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Rated 4 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • Why is this not available in 15 lbs bags?
    The food is great, but I am pretty unhappy that this is not available in the 15lbs bag. Why is this? I may have to switch name brands! by on 04/08/2015
  • Good, but pricey. Offer a larger bag
    I wish I could get a larger bag. Is there a web-site to buy larger bag. by on 01/29/2015
  • This is simply the Best dog food
    This is the only dry dog food I can get my toy rat terriers to eat. They seem to really like it, and it is so healthy for them. I've tried many other top brands and they hated it, would not touch it, took one sniff and walked away. I am so happy I finally found one that they enjoy and actually consume it. They have never gotten overweight from it and they are never ill. I feel good about giving it to them as it is rated 5 stars everywhere, and I see why. I did alot of research before I bought this as I had tried many others. All of my research said that this was the healthiest for them, but the best thing about it is it must taste good to them because they love it. Thank you for perfecting such a wonderful food for dogs, I dont have to search anymore! by on 10/23/2013
  • Love it. the dogs are crazy for it.
    I like the fresh smell it has. The dogs go crazy when it is time for dinner. by on 01/17/2013
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