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  • great pretense
    I have a lab and a german shepherd, They enjoy taking off each others collars and destroying them. I am still having a hard time keeping the collar tight enough for the shepherd not to take it off and not to choke my lab by on 12/22/2015
  • No slip collar without the chain
    My rescue dog must have had an electric shock collar put on her before I got her. When I touched her neck or tried to put on the collar for a walk, she jumped in the air, ran away, barked, fought, etc. Once on a walk she slipped out of a "no slip" collar with a chain! So she now wears a nylon snap collar at all times with her ID on it, and for walks I added on this no-slip all nylon collar so that she wouldn't hear the chain rattle. After several training attempts she now comes to me and lets me put the no-slip collar over her head, and she has not slipped out of it yet. I don't like the idea of a chain rubbing her throat anyway. And I can give a tug on the collar to get her to heel, and she obeys. by on 08/09/2013
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