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Nutro Ultra Holistic Small Breed Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Small dogs have big personalities. But they also have certain nutritional needs. So feed your small dog our dry dog food with easier to chew kibble made just for him. Not only that, he'll also enjoy the unforgettable taste of superfoods like blueberries, cranberries and pomegranate in every bite.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 15 reviewers.

Love small pellets
This is the best food my 15yr old Lhasa apso will eat, the pellets are small and easy on his teeth and gums! by on 01/01/2024
15yr old Lhasa loves this
My teddy is very picky with dry food he will gobble this brand right up by on 05/12/2023
Good for Him
My dog loves it. Makes his poop regular by on 03/31/2022
Great Product
I've tried several products over the years and the Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult is by far the best. My Brussels Griffon loves it. His digestive health is much better since switching to Nutro Ultra and his coat is beautiful again. All the reviews I've read give this food the very highest ratings and I totally agree. This is the best dog food I've ever used for my dogs. I highly recommend it. Nutro treats are also fantastic !! by on 07/06/2016
my shih Tzu loves the nutro small adult breed, his skin and fur looks great. I found this brand at petsmart. by on 12/28/2015
Picky Eater
I have a one year old maltipoo that stopped eating her usual food (seemed to go through a picky spell). I tried a few different brands and she loves this one. I love the high quality ingredients in it and she loves the taste. She eats it as is plain and sometimes moistened and warmed in the microwave. I'm very happy with this food :) by on 03/10/2015
Something is differnt
I have been buying this for my dog for years. The last bag I purchased is larger kibble and lighter in color and she won;t eat it. What changed? by on 03/09/2015
My dogs love it! Lasts longer than store bought
My dogs love the Samll Breed food. Since it's high quality food, it actually lasts longer than store bought so it's not really that much more when you figure the servings you get vs store bough. I wish Nutro would make a larger bag 30 lbs or 40 lbs though. by on 12/21/2014
My shih tzu's love this food.
I have 4 shih tzu's and all love this. Just need larger bags. by on 11/20/2014
Poodle Love
My toy poodle loves this food. It is the only one that she can get in her mouth without spilling food all over the floor. Also she does not get constipated or bloated with this variety like she does some others. Will not feed her anything else. by on 07/18/2014
Amazing Results
Our 9 year old toy poodle use to have seziers 3-4 times a year . We switched to NUTRO ULTRA small breed dry kibble, (no other change) 3 years ago, he has not had a sezier since. His coat is glossy and he acts like a puppy again. We will never change his Ultra. Great Product kkep up the great work by on 05/14/2014
Great dog food !!
I have a year old Yorkie loves it he is 4.5 LBS small enough for him to chew by on 02/10/2014
Great dog food!
My 5 year old Lhasa Apso, Buddy is a very finicky eater and usually requires me to "doctor" his dry food with wet food or broth before he will eat it. Since trying the Nutro Ultra Toy Breed/Adult food back in September, Buddy has changed his eating habits. He LOVES this food and eagerly finishes every last little nugget. His coat seems more shiney and he is less itchy than when he was on another premium brand. I am VERY pleased with your product! by on 01/08/2014
Wonderful dog food. Made in America
I have a schnauzer and a dachshund and they love it! Their coats are shiny, glossy and beautiful. Very healthy dog food by on 04/12/2013
Great dog food!
My miniature pinscher loves this food. The kibble is tiny and perfect for her since she is a small dog, 6 pounds at most. by on 12/18/2012