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Nutro Ultra Holistic Senior Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

An aging dog needs food packed with high quality ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients like Glucosamine and Beta Carotene to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our food for senior dogs provides all that and much more in every bite.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.

Helped my dog live to over 16 years!

I had my cattle dog/lab mix dog, Casey, on Nutro since I adopted her at 1.5 years of age. She stayed on Nutro Max through her adult and into her senior years. She ate it all up eagerly. Then Nutro Max changed their formulation one day, and the food smelled of fish oil. Casey became more reluctant to eat the strange smelling food. I switched to Blue Buffalo for a few bags. She ate it but was never as eager as the original Nutro Max. One day we switched to Nutro Ultra. It didn't smell of fish and Casey ate it back up. We stayed with Ultra until I eventually lost Casey to old age in November of last year. She lived to over 16.5 years and remained pretty healthy until pretty much her last few months when she couldn't move around as much. I give Nutro a lot of credit to her long life. I will get a puppy soon after finally being able to move on from my dear Casey. I will start back with Nutro Ultra Puppy food given my past trust and experience with the Ultra line of food. by on 03/06/2016
My girls love this food!

I have 4 & 10 year old keeshonds and they both love this food. My older dog is a rescue and we continued on the Nutro Ultra when we brought her home. She has been eating the adult food until a couple of years ago when we transitioned her over to the senior diet. She absolutely loves it and would lick her bowl across the floor if it wasn't sitting next to the wall. She is very healthy, no skin issues and rarely has had to visit the vet. Thanks Nutro for providing a great product! by on 10/04/2015

I have been feeding my dog Nutro for many years. I switched to Nutro to see if it would help with her allergies and it did. Instead of her losing her fur, her coat has a deep shine. She is also in great health, even at 12. No one can believe that she is that old. by on 06/29/2015
Enjoys Meal Time More

We had been feeding our dog the Nutro Max Weight Control for a number of years and decided to try this product as she was getting to that senior stage. We've been feeding her the Ultra Senior for about a year now and WOW what a difference. As other people have pointed out, her coat is so much shinier, and healthy. Even though she is a medium sized dog, she looks very similar to a Finish Spitz, she's never cared for food or treats that are large. This kibble is smaller and she really enjoys it. Yes, it is more expensive, but considering the results I've seen, it's worth it. Try a bag, I think your dog will like it and appreciate you choosing this food. by on 07/08/2014
Happy that other dog lovers agree with Nutro Ultra

We adopted all our dogs and cats throughout our long lives. When we adopted this dog; she was able to fit in the palm of my hand! That was the beginning of a long 14 yrs(so far!) of a long love affair with our adopted large or super sized Papilion! We have been told by 2 Papilion breeders that our large/super sized Papilion only has 79 other brothers/sisters in the USA! Right from her first feeding in our home it was Nutro! She has 2 complete physicals a yr; and our vet is impressed with her alertness/fur condition/muscle tone/and her always happy disposition! Large Papilion's do not bark very much; unlike their smaller cousins! When I constantly check the ingredients of Nutro Ultra; to make sure of no adverse changes; I realize that our 14 yr old female is probably eating far healthier food then we are! This is a costly food; but Nutro has kept her healthy, happy, and hopefully extended the far to short a time for our family member! P.S. We also took in a small, stray, male cat. He was crying on our doorstep; showed signs of damage wrought by other cats! He of course now is fed Nutro cat food! After 2 yrs he now sports a beautiful coat; and he purrs lot; especially after he eats Nutro! So thank u Nutro for making such good products! We will not buy any other brand; as long as u keep on making the high quality products that you are now doing! Also am very glad that these wonderful products are made in the USA, under US Government guidelines! by on 05/05/2014
Best Senior Dog Food Out There!

I wish I would have researched dog food and purchased this years ago! My dog is 13 years old, and after trying so many different types of dog food, I finally found the one! This is the only "good for your dog" dog food my dog will eat. She turned her nose up to Blue, Science Diet, etc and would barely touch it. After researching dog foods for senior dogs, and reading the excellent reviews for this one, I decided to purchase it. Everyone is right when they say their dog loves it and they see improvement in their dogs coat, etc. I will continue to purchase this dog food and hopefully my "senior dog" who still acts like a puppy will continue to live a long healthy life! P.S. The Nutro dog snacks are great as well. I purchased the apple flavor (they smell so good!) and my dog loves them as well! by on 03/13/2014
Nothing better!

I have a 9 year old chocolate lab who has been on this brand of dog food for probably two years now. His vet even asked me what the brand was that I fed him because his coat is so sleek and shiny. Yes, its not cheap and you could buy something less expensive but this is where "you get what you pay for" and for my dog, it simply works best for him. I feel good about what's in Ultra every time I lug that huge bag out of the store. Don't know if there's any coupons out there but that would be nice for the loyal customers. by on 10/30/2013
My senior dog(s) LOVE this dog food!

I have two dogs, mama Maggie and puppy Wilber. Maggie is approx 12 years old and Wilber is 10 years old. Wilber has cancer, Maggie struggles with arthritis. Usually when I feed my dogs, they pick at it and there is usually some left in the bowl. When I feed them this dog food, they lick the bowl clean. This is how I know they love it! Normally I buy store bought foods, since both dogs needed better, healthier food I splurged as I had a good coupon. I'm hooked now. It is worth the money. by on 10/07/2013
This product is great, love it!

My coonhound is roughly fourteen years old. As he started to get older, he also had gotten picky with his food. He has been eating Nutro Ultra Senior dry food for Two years. That is the only food he will eat. And he looks good for his age and his weight. I wish I had started him on this food along time ago. Yeah, it's not the cheapest food out there but, you do get what you pay for. I want my dog to have the best there is. There is no other dog food better than Nutro. Thank you Nutro!! by on 06/21/2013
To quote the vet: "Wow."

My dog has been eating Ultra since it became available in my area around 10 years ago. She's 13 now and passers-by frequently mistake that for 13 MONTHS, not YEARS. That happens a lot when we're out on our long hikes. Nutro Ultra has all the right stuff without the extra chemicals, artificial colors and fillers that other brands use, and I believe this makes a huge difference in my dog's health. She gets fantastic marks at the vet on every visit! I could not be happier with this food for my dog. by on 02/28/2013

I have tried several brands, as of late, but the Ultra brand is the best. My dogs' joints improved, her coat is softer and eyes brighter. She has more energy and stamina. by on 01/22/2013
the ingredients are excellent

I am really a beleaver of fruits and vegetables for people and animals and this product fits the bill, our dog cleans his bowl without sniffing first, he has more energy and is moving better even though he is an 11 year old weimerimer with arthritis, we are very happy with this food by on 01/12/2013