charlie loved this

Charlie really enjoyed this. I'd shake the bag and he'd come running just meowing up a storm. It would be gone in no time at all. by on 07/11/2016
Purina One tender

actually was better then expected, all four of my cats loved the cat food, It will be an addition to what i already buy by on 07/11/2016

My cat liked this cat food. I don't think she was crazy about it, but she liked it. by on 07/11/2016
Purina cat food

My cats ate the food straight from the can licking every last bit. by on 07/11/2016
Two happy kitties

My boys attacked me as soon as I opened the bag and scarfed down the meal as if they have never tasted food. As soon as I finish the current bag I as switching!!! by on 07/11/2016
very good product

love this product woud buy it again and would tell everyone I know about this brand by on 07/11/2016
Cat loved it

Probably one of the top ones my cat ate the whole thing in one sitting by on 07/11/2016
Purina ONEร‚ยฎ Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken

My cat loved this product. i will be buying it for her in the future. by on 07/11/2016
the cat who could eat it didn't want it

my one cat had an obstruction so he needs a prescription food. The other cat can eat anything he wants. The cat who needed the prescription food really liked the food but the cat who didn't need the prescription wouldn't even try it. For this reason, we would not purchase this product. However, it must taste good if the other cat really liked it by on 07/11/2016
She loved it

My cat is very picky with food but she really liked this one by on 07/11/2016
Cat really like this!

MY cat really enjoyed eating this delicious food! He gave it two paws up! I like the fact that it's a brand I can trust with great ingrediants. by on 07/11/2016
Begged for more!

My two young cats gobbled this up instantly! I will definitely be buying some more. by on 07/11/2016
Sensitive stomach

My older cat has a very sensitive stomach. She was able to eat this without throwing it back up. I will definitely buy this for her. It is so nice to be able to try it first. Now I am not stuck with bags of cat food like the sweet potato and Rachael Ray that did not fair so well. by on 07/11/2016
Very well received

I think he thought he was getting treats. :). Both cats ate without hesitation. by on 07/11/2016

I think it was better to stay with my previous product or maybe if I had of used it longer. by on 07/11/2016
Our cat loves it!

We were already using the regular Purina One both for our cat and our 2 dogs so when I got the sample for the new Tender Selects I wasnt sure if it would be the same or not. From the moment we opened the box from Pinch Me, our cat came over and was sniffing it. We didn't even get it open and he wanted whatever it was he smelled. He was purring and meowing like crazy. When I took the bag out of the box he rubbed his face on it and meowed. I set the bag down for a minute to do something and he grabbed it and tried to chew it open. I opened it for him and gave him some and he gobbled it down like it was going out of style. He really loves the tender pieces in it. He was already a fan of Purina One but now he is a Super Fan! by on 07/11/2016
cat liked the food

My cat enjoyed this food, he liked the taste and licked his lips when done eating it. He looked at me like he wanted more, guess I will have to go buy him some! I am happy with this sample, glad to be giving my furry friend a great cat food that meets his needs. by on 07/11/2016
Cats liked it!

We use a different flavor of Purina One, but my cats seemed to really like this one! by on 07/11/2016
Better as a treat

My babies liked this more as a treat than as a meal. I would buy it again but maybe in a different flavor. by on 07/11/2016

The Purnia cat sample made my cats eager to eat and when it was finished they looked for more. by on 07/11/2016
very good cat food

My cat enjoys the flavor of this food. I am pleased that it is a brand I can trust and that it is made with quality ingredients. My cat was looking for more after the sample bag was all gone. by on 07/11/2016
Finicky cats ate it up!

I have three cats that are ALL finicky eaters! I have so much trouble getting them to all eat the same brand of food. If two like it, the third will turn up his nose. Ugghhh! I put this out in their bowl thinking I would have the same problem, but I noted that all 3 cats were actually eating the dry food! Amazing! This will be my next cat food purchase!! by on 07/11/2016
lovin it

my cat loves it very much, i intend to buy him more in the near future by on 07/11/2016
Mr. Kitty loved it!

My cat isn't picky, but watching him devour this food was awesome to see! Can't go back to cheap food anymore! by on 07/11/2016
Purina One

I like Purinna to begin with my cats love it too. I can say they ate it right up instantly but, no different then any other cat food I get them. I liked that it was made with real chicken which my cats absolutley LOVE. by on 07/11/2016
My cats loved this

I mixed this with their other cat food and they literally ate around the old food to eat this instead. by on 07/11/2016
my cats love it

I just wish there were less ingredients in this product. by on 07/11/2016
Purina Cat Chow

My cats seemed to really enjoy this food. I gave it to them as a treat here and there, as they eat grain-free cat food regularly and didn't want to upset their stomachs. My youngest cat ended up finding the bag and ripping it open. They really loved this food! If I was going to switch foods, this would be a high ranking competitor. by on 07/11/2016
Cat loved it!

The cat immediately ate all of the sample. She loved it! by on 07/11/2016
it was OK

there is not much to talk about was not pleased with it by on 07/11/2016
Cats loved it

My cats really enjoyed this food. They seemed to fill up pretty fast but really liked it by on 07/11/2016
Cats liked it

My cats liked the food, but it smelled pretty bad. by on 07/11/2016
Good food

Cats did like the food but the quantity you get for the price just isn't adequate enough. by on 07/11/2016
Real Food

For your pet conyains no by products just real food with out additives or preservatives just food by on 07/11/2016
Great kibble

My cat loves purina products. I also trust the brand since they have done the studies to determine the proper balanced nutrition and diet for cats and dogs by on 07/11/2016
Cat hated it

It made my cat vomit. I will not try this product again by on 07/11/2016
Honest food

This cat food is all natural real food real meat nothing artificial no preservatives just real food by on 07/11/2016
Cats loved it!

I have three cats and they all enjoyed the cat food very much! by on 07/11/2016

I received a #free sample from #pinchme.com for my honest opinion. My cat Tiger absolutely loved it! by on 07/11/2016

My cats loved this but i like to feed them more of an organic foodwhich makes them look healthier by on 07/11/2016
My Cat Loves This!

My kitty loved this sample of Purina One Tender Selects Blend with real Chicken. She gobbled it up, every time I fed it to her. She has hairball issues and this didn't bother her tummy, at all. Thank you for the sample. We are adding it to her regular diet. by on 07/11/2016
Picky cat seemed to like it at first

My picky cat will only eat Fancy Feast dry food. I thought since this should be better for her health, it would be a nice switch. She ate it at first but after the 3rd day, she wouldn't touch it. by on 07/11/2016
She loved it!

My cat absolutely loves this food ! She gobbled it up! And it's a brand you can trust and i loved that it has real chicken in it! by on 07/11/2016
Happy kitty

I opened the box and my cat came right to me and played with the cat food bag, so I opened it. He ate all I gave him and was looking for more. ( My cat never cleans his bowel ) by on 07/11/2016
It was ok.

There wasn't any issue with the product, my cat seemed to enjoy it but the food they eat now is just fine by on 07/11/2016
Purina One Tenders with Chicken

My cat really liked this cat food and I liked the dry brand of food. by on 07/11/2016
Cats thought it was yummy

My cats really liked this food. Unfortunately my seniors belly could not tolerate it and she's been puking since she ate it. My younger cat however has been fine and would prefer he got to eat that over the super healthy limited ingredient stuff they eat now, but my senior has too many special needs when it comes to food. I wish th drop down would give the option of will consider this in the future because it is something I may feed and/or purchase in the future just not right now. by on 07/11/2016
My cat liked it

I've been feeding my cat the same food for about a year now (Meow Mix dry, intermixed with some wet food). I'm pretty sure she likes these because she seems to get more excited than she used to when I feed her. I think it's related to the texture. I love to make my cat happy so once the sample ran out, I bought some. by on 07/11/2016
2 out of 3 liked it

2 of our 3 cats liked this food (the one that didn't is pretty picky). Our youngest cat actually took off with the bag and ate what was left in it (I used about half of the sample bag to see if the cats were interested). by on 07/11/2016
Daphne the cat loved this food

Daphne loved this cat food! I could barely get it out of the package before she started eating it. by on 07/11/2016
south ga bee

My cat loved the Purina One Tender Selects with Real Chicken! He is usually very picky and finicky. He ate the Purina One Tender Selects with no problem. I suggest you try this for your cat especially if they are finicky about their food. They will run to the bowl! by on 07/11/2016
My Kitties love it!

No sooner did I put it down did my cat eat every bit of it and ask for more! by on 07/11/2016
Cat's meow

My cat loved the purina one select blends cat food. She ate every last drop something that she never did 28th other brands.Great job purina. by on 07/11/2016
Cat fod

One of my cat's is a very picky eate. She loved this and wanted more by on 07/11/2016
Cat approved!

My cat really seemed to like this product, she ate it right up. by on 07/11/2016
Great cat food

My cat really seemed to enjoy this and I liked the ingredient list by on 07/11/2016
Not for my kitty

My kitty did not like this. She maybe allergic but all I know is she threw up all over. She only handles the types with a lot of veggies. by on 07/11/2016
Great product

My cat liked it. He did not finish it in one sitting like normal food but came back later and did. by on 07/11/2016
Great Ingredients and Value

My cat really enjoyed this food and ate it right up! It has good ingredients at a good value. I would definitely purchase this for my cat again. by on 07/11/2016
Cat Cat's loved it!

My cats really enjoyed this cat food. I gave it to them as a treat along with their regular food. They would come every time they heard me open the bag! It was always gobbled up within a minute. by on 07/11/2016
Better than expected

I was completely surprised that my cat loved this cat food, as he tends to be a litter particular. He not only liked it, he loved it! I think he has a new favorite! by on 07/11/2016

My cat loved this cat food so much!! Would recommend it!! by on 07/11/2016
Great Product!

My cat Oliver loved the sample of Purina One Tender Selects! He gobbled it all up and begged for more! I like the fact that he is getting a bit of variety instead of always just eating dry food. I also like that whole 100% chicken is used and not and stranger by-products and fillers. by on 07/11/2016
Great Cat Food for every Cat

Both of my cats loved Purina One Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken. I poured it into the bowl, and it was almost all gone an hour later. They were attracted to the aroma and the taste. They would definitely recommend this and so would I! by on 07/11/2016
Crunchy but soft

My cats loved the purina one dry food. The food felt soft but sounded crunchy when they were eating it. The food had a list of nutritious ingredients which was a priority for me. A bonus that my cats loved it. by on 07/11/2016

I am happy to see that pet foods are becoming healthier for our furry family members. They provide us with such enjoyment so it's the least that we can do. by on 07/11/2016
Cat food review

Very good quality dry cat food, My cat enjoyed it very much by on 07/11/2016
Much Better that other products

My cats loved it. I'm planning on buying it in the near future for my pets. by on 07/11/2016
Good, but not what I need.

My cat enjoyed this product, but I don't think I will be buying this again because I like the current food my cat has. by on 07/11/2016
My cat loved this food.

My cat was trying to get into the cat food as soon as she saw the bag. She quickly started eating as soon as the food hit the bowl. She ate the entire sample in a day. Not a morsel was left. by on 07/11/2016