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Rated 5 out of 5 by 15 reviewers.

  • Saved my kitty's tummy
    We were having a real problem with one of our tabby kitties having grown up and started throwing up her dry food. We had been feeding them both (two from the same litter) the Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry foods for indoor adults. Someone online suggested that if the cat is otherwise healthy, it could be an allergy to one of the ingredients, so I set out to find the simplest but highest quality ingredient set I could find. I spent almost an hour in the pet store reading every ingredients list on dry cat food. There was just one single bag of Max Cat on the shelf and it was the last one I picked up, but I was instantly impressed by the simplicity of the ingredients list compared to the other brands. I was still worried by a few items, but decided it was a good place to start. Well we are a whole bag in a not a single day of throwing up! I am so happy. I was so worried about our little one, and I was tired of cleaning up her puke. So happy and I hope that our luck continues with this product. It wasn't until I just look up the site that I saw it is marketed as "uncomplicated". That very aspect is what I am finding most valuable. And on top of all this, Ponyo and Robin absolutely love this food, yay! by on 04/07/2016
  • My kitty's favorite dry food
    My kitty is a very finicky eater and prefers a strong salmon flavor in both dry and wet food. I tried every brand of quality salmon flavored dry food and was delighted when my kitty gobbled up the Nutro Max food. She loves the Nutro Max Salmon! by on 01/29/2016
  • Our kitties love nutro max cat!
    We rescued our cats when they were about 4 and 6 months old. We weren't sure what food was best so we asked the vet and she said Nutro was a great brand so we went with that. We obviously started out with the kitten food but then graduated to the indoor adult when they got to be a year old. Since then we switch between the salmon and roasted chicken flavor every other bag just to give them some variety. Their coats are so full and shiny and they never get hair balls. I will feed them nutro for the rest of their lives! by on 08/10/2015
  • no more bad smell, and no hairballs
    About a year ago my house smelled really bad, i have 5 cats and 5 liter boxes. we were cleaning it out 2 to 3 times a day and changed several types of liter and it still smelled. we changed to the nutro max salmon indoor based on the recommendation of a fellow cat owner. and no more horrible smell, if you are right by the box when they go then yes you can smell the bowl movement but it quickly goes away and my house does not smell anymore. it is great!!!! and one of my cats was a ferral cat and i brought him into the house, he had a bad problem of hairballs at first but once i got him on this food the problems have almost completely gone away. about once every month or two we might get a small hairball but nothing like before. i would recommend buying this to anyone with cats by on 12/11/2013
  • Lady Girl just loves it so do the sisters
    it has been our cat's sole diet for 10 yrs. she has maintained her weight and stayed active. great food. our dogs have been jealous and it has become a routine of Nutro Salmon as a small appetizer to their meal. keeps them out of the cats dish. by on 03/25/2013
    Toby loves his Max Cat food. He passes on the treats and goes for the Max Inddor Adult Salmon Flavored Dry Food. He has a beautiful coat, is healthy and satisfied. What more can you ask for? by on 02/04/2013
  • Max Cat Food
    We use different flavors of the Max Cat Food. There are three kitties that live in the home with us, and 13 feral ones outside the back door. That number keeps growing, as the feral cats keep inviting more of their homeless friends to come and dine on the patio. The three inside are very picky of what they put in their little mouths however any flavor or type of the Max Cat we've ever purchased they like it. There are no Meows or Hisses when it comes time for feeding. And, the feral kitties outside are picky also in their own way, I know it sounds ridiculous however we bought Store Brand food for them thinking they were just appreciate food not flavor. However they turned up their little noises and tried to bury it. They like Max Cat also outside with the little feral gang also. Thank you by on 03/11/2011
  • Nutro has always been in our cats' lives.
    Chesney and Isis are 5 yrs. old and have always eaten Nutro food. They are very active cats and chase each other around the house. I usually switch between the chicken and salmon flavor to give them a little variety and they love each one equally. Thank you Nutro for providing our pets with quality food and helping to keep them in our lives for a long time. by on 02/21/2011
  • How my cat's life changed!
    My cat Buckeye had been abandoned as a kitten. When I first got him he literally stuffed himself with the other cat food I had gotten him. He would eat until he was sick and then would throw up the food he had just eaten. His coat was stringy and matted because he was not receiving the nutrition he needed. I then switched to Nutro Max Cat and he simply thived. He is now almost 4 years old and he is a changed cat. His coat is glossy and his eyes are bright. He has more energy and does not get sick any more. He will nibble on the food all day long but he is simply a healthier and more satisfied cat because of the Nutro Max Cat food he eats every day. by on 02/20/2011
  • Love it
    The dry food is a favorite in our house. Both out cats run to the bowls when we open the food drawer. It helps with the deigestion issues we had with out eldest cat, and really seems to make them feel good. The obviously love the taste too. The small fish shape is large enough that they have to bite it, but easy to chew, this has helped slow down their eating, very important for out eldest cat. THank you nutro! Stephanie.... and happy cats Reggie and Dixon by on 02/18/2011
  • The only food my cats will eat.
    I have received several different premium cat food samples over the years and I let my cats try them against Max Cat. They've probably sampled 10-15 different kinds of food and Max Cat ALWAYS wins over any of the others. I have 5 cats and not one of them has had a hairball since they started eating Max Cat. Their fur is glossy and beautiful and they are very healthy. I think it's amazing that ALL my cats chose Max Cat over any other brand. by on 02/17/2011
  • Fabuloous
    My 2 rescued cats now have shiny coats, they no longer have hairballs, do not throw up anymore and let's just say the litter box does not smell bad anymore. They look forward to eating and are not gorging themselves as they were on other food and seemed very satisfied. They are ultra healthy and purr all the time. Their fur feels like a mink stole that my grandmother used to have! by on 02/17/2011
  • works pretty good on hairballs
    My cat will not eat hairball medicine. That's why I use this product. Helps cut down on the number of times he throws up hairballs by on 02/17/2011
  • Thought she was a goner!
    We have two cats, one is a 10 yr old female, spayed and extremely anxious about anything out of the ordinary. The other is a male about 7, we think, he's a rescue. Neither cat goes outside except on the rare occassion, so having a brand especially formulated for cats that don't get outdoors is a big plus. We got second dog, a larger breed that our current dog and the female cat just flat out freaked. She started shedding hair like no tommorrow and was always crying. We saw this Nutro product, Indoor Cat, and decided to try it. Since we started them on it almost 1 year ago, she has put on some much needed weight, her hair is full and thick again, she is still in fear of the big dog, but, so is our male cat, who is looking heathier and well cared for. "Jake" and "Spooky" definately are much healthier than before when they were eating a commercial brand. We are so glad we found and tried this cat food, because we thought "Spooky" the female was a goner. My wife was amased at her quick and solid recovery, thanks Nutro for caring about our animals! by on 02/17/2011
  • I love it!
    I have been a pet owner for more than 15 years and have tried every kind of cat food made. By far, Max Cat is the best on the market. Not only do my cats enjoy this food, but it has more vitamins and is healthier than other brands. I have noticed less "waste" in the litter box and no extra trips to the vet (urinary tract infections, teeth problems, etc.) I fully endorse and recommend this product. by on 02/17/2011
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