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Rated 5 out of 5 by 17 reviewers.

  • My cats Love this food!
    I have tried a few kinds of weight control food in the past but the cats would not eat them, so put that idea aside. Then the other day I saw this one and thought oh why not? All the while shaking my head at the 'great taste" written on the bag, figured yeah right, what are the chances of that? Oh boy was I wrong! They love it! I can't believe how they want this over their previous preferred food. Thank you!! We have limited the intake and are holding weight, maybe now they will actually lose weight. by on 02/01/2014
  • USN Retired
    The thing I like about this product is that it tends to reduce the tipical indoor belly hang and unlike some weight control feeds this one allows the cat to have plenty of energy for play and other sthings. I have two cats and find the 16 pound bag the best value. by on 11/01/2013
  • Lola Likes!
    My cat is very spoiled, and this is the ONLY dry food she will eat! She isn't actually over weight, but again, for whatever reason, Max Cat is the only dry food I she will eat. When we were traveling with her recently, I had taken her food away 12 hours prior to the flight to avoid any "accidents" on the plane, per the vet's directions, and I have a hilarious video or Lola opening up the Max Cat food bag, standing on her hind legs, and helping herself!!!! In other words, No one was taking away her Max Cat! by on 12/09/2012
  • Miracle Worker!!!!!!!
    I noticed my Main Coon cat (which probably weighs 25-30 pounds) who is only 3 years old was vomiting daily. It got to the point to where he was vomiting up his food and hair balls everyday MULTIPLE TIMES. Also when he went to the bathroom it made the whole house smell absolutely horrible. I mean it was BAD. I finally decided to go to Pet Smart and check out the foods they had to offer. I was recommended this product since he is an inside cat, is overweight and is very fluffy. The guy working there said the food had something in it ( I think he said the beet pulp) that helped with decreasing the smell of bowel movements and with digestion. I bought it on sale and I'm telling you......immediately IT WORKED. NO MORE BAD SMELLING BOWEL MOVEMENTS and NO MORE VOMITING!!! Also, his coat looks beautiful and shiny. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone having the same problems with their cat that I did. It may be a little more expensive than the other brands out there but it's definitely WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!! As far as the weight loss....I haven't had him on it but maybe a month so I will have to see how the weight loss goes over the next few months. I will never go back to any other brand. This product has me sold!!!! I'm a very happy customer. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! by on 03/20/2012
  • Excellent choice for my cats
    My vet told us 2 months ago that both of my cats were a bit overweight. We had had them on a diet for 6 months prior to but with NO LUCK, and they were on Iams Indoor Weight Control. I did a little research and transitioned them to Nutro MAX cat. They both lost a pound in 2 months! Our vet was very pleased with their weight loss and encourage us to keep it up. My cats love love love Nutro MAX Cat! Their coats have never been softer and they are more active, due to their weight loss. Highly recommended!!! by on 01/05/2012
  • Big gir's need loving too....
    My house cat was big girl at 20 pounds. She couldn't jump on the bed, chair or do anything a cat should do! Just one fat and lazy cat! I decided to put her on max cat weight control and she is now a healthy 10 pounds she is now jumping on the bed, more playful and enjoying life! It's so great to see her living life to the full! They say cat's have 9 lives I feel like she got a couple back! by on 12/29/2011
  • I only feed my cat Nutro!
    My cat, Captain Snuggles, is almost 4 now, and he has been eating Nutro products his whole life. I have him on the weight management indoor formula now, and he loves his food. He has never had a hairball, has a beautiful coat, and is the picture of health. I love this brand! by on 03/14/2011
  • Great cat food!!
    My cat has been eating Nutro cat food for almost 2 years now. No more hairballs! Nice soft coat also, I tell all my cat friends about this food. by on 03/11/2011
  • This product give our cat all he needs.
    Our siamese loves his food. So far keeping down his weight. Our cat is not over weight yet but not far from it his vet says so were watching this close. I'm told thinner animals live longer and that's what we want. Our vet tells us we are in charge of our cats health and weight so be good pet parents and do what is right for him. So we are and chose to feed him Max by on 03/11/2011
  • Love that this product doesn't have by products!
    My cats (and I) love Max Cat Indoor Weight Control formula! Being indoor only, they do not get the exercise that they would outside, so having food that is formulated for their more sedentary lifestyles is wonderful! My female cat was slightly overweight, but after 6 months of being on this formula, she is now back to a good weight. Both cats love the taste of the chicken...yum! :) It was very important to me that I find a cat food that was natural and with no by products. Nutro fits that bill. Thank you, Nutro! by on 03/10/2011
  • Yummy for the Tummy (and Other Body Parts)
    When we switched to Max Cat the litter box was noticeably less odiforous. Plus our cats LOVE the taste. In fact, they will claw open the new bag as soon as we bring it inside. by on 03/10/2011
  • This product helps immensely with litter clean up.
    I find my litter box is much easier to clean. I have 4 cats and it is quite a job anyways but thanks to Nutro my cats must have less waste to pass. Thanks for your product NUTRO :) by on 02/21/2011
  • The only food my cat can eat.
    This is the only food my cat can eat that doesn't make his throw up..........all the time. by on 02/19/2011
  • Weight loss success!
    Shortly after getting spayed, my cat's weight increased a bit. She couldn't get full and begged for food everytime I went to the kitchen. I tried other brands' weight formulas, but she didn't like them. She loves this food! But luckily it keeps her fuller, longer, so she has been able to drop two pounds since I switched. Instead of bingeing, she rations her food and comes back to it at regular intervals. by on 02/18/2011
  • Great for Multi-cat households
    We have five cats: one too fat, one too skinny, one with urinary health issues, and two with digestive issues. We were feeding them three different foods, which worked for the most part, but we were always worried about them eating each others' leftovers and getting the wrong diet. Plus it was a pain to feed them three different foods. We wanted a food that we could give all five, but we were never able to find one that every cat liked and would eat. Well, Nutro Max Indoor Weight Control turned out to be the solution! It has been six months since we switched, and all of the cats are happy... and healthier than they were before! by on 02/18/2011
  • My cats love it
    I have two indoor male cats, one chubby and one FAT. This food is perfect for their lifestyles. They seem to really enjoy it, and it keeps them looking good! by on 02/17/2011
  • Great Product!!!
    My cat absolutely LOVES the Nutro Max cat food!!!! by on 02/17/2011
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