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Rated 1.5 out of 5 by 17 reviewers.

    Recently My dog has taken a liking to jumping on one of my couches. In 2 years he's NEVER chewed on furniture (pillows & socks YES, toys YES). last week he started sucking of the couch corner as he used to do to pillows when he was a puppy since he was weaned early. So this morning I tried this product and he has now DESTROYED my couch. He completely ripped it apart. Apparently after talking to the vet I was told that some dogs actually enjoy the taste of this product!!!! So I basically made it an open invite by adding a fun flavor thinking it was going to stop him from causing damage... I would hope that this company comes up with a better solution as it has now cost me a 2 year old couch!!!! by on 04/19/2016
  • Never again
    Currently trying this product on a puppy and she literally licked it up in front of me and then chewed up everything she found she could stick her teeth in. I recommend a squeaky toy because I found it distracted her from tearing everything up and i can reward her with love for choosing to gnaw on her toy. by on 01/03/2016
  • Absolutely worthless product
    Not only does the product not stop chewing, the stupid spray bottle doesn't even work - had to transfer it to another (new, never used) spray bottle just to find out it is worthless. Will never purchase any product by this company. by on 08/28/2015
  • Don't even try
    Wish I would have read the reviews on this product prior to purchase. Bought this in hopes of keeping my husky from chewing the arm rest on my brand new couch. Couch is now at the dump. Very upset that I put my trust in this company and it's product. I will not be purchasing anymore natures miracle products, nor will I ever suggest them to anyone else. by on 08/23/2015
  • It works for us.
    We have an 8 month old Tibetan Mastiff, not like any other mastiff that you know of. He has chewed "everything" including the outside of our house which is cedar. Our deck goes all the way around the house and he has chewed the spindles on the railing and the floor boards. This spray is the only thing that has detoured him. I wish it came in gallon buckets so we could spray the whole deck, railing and house. He hates the taste. by on 08/23/2015
  • Do not buy
    Just bought this product for my new puppy. Naturally she wants to chew anything and everything. Tried spraying this on my hands, furniture, ect. And she loves the taste. Don't buy this product unless you want your puppy to chew on your personal items even more. by on 04/30/2015
  • waste of money
    This product is a joke...could have gotten the same results using water. My 7 month old lab has torn up my dining room floor,baseboards and door jambs even worse using this spray. by on 04/14/2015
  • works great!
    I have an 11 month doberman/retriever mix who is going through a terrible chewing phase. He chewed the bottom of his crate, the wire bars on the crate and then the linoleum floor. Nothing worked, despite the many toys and bones we tried. I also have a 1yr old mastiff mix who has a taste for the wood moldings in our home. I used the spray once and made sure they tasted it. Neither one of them has since chewed these areas. The calming pheromone helped a lot with any anxiety he had of being in the crate. I wish I had bought this sooner! by on 03/04/2015
  • Very Disappointed
    I bought this to discourage a 10 week old Lab from chewing furniture, baseboards, etc. The minute I spray it on she heads over to lick it off and to begin chewing again. In fact, as soon as I pick up the spray bottle she gets excited. Not worth the money for us!! Will have to try something else. by on 01/30/2015
  • Waste of Money!
    I wish i had read the reviews before i purchased this product. My dog LOVES the taste and now chews even more than before we sprayed it. Don't waste money on this product! by on 10/22/2014
  • Helped our Dogs wound
    Our dog has a fixation on licking his wounds or itchy areas to the point of making them worse and we cant get them to heal.After we sprayed his wound and he licked it twice but not excessively he calmed down and stopped licking it.If he does go to lick it we just tell him no and he stops.He wouldnt stop before this.His wound is almost healed now. by on 09/29/2014
    Such a waste. My Shih Tzu LOVED the taste and just made her chewing wood habit worse. by on 07/29/2014
  • Dog Candy!!!
    My dog licked this stuff off the floor. He loves it, and chased me for the bottle. This was a huge waste of my money. Wish I would have read the reviews because everybody says it's like giving candy to a kid with a sweet tooth. I expected better results. Really disappointed. by on 02/05/2014
    This is a joke! Bought it to stop my dashound puppy from chewing. I soaked a small raw hide in it and all three of my dogs fought for the rawhide because they liked the flavor so much. by on 10/14/2013
  • Worst Product Ever
    I bought this product to stop my 18 month old chow mix from chewing I sprayed everything in the area and she ate everything. It's a good think you don't have a Guarantee you would go broke. by on 07/25/2013
  • Worst product ever
    This did not help my 3 month old german Shepard. In fact it made it worse. Did not work from her chewing up cable wires. by on 05/01/2013
  • Bitter not bothersome enough
    I purchased this product today to deter my 4mo beagle from chewing our furniture, primarily to get him to stop chewing the strap attached to our pull-out couch, when I got home I soked the cloth strap in the product knowing he would immediately go for it, and my dog went virtually unphased by the spray. I will admit this spray is very bitter, I know I tasted it myself, and it did seem to slow him down just a bit at first but when it comes to my pups chewing it is not enough to deter him. by on 06/25/2011
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