NaturVet Aches & Discomfort
NaturVet Aches & Discomfort
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NaturVet Aches & Discomfort

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Pets get aches and pains just like humans do. And these discomforts increase with age. Dogs in particular suffer more from disabling aches and pains, which can cause them to reduce their exercise and flexibility over time. That in turn can make conditions worse to the point a dog doesn't want to get up. However, with NaturVet Aches & Discomfort chews, provides dogs a pain relief that they like to eat and consume, making it easier for affected animals to get up and moving again. The more a dog can move, the faster it can heal and recover, regaining mobility again. Arthritis, joint problems, age and injuries can all contribute to a dog suffering from a reduced ability to get up and move. Like humans, dogs try to avoid pain but this can also mean a reduction in movement to avoid further negative sensations. This is the cycle a dog owner needs to break. Dogs rely on their mobility far more than humans. Without the ability to get up and walk, dogs can literally suffer a quick drop into worse conditions. But NaturVet Chews can help stop this problem from getting worse. To recap, the benefits NaturVet Aches & Discomfort Chews include: An edible way to get around joint pain so dogs can become increasingly mobile again. A natural, digested method of treatment to reverse the negative effects of pain and mobility reduction in a pet. Save even more when you try NEW Arthrisoothe GOLD 360 Soft Chews
  • NaturVet Brand
  • Arthritis & Pain Pharmacy
  • Oral Application
  • Dog Pet Type

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30 soft chews 797801036313

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Dogs didn't like them. Maybe worked? Doubtful.

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