NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs
NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs
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NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs

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Nupro (20 lbs) Supplement For Dogs Of All Shapes And Sizes Nupro® is a leader in all-natural supplements for dogs of all ages, both large and small. Created by a doctor specializing in nutrition, holistic supplements from Nupro provide your dog with essential nutrients they may not get from traditional dog food sources to help them live long, healthy, happy lives. Improve the Health of any Dog The Nupro® Supplement is uniquely developed to provide dogs with digestive enzymes, minerals and vitamins typically left out of processed dog foods. The natural ingredients, including Norwegian kelp, flaxseed and garlic concentrate combine to help encourage good overall health for dogs of all ages and breeds. Nupro® (20 lbs) for dogs is formulated without any wheat or corn byproducts, two ingredients which are known to cause allergies and irritation for many dogs. Improves appetite Helps maintain proper bone growth Improves coat highlights and pigmentation, while minimizing dry skin and shedding Helps maintain a healthy central nervous system and heart rate Supports healthy body systems, including the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, immune system and digestive system
  • Multivitamin Health Concern
  • Phillips Pet Brand
  • Vitamins & Supplements Food & Nutrition
  • Vitamins & Supplements Pharmacy
  • Dog Pet Type

Is Nupro Good for Dogs?

Nupro is a natural dog supplement, which is deemed to be very good for dogs. The Nupro supplements have an ingredient list containing no filler or allergenic ingredients to bulk up the nutritional content. According to the company, the Nupro all-natural dog supplement doesn't include gluten, corn, grain, or wheat, which might cause allergies. Additionally, the Nupro supplement is devoid of preservatives, by-products and artificial sugar. The ingredients list includes whole food like desiccated liver packed with iron and vitamins, Norwegian kelp, bee pollen, and nutritional yeast cultures. The supplement for dogs is intended to boost the immune system and helps maintain the overall health of the dog.

What Is Nupro Good For?

Nupro is an all-natural dog supplement developed to promote the overall holistic health of a dog. The supplement provides vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that the dog doesn't get from the cooked and processed dog. The supplement replaces the natural ingredients that a dog would have typically acquired in the wild. The veterinarian recommended supplement is ideal for adult or senior dogs to develop a healthy immune system and promote healthy digestion. The supplement is formulated from quality ingredients and offers a broad spectrum of omega fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Whether your dog is on a processed food diet or homemade food, Nupro is a must for nutritional support.

How Do You Use the Nupro Dog Supplement?

The Nupro Dog Supplement is just a supplement to substitute essential nutrients and minerals in your dog's diet. Therefore, it's not a meal by itself but should be given with a meal. Pet parents can either give it dry as it is or give it wet. You can add the desired amount of water to the supplement to make a delicious liver flavoured gravy for your dog. Adjust the thickness and consistency of the gravy according to your pet's preference. Pet parents can give the supplement with or without the meal. According to the brand, Nupro is formulated to be an everyday supplement to boost the immune system and maintain the overall health of the doh. You must dose Nupro based on your dog's body weight and divide equally between the number of meals given to the dog. To illustrate, if your dog eats two meals a day, divide the amount of Nupro in half and provide it with each meal. The reason behind dividing the dosage and not giving all at once is that the body of an animal absorbs nutrients at a slow pace. In case you dose too much simultaneously, not all nutrients will be absorbed and will go to waste. It's, therefore, best to dose slowly to give your pet the best chance to absorb it all.

Does Nupro Expire?

The Nupro dog supplement comes in four different size containers for different dog body weights. The manufacturer claims that All Nupro products come with an average shelf life of at least two years from their date of manufacture. According to the brand, the products have organic flaxseed, which is naturally stabilized using a cold-processing technology. This allows Nupro to remain fresh without refrigeration. Users need to seal the container tight and store it in a cool and dry place. Buyers can check the expiry date on the Nupro container. Every container comes with a lot of code stickers next to the bar code. The last six digits on the lot code sticker are the date of expiry. Keep in mind that the potency of the nutrients will start to deplete over time and might not be as nutritional for your dog after the date of expiry has passed.

Where Is Nupro Made?

Nupro is owned by Nutri-Pet Research, Inc., which is an American company. As such, all Nupro products are made in the US exclusively. The company has been in existence since 1989 and is famous for its superior grain-free formula. The scientifically balanced formula offers raw vitamins, fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. The supplement is designed to condition your pet's body from the inside out with the help of naturally sourced nutrients.

Does Nupro Have Probiotics?

Nupro has multiple supplements in its product lineup, offering naturally sourced nutrients to pets. Nupro Gold and Nupro BeneFlora supplements offer probiotics along with other essentials required by your dog. In case you are looking for a supplement with probiotics in it, choose Nupro Gold or Beneflora.

Does Nupro Dog Food Cause Heart Problems?

No, Nupro is an all-natural supplement that doesn't have any recorded side effects in dogs so far. However, its rich and raw formulation may cause loose stools in some dogs and puppies. To avoid this, introduce the supplement in their meals slowly at first.

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NUPRO (20 lbs) for Dogs 707585174132

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Best of the best!

By fare the best supplement I've ever given my dogs!!!

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