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Nutro Ultra Holistic Weight Management Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

ULTRA Weight Management products are specially made for overweight or less active dogs, and provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult maintenance.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 10 reviewers.

I've been feeding Nutro Ultra to my beagle since he's been six months old and it keeps him healthy, with his coat soft and very shiny. It keeps him at a good body weight, but, like most beagles, he'd eat the entire bag if I let him since he loves the taste so much! by on 09/24/2015
george the 90lbs bassett hound
George had to lose weight he weighed in at 90 lbs he has eaten this for over 6 years now and maintains his weight at 75 lbs . He is much happier dog. his coat is softer than ever. I love this product. by on 05/11/2014
Incredible results
I have never written a product testimonial before but I have seen such obvious results with Nutro Ultra that I want every dog owner to know. I adopted a 4 year old large breed dog from the local shelter. They say he is a cock-a-poo but I'm not sure if they have the breed correct since he was 47 pounds when he came to live with me and is now 60 pounds. I was used to being able to put dry food down for my pets that would last all week but Alphie ate everything all at once so needless to say he was probably malnourished to begin with and then became overweight. He was having trouble making it for a mile walk without huffing and puffing and then developed hip issues and could not get up on the couch. I had him on what I thought was a decent brand of dogfood for about two years but started looking for a weight management product. I just happened to choose Ultra and specifically because it had some natural joint therapy ingredients. In just 3 weeks, I was amazed with the results; I saw energy in Alphie that I had never seen before and one morning I woke to find him in his favorite spot on the couch. So far we haven't made a lot of progress towards weight loss but without a doubt he is doing great now because of this product! THANK YOU! by on 11/24/2013
love it
i love this kibble i have give it to my dog form puppy to adult and now weight management work will to by on 08/25/2013
Great food -highly recommend
We have been using this product for years. A few times we tried other products but always came back to this. It does the best for our four dogs. They have great digestion and coats and they like it! Highly recommend anyone to try this product! by on 07/16/2013
Great Product
I have a 13 year old Pyrenees/Border Collie mix who was overweight and lazy when he was switched to Ultra Weight Management.....He is now in the best health of his life....He went from 85 to 70 lbs in about 2 years and is the most active and alert 13 year old dog I've ever seen. by on 04/04/2013
Works wonders!
I have an 8 year old Cairn Terrier who had put on a few extra pounds. I noticed a difference after only 1 bag! And my other dogs kept trying to sneak bites so it must taste good also! It may cost more than other diet dog foods but I think the results make it worth it! And an extra bonus is its all natural and made in the USA! by on 03/20/2013
great for short dogs with weight issues
i have a five yr old medium doxie. as most people know these dogs love food especially snacking. we don't give her junk food snacks , just baby carrots which she loves. but we did have her on a name brand dog food that has been around forever so we thought we could trust it to keep her fit a healthy . she is not a couch potato , she loves to run outside and go for walks. so we were shocked when her weight started creeping up. we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. she ballooned to 21 lbs. she was so big that she really couldn't run around anymore and play. she even had a hard time breathing. we figured it had to be the food. so i went to a pet store and talked with their food rep. we went over many different kinds of dog food for weight. his favorite was nutro ultra weight management. he said he had seen great results with this food. he said we would get our moneys worth. well she loves it and has lost all her weight and is back to her normal doxie self. she loves it also. thanks guys . you're a life saver :) by on 03/05/2013
Sheds the pounds
I have a 10 year old terrier mix and like everyone, he put on some pounds with age. He started at 23 pounds and after 2 months of feeding him this he was down to 19! I know it doesn't seem like much, but 4 pounds to a 23 pounder is a 17% weight loss!!! He has never been an active dog, so I can speak to that, but his coat is softer and more shiny. He runs to the food bowl when I feed him, not cause he's starving, but because he loves the taste. The extra cost is well worth a healthier, longer living companion. by on 02/03/2013
Unexpected Benefits
I bought this dog food just to try and see if our dogs would lose some weight by eating this instead of their other highly recommended EXPENSIVE dry dog food. In the short time that we have been giving it to our golden retrievers, they have both began to play a lot more as it appears their joints and energy level have dramatically improved. We are optimistic that we are on to something good! by on 12/13/2012