Safely and effectively treat and prevent hookworms and roundworms in your dog with Nemex-2 Liquid. This medication is safe, has no reported side effects, and can eliminate parasites in a single treatment.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • For my two boys!!
    I used Nemex 2 for my current two dogs, and also for dogs I've had in the past and like the other posts its cheaper than the vet! Cant beat that. by on 09/11/2009
  • even the vet agrees with it
    we were going to spend alot more money on a prescription from the vet- but after they heard we had this med- thEy told us not to bother with theirs- this works great and you can not beat the price! by on 04/12/2008
  • worming medicine for dogs
    My neighbor told me this was a good product so thought I would try it for my dogs by on 06/06/2007
  • Safest worming product for your puppies and adult dogs
    I am a "Weimaraner" breeder, i have used Nemex-2, and Nemex before the nemex 2 came out for my kennel. I have had great success with getting all of the eggs, etc. out of them within ONE DAY.. It's safe enough for momma even during her pregnancy.I love using Nemex2 and won't use anything but. It smells like banana , and they love it..The pups will suck it right from the dish, without having to use a syringe to force it down their throats. Thankyou for carrying Nemex."Whispering Willowshores Kennel", Sheri Shavlik by on 05/02/2005
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