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Rated 4 out of 5 by 48 reviewers.

  • Ingredients????
    I've looked everywhere and I can't find an ingredient list anywhere for this product? How can you get away with not disclosing what is in it? I have a real problem with this. I bought it in a hurry because I was bringing home a new kitten but it has a strong chemical smell which concerns me. I won't be buying this product again until I can be sure that ALL the ingredients are natural. I'm unable to rate/recommend the product below because I can't rate/recommend something when I don't know what is in it. by on 07/03/2016
  • Too strong and synthetic a smell
    What are the actual ingredients of the strong scent of the cat litter? I agree with other reviewers that it is an offensively strong and synthetic smell. I like the corn cob litter and would love an unscented version, and I find it very hard to believe that the scent is from 100% essential oils, that was inferred from one of the answered questions above, because of two main reasons. 1) I have and use a lot of pure essential oils including pine needle oil, and 2) It would be cost-prohibitive in terms of profit to use the amount of essential oils necessary to make that pungent a smell. It is more likely that cost-cutting measures to increase profit resulted in "natural" or synthetic fragrance being added. If unscented isn't an option, a subtle, almost indetectable scent would be ok if 100% essential oils were used. I don't want to mask the smell of cat waste with a smell that is worse. People that want strong masking fragrances can spray air fresheners. But it would be nice to have the option not to have the fragrance. Here's a business opportunity: sell unscented litters primarily, and sell add-on air fresheners or scented sprinkle-on litter additives as an optional package deal with a set of custom fragrances (the pine, etc.). If the package price point was similar to existing, or not too much higher, then you'd probably have a lot more happy customers. by on 04/29/2016
  • No Dust Litter
    With four indoor cats litter is a big deal. We have tried several before we found Nature's Miracle litter. Our cats took to the litter without issue, and we were happy with lack of dust. Good odor control overall helped with baking soda as needed. by on 04/09/2016
  • excellent customer service
    I complained about Natures Miracle NOT clumping. It was zero effective for clumping my cats urine. HOWEVER, the customer service in resolving was pleasant, professional, prompt. Top notch service. Hope to find other products they sell that will work well. I would like to buy from them if possible. by on 04/07/2016
  • pine fresh scent makes this a winner
    No dust, light weight, pine fresh scent make this the best litter I've ever used. Clumps better then clay litters. Cat doesn't track Litter through out the house by on 04/04/2016
  • Pine is overpowering - Cats reject it
    This may not have a fragrance, but the pine sure smells like one. My cats are rejecting it outright. Every time it is disturbed it pushes out a big wiff of what smells like fake pine. The low tracking would be nice if they would use it. by on 03/31/2016
  • Best Litter for odor control!
    I finally found this wonderful product! It works to control odor so well. I have tried all kinds of other litters and they did not work. I am pleased i don't have to be embarrassed for people to come over now. I'm sure my cat Luna is pleased too that it smells clean. by on 03/31/2016
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I was afraid to switch my cat's litter, but this is definitely the best one I've tried yet. No odor, doesn't make a mess, and my cats love it! I'm very happy with this litter. by on 01/23/2016
  • The absolute best
    Nature's Miracle Just for Cats made with corn cobs is the very best cat litter I've ever used. For over 60 years I've tried various litters, hoping to find one that was head and shoulders above the rest. Now I've finally found it. Lightweight, fresh smelling, clumps tightly without sticking to the litter box or the scoop, cats are happy with it. What's not to like? I have found my final kitty litter. Please continue making this corn cob product. by on 10/05/2015
  • Best litter ever
    I have been using this litter for years and it is the only litter that hasn't caused me any problems. I have several adult cats and foster kittens and I don't know how I could do without my Nature's Miracle litter. It's easy to scoop, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, lightweight, and lasts considerably longer between changings than other litters. I wish it wasn't getting so hard to find! Many of my local retailers have dropped it for the more recently introduced Nature's Miracle litters which I don't care for at all. by on 08/12/2015
  • Too artificial pine scent.
    I have used this litter before and it was a natural pleasant pine scent. Unless, i bought the wrong bag.... this stuff was like pine cleaner times 10. Now i either have to dilute it or totally replace the litter in 4 jumbo boxes. Not happy. Will buy another brand now. by on 05/22/2015
  • Product Review
    Best litter ever! I tried them all, my cat always digs to the bottom and creates a clay mess that's impossible to clean. Not with this! No sticky mess at all. I'm so happy with this product. Plus she has to have natural products because of stomach issues. Thanks so much!! by on 04/18/2015
  • Really lousy to use litter box
    My keeper bought this junk thinking that it would be less of a mess than clay. Wrong! I can hardly stand it to use my box. It doesn't control odor at all. As far as tracking and dust the floor around my box is mess. I demanded a change back to the old stuff. by on 04/03/2015
  • Did This litter Formula Just Change?
    All of a sudden this litter is darker, heavier and my cats shake their hind legs after getting out of the litter box because it sticks to their feet! It no longer has a pine scent and I have litter foot prints everywhere. Is this a new formula? by on 09/17/2014
  • My cat won't use it.
    I thought this litter would be great, but my cat won't use it. I even put her p00p in the new litter, but she still went everywhere except the box. She has never had any house training issues, so I know it is the litter. by on 03/30/2014
  • Product Review
    Love this litter. I use it for three ferrets and a cat. There really is no dust so it is safe for the ferrets to use and it really helps control the smell. The only complaint I have is how easy it is for the little guys to track it around, but that just means it requires extra cleaning. Still my go-to choice. by on 01/09/2014
  • My issue is the color
    I was pleased with how well the litter works, but my issue is with the color. Since it has an orange tint, I missed the fact that my cat had a severe urinary tract infection which was not apparent in the litter box (only when she finally started missing the box). I am hesitant to recommend it because of this. by on 01/03/2014
  • Best litter ever
    After trying all types of litter this is the best by far. No dust, pleasant pine smell, lightweight, clumps easily, and I don't seem to have to add to it as often. Please continue selling this product. by on 12/28/2013
  • I works for me
    I think this is far better than Worlds Best. Clumps and uses just enough litter to clump, which means less waste. Doesn't have a corny smell either. by on 07/26/2013
  • Great stuff
    This stuff is awesome. How come it isn't available anymore? We don't use anything else. It's light and odorless. It clumps perfectly, and doesn't need to be changed often. We love it. Please keep distributing it. by on 06/02/2013
  • Too bad the name is already taken...
    Admittedly, I haven't tried Nature's Miracle paper litter, as all I have ever tried are notoriously dusty, but that being said, this stuff actually IS "The World's Best Cat Litter"! I've tried virtually every brand/formula out there, (except crystals), and the corn/pine, corn and pine (there's a difference) are paw's down the winners of all the clumping litters!. Clumps fast, STAYS clumped, virtually dustless, fabulous natural fragrance (of the Pine litter) is all that remains after scooping. I NEVER have to do a complete litter change, nor empty and wash the boxes. Doesn't stick to the box or the scoop, and it's biodegradable! Does track a bit, and is slippery when wet, but IMHO, its a small concern when compared to the ease of use. I do wish it were a little less expensive, as I have 7 cats/5 boxes, but even still, it's worth it--it stays clean, so only have to top it off to maintian depth. Great product! by on 04/10/2013
  • Good Stuff, no dust
    I really like the product, it's easy to clean up, absorbs well, DUST FREE, which is most appreciated! Only complaint- Resealable bag is great, works on the 10lb bag well, the 18lb? It was sealed so well that I had to cut it off because it wouldn't unseal! Good grief, I'm in good shape and I pulled at that bag for 10 minutes from the top of the zipper, underneath the zipper, grabbed a handful of bag from both sides and pulled trying to get it "unsealed"! by on 02/15/2013
  • Nice aborbency - 3 CATS HATE FRAGRANCE
    PLEASE MAKE A PRODUCT WITHOUT FRAGRANCE! Veterinarians always recommend fragrance-free litter. Cats are very sensitive to odors and can be turned off to scents or made sick by them. The solution to dirty litter boxes is CLEANING them, NOT masking them with fragrances. This is otherwise a great product and I give it 3 stars for that. I will buy it again if you make it FRAGRANCE FREE. Please do this - you will increase your sales and it will be a 5 STAR product!! by on 09/09/2011
  • Advanced is worse!
    I've been using and loving Nature's Miracle/odor control (corn based) for years, and I recommend it to all my cat-loving friends. I love its faint pine scent, its ecru-to-light-brown color mix, its biodegradability, its light weight, and the flush-ability of small scoopings. Now someone has come up with Nature's Miracle Advanced (paper-based). YUK!!! The pretty speckled color is now a depressing dark gray. It sticks to the toilet so that I have to scrub the toilet after every use. (I know - don't flush it - and I wouldn't if it were clay. But who wants it in the house till the trash goes out? Or who wants to bag it, seal it, and take it outside every time the litter is scooped? Worst of all, this new litter smells disgusting! I gagged when I opened the bag. Also, though it says it's dust free, I cough whenever I get near it. The only similarity I see between this litter and the one I love is those skunk/cats on the package. I hope the corn-based litter continues to be available. If it doesn't, I'll be looking for another brand - sadly, because I think the Nature's Miracle I've been using is by far the best I've ever used. by on 08/08/2011
  • Love All but the Tracking
    This litter smells great (though I see some people don't like the strong pine smell), it doesn't have dust (a big bonus for pregnant moms with litter-scooping duties), and it weighs a LOT less than the standard clay litter (a good thing for me since I wrenched my back a year ago trying to lift a container of clay litter). The only thing I dislike is that it tracks REALLY easily. It's so lightweight that it clings to my cat's paws and she tracks clumps of it around the house. But even that annoyance isn't enough to keep me from using it. My cat loves it, and I love everything else about it. by on 08/04/2011
  • Best Litter Available
    Please don't change a thing about this litter. The clumping is great, the tracking is manageable, the scent is pleasant and effective. Cleanup is a breeze, even in a 4-cat household. My only complaints are the price, which is comparatively high, and the limited availability (I can only find it in PetSmart). Hint: How about issuing coupons for those of us who buy 4-5 bags at a time and could use a bit of a price break! by on 06/27/2011
  • Love this litter
    Nature's Miricle cat litter has saved my life. With a household of 5 indoor cats and cleaning up the clay cat litter at least twice a day, , it has been a struggle to keep the the clay cat litter from stinking up the house. Nature's Miricle has eliminated that. I now have a sweet smelling home. My cats had no problem with adjusting to the new litter. It is easy to clean up and very light weight (not so with clay litter). Thank you for this wonderful product! Catlover by on 06/03/2011
  • Good Product Except for the Strong Pine Scent
    I have used Nature's Miracle products for several years. Recently it seems that the pine scent has become almost overwhelming. If you have sensitivities to scented products, you are going to have to stay away from this one. by on 05/24/2011
  • I cannot live without this product
    As a new cat owner, with two adopted cats, I searched high and low for quality cat litter that works. This product makes me actually able to scoop without gagging. The ammonia smell from enzymes is much better than smelling actual cat waste products. I can wait longer to change with good results, and I can reuse the product better after scooping. It is a sanity saver for my family. by on 05/22/2011
    I was highly disappointed in the natures miracle advanced ultra odor-absorbent litter. I had the little in the box for 1 week, cleaning it out everyday. The litter does not clump into a hard ball and so when you go to scoop it out, the clumps fall all apart. Therefore leaving you with all these little pieces in the littler. On the odor control, horrible does not do the job at all!!! I am not exaggerating at all... if you doubt me go ahead and waste your money. I will be calling the number on the bag as soon as I send this. by on 04/10/2011
  • The Best Litter We Have Ever Used!
    I had 3 cats using this litter (1 has since passed) and eventhough the cost looks like it would be more it was actually cheaper. With daily scooping my 18lb bag of litter lasted almost 2 months but when I bought the cheaper stuff at the Warehouse store I had to do complete changes with the 3 cats and went through just about 3 full boxes in the same time frame. Also the scent of this litter is very clean without the perfume smell of other litters. I have since switched my mother over to this and will continue to recommend to anyone who will listen. Excellent Product! by on 01/03/2011
  • unscented, please!!!
    Please, please, please make an unscented version of this cat litter! I'd hate to change brands but I'm considering it due to the scent of this litter. I love the clumping, love the material and the fact that it's biodegradable, love the enzyme idea -- but the scent is just too much. It's fine for some people, but why not give us an option? by on 11/30/2010
  • bad product for an even worse price
    not only is this litter twice the price of everything else on the market but it does nothing to take care of the smell. i used the powdered nature's miracle treatment all the time and loved it ... now that it's been discontinued i've tried the spray litter treatment and now this odor control litter. i went from a nature's miracle fan telling everyone i knew about their products to someone who now tells everyone to STAY AWAY. do not waste your money on this product. baking soda and normal litter works twice as well ... too bad there's no more litter treatment powder ... maybe i'd still buy nature's miracle products by on 10/30/2010
  • Disappointed
    This litter is more powdery than granulated, and has a heavily perfumed odor that neither I nor my cats liked. by on 10/28/2010
  • Works as advertised, but...
    I had been using a clay based with fragrance and found the Nature's Miracle litter and decided to try it. It absorbs urine and coats feces absolutely great. The odor control is good, but, could use a boost. I would kick up the pine a bit. I am afraid that it does not completely cover the scent. The fact that it can be flushed, means no bags and since it is corn based, it will not cause issues in a land fill. I love it. Cats seem to have no issues with it either. by on 10/17/2010
  • Best litter!
    I have tried all kinds of litter, but this one by far a Miracle in itself. It is dust free. It clumps cat urine before it even hits the bottom of the litter box, so it does not stick to the bottom. It smells like pine when your sifting! - which is nice, and its safe to use when you cat his any kind of injury. by on 09/09/2010
  • Nature's Miracle litter
    We use a littermaid self-cleaning litterbox, and in the past I have been using a major clumping litter. It clumps, but the clumps are like cement!! Therefore, the rack cannot push them into the tray, and the litter stuck to the bottom of the box. With the purchase of this litter, there are no more problems at all with the box. In my opinion, Nature's Miracle is the best in every way--lighter, no dust, no sticking, and no urine odor, and our cat adapted with no problems! Thanks for this product. by on 08/09/2010
  • Pretty Excellent Product
    We have been using Nature's Miracle as a stain and odor remover for years so I was pleased and intrigued when I saw they had added an Odor Control Cat Litter to their product line. We bought the clumping formula. We have 3 cats and they have had no problem with texture or anything. The Odor Control is SUPERB!!! My only gripe is that the bag says "No Tracking" and it does track a bit but not as bad as some of the other litters we have tried. Plus, it is made out of recycled paper, which I love! Try it, you will be impressed. by on 08/07/2010
  • Amazing! Though, a lot of tracking.
    I love everything about this litter except that it tracks. However, it tracks just as much as every other litter that I've tried. I don't find the clumps hard to remove at all. In fact, it's the easiest litter to clean that I've ever used. I scoop it every day and it top it off until the bag is empty. After the bag runs out, the next time I scoop, I just replace the litter. It lasts so much longer than ANY litter I've found, smells great, lightweight (so it's easy for me to carry an 18lb bag), best odor control out there, and it's all natural! I work with a local cat rescue and I recommend it to everyone out there! by on 07/11/2010
  • dust free
    I moved to the high desert of california and adopted 3 cats. A friend introduced me to Natures Miracle. I am amazed at the no dust and after you clean the litter boxes, the no smell. Even though the price point is high, it is well worth the purchase. I will recommend it to all my cat friends. Thank you!!! by on 06/18/2010
  • Great to mix with clay litter
    I absolutely love this litter - it is lightweight, smells like pine, and does not create dust. I mix this with my clay litter to reduce the dust from the clay so that my cats aren't inhaling too much dust, as I know it is bad for their tiny respiratory systems. I like the clay because it clumps better, and Nature's Miracle is the perfect compliment. by on 05/30/2010
  • No dust, great smell, tracks badly
    Pros: I use this litter because I love the smell, the cats like it and it is dust free and I can flush it. I tried a clay litter that was recommended to me, but the dust was horrible. I also tried a litter that I think was made from wheat and the smell of the litter in the bag made me nauseous. This litter smells great and does a good job masking odors, as long as you clean the box everyday. Eventually, you have to throw it all out and put in totally fresh litter, but before that you can "top it off" for several weeks. Cons: It is so light weight that it really sticks to the cats' paws. They track it everywhere, even with mats in front of the box that are supposed to trap the litter. I find the best solution to this is using a rechargeable broom-vac that I can keep in the bathroom and use everyday. Also, it takes a while to dry to a solid clump. by on 05/03/2010
  • Best cat litter product ever
    I've had up to 7 cats at a time and have had cats most of my entire life. I am a clean freak and do not like any odors in my home. I stumbled across this product while substituting for something else and VOILA! I couldn't believe I finally found something that did everything it claimed to do. Works like a charm. Will never use anything else. by on 04/29/2010
  • Great concept, Needs some work
    I really wanted to love this litter. I've had such great experiences with other Nature's Miracle products, I wanted this product to exceed my expectations, too. I love the fact that this litter is eco-friendly and it seems to track no more or less than most clay litters. However, I did have a couple of issues that would prevent me from using this as my primary everyday litter. The odor control on this litter is not very effective. I clean my litter boxes out each morning and even then the litter clumps have a strong ammonia smell. My cats definitely notice it and spend more time sniffing around the box than they do with my regular clay litter. Also, the clumps aren't very strong and break apart easily during scooping making it difficult to maintain a clean box for long. I could put up with everything if the odor control were better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they make improvements or come our with a new line of litter. by on 04/16/2010
  • adequate litter
    This product is adequate but no more so than other litters. It forms fragile clumps so sifting the litter is tricky if you don't want the chump to fall apart and return to the box. This is a serious problem and makes box cleaning tricky. When you scoop those large lumps you definitely get a strong odor of ammonia, more than you do with clumping clay litter. The sole advantages this litter has are that it is lightweight and dust free. If they could beat the weak clumping it would make this worth the extra cost and difficulty (I have to drive 12 miles out of my way to buy it) of using it. Sadly until then I feel switching back to clumping clay will be what I will do. A miracle this litter is not. by on 03/15/2010
  • 100% dust free
    I have to keep a litterbox in my bedroom. So I've tried A LOT of different brands that claim to be dust free or close to it. Everything from major name brands to lesser known would leave a coating of dust in just a few days. Not to mention the smell of dust from across the room when one of the cats is digging away. Nauture's Miracle is truly dust free. The pine scent seems strong at first but goes away quick. The only downside is this litter seems to track pretty easily. I don't know if more so then the average litter. Though that is a downside I can tolerate as I've been using this brand for years. I think some cats may not like the change from regular clay clumping to this. The texture is a little different. It took one of my cats a few days to get used to it. Clumping ability is average. I wouldn't mind it to be a little bit stronger if it didn't alter anything else noticeably. by on 03/02/2010
  • Truly World's Best Litter
    I have 6 indoor cats, and I have tried just about every litter there is, including the "World's Best Cat Litter". Nature's Miracle is light weight, easy to pour, has NO dust, smells great, and my cats love it. It clumps nicely and is therefore easy to scoop. The natural enzymes control odor beautifully, and to top if off, Nature's Miracle is biodegradable and safe for the environment. I can't rave enough about this wonderful product. Believe me, thank you very much. by on 02/24/2010
  • Best Cat Litter I've Found
    I only want to use an all natural clumping cat litter and this is the best of the ones I've tried. It tracks more than I'd like, but overall I am very satisfied. My cats like it. It does a good job of controlling odors. It's clumps are nice and firm. And it is flushable (my cats are only indoors cats, so I do flush). by on 02/23/2010
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