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Nutro Ultra Holistic Puppy Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

ULTRA holistic dry puppy food is made with nutrient-dense, natural superfoods for high levels of antioxidants and DHA to give your puppy a healthy heart, strong immune system, and healthy brain development. We know that puppies burn a lot of energy and calories throughout the day. That's why the ULTRA brand created a specially formulated all-natural dry puppy kibble recipe that's easy to chew and full of whole ingredients to help them grow big and strong.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.

Great nutrition for my growing pup

I started feeding this to my 8 week old chocolate lab/ alaskan malamute mix and he is now 33 weeks and 48 lbs. His coat is so shiny and incredibly soft, we get compliments on it all the time. Was really easy for him to digest and he still loves it. I have no complaints. by on 11/05/2015
Will not buy anything else for my puppy!!

Our newest addition loves this! I will not purchase anything else for her! I feel great feeding this to her because I know she is getting high quality ingredients without fillers and other "junk." Thank you and please don't ever change this! by on 01/21/2015
My doggies favorite!

After getting my Pitbull puppy, I had purchased this product. Few weeks later I wanted something better, so I switched to blue buffalo for about two months, until my puppy started loosing interest in blue buffalo and started having loose stools. Immediately after, I switched back to Nutro Ultra puppy food and he has been great! Increased appetite, normal stools, and an amazing coat! by on 06/17/2014
I swear by this dog food

I started my pitbull puppy on bluebuffalo wilderness when we had first gotten him. I had high expectations but he wouldn't eat it without me mixing it with egg or cottage cheese, one day out of the blue I bought a bag of nutro ultra puppy and it was the best choice for me and my dog. Not only is it reasonably priced but my puppy loves it, i don't have to mix it with anything in order for him to eat it. It also has really helped define his muscles. Thanks nutro ultra! by on 04/03/2014
Two thunbs up !

My Boston terrier Jagger ,loves it and he has never looked healthier. My Vet is always commenting on how good he looks since changing brands. by on 07/10/2013

My baby bulldog LOVES this stuff, i'm so glad it's so good for him. I've never seen a dog dig in on dry kibble like he does for Ultra! by on 06/29/2013
LOVE this brand

I rescued my puppy Aura Dove "potcake" from the bahamas about 3 months ago started her right on ultra nutro and she loves this food The only brand she wil eat and she even eats it when I put it in her puzzles to train her . She trives and has grown very healthy since I started her on this brand of food by on 06/13/2013
Keeps puppy full longer

Our Black Mouth Cur is not begging for food in between feedings. The Ultra puppy for large breeds is keeping her full. thank you by on 04/19/2013

I have an energetic Jack Russell and he had trouble eating a lot of other foods. He loves Ultra Puppy; great reaction. by on 03/15/2013
Great product and well priced!

I did a lot of research before selecting the food that my puppy would be eating. The Puppy ultra offers a high source of protein, calcium and the calories that a puppy needs for growing. They also do not use any meat by products or corn which are both commonly used in pet food. I am also very happy that the food is balanced with lots of veggies, fruit and whole grains. I got my puppy from a shelter where she was eating the lowest grade of food, I thought that we might have problems when changing her food however that was not the case. She adjusted to the food very well. We have followed the feeding chart and she is growing and in good health. Our vet is very impressed at how far she has come since we have adopted her. When I was shopping for puppy food price was not a main concern, but I wast looking for the most expensive or the cheapest brand. Surprisingly Nutro Ultra was the more affordable than the other brands i had considered and had better ingredients. Occasional the grocery store i will shop at gives me a coupon or puts the food on sale. by on 02/08/2013
My yorkie max loves it.

Max our newest member of the family loves it.We have 4 other yorkies they love the small beed ultra also. by on 01/31/2013
It's the perfect size kibble!!

I love the puppy food! It's the perfect size for my Chihuahua puppy and she loves the taste!! by on 12/31/2012