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Rated 5 out of 5 by 227 reviewers.

  • Great for big dogs
    I started feeding this to my 110 lb American Pitbull Terrier/ Great Dane mix shortly after adopting him. He used to be bloated and gassy all the time, now he is lean and healthy with a great coat to match. No wheat or corn make this a great food for those with special needs. by on 02/17/2011
  • Helps create healthy, shiny coats
    When we first adopted our dog, Angel, he itched all the time and had flaky skin. The vet determined he had food allergies and sensitivities. After a regimen of boiled rice and chicken followed by a prescription diet and supplements, I tried the Natural Choice Chicken Meal, Rice & Oatmeal Formula dog food. Not only did he like the food, he didn't scratch and his coat and skin became healthy and shiny. He's been eating this food for almost two years and is a very healthy and happy dog. The comment we hear most from people, besides how cute he is, is how shiny and beautiful his coat looks. Thanks Nutro for making a healthy product for dogs with food sensitivities! Angel thanks you too! by on 02/17/2011
  • Great
    Our dog Roscoe had parvo as a veryy small puppy and had problems with many foods that we tried out. We tried this nutro food and not long after, he was a very happy dog! He has been eating this ever since then. With all of his stomach issues, this is the only food that he can eat everyday without any problems. And not to mention that he LOVES it! Thank you! by on 02/17/2011
    I keep trying other dog foods for my two very different dogs, one is old and tends to put on weight, the other is young very active and a picky eater. I think I will find something less expensive, but there are always side affects like itching, upset stomach with vomiting and gas. This is an excellent dog food, and I won't switch again. by on 02/17/2011
  • ONLY dry food for sensitive stomach pups
    My 7 year old female Samoyed has always had a sensitive stomach and doesn't tolerate most dry dog foods; despite her love of them, she can't hold them down. Not so with Natural Choice Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs. Even her 4 year old brother loves it. I've tried numerous other brands of dry food and nothing has been as favorably received nor as well tolerated. They don't allow a meal to go ignored. They 'remind' me in the most vocal way possible that it is time to eat. Best of all, I feel confident that they are getting a high quality food. by on 02/17/2011
  • Terrific features for a dog with a "tender tummy."
    Our Golden, who is now 9 years old, has only been fed this formula of Nutro ever since he was a puppy. As a matter of fact, the dog breeder recommended this food for Max when we first adopted him. He has a beautiful coat and is a high energy guy who doesn't know the word quit. We recommend NUTRO to all our friends with pets. by on 02/17/2011
  • Great food easy on stomach.
    I have a labrador who had been on Blue food for months and his body never seemed to adjust to it. I switched to this food and began mixing it with the Nutro Ultra Adult formula and he never has stomach issues anymore! It truly is the best food for a dog prone to flatulence and stomach issues. I saw results almost instantly. by on 02/17/2011
  • Great coat, no more fluid in ears!!
    After stumbling across articles stating that MEAT should be the first ingredient in dog food, I decided to change from the grocery story brand that begins with a P and purchase Nutro Natural Choice. I had read that a lot of dogs are allergic to the corn fillers in dog food. The change is unbelievable! Our lab mix that has had to take OTC meds for fluid in her ears is now fluid free. Previously when we would try to rub her ears she would sometimes yelp that it hurt. Now she can't get enough of the ear rubbing. All three of our dogs have improved coats. Everyone comments on the beautiful coats, ot to mention no more upset tummies. No vomiting at all! It is well worth the money spent for this dog food! And an added benefit of feeding high quality dog food, is the reduction in stool size in the yard! That is a big deal when you have three dogs. I recommend it 100%. by on 02/17/2011
  • the dogs love the taste and its good for them
    i have trusted nutro for many years and my dogs enjoy the great taste. i rely on there product for my dogs health and safety. by on 02/17/2011
  • Excellent product for sensitive systems
    My rescue dogs had extremely sensitve digestion issues when we received them. The chicken/rice & Oatmeal fomula has been their only food & 6 years later they are both in excellent health. by on 02/17/2011
  • best food for my dog's stomach
    I got a Tibetan Terrier pup last year. He had severe digestive problems. The vet had him on prescription canned food that he didn't like and didn't help that much. My pet store owner suggested the chicken,rice and oatmeal formula. I bought a small bag to try and by the time I gradually switched him over ( it took about a week) he was fine. Small compact stools with very little odor. Now a happy dog and owner. by on 02/17/2011
  • Great product
    The Chicken Meal, Rice & Oatmeal Formula has been wonderful for my beagles. One has allergies and the natural sensitive formula is her main food. I would recommend this formula for dogs with allergies. by on 02/17/2011
  • No tummy problems
    I feel confident feeding my dog this food because he doesn't get sick afterwards! by on 02/17/2011
  • The only food I feed him.
    As I consider my "pet" to be my son. I want only the best product for him. Natural Choice is the food I have choose. The ingredients are superior to the leading brands. I do recommend Natural Choice to ALL friends. by on 02/17/2011
  • Highly Recommend!!!
    My Brussels Griffon was having stomach problems when she was little...the breeder recommended IAMS but it didn't agree with her stomach, the breeder also told me they have sensitive stomach's so one day I walked into my pet store to find a lady who worked for Nutro...I explained what was going on she recommended the Chicken Meal, Rice & Oatmeal Formula & I've been using that ever since and she is now 10 years old! by on 02/17/2011
  • This product is excellent
    I have a Weimarener, he had bad food allergies. Like most pet lover, I bought almost every single dog food I could put my hands on. Nothing seems to help, he would still brake out in a red rash. I was at a friend's house and she was feeding her dog... my Gossimer lunged at the food and ate it. I watched in horror ready with my Benadril.... nothing happened. I was shocked. I found out the name of the food was Nutro Natural Choice for sensetive stomack. Happy to report my Gossimer is triving, no more allergies, his coat is amazinly shiny and we are both very happy. Thank you Nutro for giving me back my dog's health. by on 02/17/2011
  • My pups love it
    My Scottish terrier loves this food. It is great for his stomach issues and keeps him "regular". My sister's Shiba Inu loves this food as a treat! by on 02/17/2011
  • My Golden likes it!!!
    He has a sensitive stomach and this food seems to make him happy! by on 02/17/2011
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
    I have had boxers for years. I have been feeding Nutro Natural Choice Chicken Rice and Oatmeal to 2 of the 3 boxers I have owned. You really can tell the difference. No more gas! No more feet chewing! I have had people comment on how beautiful my boxers coat is. I always tell them 'Its the dog food', she hardly gets a bath and loves to play in the dirt and jump into water troughs. Her coat always looks great and no more upset stomach. I am a user for life!! by on 02/17/2011
  • Great Food for dogs with Allergies
    About 4 years ago one of my dogs was getting terribly sick, turns out he was allergic to wheat and corn. Both items are left out of this awesome food. There are tons of "gluten" free dog products out there today but when we needed it Nutro was one of the only options. I have tried several other brands since they have come out and ALWAYS go back to Nutro. Both of my dogs maintain a better weight on it and love it! by on 02/17/2011
  • Great for sensitive tummies
    My cocker spaniel lived to be 16 years old. The last few of those years, he had a hard time eating - nothing agreed with him, and I tried just about everything. Someone suggested I try this food and he did so much better with it. by on 02/17/2011
  • excellent adult maintenance
    This food was recommended by the breeder when we purchased our dog. We have been happy with way our dog digests this food. Stools are a good consistency, making them easy to clean up. It has also helped to maintain a healthy weight. by on 02/17/2011
  • Wonderful, Have been using this product for years!
    We have been using this product for years for our 2 dogs.. Kahula Lynn is 7 and her mother Summer Renee is going to be 9 yrs old in March. Summer has a really sensitive belly and this have been our go to dog food for them for years, we only use this brand and nothing else compares to it.. Thank you for giving me the chance to let the world know how great this dog food really is!!!!!! by on 02/17/2011
  • A great food!
    After trying many different products, this food was recommended to me by Maddie's (my dog) trainer. She has a sensitive stomach and the "designer" dog foods were too rich for her. Maddie loves this food as well as the Nutro treats. Her friends also go straight to her bowl whenever they come over to try to get a bite as well. by on 02/17/2011
  • I am impressed with the quality
    Our dog was a rescue and was just 10 weeks when we got her. I researched dog foods and soon discovered all are not created equal. When reading about both what is desirable and not desirable, Nutro Natural Choice had none of the bad ingredients and all the good. I started with the puppy formula. Our dog was underweight when we got her and recovering from skin problems. She did well on Nutro and continues to do well on the adult formula. Everyone comments in what a smooth, shiny coat she has! by on 02/17/2011
  • Lip smacking good!
    My dog Lilly has the prettiest fur I think due to this food. She loves this food. I would reccomend it to any dog owner!! : ) by on 02/17/2011
  • Charlie's Favorite Food
    My dog has been eating this food for a couple years now. He is a Shepard/Spaniel mix and has a sensitive tummy. This food has been great for him - and he loves it! by on 02/17/2011
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